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I Can Assure You that It Won't be Wasted

Hi Dove.

I saw you on Jimmy Fallon yesterday, pimping your newly released songs » Waste (lyrics) and Bloodshot (lyrics).

Dove Cameron pimping her new songs on Jimmy Fallon (26 Sept 2019)

Jimmy is always very good at this type of thing.

I was very much excited and looking forward to hearing what you have to bring.

Rolling Stone says that this is the official launch of your music career.


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This page originated » here .. in an entry titled » A Strikingly Ignorant Thing to Say (1 May 2018).

Speaking of black people who say strikingly ignorant things .. check out Candace Owens here.

RMU takes Candace Owens to school for being wildly uniformed and saying strikingly ignorant things (10 April 2019)

The all-black, well-educated panel here at Roland Martin Unfiltered (RMU) addresses Candace's comments.

Her comments make me feel sad for the black man. As if they dont already have enough obstacles to overcome .. without one of their own turning against them.

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