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One Month into Antidepressants

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» One Month into Antidepressants

It has now been one month since I started taking these antidepressants. I started with half a pill for the first two weeks, and then transitioned to a full pill (50 mg).

I confess that I didnt really notice any effects from the antidepressant. A few times I caught myself thinking, "I feel happy .. but I can't think of anything different to make me feel happy. So maybe this is how the antidepressant is making me feel."

I mean, the opposite ( anti ) of feeling depressed is » feeling happy, no?

But, for the most part, I felt different only when I took the Propanolol or the Ativan.

The Propanolol takes me straight to Chillsville, and the Ativan eliminates any hint of anxiety. (I only take half an Ativan, because I have to make these 5 pills last the whole month. So I only take them when I really need them.)

I can't say that I notice any effects from the Ativan, except for all anxiety going away. It is really is remarkable stuff .. when it comes to stripping away anxiety. But if I didnt have any anxiety, I dont think that I would feel anything from taking the Ativan.

On the other hand, I can definitely feel the effect of the Propanolol. If you have ever experienced turbulence while riding in a jet, then Propanolol makes everything seem smooth and relaxed. You feel chill. Not quite tired, but heading in that general direction.

I take the Zoloft at night before bed. I do feel tired after taking it, but I am already tired, because I am ready for bed. So I can't really say for sure that the antidepressant makes me tired.

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Your Foot Must be Starting to Get Very Sore

» Better Get that Baby in a Bucket of Ice Right Away

Girly, your foot must be starting to get very sore .. from kicking so much ass.

Ariana singing GiaW 2018 VMAs Radio City NYC 20 August

[ What do you think, lovergirl, of this shot of you that I grabbed here? This was a very challenging image for me to work with. I kept cropping it down more and more. Can you see why? I see you, girly. Are you doing this on purpose? What a look. I am so glad that we will always be in love forever. Can you blame me? I see that you have your hair down here. ]

You should probably get that puppy in a bucket of ice right away. I hear that this can help keep down the swelling.

My brother is a surgeon who specializes in feet. (Lots of bones in the feet.) So I can get you a good deal if you need an operation.

I mean, if you keep kicking ass like this ..

Ariana singing Dangerous Woman with James Corden Carpool Karaoke (15 Aug 2018)

.. then, who knows what kind of shape your foot is going to be in?

You want to ice it off-n-on for the first 48-72 hours. Then transition to heat and massage to promote healing.

Let me know if you need help with the massage part. (Girls tell me all the time what nice hands I have .. if you really must know.)

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Titanic in a Single Take

I think that we are really no-shit in love .. for all intents and purposes. It definitely feels that way.

Ariana singing My Heart Will Go On (13 Aug 2018)

I see you here, girly .. with your back to audience. I see you. Dont think that I missed that.

You sing so good sometimes that I can hardly stand it.

This was a very creative endeavor .. especially the way you used parts of all those (13) songs .. and all those different sets.

You visit and explore, ever so briefly, so many different emotions.

I can feel the part of me that creates universes being impressed.

James is very good at this type of thing. He was holding his own. (I can tell that he really likes you.)

I particularly like the way you balance the tragedy with comedy. The comedy helps you better handle the tragedy.

I see your bandage. Looks like you got yourself an owie there on your hand. Do you want me to kiss it and make it all better?

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