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This entry originated here » Didnt I Tell You that This Next Level Would be Hard to Keep Secret? (22 April 2019).

I was down at the Moores Cancer center earlier today ..

Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla | Main Lobby

.. for a biopsy on my right neck .. which has been bleeding nicely.

This seems to happen every time I get a chunks-of-flesh biopsy. The loss of blood can make me feel weak.

One of my doctors called me a 'bleeder.' It always stops, but I have notice that any bleeding continues longer now, ever since treatment.

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This page continues from nowhere. It begins a new thread. This could be dangerous.

» Must Drop the Initial HTML Set-Up for this Page by Midnight Tonight

For some reason that I am not entirely sure about .. I feel compelled to post this particular page on this very day .. with this title.

[ Right now the time is 11:44 PM, and this page is live. That is cutting it a little close.]

Such mandatory things frequently (not always) seem to come when you are least prepared .. and you simply have to suck it up and throw it down.

» The Sneaky Way that Life Seems to Bring Its Bigger Challenges When You Feel Least Prepared to Respond

I have noticed that what I call 'nadir writing,' where you are giving external voice to internal voice .. when you really dont feel like it, physically speaking ..

This type of writing forces you to dig deeper .. to someplace beyond you own human abilities and talents and skills and strengths. Or, at least this is the way it feels.

I guess my point here is to say that, although the timing of such things might seem to suck .. if you can find a way to suck-it-up and throw-it-down .. you can get some really cool stuff .. that you can get no other way.

Plus it feeds your sense of artistic self-confidence when you are able to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, and capture lightning in a bottle.

When you can execute a complex skill-set on demand in short order .. and even when you might not feel like it .. but you are able to do it anyway .. this is a powerful thing.

This is a powerful person. This is someone who can kick ass and take names. This a powerful person kicking ass and taking names and making it look easy .. even though it is far from easy. Very far. (Katy Perry and Cardi B know what I am taking about.)

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This entry originated here in an entry titled » When it Feels Like Super-Hotties are Talking Directly to Me (1 January 2019).

» Is She Doing that On Purpose?

Anyways .. sometimes I am not sure if these super-talented super-hotties are indeed directing their artistic energy directly at me .. saturated with all kinds of erotic intention .. and I will catch myself wondering, "Is she doing that purpose?"

While other times I will think, "Oh, she is definitely doing that on purpose. No doubt about it."

For example:

Ariana lays back while singing Break Free at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut (30 March 2019)

Girly, when I saw you do this thing here where you lay back like this while singing Break Free at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut (30 March 2019) ..

.. I thought, "Oh, she is definitely doing that on purpose. She is so going to get it for that. I am going to have to think of something really good to pay her back for that."

This makes me feel aggressive when you do things like this. It's not usually a good thing for girls when they make me feel aggressive.

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Filling it Up and Sending it Back to Ariya

» Sender was a Woman

Hi Ariya.

I saw your performance in St. Petersburg on 31 March 2019. (Video posted two days ago on 17 April.)

Ariya holding an empty box in St Petersburg that she is sending to me (31 March 2019)

It very much spoke to me .. in a personal and intimate sort-of-way .. which is why I feel compelled to respond.

I found your performance both enchanting and irresistibly seductive .. for a number of reasons. A large number.

» Currently in the Process of Filling Your Box

I just want you to know that I have received your empty box, and that I am currently in the process of filling it up .. as you instructed.

When I finish filling it, I will send it back to you.

Would you like to know what kinds of treats I will be putting in your box? (I bet you would.)

Many delightful and wonderful things .. I can assure you. Maybe even some things that you have never seen before.

» I Feel Like a New Woman .. How Do You Do That?

A number of women have told me things like, "I have never felt anything like that before. How do you do that? I feel like a new woman." 

See if you dont feel a few of these things by the time I am done filling your box .. and when you have had an opportunity to examine the little treats that I made just for you.

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This page continues from here » The Generation that Worships Money and Serves Mammon as it Steals from its Kids - Page Two (13 April 2019).

» The Old Guard Puts Its Trust in Money as it Faithfully Serves Mammon

I could go into mind-numbing detail on this aspect right here .. where economics is used as the weapon-of-choice by those who value money above all else.

The Worship of Mammon

Here is an image of a supplicant petitioning Mammon for money.

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This page continues from here » The Generation that Worships Money and Serves Mammon as it Steals from its Kids - Page One (13 April 2019).

» Is the Democratic Establishment About Us-the-People or are They Really About the Money?

A recurring question that keeps presenting itself to Us-the-People is » Is the Democratic establishment about the money, or about Us-the-People?

If they were required to choose between the two .. which would they choose? What do you think Neera Tanden would choose?

Neera Tanden, former Hillary aide, now president of the so-called Center for American Progress (15 April 2019)

Somebody ask her for me .. the next time you happen to see her.

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This entry continues from here » The Immorality of a Socioeconomic Algorithm that Prioritizes Billionaires Over the Basic Needs of Citizens - Page Three (19 March 2019).

» The Battle Line has been Drawn with an Economic Sword

If the Republicans can "primary" a candidate who they view as too moderate .. then, so can the Dems .. despite what Cheri Bustnuts might have to say about it.

Smug DCCC chair Cheri Bustos draws a battle line with an economic sword because she is all about the money (9 April 2019)

Not everybody is about the money like you are, Cheri.

Smug DCCC chair Cheri Bustos trusting in the money to work for her and the Old Guard by starving representatives of the Next Generation (9 April 2019)

You'll see what I mean .. sooner or later. You look so smug here. This is because you are trusting in the money.

What do you think about what Jeremiah wrote here? I thought of this verse when I saw this smug look on your face, and I heard you smugly bragging about your $200 million dollars.

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