Now You've Really Gone and Done It

Girly, what am I going doing with you? (I mean, that I havent done already.)

You are in so much trouble, young lady. You cannot possibly imagine how much trouble you are in right now.

You girls with tattoos .. I shouldve known better. You seem to actually enjoy getting in trouble.

Einstein was always getting in trouble, too, you know. So at least you're in good company.

After I finished viewing the trailer for your Netflix special (releasing tomorrow) I thought, "Now you've really done it."

Girly, you know that you cannot be doing shit like this ..

Ariana's Winter Solstice, Grand Conjunction, Netflix Special - excuse me, i love you - on 21 Dec 2020

.. and think you will get no response. No retaliation. Certainly not with something this provocative.

Ariana lays back lusciously and deliciously during her winter solstice netflix special excuse me I love you (10 Dec 2020)

You know this better than anybody.

When I saw this clip above, where you do that lay-back thing that you do .. when I saw that clip, I started thinking about things.

About this thing, and that thing, and, of course, the other thing.

Before I knew it, I was a million miles away. Maybe more. I wouldnt be surprised. I mean that is certainly the way it felt.

And I would be lying if I said that I was in any kind of hurry to get back, either. No. I was definitely diggin' it out there.

Would you like to know, Ariana, what kinds of things I was thinking about out there? Out there in La La Land.

I feel confident that you would indeed like to know.

I very much feel provoked when I see you doing this. This kind of thing, where I feel provoked, this makes me feel aggressive. And aggressive can easily become predatory under the right circumstances.

What do you know about evoking these things?

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Sometimes when I see you doing one of these provocative things that seem targeted and intentional, I will catch myself thinking, "Oh, she is so going to get it for that. I'm gonna have to think of something real good to pay her back for this."

If I had a nickel for every time I had this thought .. I would have a lot of nickels.

» Making It Her Own

When I got up to go make a cup of tea, the voice in my head said, "Dude, she is making this song her own .. in a big way."

You are using lyrics from that song Beyonce gave you .. as your title for this Netflix special.

This says things to me. "What kind of things?" you ask? I dont know if you could handle it.

( This is another reason why you are the funnest thing the play with. )

I know that you have the title to this song tattoo'ed behind you right ear .. so you can hear me whispering to you sweet nothings.

I am sure that you dont tattoo the title of every song on your body. That would suggest that this song is special to you. In some way. In some way that we might never learn.

Girly, tomorrow is Monday. Nobody releases anything on a Monday.

Ariana's Winter Solstice, Grand Conjunction, Netflix Special - excuse me, i love you - coming on 21 Dec 2020

Not on purpose, anyway.

A part of me likes (respects) that you make up your own rules as they might happen to suit your fancy at any given time. (And certainly at the appointed time.)

This is probably the same part that likes how you can be such a sneaky little shit sometimes.

» Bringing Some of that Dazzling Sparkle to the Darkest of Days

You are obviously doing this for a reason. You have clearly intended your Netflix special to arrive on the darkest day of the year.

On the solstice .. the winter solstice. While images of Stonehenge swirl around my head.

Speaking of timing, I wonder what time it is right now. Hold on a sec, girly. I'm going to go check. I'll be right back. Dont go anywhere.

Time-n-date timestamp Worldclock San Diego Sunday, 20 Jan 2021 at 12:20 am

Hmmm. Twelve-twenty on twelve-twenty. Interesting. I wonder what it might mean.

» Welcome to the Land of Capricorns

Girly, you know .. this is the Land-of-Capricorns here .. beginning with the solstice, or thereabouts.

This is my world here. This is my time now. According to celestial alignments.

And here you are bringing it .. to my world. So to speak. And during my time.

Ariana putting on a choker with a silver heart-shaped lock dangling in front excuse me, i love you (10 Dec 2020)

( "Welcome to my world, girly. The warmest of welcomes. This is a cold time of year, you know, for those of us who live here in the northern hemisphere." )

I have never seen this choker before. The silver heart-shaped lock caught my attention right away.

