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Lying with Lovers Who Retain Childlike Features

This entry continues from here » Does that not Strike You as a Curious Thing? Page Three (11 Jan 2018).

After I went back and re-read both pages that I wrote to Dove .. I noticed on Page One the heading titled » My Experience Lying with Lovers who Retain Childlike Features.

Dove Cameron getting asked if she turned 16 yet

This was really supposed to be the meat of that entry .. but I never did get around to wading into that deep water. I merely teased at it.

(I am such a tease sometimes .. while other times I make sure that I deliver the goods.)

And sometimes I know that there is some very juicy stuff to say about a certain subject, about a certain direction .. but I am not really sure how to approach it.

The approach is always important with tricky topics like that. Ariana seems to have an intuitive knack for providing me with entrée into these areas. Into these realms.

Into these places that normally remain hidden and secret and password-protected. For obvious reasons.

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Nothing But Respect

» When Writers Elicit My Deepest Writer's-Respect

Speaking of writers .. I want to mention this piece by Leslie Jamison titled » Does Recovery Kill Great Writing? (13 March 2018).

Does Recovery Kill Great Writing? asks Leslie Jamison (13 March 2018)

There are many things I could say here about this piece .. but notice that she hails from the Iowa Writers' Workshop.

I have written about the legendary 'workshop' for writers there in Iowa.

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A Generation Comes and a Generation Goes

[ This entry continues from here » Cooking with Plutonium - Page Two (19 March 2018). ]

» A Generation Comes and a Generation Goes

Regarding the fate of a disappointing generation .. who seems to care only about itself. (Probably as a result due to the traumatizing effects of the Great Depression on society.)

A graphic representation of the National Debt that the older generation is saddling the younger generation withIt may be worth mentioning here a piece by Tim Kreider.

It is titled » Go Ahead, Millennials, Destroy Us (02 March 2018).

I am not crazy about his title.

But titles should contain an attention-getting aspect.

Which arouse curiosity.

And his title certainly accomplishes this.

Which is one of the reasons why I am mentioning his piece here.

I have researched Mr. Tim Kreider before.

Other things that he has written caught my attention.

He is an interesting fellow .. for a number of reasons.

Sometimes, when I read certain things, they speak to me in a curious sort of way.

Tim is one of these people.

Perhaps Tim will study the graphic that I have included here of a representation of the debt that his generation is trying to saddle the younger generation with.

Perhaps Tim will study the moral and economic implications behind this graphic and reconsider who is destroying who.

Inequality per Thomas Piketty in his book titled Capital

For the past four decades, the American worker has continued to produce more and more .. but the profits from these gains in productivity go exclusively to the very rich.

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» Boner-City for the Writer

This thing that the nation is going through right now .. where we are testing the very foundations of democracy and the republic and the Constitution itself .. this is gnarly shit .. as Steve Schmidt can articulate as well as anyone.

But it makes for fascinating writing.

Documenting HATE | PBS Frontline ProPublica

As I am sure that AC Thompson would agree.

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[ This entry originated here » Cooking with Plutonium - Page Two (19 March 2018). ]

» I Would be Lyin' If

You know .. this thing here, where Jeff Sessions fires Andrew McCabe just a few days before his retirement date ..

AG Jeff Sessions fires Andrew McCabe

.. I would be lyin' if I said that this didnt make me think about the time when the captain kicked me off the boat ..

Nuclear-powered submarine underway surfaced

.. a few months before I was getting out of the Navy. [ Which is called EAOS. ] After a 6-year enlistment.

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Cooking with Plutonium - Page Two

This page continues from here » Cooking with Plutonium - Page One (19 March 2018).

» Confronting and Challenging Powerful Forces

I am interested in the nature of the opposition that you might encounter in such a thing. These are very powerful forces at play here. You need super-powers to play this game.

Gretchen knows what I am talking about. I bet that she could be helpful .. were you to encounter turbulence. Just an intuition.

And Edsall is rich in these things. I learn a lot reading his columns. He is a professor at Columbia, graduate Journalism. He is a bad dude.

» The Credentials that Come with Spanning the Entire Socio-Economic Spectrum

Oh, look at this .. Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes sat down with Fareed .. for a little chit-chat (6 May 2018).

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes with Fareed (6 May 2018)

See .. this guy here has spanned the entire range of the socio-economic spectrum. This gives him valid credentials to speak to this thing.

I bet that he would very much enjoy sitting down with you .. for a little chit-chat.

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Cooking with Plutonium - Page One

[ This entry continues from here » A Crisis Without Equal on Earth Over the Revaluation of All Values (09 Feb 2018). ]

» JLaw to Educate Students about the Bullshit of Political Corruption

Speaking of watershed moments in the new age .. Jennifer Lawrence is going to take off a year from acting and go talk to students around the country ..

Jennifer Lawrence to educate students about the bullshit of political corruption

.. educating them about the bullshit that is currently going on in 'our' government. The bullshit of political corruption.

I am beyond impressed. I can feel myself trying to gauge the size of her huevos rancheros.

When I first heard this story (from 60 Minutes, 25 Feb 2018) the voice in my my head said, "Now we're cooking with plutonium."

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