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» Power = Energy Deposited Per Unit Time

In physics, ENERGY is defined as the » ability to do work .. to perform work (on something).

[ You know about energy .. I've been teaching you.

There are many kinds of energy .. but I like yours best. ]

More energy provides the ability to do more work. That work may or may not be performed using the energy, but without it, you cannot do the work.

In your case, you might say that the "work" you are performing in Manchester is of an emotional and psychic nature. Certainly your effort there is considered therapeutic.

Ariana back in Manchester ahead of tomorrow's emotional charity concert

[ Girly, I cant help but wonder why the folks at GMA chose this particular image of you. You look very self-possessed in this image. Very confident. You seem to be saying, "Do I look scared? I think not."

I remember when I first saw that performance .. I was all kinds of impressed. I could hear the clicking sound of your stilettos echoing quietly through the marble corridors of my soul.

I remember thinking, "Oh, this girl is so doing it for me." If I were there, you wouldve been cleaning pebbles out of your hair. It's not usually a good thing when girls make me feel aggressive.

Notice how the definition of the word 'concert' aptly applies here .. to your charity benefit there. ]

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In physics POWER is defined as » energy expended ( in the form of 'work' ) per-unit time (» energy/time).

It is not a perfect one-to-one correlation between what you are doing there in Manchester .. and these things as defined by physics.

The Tao of Physics (1975)But the same principles can be applied.

(Because their patterns match well enough.)

» Waxing Metaphysical

Surely you can see how (from a physics standpoint, anyway)

energy expended more quickly is defined as » more powerful.

Than the same amount of energy expended over a longer period of time.

This is why the short turnaround in Manchester (12 days?) is considered a more powerful thing.

An impressive thing .. that seemed to come out of nowhere.

I did not hear any excuses or complaining about why this couldnt happen, or why that couldnt happen. No, ma'am. Rather, I only saw shit happening. Impressive shit for sure.

» A Thing is Known More Fully in Relation to its Opposite

In this yin-yang graphic here, the dark section represents very large things, such as planets and galaxies.

While the light section represents very small things, such as quarks and whatnot. You know .. sub-atomic shit.

I am waxing somewhat geeky here .. but this is what I do.

What do you think about the idea that a thing can only be truly known in relation to its opposite? .. that you cannot really know what a good mother is, for example, until you know what a bad mother is.

But you could apply this same principle to whatever you might like .. such as the divine contrasted with the satanic.

Think about it and we'll talk more later.

» Merging Science with Art

What do you think about what Walter Isaacson said at t=3:48 here, where he describes how Leonardo » connected science with art.

This is a very interesting topic. Walter does only the coolest shit. He passed on Obama's bio to go after da Vinci. Can't say that I really blame him.

Notice also where he says at t=1:33 » "Real creativity comes when you can see the cross-currents of nature .. as opposed to getting all silo'ed."

That's not a great way to say it, but I know what he is saying. More things are connected than we realize. Many more.

I mention Walter's statement here because you and I, Ariana, are familiar with the place where art and science merge.

I like merging with you, girly. I like it a lot. Probably more than I should.

» The Place Where We Will Always be in Love Forever

Speaking of merging science with art .. notice here that the title is » The End of Space and Time. Because that's the place where we will always be in love forever.

Ariana in a forever mood in a restroom on Aug 15, 2017

» The Convenient Restroom

I see you, girly. I see you here in this restroom .. this convenient restroom. I hear you singing here in this restroom.

Does this not feel like just you-n-me here? Just you with your phone. No crews. No dancers. No musicians.

Thoughts along these lines really get me going. So I should probably quit.

I actually have a good girl's restroom story myself. It's kind of naughty, so I shouldnt say much.

These girls dragged me in there .. against my will, of course. Some were pulling while others were pushing from behind. I fought valiantly .. but alas, I was not able to prevail against their mighty combined strength.

