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This entry began on a page where I was telling Nancy Pelosi all the reasons why she can kiss my progressive ass » You Can All Kiss My Progressive Ass (20 Sept 2020).

» First Death Curves Plotted from the First Available CoVid-19 Data Sets

This global plague seems to be affecting the elderly almost exclusively.

Chart of the odds of dying from COVID-19 by age group | Medicine with Dr. Moran (17 Aug 2020)

Almost nobody under the age of 55 has died. The death rate starts climbing around 65 or 70. See for yourself.

» A Clear-Eyed Look Behind the Numbers

The abbreviation IFR in the chart heading above stands for » Infection Fatality Rate.

Notice that they do not use the word death. Nor do they spell out the word Fatality.

If someone were to stumble upon this chart here without the good doctor present to break it down for them .. they might very well miss its significance.

The existentialist in me wants (likes) to see things as clearly and plainly as possible .. which will naturally include the ugly side of things along with the beautiful.

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» Does This Development Not Strike You as a Curious, Eyebrow-Raising Thing?

I want to ask Ariana what she thinks about this. I want to ask her what she thinks about what I wrote back on December 12, 2017.

When I wrote » "This can't be a good sign for the older generation." I have never before written such a thing. But I certainly remember writing it.

Usually, when I catch myself saying this thing .. about "this can't be a good sign," I am talking about myself.

And every time I thought that .. my intuition proved valid. (Unfortunately.)

» God Told Moses that He was Not Happy with Everybody Twenty Years Old and Older

The term 'older' is relative. I am part of an older generation. Am I included in this older generation?

When Moses failed to convince the children of Israel to take the Promised Land as God had promised the patriarchs ..

.. God told Moses and Aaron that everyone 20 years old and older would die in that wilderness over the next 40 years.

You can't be twenty on Sugar Mountain. He wasnt going to let their complaining, grumbling pussy-asses enter the Promise Land.

» Timing

And I won't even mention that all this CoVid shit hit the proverbial fan right on March 19th.

State of California Issues Stay-at-Home Executive Order N-33-20 by Gavin Newsom Governor (19 March 2020)

Which is the date I started flirting with her.

Daily new confirmed CoVid-19 cases in the United States are growing rapidly (data as of 13 Nov 2020)

I had no idea that a global plague would arrive in a couple of years, targeting the elderly almost exclusively.

» Is It Just Me?

I remember wondering how you could go about targeting only the older generation.

I could not come up with anything that made any sense. So I forgot about it. Until now.

Nicholas Kristof visits two NYC hospitals battling coronavirus "I could see the fear in his eyes." (14 Apr 2020)

Is it just me .. or it this not a curious, eyebrow-raising thing?

(I am looking over both shoulders .. to see if somebody isnt back there .. whispering secrets in my ear.)

» Who Are You Really?

Sometimes I will say to the writer in me .. usually after coming upon an eyebrow-raising thing .. I will say, "Who are you, dude? Who writes like this? Who says things like that? Who are you really?"

Sometimes, when I am feeling the thing is a big way .. I will joke with the writer in me and say, "Who's writing this thing?"

The Helper isnt supposed to do it for you. He is supposed to help you do it.

I dont know if this would strike anyone else as funny. I admit that my sense of humor is .. different.

» The Place Where the Intellectual Part of the Soulish Realm Interfaces with the Spirit(ual)

This is the place where the intellectual part of the soulish realm interfaces with the spirit(ual) realm.

White dove on black background

I have explored this interface from many different angles, and under many different circumstances and situations.

It helps if you dont mind getting your ass kicked .. at least, not until you start to figure things out.

» This has been My Experience

I should probably nip this thing here before I start sounding like a nut-case. But sometimes I feel the need to go deeper and lay down a little confirmation. A little validation. Sharing my world as I do.

When your narrative starts to push boundaries .. of various sorts .. then, all the writer can do is share from whence he is deriving this far-out boundary-expanding stuff.

Because then somebody could come behind me and validate my experience .. if they desire a such an experience.

» Sketching Existential Markers for Some of the More Interesting and Curious Experiences

I try to lay down markers as I go for others. It really helps when I come upon such a marker myself .. especially when I am feeling more alone in the world than less.

Sophie Burnham talks about walking naked at the edge of a lunar landscape. If the writer is not moving forward in his life .. then he will not be able to grow as a writer. No?

The end of growth is the beginning of death. (A challenging perspective.)

Speaking of death .. some markers are fun to write. Others not so much.

I love the feeling I get whenever I am reading something by one of these existentialists, and I think, "I know exactly what he's talking about."

Because this is the moment when you feel a little less alone in the world.

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