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Wow, I Actually Feel Like I am in Love

This page continues from an entry titled » Feeling Heard and Understood and Appreciated by Someone You Respect and Admire (22 Oct 2021).

» When I Feel Heard and Understood and Appreciated by Someone I Respect and Admire

I confess that recently, while I was thinking about you .. and about these things that I can hear you saying to me ..

.. I confess that I actually fell in love with you. It happens on its own, you know. I was not trying to feel this way. This is why they calling 'falling' .. because it happens before you know what happened.

It surprised me to feel this way. I did not even know that I could feel this way about you.

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This page continues from a section lifted out of an entry titled » How You Like Me Now, Girly? (1 Aug 2021) .. where I was referencing a similarly-titled song by Blackpink.

» Her First Solo Release

Oh, look at her here » Lalisa (9 Sept 2021) .. her first solo release. Wow.

Lisa from Blackpink | Lalisa song release, image from Genius lyrics page (10 Sept 2021)

She is feeling me .. in a big way. I can see that I will have to flirt with her.

I have never seen anything the likes of her before. Good thing that I just up'ed my game for Ariana.

She has never seen anything the likes of me before .. and now I am all warmed up, too.

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Don't Make Me Get All Nietzsche on You

It probably means nothing to anybody but me, but I have posted this page live on the 10th of October ..

Timestamp Worldclock Sunday 10 October 2021 at 10:10 pm San Diego time

.. even though I post-dated it for the 19th (19 Oct 2021) which is still a week away.

The full moon arrives the next day on the 20th.

Somebody should ask Jimmy Carter how he is feeling.

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