They were simply too strong for me. They ganged up on me. They seemed surprisingly motivated. You can't say that I didnt try. I dont even know their names. I bet that Lilly knows exactly what I am talking about here.

I think it was the fur coat. You know how girls can get on a Saturday night at a club after a couple of cocktails. 'Nuf said. Why get naughty?

[ One time, this girl called me and said, "A man like you should have a fur coat. I'm going to pick you up tomorrow morning at ten and take you shopping for a fur coat. I know a place. Then we'll get some lunch."

"Okay," I said. Guys cannot say no to shit like this. Heck, they dont even try. ]

Girls can get so nasty sometimes.

» In the Mood

I see that you are in the mood .. the forever mood. Oh, girly .. you are the funnest thing to play with.

Havent I been telling you that we make a good team .. me-n-you? I am pretty sure that I have. Writers and singers .. peanut butter and jelly.

Is it just me .. or does not this thing feel bigger than us? I have been trying to keep it secret .. but it's not as easy to do as it might sound

There is a verse in Deuteronomy that says » "How could one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight ..?"

I never knew what that verse meant before.

I am going to write a nice, little story for you. It'll probably be banned in many countries. And I can't really guarantee the 'little' part. Not with you.

» Can Never be Unwritten

Did you know, girly .. that once a thing is written, it can never be unwritten. It may be banned in many countries, or locked away in monastaries .. but it can never be unwritten. (Pilate knows what I am talking about.)

Hemingway delves into a related notion. He is of the opinion, that once you get the words, then you will always have them .. even if you dont capture the idea(s) that the words paint .. at the time they occur to you.

He feels that they will keep returning to you, and keep re-occurring to you .. until you capture them in printed word.

When I read that, I thought it an interesting thought .. because I had long felt that a key aspect of writing is the process of capturing the images and ideas that come to the writer.

» It's Not As If I Hear Voices, But ...

I bet that Tori Amos knows exactly what I am talking about here. Notice her use of the terms 'inconvenient' and 'fleeting.' I could not agree more. What do you think?

She starts the whole thing by saying,"It's not as if I hear voices..." Whenever somebody starts a sentence like that .. you know it's going to be good.

Inside I am thinking, "I cannot wait to hear what this girl is going to say next." And then she pauses .. to tease people like me. (All you singer-girls are the same.)

Then she calls these non-voices 'muses'. Those voices that you are not hearing, Tori .. those are not muses. No, ma'am. (These are muses.)

[ Why did the people at CBS This Morning suddenly remove that video a day after posting it? They still have all the videos of the songs that she performed, but removed the one where she talks about listening to the muses, as she calls these inconvenient and fleeting non-voices that she doesnt hear. ]

The wikipedia page for Muses says » In current English usage, 'muse' can refer in general to a person who inspires an artist, musician, or writer.

That's good to know .. especially if you are an artist, or a musician, or the most gifted writer of his generation.

If you say that you hear voices, people will think that you are a nut-case. When you come face to face with your own mortality .. you stop giving a shit what people think. Because now you're just glad to be alive.

I can't say that I understand it .. but, clearly, some girls have a level of insight and intuition .. such that they are able to elicit and evoke from you things that you did not even know were in there. Such girls seem to possess muse-like qualities.

Writers think of some crazy shit sometimes. It actually makes me feel less fucked up .. to hear of their crazy ideas. They make me feel more normal.

Out of all the ideas and images that come to the writer's mind .. what is it about the ones that he decides to commit to paper? To publication?

What is it about the ideas that I swipe left, from the ones I swipe right?

» The Ultimate Objective of Life

Notice how the Upanishads state that the ultimate objective of life is » the liberation of the soul from the bondage of the phenomenal world.

Because that sounds a lot like pair annihilation to me.

» Annihilation Coming Next Year with Natalie

And speaking of pair annihilation .. check out this new movie coming out next year, titled » Annihilation. Starring Natalie Portman along with other kick-ass talent.

