The Generation that Worships Money and Serves Mammom as it Steals from its Kids

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» The Battle Line has been Drawn with an Economic Sword

If the Republicans can "primary" a candidate who they view as too moderate .. then, so can the Dems .. despite what Cheri Bustnuts might have to say about it.

Smug DCCC chair Cheri Bustos draws a battle line with an economic sword because she is all about the money (9 April 2019)

Not everybody is about the money like you are, Cheri.

Smug DCCC chair Cheri Bustos trusting in the money to work for her and the Old Guard by starving representatives of the Next Generation (9 April 2019)

You'll see what I mean .. sooner or later. You look so smug here. This is because you are trusting in the money.

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» The Next Generation will be Your Judges

Adopting such a hostile, threatening posture against the ascendant generation is a very foolish strategy.

Ana knows what I am talking about.

CBS reports on the unintended consequences of new DCCC policy (4 June 2019)

You should be reaching out and embracing the next generation and nurturing them .. not waging an economic war on them.

Shame on you, Cheri Bustos. Shame the fuck on you.

What do you think about what Jesus told the Pharisees (the establishment of his day) » "Your children will be your judges."

I have heard it said that this will be the first generation of Americans who will have it worse than their parents. Are you proud of this, Cherie?

What do you think about Gamaliel's counsel to the ruling establishment of his day?

Think about it and we'll chat more later.

» Sometimes We Can't See the Most Obvious Things On Display Right Before Our Very Eyes

What do you think about the idea that people sometimes cannot see the most obvious things on display right before their very eyes?

I would take my time with that question if I were you.

Hillary knows what I am talking about. Ben Sasse knows what I am talking about.

» Obama is the Last Person Who Should be Lecturing Anybody About How to Grow the Democratic Party

But Obama still hasnt grasped this concept. Dont you remember what happened to the Democratic party under Obama's tenure and leadership? (It was decimated.)

He is the last person who should stand up and pontificate about what the democrats are doing wrong in trying to appeal to more citizens and grow the party to the place where it was back when he first took office.

He was a big disappointment to many Americans .. even though he came after W, who set the presidential bar so low that .. well, you know how low W set the presidential bar.

America is still dealing with the consequences of W's fuck-ups .. his incompetence and his irresponsibility.

War Without End by CJ Chivers (8 Aug 2018)

(CJ knows what I am talking about.)

» The 200 Million Dollar Question for Smug Cherie Bustos

Where are you getting this 200 million bucks? Does this money come with strings attached? Will candidates who accept this money be expected to do the bidding of your donors?

What if their interests conflict with those of the American people? What then, Cherie?

This is the 64 thousand dollar question that Us-the-People would like you to answer. Except now, it has become the 200 million dollar question.

AOC represents the first wave of a generational invasion (9 April 2019)

This is exactly why We-the-People dont trust members of the establishment to do right by us .. and why so many people voted for Donald Trump. Dont you get it? (Obviously not.)

Notice how the Old Guard wages war » with an economic sword. They promise millions of corporate dollars to those who will support them, and they threaten to financially starve those who would dare take a stand for the average citizen. (Us the People)

» Is the Democratic Establishment About the Money or About Us-the-People?

A recurring question that keeps presenting itself to Us-the-People is » Is the Democratic establishment about the money, or about Us-the-People?

If they were required to choose between the two .. which would they choose? What do you think Neera Tanden would choose?

Neera Tanden, former Hillary aide, now president of the so-called Center for American Progress (15 April 2019)

Somebody ask her for me .. the next time you happen to see her.

Is it just me .. or does she not have extra-long fingers? If she flips you the bird, you are going to know it.

You have nice hands, by the way. Too bad you are all about the money. Emma knows what I am talking about.

Emma says that Neera Tanden and the efforts of her org (CAP) are all about the money and not about progress (15 April 2019)

(Speaking of nice hands .. what do you think about what Megan wrote here?)

Neera is Yale Law.

What do you think about what Maureen said .. that Hillary shouldve spent more time collecting votes in Wisconsin and less time collecting money on Wall Street? 

Hard to disagree, no? This suggests that Hillary is really about the money.

What does it feel like to lose an election to Donald Trump, the pussy-grabber? And the least-qualified candidate ever.

Hillary's overpaid consultants getting on Hillary's well-funded campaign airplane to go home in defeat

Are you one of Hillary's over-paid consultants in this photo here? .. getting on the plane to go home in defeat.

I feel like you and Hillary cheated Bernie out of the nomination. And I am not the only one who feels this way.

Donna Brazile found solid proof that Hillary rigged the primary nomination process against Bernie (t=2:50)

Blow knows what I am talking about.

Where are you and CAP getting your money from, Neera?

Emma says that Neera Tanden and CAP take money from governments like UAE that use torture (15 April 2019)

Do you really take large sums of money from foreign governments that use torture? Does this not prick your conscience? (Obviously not.)

You should return this money. Hillary knows what I am talking about.

I bet that you get a nice Health Care plan with your position .. no?

Is the Democratic establishment about defeating Trump, or are they really about the money?

You should change the name of your organization to » Center for the Enrichment of the Democratic Establishment. This would be a more accurate title.

» Please Dont Fuck Up Another Election for Us-the-People

I see that Bernie sent you a letter, telling you to go fuck yourself.

Bernie tells Neera Tanden and CAP to go fuck themselves (15 April 2019)

Please dont let your love-of-money fuck-up another election for Us-the-People.

Say hi to Cherie Bustnuts for me. I dont think I have ever seen anybody look so smug.

And say hi to Leah Daughtry for me.

» The Old Guard Puts Its Trust in Money as it Faithfully Serves Mammon

I could go into mind-numbing detail on this aspect right here .. where economics is used as the weapon-of-choice by those who value money above all else.

