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The Smart-Ass Karamazov Brother

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» A Smart Motherfucker

I am a smart motherfucker myself .. without even trying to be. My dad told me at least a million times while I was growing up, "Dont be smart."

What he really meant was, "Dont be a smart-ass."

I could definitely be a smart ass. (Because I am so smart.) No doubt about it. Being a smart-ass is part of what got me into trouble with the captain.

Because I am not afraid to toe-up with authority figures when they are fucking up. Particularly when their fucking up is affecting me or mine.

Or did he really not want me to be smart?

My dad was smart, but not educated. My mom told me, "I married your father because he was smart and because he had good teeth."

» Dad vs Fyodor Karamazov

I can confirm that he was smart, but only in a Fyodor Karamazov sort-of-way.

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The Art of Giving Shit - Page Two

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» A Fatherly Profession of Unconditional Support

It may be worth mentioning here .. how I was working at a nuclear plant in sunny southern California. As a regular ol' knuckle-dragging tech. And loving every minute of it.

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station | Southern California

When the big boss called. And asked me to stop by his office after I got off work. Where he presented me with a position.

I was trying to get him to articulate the parameters and the scope of my duties and responsibilities in this new position.

Because I had held similar positions at other nuclear plants (.. being the Certified Fresh Rad Whore that I was).

And because this was a new position that had never before existed. So there was no preexisting pattern for me to work from.

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The Art of Giving Shit - Page One

Speaking of stories .. girly, the Dog called recently to say hi. He is very good about staying in touch. And I remembered the story that I told you and Nicki about whispered secrets.

Ariana whispering secrets to Nicki in Side to Side

After the niceties were over, I said, "Dog, do you remember that time we went to the Lollipop?"

Girly, the Dog didnt even say anything. There was a delicious empty silence on the other end of the phone.

You could almost hear his long-dormant neurons being activated .. as they lit up neural circuitry all the way back to our days in Waikiki.

A few seconds later he just started laughing. And it was the type of laughter that told me that I have him right where I want him.

It's not easy to catch the Dog off balance like this. So I was proud of myself. (Timing is everything, you know.)

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