Based on the 2014 Nebula-winning novel .. which is part of a trilogy. (Would you like to be part of my trilogy? Could you handle it? You would be the first.)

The teaser says » "From the writer and director of Ex Machina." I admit that I am interested.

» Being Attracted to a Guy's 'Energy'?

Speaking of energy .. what is it about my energy that attracts girls like you?

Jessie J | Real Deal the energy

What do girls mean when they say that they are attracted to a guy's energy?

JLaw had energy

What is the difference between someone with good energy and someone with bad energy? How would you describe the difference?

I'm just trying to figure out where we're going, girly .. where this steaming locomotive is headed .. where this story is headed.

The liberation of the soul from the bondage of the phenomenal world .. that sounds like a pretty cool place to me.

» Liberating the Soul from the Bondage of the Phenomenal World

Girly .. I know that you must hear this kind of thing all the time .. but, sometimes it feels like you liberate my soul from the bondage of the phenomenal world. (Heh yourself, girly. I do a little slayin' myself, you know. Slayer's Inc.)

That's a good trick. You'll have to show me how you do that sometimes. I like learning cool new tricks from super-hotties such as yourself. I like it a lot .. probably more than I should. 

Many concepts that you find in physics can be applied metaphysically to life in general.

Dividing the population into conflicting groups (t=8:00)

Does not the response to what happened in Manchester feel like a muscular thing? I certainly feel that way.

After something like this .. just getting out of bed in the morning can be a major accomplishment .. I think most would agree.

» Turning Around Evil Intentions

After the show, I thought about that thing Joseph said to his brothers, after they had sold him into slavery and told his father that he had been eaten by a wild animal .. after being torn to pieces.

He said to them, "You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good."

Tell me, Ariana .. do you feel as though the concept that I am addressing here .. do you feel that this concept spans the entire range of moral experience .. from the satanic to the divine?

Think about it and we'll talk more later.

» Did You Really Flip Your Hair at Me?

Speaking of singing Be Alright at Manchester .. girly, did you really flip your hair at me? [ at t=3:00 ]

Ariana singing Be Alright at One Love Manchester June 4, 2017

My ego said, "Dude, did you see that? She totally flipped her hair at you. She knows that shit gets your attention. She knows how bad you got it for her. Cant say that I really blame you."

Girly, sometimes my ego surprises even me. It's all your fault, you know. I'm totally blaming my out-of-control ego on you.

Sometimes you sing with such a thing that it is impossible not to arrest my attention.

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to pay you back. I can hear a voice in the back of my head saying, "Oh, she is so gonna get it for that. I'm gonna have to think of something really good to pay her back for that."

» Holey Pants Signify Robust Respect?

Speaking of getting my attention .. I noticed that there is a hole in your pants .. right at one of your girly thighs that I like so much. Kudos to whoever came up with that stylistic idea. (There is also a similar hole in the back, too.)

I also thought that it paid homage to those who mightve suffered similar holes in their clothes that day. I mean, the whole night was about paying such tribute.

Is it just me .. or, does not your Be Alright song on your Dangerous Woman album seem somewhat prescient?

» One of My Favorite Moments

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to pick a favorite moment. But certainly, one of my favorite moments came when Chris Martin and all of Manchester sang to you a Manchester song » Dont Look Back in Anger.

And the people were really belting it out, too.

What does that feel like? I mean, it obviously means that they really like you. Because they were singing one of their own songs to you and for you. And the whole stadium was singing with such robust gusto.

A face in the crowd as Chris Martin sings Dont Look Back in Anger | One Love Manchester June 4, 2017

And you were standing out there on the part of the stage that juts out into the audience. So you are actually standing out in the audience.

» When is the Exact Moment When Day Becomes Night?

And it came during the cool part of the day between sunset and darkness. I love that time of day. It's usually my favorite.