The Worship of Mammon

Here is an image of a supplicant petitioning Mammon for money.

» A Bizarre and Disturbing Interview with Prosperity Preacher by Inside Edition

Speaking of the generation that worships money .. check out this bizarre and disturbing interview of so-called Prosperity preacher and televangelist Ken Copeland (82) by Lisa Guerrero for Inside Edition (3 May 2019).

Prosperity televangelist Ken Copeland being interviewed by Lisa Guerrero for Inside Edition (3 May 2019)

Wow .. check out the look in his eyes here. I wonder what Kyle thinks of this interview. I wonder what Ana thinks.

Note that this section about Lisa's interview with this prosperity preacher grew large enough that I moved it to its own page .. see here » Peddling an Adulterated Version of God's Message for Profit (6 June 2019).

» When the Values of the Older Generation Clash with Those of the Newer Generation

Perhaps I will delve into these discussions more later .. about people who worship money. But now is not the time for that.

Simply note here that » this means war .. economic war. The shit is on .. in a big way. Game on.

It's a War of Values. Old values vs New values.

Charlotte Alter knows what I am talking about (21 March 2019).

Charlotte Alter speaks to the factors behind AOC's authentic voice (21 March 2019)

Beautiful work, Charlotte. Most impressive. Much respect. Kudos to you.

You see exactly where people's true values lie in times like this. (This kind of thing gives me a total boner.)

» The Old Guard (the Past) vs the New Wave (the Future)

Note here that Nancy Pelosi is 79 years old (born in 1940).

Nancy Pelosi responds testily to a question about AOC's victory over Joe Crowley

How many more years do you reckon that she has left to live here in America?

» You Are Not Going to Solve 21st Century Problems with 20th Century Thinking

The next highest-ranking democrat after Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, the House majority leader, is even older than Pelosi.

House majority leader Steny Hoyer (born 1939)

He was born in 1939. He will be 80 in a couple of months.

You ancient fuckers need to retire and go home. Havent you octogenarians fucked-up the country enough?

You are not going to solve Twenty-First century problems with Twentieth century thinking. (This is exactly what got us into this mess.)

The folks at the Intercept and Naomi Klein and Molly Crabapple all know what I am talking about.

The Intercept and Naomi Klein present a message from the future with AOC (17 April 2019)

Contrast Pelosi with AOC, who is 29 (born in 1989).

AOC the Phenom, Time magazine cover story by Charlotte Alter (21 March 2019)

You dont need to consult any actuarial tables to see that AOC will still be alive and living here long after Nancy Pelosi has become food for worms.

Fifty years represents two generations worth of time passing.

The generational revolt of the 60's occurring in the early part of the 21st century (9 April 2019)

In other words, Nancy Pelosi represents the past, while AOC represents the future. (Moses knows what I am talking about.)

Charlotte Alter knows what I am talking about (21 March 2019).

'Change Is Closer Than We Think.' Inside the Unlikely Rise of AOC by Charlotte Alter (21 March 2019)

The establishment seems more interested in protecting their own wealthy interests than those of Us-the-People or future generations.

This is why I feel that the youth vote should be weighted more heavily than the geriatric vote .. because they will be living with the consequences of the decisions made by government officials long after people like Nancy Pelosi are dead-n-gone.

It is only too obvious why the generation that is passing away is not very concerned with setting up the next generation of Americans for success.

» Interesting Commentary on the Rift Created by the Generational Divide (Pelosi vs AOC)

There is an interesting commentary here (15 April 2019) on the Majority Report of an interview that Lesley Stahl did with Nancy Pelosi for 60 Minutes.

Lesley Stahl interviews Nancy Pelosi for 60 Minutes, Sam Seder comments (15 April 2019)

.. where Lesley Stahl is calling bullshit to Nancy's face on Pelosi's attempt to minimize and downplay the widening rift caused by the generational fracturing of the Democratic party (29 vs 79).

Speaking of the past and the future...

Results of 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses among voters under 30 (at t=4:30)

Hillary (age 71) and the entrenched Democratic establishment does NOT represent the future .. and this is why they can go fuck themselves .. the sooner the better.

It's just a matter of time now. Dont say you werent warned.

» AOC the Centrist Advocates for Policies that Benefit the Broad Majority of Citizens

AOC and her like are simply trying to move the national pendulum back to the levels of inequality that we had 40 years ago.

This is why Nick Hanauer calls AOC a "centrist" (at t=6:20) ..

Billionaire Nick Hanauer says AOC is the true Centrist because she advocates for policies that benefit the broad majority of citizens, unlike Howard Schultz (30 Jan 2019)

.. because her policies are designed to benefit the broad majority of citizens .. and not just a handful of super-rich Billionaires .. who already have more money than they know what to do with.

I wonder what Krugman thinks of this.

A similar portion of the American people also feel that the Carried Interest tax loophole should be eliminated.

So why does it keep existing year after year? .. despite politicians all claiming publicly that it should be eliminated .. in order to make the tax laws less accommodating to the super-wealthy.

Go ahead and take a wild guess.

At t=8:00 she provides part of the reasoning and rationale behind her opinion and why she feels this way.

She makes this statement to Ta-Nehisi Coates, who is a leading educated voice representing the black experience in America. He is the guy who wrote the piece titled » I'm Not Black, I'm Kanye (7 May 2018).

» On the Cusp of a New Political Epoch

Michelle writes here (15 Feb 2019):

If we are in fact on the cusp of a new political epoch, then a sweeping, idealistic plan for social transformation is not a wild fantasy but a practical necessity.

Where she references Yale political scientist Stephen Skowronek's concept of "political time." Food for thought.

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