» Deep, Ancient, Powerful

A lock dangling from a choker or from a collar .. such a sight carries far-reaching implications. It suggests things .. things I probably shouldnt get into right now.

Such things are ancient and powerful. They operate deep below and far beneath your normal waking conscious mind. This is why they often make no sense.

For someone like me, who naturally tries to figure out how things work .. following the stream in the woods until I find its source, or maybe even stumble upon a waterfall .. for someone like me, this can present a challenge. A conundrum.

Here is where you obviously need to abandon the sense of comfort that comes from living in a world that operates according to a familiar set of rules .. in order to explore the deep realms of things that are ancient and powerful.

I will drop this little tease here into exploring the realms where ancient, powerful things reside .. and let the anticipation build at a slow, natural, organic pace.

So that when I return to delve deeper into these things, these ancient, powerful things .. then you will be ready for such things. Then you will be better prepared.

You'll see.

» I Can Definitely Sense the Challenge of the Thing

Oh, to be a fly-on-the-wall inside your head-space during these decision-making discussions.

I like the way that you inspire me to up my game. You challenge me to up my game. I do not know if I have ever experienced this sort-of-thing before. 

Certainly not in this way, or to this degree. To this seeming endless degree.

It is difficult to resist this sense of challenge. This provocative sense of challenge. Especially coming from somebody the likes of you.

Probably impossible.

» Evoking a Deeper Response

See .. if I were to turn away from such a challenge, for whatever reason .. then a part-of-me would feel like a pussy. Like a big pussy.

In this way (and in other ways, too) I can feel how these challenges, repeatedly and periodically, draw out of me the deeper things. 

They cause me to dig deep and summon things .. that would likely remain unsummoned. Because there might never be a direct challenge that required me to summon such things.

When I feel you provoking such responses in me .. responses that challenge me to dig deeper, and that encourage me to up my game (yet again) this is where I usually think, "Oh, I love this girl."

And I won't deny that a part of me, even now, still desires to impress you. Sometimes I try to impress you so much that .. well, you know.

» What Do You Think of this Pair of Titles Posted on the Same Day?

Speaking of impressing you .. girly, did you happen to notice the titles of the two main themes from the recent posts of 20 Oct 2020?

I am referring, of course, to the entries titled:

  1. » Does This Not Strike You as a Curious, Eyebrow-Raising Thing? (4 pages)
  2. » Their Land is Full of Idols .. They Worship the Work of Their Own Hands (2 pages)

Does this not seem to be a curious pair of titles? To me, they seem to go together surprisingly well. They seem to reflect each other and play off each other.

I dont want to see things that are not there. This is why I seek the opinion, the perspective, of another person.

» 2020 the Deadliest Year Ever (DYE) in Our Nation's History

But along these lines, do you find it at all a thought-provoking thing .. that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that 2020 is the deadliest year ever in the history of the United States.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says 2020 deadliest year ever in United States history (22 Dec 2020)

Is this not a curious, eyebrow-raising thing? Does this not strike you as something that makes you stop and ponder things?

When I first heard this news about 2020 being the deadliest year ever (DYE) .. in the history of our 245-year old nation ..

When I heard this news, I instinctively looked over both shoulders. (Right-side first.) To see if somebody wasnt back there .. whispering things in my ear. Things that I could not possibly know.

I bet Jeremiah knows what I am talking about.

And 2021 is not looking much better .. with the discovery of all these new highly-contagious mutant-variant strains identified in places like England and Brazil. And which have since made their way to our shores.

This is the end of this page. ■

This theme sort of continues here » Embracing the Nadir (21 Dec 2020, the solstice .. shortest day of the year).

A part of me feels like I should include a trigger warning for this page, titled Embracing the Nadir. But what kinds of things would I warn readers about?

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