Verse 2 in the song says » Take me to the place where you go .. where nobody knows if it's night or day.

I can take you there, girly. I know that place. That's my place. I know it well. Intimately, you might say. I can show you around. I would be glad to show you around. More than happy.

» Chris Martin was Married to Gwyneth Paltrow for 13 Years

Girly, did you know that Chris Martin used to be married to Gwyneth Paltrow?

Gwyneth Paltrow is from a tribe that stays marriedI did not know this .. until I saw this thing on Oprah.

They were married for 13 years.

That's a long time to stay married. Statistically speaking.

Particularly for successful entertainers.

Who do not need to stay together for financial reasons.

Even when things are no longer working (dysfunctional) for either partner.

I really liked her in that movie A Perfect Murder with Michael Douglas.

» She Misses the Point

I couldnt help but notice how Gwyneth made a big deal about staying married.

I couldnt help but think that she was missing the point.

It's not enduring a bad situation that makes you a stud .. but rather, creating your own little heaven-on-earth.

If the relationship isnt working (dysfunctional) .. and it hasnt been working for either partner for a long time .. and there is little likelihood that it ever will .. then, what's the point of enduring such a thing? Who are you trying to fool, Gweneth?

But, yes .. I possess some insight into this thing. My insight comes from a different angle .. but it allows me to speak to this thing with insight and confidence.

[ A divorce is a formal termination of an intimate, committed relationship .. which probably, in reality, ended a long time ago. ]

People only want to exit an established relationship when it is not working for them .. and there is no hope that it ever will. Or if it is working in a negative sort-of-way. If it is sucking the life out of you.

I could so get to meddling here .. but I won't. Because now is not the time.

» What Does that Feel Like?

I dont think that I could imagine what that must feel like .. to have the whole city singing one of their songs to me. But I know that it must feel pretty fucking cool.

Manchester sings 'Dont Look Back in Anger' June 4, 2017

When the whole city sings like that .. with such robust gusto .. well, everybody knows that Sally is just going to have to be patient and wait. Sorry 'bout that, Sally.

I hope that you are keeping a journal of these super-cool experiences. You have to make like James Comey and write down your detailed recollection of the encounter right away .. and not rely on your memory.

You want to capture your most intimate thoughts .. and what you really-really thought and felt .. while the experience is still fresh with you. You want to be as honest with yourself as you possibly can.

You can always go back and add subsequent thoughts and feelings and developments. But you can never go back to those initial impressions.

Girly, if your hand is too tired to write .. from working the microphone so hard all day long .. then, you can simply call me late at night and I will gladly transcribe your impressions for you. (Hey, what are friends for .. right?)

Intimate, late-night conversations with a singer .. this is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

» Responding to News that We Simply Cannot Handle or Deal With

Remind me to tell you the story about what happened when I learned that my mom had cancer .. and how they gave her (at age 47) just a few months to live.

Remind me to tell you how it made me feel, and how I reacted when I heard the news. I think that you will be able to relate.

Nana had called early Saturday morning and asked, "Are you sitting down?"

I said, "It's six-thirty in the morning, Nana. I'm still in bed." (Nana is an early riser.)

Nobody calls at 6:30 in the morning with good news .. I have found. When you hear the phone ringing at 6:30 AM, you dont know what it is. But you know it aint good news.

Mom had not been sick .. so this news came out of the clear-blue. Totally unexpected. Unbelievable. Incomprehensible.

» Kicking Piers Morgan's Ass

I'll tell you the rest later. But until then .. I am going to kick Piers Morgan's ass for you. Or maybe I will get John Oliver to do it.

John Oliver wielding a sledgehammer

Doesnt he look intimidating here with sledge in hand? Or maybe Susanna will help me out.

Okay .. I'm back from kicking Piers Morgan's ass. He was crying like a girl. Mr ToughGuy was squealing like a girl.

