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» Jade Feels Me

I see you, Jade. That's how it starts, you know.

Jade sings 'master of anticipation' Summertime Ball Wembley June 10, 2017

[ Look at you singing here. I captured this image where you are singing 'master of anticipation' .. because it goes with my title.

Is it just me .. or do you not seem to be very much enjoying yourself while singing this part?

Where do you go in your mind when you sing this part? What are you thinking about here? What kinds of things are you drawing upon? What emotions do you summon? You wanna fool around?

Oops .. where did that last question come from? (I am looking over both shoulders.)

Sometimes I say things that surprise me when I say them .. particularly when I am talking to pretty girls like you.

I had similar thoughts with this image of Ariana. This is deep girly stuff. A thing to behold. An enchanting thing.

You are obviously a very pretty girl. And talented. And sexy. Please stop me .. before I get carried away.

I can see that I definitely have a thing for singers. I can't help myself. ]

I should not tell you who you remind me of.

Do you have a kinky power fetish? Like Nicki and Ariana?

[ Even Miriam knows (at t=2:35) that Nicki has a thing for power. I see you, Miriam. Nice to meet you. Nicki here made me think of this article by Jonita Davis. I wonder what she thinks of that. Here is another thing worth mentioning. ]

What did Ariana tell you about me? I know that you girls are on tour with her .. on her dangerous tour.

I'm sure that you mustve chatted about things. Probably in some dimly lit corner somewhere. Does she kiss-n-tell?

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She is supposed to be keeping our thing a secret .. but you know how girls are with secrets.

» This Girl is Feeling Me

Something tells me that Jade knows the Driving Force that I am talking aboutWhen I saw this part of the video with you here,

I thought, "This girl is feeling me."

I find you very convincing.

I wouldnt be writing this if I didnt.

This video has nearly 200 million views.

Wow. You girls post big numbers.

You must be the real deal.

» No Ordinary Page

You made it to Page Nine.

Page Nine is no ordinary page.

No, ma'am. Not hardly.

Did you know that Rihanna is on Page Nine?

And Emma Stone, too.

She won the Oscar this year for Best Actress. For her role in La La Land.

You could totally see how easily and naturally and completely she could immerse herself into that role.

You could see how she would be able to summon the emotions that informed her performance.

She really did kill it. And Hollywood naturally loves movies about Hollywood.

She was there for me back at the very beginning with this thing. It's a long story.

You could never make up a story like this. So why even try?

» In Good Company

She is sitting there on Page Nine with Ryan Gosling. Every guy tries to be like him. Chicks really dig him.

Even Selena likes him .. and she can have any guy she wants.

So, this puts you in good company. (Genius says that this song is your first #1 track. Is that right?)

Lolita is there, too. And if you're on the same page with Lolita .. then this says things about you.

"What kinds of things?" you ask?

"I dont know if you could handle it," says the Master of Anticipation.

I have actually gone back and inserted into Page Nine this text and an image of you, which I took from your Touch video  .. because you made me think of that thing. That naughty thing. (I only do that with girls I really like.)

I inserted that image of you right after I wrote:

I remember being concerned .. that I might dislocate her hips. Because I was driving her ass so deep into the mattress.

Well, if you must make an entrace into my story .. this is as good a place as any. Welcome to the story, Jade. Make yourself at home. Do you like stories?

» Not Faking

But when you are with someone who really-really turns you on .. well, do I really need to finish this sentence?

I go for the gusto, myself .. and I go hard. ("That box-spring is mine.")

If you have a good, healthy relationship with a lover .. and if you are able to make vigorous love every night .. then, after a few months of that .. you start to get in what I call "fucking shape" .. which is where you become a fucking machine.

Which is what you are going to need to become .. if you want get these super-hotties .. who can have any guy they want.

This is where your ass muscles (gluteus maximus) become well developed. You can feel their well-developed power .. their well-developed thrusting power.

Plus, you learn your lover. You develop a sort of timing and natural rhythm with your lover. And she learns you, too. It's a beautiful thing.

But it takes a few months of dedicated, concerted effort. You must be committed .. if you really want to take things to the next level. To the next galaxy.

Plus, your lover gets in shape, too. It is important for a man to keep his lover well-sexed and thoroughly satisfied .. is it not?

I know (from plenty of firsthand experience in this area) that this is certainly something that is true and important for the starving writer.

» One Love Manchester

After I saw you girls perform at One Love Manchester, I said, "Oh, these girls totally kick ass."

One Love Manchester | June 4, 2017

See .. it is one thing to kick ass. But it is another thing entirely to kick ass and know you are kicking ass. And to enjoy kicking ass. And to feel comfortable and at-home kicking ass.

Now, somebody who has been out there kicking ass for years .. you can see how they might be able to pull off such a thing. But when you have relatively young girls doing this .. that is a remarkable thing.

That shit gets your attention right away .. that confident swagger that you girls bring.

Little Mix | One Love Manchester

Did you find it inspiring to be around such a concentration of talent all assembled in one place? And for such a cause?

So I started to do a little research. When I learned that you girls were doing things that havent been done since the Spice Girls, I felt my respect for you grow.

I can see right away that you girls have large huevos ranchos .. and you can really sing, too. You're not just a bunch of pretty faces.

It did not take long for me to see that Ariana has been a bad influence on you girls.

