Professor Nietzsche Quits His Day-Job to » Hike the Swiss Alps Every Summer

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Professor Nietzsche Quits His Day-Job to » Hike the Swiss Alps Every Summer

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)Nietzsche is another writer who craved the mountains and the mountain air.

Probably even more than Hemingway.

But Nietzsche summered in the mountains .. the mountains of Sils Maria in Switzerland.

Not far from the border with Italy.

Which is where he headed for the winters. Down to warmer climates like Turin & Genoa.

At age 24 (1869) he became the youngest-ever person to occupy the Chair of Classical Philology (Written Languages) ..

.. at the University of Basel (founded 1460, Switzerland).

Twenty-four year old Professor Nietzsche .. at the same university where minds like Euler ('OY-ler) and Bernoulli went.

Ten years later, at age 34 (1879) he said » "Fuck it. I'm outta here. This shit is driving me crazy. Send my monthly pension checks to my new address at Sils Maria. I am now going to apply my considerable powers of intellect toward philosophy. Heck, I might even write a book or two while I'm there."

[ That's when Nietzsche headed to the Alps and started doing some vigorous, sustained hiking (like Hemingway). And writing books (also like Hemingway). ]

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Ten years later, at age 44 (1889) Nietzsche lost his mind when he saw some driver beating the shit out of a horse .. and he never did recover. (What a story.)

Nietzsche's alpine summer home in Sila Maria in the Swiss Alps» Clouds of Sils Maria with Juliette Binoche

As chance would have it, a movie is being released this week (here in the States) titled » Clouds of Sils Maria (April 10).

Certified Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes with a 90% rating. Wow. Trailer.

I must say, I am interested. I like everything Juliette Binoche does. Who is like her?

When I saw the title, I thought of Nietzsche's alpine summer home and wondered » how many Sils Maria's can there be?

In the current issue of the CS Monitor, there is an article (by Peter Rainer) about the movie that ends with this insight »

» The film's title derives from a meteorological phenomenon called the Maloja Snake, which is sometimes visible in the Engadine valley near the alpine town of Sils Maria.

Low-lying mists and fog move snakelike through the mountains -- a sight to behold for sure, although its metaphorical relevance to the story is about as substantial as a fluffy cloud.

Sounds cool. Let's go!

All this talk of alpine splendor reminds me of the dream I had .. where Pavarotti and a friend pay me a visit .. while I'm fixin' a batch of puttanesca. It was one of those dreams that seem so real .. that they stay with you.

I also think about the multi-week vacations in Yosemite and other places in the Sierras. It takes a few days for your body to adapt to the lower oxygen levels at 7,000-feet (sleeping) and 10,000-feet (hiking).

This is why we always waited til near the end of the vacation before climbing Half Dome. This way your body has a longer time to adapt .. by producing more red blood cells to carry more of the scarce oxygen to your muscles and brain.

Tho, when you return to your humble sea-level dwelling, you do indeed feel invincible. Super-charged.

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