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I have just been so busy chronicling the end of the world, you know, that I haven't had the time to flirt with you like I want to, and in the way that I know a woman like you deserves.

I'll make it up to you .. you'll see.

It is not as easy to chronicle the end of the world as I had anticipated. No, ma'am. It is proving much more difficult than I was expecting.

I was thinking, "Hey, I'm the greatest writer whoever lived. This will be cake."

I may indeed be a kick-ass writer (at least, that's what everybody keeps telling me) .. but this is not cake. I can see that now. I can see things now that I couldn't see before.

Speaking of the end of the world .. that reminds me.

» But First I Got to Do This Other Thing

I think it is important that you know, dear reader, that before I could even begin working on this page, I first had to do this other thing.

This other thing that I am talking about .. happens to be a section that I added in a page titled » How Can QAnon Still be Such a Powerful Delusion? - Page Three (19 Aug 2021)

This is a page, by the way, that begins with a picture of Trump holding up a bible in front of a church. Now there is something that you don't see everyday, folks.

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» A Man on a Mission

I am on something of a mission. My mission is to find the moral line that the white evangelical will not cross.

Where does the moral line lie that the white evangelical will not cross for Donald Trump?

Mitt Romney tweet calling shameful the RNC censure of LIz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger (4 Feb 2022)

Somebody please show me the moral line that the white evangelical flat refuses to cross.

You can't. You can't because it doesnt exist.

» Nancy Pelosi's Broken Moral Compass Makes My Point for Me

Speaking of moral lines, or the lack thereof .. think about how badly broken a moral compass must be ..

.. think about how badly warped and mangled a value-structure must be ..

Nancy Pelosi Is Wrong About Lawmakers in Congress Trading Stocks by Sarah Jones Intelligencer (15 Dec 2021)

.. for somebody to not only think that such a thing is true, but that she would gladly and proudly say it for the whole world to hear her thoughts on the issue.

» A Zeitgeisty, Telling Sign of the Times (Corruption at an Extreme)

It is an extraordinary thing, if you ask me. It is a sign of the times. A telling sign of the times. It is a zeitgeisty thing.

A zeitgeisty thing is a small thing that reflects a much larger thing. Nancy Pelosi is a small thing; extreme levels of corruption in our government is a big thing. A much bigger thing.

There are many other signs of our times, but this one sticks out .. because she makes my point for me better than I could've ever made myself.

David Sirota tweet: It's not a free n transparent market when lawmakers can trade on inside, non-public information that can move stock prices. Pelosi is smart enough to know this, which means she's knowingly defending a wildly corrupt system. (15 Dec 2021)

My point is that Nancy Pelosi is in it for herself .. certainly more than she is in it for America. She is in it for the money. Certainly primarily, if not exclusively.

If you happen to run into Nancy Pelosi, please tell her that I said her values suck.

» Perhaps Somebody Close to the Speaker Could Explain to Her Why Her Position Sucks So Badly

She must not even realize how badly broken her moral compass is .. or she would've never said something like that aloud. No?

It's like she has a blindspot .. a moral blindspot so to speak. (I am not surprised.)

Perhaps somebody close to her could spell it out for her, in capital fucking letters, why her position is such a shameful thing.

» The Pelosi Idea of a Free Market Economy

It is a shameful thing that comes from a mangled value-structure and from a shitty set of values.

It is a shameful thing that smells very badly .. a smell that, for some reson, Nancy herself can't seem to smell.

Perhaps she has been surrounded by this shameful smell for so long that she thinks it is normal and that people are not offended by it.

I am talking about, of course, the shameful, smelly thing that is the Nancy-Pelosi idea of a free market economy.

The Nancy-Pelosi idea of a free market economy (15 Dec 2021)

I would be willing to wager that she has never had a single class in Economics - either Macro or Micro.

Because if she had, she wouldnt be saying stupid shit like this.

It is not just an idea, folks. No. It is a reality right now. On the 2nd of February, 2022, this is our current national socioeconomic reality.

I know, it stinks very badly. It makes me want to cover my nose. It smells old and decaying and foul and diseased and rancid.

This is yet another reason why Nancy Pelosi sucks .. because she smells so badly, and she isn't even aware of it.

Small sliver of visible light set within the much larger total spectrum of light that we cannot see our human eyes

Oh, look .. the folks at the editorial board there at the Times have spelled it out for her beautifully. Even Nancy Pelosi, with her broken moral compass, and her mangled value-structure, should be able to see that.

Members of Congress Should Not be Trading Stocks, Ever by Editorial Board NY Times (18 Feb 2022)

Why does the Democratic party appoint as their leader someone with a broken moral compass and such a warped and mangled value-structure?

It's a valid question, no?

We are talking about somebody whose only accomplishment has been to funnel large sums of money into politics .. thereby corrupting our government more than that of her peers, and above that of her colleagues.

This is all Nancy Pelosi knows. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. They will look at you like you are crazy. They do not know what you are talking about. They cannot even comprehend such things.

» No Vision for the Future Beyond the Size of Her Portfolio

Nancy Pelosi does not have what it takes to lead our nation into the future because she has not been endowed by nature with the vision necessary to take us there.

She is an octogenarian. Heck, she is lucky just to be alive.

Her vision does not extended beyond the size of her bank account. I wish she would prove me wrong, but she just keeps confirming my impressions.

It wasnt that long ago, you know, when somebody her age would've been a rarity. How many more years do you reckon that she has left to live here on planet earth with us?

I am talking about those of us who will still be alive here on planet Earth, and who will have to take this planet and this government into the future .. after Nancy Pelosi is dead-n-gone.

She will be gone, but the consequences of her warped, shitty, immoral values .. will still be fucking us all in the ass. (As if we don't already get fucked enough.)

» You Cannot Eat or Breathe Man-Made Numbers that are Entered Electronically into a Man-Made Account Database

Somebody please tell Nancy Pelosi that you cannot eat the man-made electronic numbers entered into the man-made electronic accounts that you seem so preoccupied with.

It doesnt matter, Nancy, how many man-made numbers are entered electronically onto these man-made accounts ..

Floating Tree represents the illusion of material reality and fiat capital

.. if you have nothing to eat.

It doesnt matter how many electronic numbers are entered into the electronic database for your accounts. They have zero intrinic value.

Right now, it feels like they have plenty of intrinsic value, because things are still hunky-dory enough.

But when shit heads south, those numbers mean squat. Jack Squat.

You'll see what I mean. Then the lightbulb will come on for you .. when you learn that you cannot eat or breathe those numbers.

IPCC report: Code Red for human driven global heating, warns UN chief (9 Aug 2021)

I know that you are probably thinking, "Let them eat ice cream."

Nancy Pelosi flaunts her $24K freezer stocked full of expensive gourmet ice cream to James Corden as her tone-deaf response for dealing with deadly global pandemic (14 Apr 2020)

But saying this only reinforces my point that "You obviously don't get it."

This is the end of this page. ■

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