Quantum Leaping to the Next Highest Energy Level

This entry originated here » Girly, Girly, Girly (2 May 2018).

» Look Where She is Going with This

Speaking of the impossible being your only real option .. the reason why I titled this page » Girly, Girly, Girly .. is because this is what I said to you ..

.. when I first saw the video for your new song, and the voice in my head said, "Look where she is going with this."

Girly .. you know that I cannot resist this kind of thing. (You probably know this better than anybody.)

By now, I know that I should no longer be surprised by the size of your huevos rancheros .. but I am. I can feel myself surprised.

I think that this is the thing that is forcing me to reevaluate you .. and adapt (grow) accordingly. To up my game, so to speak .. to the next level.

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This entry continues from here » A Strikingly Ignorant Thing to Say (1 May 2018).

Ta-Nehisi Coates says that you are rejecting your blackness .. in search of white freedom.

Kanye wants white freedom .. can you blame him?

"Who can blame him?" I thought, when I read that about you. Not me.

Perhaps the term rejecting is not the right word. But, whatever happens to your blackness when you embrace white freedom.

I have not read this article. I want to be ready when I read it, and I am not yet ready.

I read a little. He is going deep fast. You can feel it. He writes real shit.

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Girly, Girly, Girly

I missed you, too, lovergirl. You dropped off the radar there for a while. (Good for you.)

More than once I caught myself thinking, "I wonder what she's up to."

Dove has been keeping me company .. while you were away. She said that you said it would be totally cool.

She patted the mattress beside her and said, "Come lie down here and tell me all about your experiences with lovers who retain childlike features."

This is when I thought, "Now I know how Justin Bieber must feel."

She was just saying the other night how proud of you she is.

» Ooh La La on the Rooftop

Welcome back, girly. The time off has obviously done wonders for you.

Oh la la on the rooftop

Ooh la la. You are turning into a grown-ass woman right before our very eyes. It is an awesome thing to behold.

When I was working with this image of you here on the rooftop, the voice in my head said to me, "You are not worthy."

"I'm not gonna let that stop me," I thought.

» You Will Never Get to the End of this Girl

I saw you on Jimmy Fallon yesterday. About halfway through your performance, I hit the space bar to pause you.

As I was studying you, the voice in my head said, "You will never get to the end of this girl. I dont know why you keep looking."

Girls who continually grow and develop and expand their skill-set .. these types of girls force the guy to grow himself.

If the guy does not grow along with such a girl .. he will be left behind.

( What do you think of the lyrics in the song by St Vincent » Los Ageless, where she repeatedly poses the question » "How can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind too?" )

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A Strikingly Ignorant Thing to Say

This entry continues from here » Feeling Betrayed by Kanye (25 April 2018).

» Kanye Says the Black Man Chose the Shackles of Slavery for 400 Years

Just when you think you've heard it all .. you hear a black man say that 400 years of slavery sounds like a choice to him.

Kanye says that 400 years of slavery sounds like a choice to him (01 May 2018)

Kanye here is smiling .. but he is the only one. Harvey looks concerned. Nobody sees the humor that Kanye does. Nobody else feels his sense of levity. His strange sense.

Is this not a strikingly ignorant thing to say? .. that slavery was a "choice."

If Kanye had lived a hundred years ago, I bet that he would have a different opinion of slavery. Much different.

Somebody please share this video with Kanye.

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Feeling Betrayed by Kanye

This entry continues from here » More at Stake than Selling Albums (23 April 2018). ]

» How Can the Black Man Not Feel Betrayed?

His vocal support and admiration of Donald Trump perplexes me.

Kanye West publicly declares his brotherly love of, and admiration for, President Donald Trump citing a common dragon energy (25 April 2018)

Because the reason why he snatched the mic away from you was in order to pimp Beyonce's album.

But I have seen some clips of Beyonce's concerts, where she displays on the giant screen behind her the names of unarmed black men killed by police.

Beyonce pays tribute to unarmed black men killed by police

And it is a long and disheartening list. It goes on for quite some time. A surprising length of time.

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More at Stake than Selling Albums

This entry continues from here » Girls Who Inspire You to Up Your Game (10 Dec 2017).