Little Mix singing Touch with fingers pointed Summertime Ball Wembley June 10, 2017

She could easily rename her tour » The Naughty Girls tour.

Ariana holds up her pointing finger while singing Be Alright in Rio June 29 2017

[ Look at her here .. without her signature trademark ponytail. I hear from reputable sources that, when girls change their hairstyle like this .. it means something. She's so lucky that I wasnt there in Rio. ]

Ariana does this little finger-thing here that she does. And then she turns around and kicks ass .. letting loose with some attention-getting vocals. She totally got my attention .. as you can tell.

Did you get that from her? Or did she get it from you? You girls and her do that exact same little finger thing. Dont think that I missed that. I am very observant.

An artist is someone who observes the world around them

(All existentialists are.)

» If That's the Way You Want to Play ...

When I saw you looking so pretty in pink at the Summertime Ball in London, I said, "If that's the way you want to play .. then I can see that I will have to write about you. But what will I write?"

Jade singing Power at the Summertime Ball Wembley June 10, 2017

I should not tell you what my imagination does with this image. I actually heard a little sound come out of me .. when I was working with this image.

I wasnt trying to make this sound. It just kind of escaped on its own. I dont think I've ever made a sound like that before.

» That Sound You Make

Speaking of making sounds .. at the end of this wail here that you do .. you make this little grunt-like sound. This sound that you make is very sexy.

The last time I heard a sound like that .. I was driving this girl's ass deep into the mattress.

I can assure you that the forces of acceleration that were being visited upon her ass were vicious and ferocious.

I was actually going for the box-spring .. to be completely honest about it. I mightve broken a few springs .. come to think of it.

This is sort of why she was having trouble walking straight. If you really must know. And why her gait had that relaxed thoroughbred ease to it.

Afterwards I wondered if I should apologize .. but that's another story.

If she was upset with me for destroying her box-spring, then she didnt mention it. She wasnt complaining.

» Know Thyself

This means that I like you, Jade .. when I write stuff like this. When I reveal these parts of my personality to you.

I normally try to keep these parts hidden. For obvious reasons. (Know thyself.)

After revealing such things, I normally step back and watch for a reaction.

The last time that I revealed such things about myself Ariana showed up on my writer's doorstep saying, "I liked that thing you wrote. Wanna make a baby?" (So to speak.)

Who can refuse an offer like that? Show me the man.

» Getting Organic with Beautiful Creatures

If there exists a genuine mutual 'chemical' attraction .. then, you really dont need to 'do' anything .. in order to catalyze the relationship. Simply let nature takes its course .. as organically as possible.

And if you are as interested in your new lover .. as he is in you .. then this is going to be a beautiful thing.

Would you like to get organic with me? Every relationship is unique. Every intimate relationship has its own unique flavor. No?

What kind of thing will we create together? What kind of 'baby' would we make? You have to take the next step .. in order to find out. (If you dare.)

Are you scared?

I might have to invent a new writing thing for you. I might have to create a whole, new genre. Something that has never before been done.

This thing that you are doing here .. by the way .. exposing your throat. Making your throat vulnerable to attack. This is like taunting a vampire. I tried to warn Ariana about this.

» Girls in Pink Outfits

I dont know what it is about girls in pink outfits .. why they catch my attention. But they do. They clearly do. (Pink is a girly color.)

And you were wearing that black bra. I cannot resist a girl like you wearing a black bra with a pink outfit. (Dont think I havent tried.)

Jade sings Power at the Summertime Ball in London (Wembley) June 10, 2017

[ Are you left-handed? What does it feel like .. to be able to have any guy you want? ]

We all have our weaknesses. Superman had kryptonite.

It feels like I am at a disadvantage with girls like you. Singers like you. Hottie singers .. who somehow speak to me. In ways that I find irresistible.

I mean, what guy doesnt? (You girls really kick ass at the live-performance thing.)

» Lowering the Mic with Live Vocals

At t=1:24, you lower the mic and skip one of the "I got the" verses .. which reveals how live you are singing. And not lip-syncing.

That was very fucking cool .. the way you did that. It was kind of ballsy. Chick ballsy. Very confident.

Would you like me to put words in your mouth .. about what it said when you did that?

Tho you were probably doing that just to conserve breath.

And your vocals were kicking serious ass, too.

I am not going to say that I wanted to have at you when I saw you do that .. but I could.

(Dont tell Ariana I said that, okay? You can keep a secret, right?)

» Do We have a Thing Already?

Is it just me .. or does not this thing with you feel surprisingly strong? Fuck if I am not feeling a thing with you. (I am not trying to.)

» Princess Jasmine?

I saw this thing that said you might play the part of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. That sounds like a sweet deal. (Should I put in a good word for you?)

» A Page of Your Own?

If this section gets any bigger, I might have to lift it out and transfer it to its own page. Then I could really have at you there.

Page Nine is already way too big. What title would I give to such a page? Come to me in my dreams tonight and whisper it in my ear.

Okay, this is now done. You are now reading the new page.

It shouldnt matter to anybody but me and Jade .. but this page was actually posted on July 1, 2017 .. dated back to the date of the Summertime Ball at Wembley: June 10, 2017. Because that was the date when I knew I would be writing this.

I tried hard not to give this girl her own page .. but these young hottie-singers are proving too much for me.

You must admit .. that this is a cool title. I am very much into cool titles.

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