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Blowing My Mind on a Regular Basis

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This page is my HTML marker to be used beginning today.

Timestamp Worldclock Tuesday 22 February 2022 at 2:22 am San Diego time

You know, girly .. I have not done anything with this page yet .. beyond creating the HTML with this title on this date, and dropping in the timestamp graphic. (To show I mean business).

You must admit .. that is one fine-looking timestamp there. They don't come much finer than that.

We would have to wait 200 years for something better. (Wait 'til you see what I am going to write to you on that day. You wouldn't believe it .. even if I told you.)

This means I like you, you know .. when I do stuff like this .. when I write stuff like this. In my own unique way of seeing things and doing things, this means I like you.

» Ten Year Anniversary of the First Time I Made You Mine

Today is the 10 year anniversary, by the way, of the first time I used your image. It sat atop a page, you might recall, titled » Surprisingly Aggressive High School Hotties (22 Feb 2012).

Time flies when you're having fun. Seems like just yesterday when I was thinking how well that image would work for me .. as I cropping it, and having my way with it.

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Why Wait 400 Years? Page Three

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» But for the Grace of God

This makes me feel sad for the white evangelical. I knew some white evangelicals. I knew some of them quite well.

Evangelicals can tell you what the scriptures actually say and what they actually teach .. to a degree.

But they do not put into practice these things that they know. It is a strange, perplexing thing. I mean, they have their excuses as to why they do the things they do.

And yes, some of them do indeed put into practice the teachings and the principles found there .. more than I ever did.

But this was relatively small percentage. Maybe 20 percent of them. And that is being generous.

Most of them were not very nice people, I'm sad to say. I mean, they were not even what I would call 'nice people' compared to your average acquaintance ..

.. particularly in a general human-being sentient-soul sort-of-way.

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Why Wait 400 Years? Page Two

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» Is a Leader with a Functioning Moral Compass Too Much to Ask for?

This is why I cannot support the Democratic party. They are currently led by someone with a broken moral compass and a badly mangled value-structure .. and she doesnt even realize it. (Because she doesnt get it.)

Katie Porter would make an infinitely better Speaker than Nancy Pelosi. Because Katie Porter still has a functioning moral compass and a value-structure that hasnt been warped and mangled.

Katie Porter asks billionaire bank CEO Jamie Dimon why he can't find the money to pay his employees a livable wage. NowThis (16 Apr 2019)

Surely Katie Porter is able to see those things that Nancy Pelosi obviously cannot.

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Why Wait 400 Years? Page One

This page consists of a section that was lifted out of an entry titled » Nobody Does It for Me Like She Does (2 Feb 2022).

I have just been so busy chronicling the end of the world, you know, that I haven't had the time to flirt with you like I want to, and in the way that I know a woman like you deserves.

I'll make it up to you .. you'll see.

It is not as easy to chronicle the end of the world as I had anticipated. No, ma'am. It is proving much more difficult than I was expecting.

I was thinking, "Hey, I'm the greatest writer whoever lived. This will be cake."

I may indeed be a kick-ass writer (at least, that's what everybody keeps telling me) .. but this is not cake. I can see that now. I can see things now that I couldn't see before.

Speaking of the end of the world .. that reminds me.

» But First I Got to Do This Other Thing

I think it is important that you know, dear reader, that before I could even begin working on this page, I first had to do this other thing.

This other thing that I am talking about .. happens to be a section that I added in a page titled » How Can QAnon Still be Such a Powerful Delusion? - Page Three (19 Aug 2021)

This is a page, by the way, that begins with a picture of Trump holding up a bible in front of a church. Now there is something that you don't see everyday, folks.

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Nobody Does It for Me Like She Does - Page Two

This page continues from » Page One (2 Feb 2022) or from » Why Wait 400 Years? Page Three (2 Feb 2022).

Let the flirting begin.

You know, girly .. I was just telling Bono how I still havent found the thing that I was looking for.

But this does not mean that I havent found some other things .. things that I wasnt even looking for .. because I did not know that such things even existed.

I am talking about things that are much, much better than that other sad thing that I was looking for there on the other page earlier today.

Bono was looking for something very different than the thing I was looking for. I am learning (the hard way, of course) that you cannot find some things because they simply do not exist.

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Nobody Does It for Me Like She Does - Page One

This page continues from an entry titled » Flirting with Industrial-Strength Talent as a Way to Inspire Me and Challenge Me to Up My Game (22 Jan 2022).

Oh, look .. we're here already.

Timestamp Worldclock Wednesday 2 February 2022 at 2:22 am San Diego time

Today is the 100-year anniversary of what is generally considered the finest novel written in the English language during the entire twentieth century.

Ulysses by James Joyce, pub in Paris by Sylvia Beach on 2 Feb 1922, Joyce's 40th birthday, first edition copy of limited edition printing

I can verify, dear reader, that the words you are reading right now were written on the 2nd of February, 2022 .. if this is something that might happen to mean something to you. (Or is it just me?)

And a very happy birthday to Mr. James Joyce, who would be 140 today.

You must admit that today is indeed a very cool date .. even better than the one Joyce had.

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