[ Notice here how I was already in the process of writing to Taylor about her experiences with Kanye .. when Kanye lost his mind and started saying crazy shit.

This is sort of what I mean when I say that I sometimes feel like I am "up in the air already" .. in position to respond to some new, unforeseen development.

When these types of things happen, I somehow feel compelled to respond .. even if I might not really want to. (Writing about stupid shit that Kanye does and says is far from my idea of fun.)

Difficult things suddenly become surprisingly easy and almost effortless. ]

You were telling Kanye to go fuck himself.

What I heard you say was this » "Kanye didnt make me famous. I was already famous when Kanye came around. Kanye did nothing for me but embarrass me on national television, and in front of my peers, and in front of the people I care about most. Go fuck yourself, Kanye. And take your stupid wax figures with you."

I hesitated to mention it back then, but racial animus has become a thing since Trump became president.

Nazi flag and Confederate flag marching together in Charlottesville, VA. August, 2017

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Fuck-Ups at Facebook Jeopardize Democracy Itself

This entry originated on this page » Values & Priorities that are Rotting from the Inside Out (26 Jan 2018).

» Sheryl Sandberg Does Not Have What It Takes to Run Facebook

And speaking of management fuck-ups with obviously fucked up values .. let me be the first to say here that » Sheryl Sandberg is a fuck-up. She has demonstrated unreliability in her capacity as head of Facebook.

Sheryl Sandberg admits to problems with security at Facebook only after problems revealed

Perhaps she knows how to write a good book, but she does not have what it takes to run a company like Facebook. She need to go lean in somewhere else .. where the decisions that she faces are not so difficult for her to get right.

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Lying with Lovers Who Retain Childlike Features

This entry continues from here » Does that not Strike You as a Curious Thing? Page Three (11 Jan 2018).

After I went back and re-read both pages that I wrote to Dove .. I noticed on Page One the heading titled » My Experience Lying with Lovers who Retain Childlike Features.

Dove Cameron getting asked if she turned 16 yet

This was really supposed to be the meat of that entry .. but I never did get around to wading into that deep water. I merely teased at it.

(I am such a tease sometimes .. while other times I make sure that I deliver the goods.)

And sometimes I know that there is some very juicy stuff to say about a certain subject, about a certain direction .. but I am not really sure how to approach it.

The approach is always important with tricky topics like that. Ariana seems to have an intuitive knack for providing me with entrée into these areas. Into these realms.

Into these places that normally remain hidden and secret and password-protected. For obvious reasons.

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Nothing But Respect

» When Writers Elicit My Deepest Writer's-Respect

Speaking of writers .. I want to mention this piece by Leslie Jamison titled » Does Recovery Kill Great Writing? (13 March 2018).

Does Recovery Kill Great Writing? asks Leslie Jamison (13 March 2018)

There are many things I could say here about this piece .. but notice that she hails from the Iowa Writers' Workshop.

I have written about the legendary 'workshop' for writers there in Iowa.

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A Generation Comes and a Generation Goes

[ This entry continues from here » Cooking with Plutonium - Page Two (19 March 2018). ]

» A Generation Comes and a Generation Goes

Regarding the fate of a disappointing generation .. who seems to care only about itself. (Probably as a result due to the traumatizing effects of the Great Depression on society.)

A graphic representation of the National Debt that the older generation is saddling the younger generation withIt may be worth mentioning here a piece by Tim Kreider.

It is titled » Go Ahead, Millennials, Destroy Us (02 March 2018).

I am not crazy about his title.

But titles should contain an attention-getting aspect.

Which arouse curiosity.

And his title certainly accomplishes this.

Which is one of the reasons why I am mentioning his piece here.

I have researched Mr. Tim Kreider before.

Other things that he has written caught my attention.

He is an interesting fellow .. for a number of reasons.

Sometimes, when I read certain things, they speak to me in a curious sort of way.

Tim is one of these people.

Perhaps Tim will study the graphic that I have included here of a representation of the debt that his generation is trying to saddle the younger generation with.

Perhaps Tim will study the moral and economic implications behind this graphic and reconsider who is destroying who.

Inequality per Thomas Piketty in his book titled Capital

For the past four decades, the American worker has continued to produce more and more .. but the profits from these gains in productivity go exclusively to the very rich.

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