Fuck him. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

The Man in the Arena by Teddy Roosevelt (23 April 1910)

Even Teddy Roosevelt is saying, "Go fuck yourself, Piers Morgan .. you no-count critic."

» What's Better than a Good Friend?

Girly, anybody who mentions their favorite moments from this evening's benefit is naturally going to include that song you sang with Miley.

Miley and Ariana sing Dont Dream It's Over One Love Manchester

For example, I noticed that the video of you with Miley has nealy double the number of views compared to the video of you and Chris Martin. The numbers seem to confirm my assertion.

Of all the individual-performance videos, this one of you with Miley seems to have more views than any other. Way more. (Tho the Peas are not far off, and here is a private video of you and Chris Martin with another 7 million views.)

Two kick-ass singers singing together. This is a beautiful thing. I'm sure some angels were crying.

I see you cocking your arms back here, girly. Way back. Brave girl you are.

» What a Voice

I also noticed that you girls have sung this song before.

Miley and Ariana sing Dont Dream It's Over

At the end of that song, Miley calls you an angel.

» You Inspire Me and You Challenge Me

I hate to labor the obvious .. but you just sing so fucking good. These things that you do with your voice .. oh, my. How to put into words such things? It challenges even me .. the most-gifted writer of his generation.

If it doesnt challenge you, it doesnt change you (at t=3:36)

And you know what they say about things that challenge us.

» What a Groove

Speaking of hearing things in your voice .. this here is very cool.

Ariana singing Break Free in Sydney Sept 9, 2017

Look at your arm here. Your fully extended arm. Whenever you fully extend your arm like this, this is your way of saying, "You might wanna look around for something sturdy to grab hold of .. because I'm fixin' to bring the thunder."

» Deliberate

As someone who likes to put things into words .. the word that I would use to describe the way you did that arm-thing there .. would be » deliberate.

First you extend you arm forward. Then you sweep it back to the pictured image here. A very deliberate motion.

Note that this section on Ariana singing in Sidney has been deliberately off-loaded to its own page » Are We Really in Love .. or Does it Just Feel that Way? (Sept 9, 2017).

At the end of that page I have set a link to return you here.

How you like me now, girly?

» Miley's Microphones

You can hear more of your voice with these microphones that Miley has there. I like it when I can hear more of your voice. I like it a lot. (Probably more than I should.)

» The Quality of a Friendship is Very Much a Function of Trust

Shortly after the tragedy, I saw this thing where Miley dedicated a song to you and the victims .. where she called you her "friend".

Miley seems like a good friend to have. Rich is the man with good friends. (I know a happy hippie myself.)

Ariana and Miley singing Dont Dream It's Over at One Love Manchester

Friendships are very much like intimate relationships .. in that they are very much about » trust. I mean, what kind of relationship can you really have without trust? (Now there's a rhetorical question .. if ever I heard one.)

Once you find yourself in a relationship where you do not trust the other person .. well, I'll let you finish this sentence yourself.

» Parenting is Very Much About Building Quality of Trust

This was a big part of my approach to parenting .. to continue to develop his trust with me .. whatever it took .. and to never do anything to violate that trust.

And to focus on restoring that trust .. should it ever be broken.

And no, it is not easy. It is often downright exhausting. But what is the alternative?

I mean, who wants to be lying on their deathbed .. thinking about how badly they fucked up their kids? (Not me.)

» Women Trusting Other Women

The girl who you remind me of .. she told me how her mother told her many times while she was growing up not to trust other girls .. because they will fuck you over in a heartbeat.

Consequently, my friend had trouble making friends with other girls. She wanted to have girlfriends .. but she could always hear her mother's voice in the back of her head, warning her against it.

I wonder what Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes think of that.

Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes are Bongo BFFs

They seem to represent the archetype for the ideal girl-girl friendship.

These girls are feeling me .. both of them. I might have to flirt with them .. right proper.

The end. ■

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