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Embracing the Nadir

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Embracing the Nadir .. lyrically,  I like this title. It makes your mouth and your mind do cool things at the same time when you say it.

Your tongue and your lips get to dance around for long as it takes your mouth to articulate the sounds aloud.

I am very much into cool titles. Fitzgerald is probably my favorite titler. I like his titles. I like them a lot. For many reasons. Many different reasons.

Then you have the long-a sound in both embracing and nadir .. which tends to stretch out the utterance a tad. The vocals, if you will.

It gives you a little more time to think about exactly what it is that you are saying. I mean, folks will generally do whatever it takes to avoid their nadir .. no?

Who does not know exactly what I am talking about? "Pass me the Valium, bro. And the Zoloft, too. Heck, just hand me the whole box."

But a cool-sounding title means nothing without some substance behind it .. and some supporting structure underneath it.

The bigger and more weighty your message .. the stronger and more durable your supporting structure needs to be.

This being the shortest day of the year - for those of us living here in the northern hemisphere - I thought it clever and apropos to post this title today. On this particular day.

(Plus, it will give me a good excuse to flirt with super-hotties .. something I always like to do as a temporary respite from chronicling the end of the world .. which isnt the funnest thing I have ever done.)

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Now You've Really Gone and Done It

Girly, what am I going doing with you? (I mean, that I havent done already.)

You are in so much trouble, young lady. You cannot possibly imagine how much trouble you are in right now.

You girls with tattoos .. I shouldve known better. You seem to actually enjoy getting in trouble.

Einstein was always getting in trouble, too, you know. So at least you're in good company.

After I finished viewing the trailer for your Netflix special (releasing tomorrow) I thought, "Now you've really done it."

Girly, you know that you cannot be doing shit like this ..

Ariana's Winter Solstice, Grand Conjunction, Netflix Special - excuse me, i love you - on 21 Dec 2020

.. and think you will get no response. No retaliation. Certainly not with something this provocative.

Ariana lays back lusciously and deliciously during her winter solstice netflix special excuse me I love you (10 Dec 2020)

You know this better than anybody.

When I saw this clip above, where you do that lay-back thing that you do .. when I saw that clip, I started thinking about things.

About this thing, and that thing, and, of course, the other thing.

Before I knew it, I was a million miles away. Maybe more. I wouldnt be surprised. I mean that is certainly the way it felt.

And I would be lying if I said that I was in any kind of hurry to get back, either. No. I was definitely diggin' it out there.

Would you like to know, Ariana, what kinds of things I was thinking about out there? Out there in La La Land.

I feel confident that you would indeed like to know.

I very much feel provoked when I see you doing this. This kind of thing, where I feel provoked, this makes me feel aggressive. And aggressive can easily become predatory under the right circumstances.

What do you know about evoking these things?

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