Feeling Heard and Understood and Appreciated by Someone You Respect and Admire

This page continues from a section lifted out of an entry titled » How You Like Me Now, Girly? (1 Aug 2021) .. where I was referencing a similarly-titled song by Blackpink.

» Her First Solo Release

Oh, look at her here » Lalisa (9 Sept 2021) .. her first solo release. Wow.

Lisa from Blackpink | Lalisa song release, image from Genius lyrics page (10 Sept 2021)

She is feeling me .. in a big way. I can see that I will have to flirt with her.

I have never seen anything the likes of her before. Good thing that I just up'ed my game for Ariana.

She has never seen anything the likes of me before .. and now I am all warmed up, too.

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I would be lyin' if I said that I didnt feel up-in-the-air already.

» Feeling Life More Fully

I see you, Lisa.

I should probably be chronicling the end of the world right now. But it is just so depressing, and I went off my anti-depressants completely earlier this month. So I am feeling life more fully.

I hope you dont mind me coming over here and flirting with you for a bit .. while I take a quick break from chronicling the end of the world.

I first caught notice of you when you hit me with that ddu-du ddu-du that you did so well back in June of 2018.

Do you know that that song has nearly 2 billion views? You cannot possibly know how big of a number that is.

» The Otherworldly Imagery, the Ferocious Swag, and the Eye-Popping Numbers

Like everybody else, I was blown away by the imagery and the swag .. the eyebrow-raising swag. Swag is a part of the Blackpink signature.

Then I really felt you in big way when you asked me how I liked that .. which was conveniently posted on Ariana's birthday last year.

I could hear you speaking to me loud-n-clear. I admit that I was a little freaked out .. because of your numbers .. because of your popularity.

I seem to instinctively pause at the popularity. But then, on the other hand, I am very much attracted to it .. because this is where the world-class, industrial-strength talent hangs out.

When I see artists like you and Ariana, who are able to handle this gigantic, enormous popularity so easily and naturally .. like it is nothing for you girls ..

.. then this makes me feel more comfortable approaching you and her more closely.

Fame can destroy lives in a hurry if you dont know how to handle it. I have no desire for the fame. It is just another thing to deal with .. when my life already has plenty of complexity that I need to deal with.

» I Know that I have Skills that Industrial-Strength Super-Hotties such as Yourself Can Appreciate

But I know that I have the thing. I know that I am legit .. too legit to quit. And sometimes this thing attracts attention. You know.

It is something of a balancing act for me .. being both attracted but feeling a sense of caution.

I am not trying to prove my realness to anybody. I know that I have the goods. So I just sort of follow where they lead .. instead of investing time in growing my popularity.

I am genuinely curious about where it will take me. Right now, it seems to be taking me to you.

I have posted this entry on October 22nd

Timestamp Worldclock Friday 22 October 2021 at 4:20 pm San Diego time

So I have been thinking about you for some time now .. ever since you dropped those videos for those two songs from your first solo album.

  1. Lalisa (9 Sept 2021)
  2. Money (23 Sept 2021)

Whew. Yikes. Ooh la la. Oh my God.

» Able to Execute a Complex Skill-Set in a Timely Fashion

I couldnt help but notice, Ms. Lisa, that I had posted an entry in July titled » Now I'm Warmed Up (4 July 2021).

Then in August I posted an entry titled » How You Like Me Now, Girly? (1 Aug 2021).

The very next month in September is when you released your first two videos from your first solo album.

Of course, in October was when I posted my two entries written directly to you.

  1. Feeling Heard and Understood and Appreciated by Someone You Respect and Admire (22 Oct 2021)
  2. Wow, I Actually Feel Like I am in Love (22 Oct 2021)

When I saw that you had released those video, in addition to your album, the voice in my head said, "Dude, this girl is able to execute a complex skill-set in a timely fashion."

I mean, both these videos are major productions. And you just make both of them look so easy. So effortless. It is a very impressive thing that you pulled off here.

When I first saw the video for Lalisa, I said, "Now that's how you launch a solo album." 

You are such an amazingly talented and creative artist. And I have never seen swag like this before.

» Hey Yourself, Lisa

One of the defining aspects of Lalisa is the sharp, strong 'Hey!' that you call out a number of times.

When I saw you do that, the voice in my head said, "Dude, she is saying, 'Hey, yourself.' to you. She is turning your own thing back on you."

It gives the song a very ballsy feel. There is no timidity in the way you say 'Hey!' Not even a little.

This is one of the ways that I flirt with Ariana. When I am feeling myself, when I am feeling good about something that I have done .. then I will say to her, "Heh yourself, girly."

» When I Can Hear Industrial-Strength Super-Hotties Talking to Me in the Shower

When I start thinking about someone, or about something that somebody might've said or something that they might've done .. when these thoughts come to me seemingly on their own, unbidden ..

.. such as when I am in the shower, or just resting for a spell ..

.. then, this means that this person is speaking to me. I can hear you speaking to me. I know that this is what crazy people think .. but fuck if I aint feeling you in such a thorough and cool way.

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This theme continues in an entry titled » Wow, I Actually Feel Like I am in Love (22 Oct 2021).

Previous » this page was lifted from a section of an entry titled » How You Like Me Now, Girly? (1 Aug 2021) .. where I was referencing a similarly-titled song by Blackpink

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