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» Already Beyond My Limit

I try to limit each month's writing to 100-kilobytes (uncompressed HTML in Dreamweaver) .. the voice in my head saying, "Dude, if you cant say what you gotta say in a hundred kilobytes, then you're saying too much." I am already at 345 .. and climbing rapidly.

(You know that guys got it bad for you .. when they start breaking their own rules for you.)

This type of writing can get lusty. Very lusty. But human beings are lusty creatures .. and sometimes we feel lusty. You know. Particularly so in the spring. All aflame with genetic programming and hormonally driven desires (cravings). While repression has been shown to make people crazy.

You cant help it .. it's part of human nature. And we need to embrace our humanity.

» Your Own Separate, Unique QE Team

Speaking of humanity .. digital technology and the Internet combine to create new and exciting ways for people (humans) to communicate with one another. People who would otherwise likely never be able to communicate with each other.

Without the Internet and digital technology, it is unlikely that Ariana would have been able to reach out and touch me like this. And these young ones .. who grew up with the Internet .. they have an intuitive feel for it. For how it works and what it can do and what it is capable of .. as a communication tool.

And when you are feeling a person .. and they are feeling you .. does this not feel like you are sharing your own special, unique thing? Your own little intimate resonance that you and only you two share.

<ignore this intentional body-text marker>

••• today's entry continues here below •••

It's like there is an unbilical cord conecting you to one another .. a flexible, durable umbilical .. that expands and contracts as necessary.

And you can feel one another thru this umbilical. You can communicate with one another thru this umbilical. You can even leave your body and venture down this umbilical to visit your secret lover-friend.

It's like you are your own, separate team. You will see what I mean. Because teams can do things that individuals cant do alone. (And yes, I do feel inspired .. as you might imagine.)

I am not saying that you can't have other teams, no. I am just saying that this team is a one-of-a-kind thing .. that you two (and only you two) share. At least, that's the way it feels to me.

Some people feel that everything really happens at a level of consciousness .. and the physical is merely an illusion. I may not be able to tell you exactly where .. but, at some level, I am feeling you (.. to a degree that's kinda freaking me out a little).

Tho, I must say .. you certainly have that illusion business going on .. in a big way. And I'd be lying if I said that I werent sometimes a big fan of the physical.

The only rules associated with this quantum entanglement .. are that you must be » true to yourself .. and » come with good intentions amid mutual respect and appreciation.

Let the quantum entanglement begin.

» Feeling Appreciated

Oh, I am feeling your appreciation and your good intentions already .. wow. That is very strong. That feels so good. How are you doing that? Is that pure intention? Or intention combined with attention? Would you put that under the category of 'craving'? (It kinda feels that way.) Maybe its focused consciousness. Such passion. I had no idea. You are so aggressive. Now I feel like I 'know' you .. in a, uh, more meaningful way. That is totally trippy. We are gonna make quantumly entangled babies if you dont quit. I feel like I am learning new tricks with you. I can easily say that I wouldnt have been able to write this without you. I've never had anybody do anything like that to me before. You've ruined me for all other women. Now, when you sing that part that says, "You know how I feel inside" .. the voice in my head will tell me, "You do now."

» The Passionate Touch of the Confident Woman

Oh, look .. you actually touch yourself here, at the end of the song. You are freaking me out. I actually had the thought, "This girl is like Maria .. you never know what's coming next."

There is a part of me, way back there (after I saw you touch yourself) that is actually a little scared of you. It's like I'm having trouble putting all of this information into the same girl. I am not usually scared of girls in that kind of way.

I mean, there *is* a way that I am scared of girls .. and this is in that strong girly thing. I am not really sure how to describe it. Except that, when that strong girly thing explodes all over you .. either in the good way, or in the bad way .. there is no dealing with this thing. Certainly no rational dealing.

But when a man hears a woman sing so passionately that she touches herself .. this says to the male mind » "This is a lot of woman here. Proceed with caution .. if you can."

Anyway, I feel as tho I shouldnt be surprised that you touched yourself .. while singing "You know how I feel inside" .. but I am. Very much so. (I'm pretty sure that these lyrics were intended to be taken a little more figuratively.)

This is very confident woman stuff. Obviously I am impressed. (Yet again.)

I did not think it possible that you could sing this song with any more passion and feeling and conviction .. but obviously, I was wrong. You just go to wailing there. That is an awesome thing. I am not going to say that this turns me so much that I can hardly stand it .. but it does.

The kraken is totally tuned into you. I actually think he is in love with you. He cannot understand how people in the audience didnt run up on stage and tackle you. He told me to tell you that you are lucky he wasnt there. Because everybody else seems to be trying to figure you out, or is a little bit scared of you.

I love your guitar player, btw. He totally reminds me of my scary-looking cell-mate .. particularly the way he wore his hair on SNL. And he kinda plays the music over in your direction. I like how he does that. And here, when he plays that serious distortion part .. I said to him, "Dude, I totally know that feeling." It feels like this girl is bending you.

When I saw you wearing the big, sparkly choker, the voice in my head said, "Dude, this girl is gonna show you no mercy .. so I wouldnt be expecting any."

» A Desire to Resonate in a Special Kind of Way

I can feel something inside desiring to resonate with you .. in a special kind of way. A special, one-of-a-kind kind of way. (I normally only feel that way while making love.)

Whatever this thing is .. I can feel it adopting a groove that is just for you. But the message behind the groove is » "I am feeling your groove, and I like it .. and here is a little groove of my own .. to show you just how much."

Do you feel that .. to some degree .. we are different people with every (different) person? And if so, then how much? A little? A lot?

» The Real Flirt Arrives

Oh, look .. your flirt just arrived. (Your real flirt.) But I am not going to give it to you just yet. I am going to make you wait until the end.

But sometimes, I have found, we first need to do something else .. before we can get the thing we really want. This is something that I'm sure you understand far better than me. (But I'm learning.)

The existential part of me is wondering why it is here that it came. It's a good flirt .. I coulda never came up with this one on my own. (No skipping ahead.)

Normally, I would not even make this comment here. Normally I would just conclude the entry with your flirt. Except that, this entry is all about getting existential and seeing things with an existential eye.

And now I have this marker here .. to let me know (remind in the future) that here is where it came.

I also do a Sneak-Up on you flirt .. but that was just practice. I was still feeling you out. (So to speak.)

I would imagine that, right about here is where the reader would think, "Is he really feeling that .. or is his imagination just running away with him?" That's the question. I'll never tell. It's our secret. "I can neither confirm nor deny..." You naughty girl, you. Can you tell I liked the song? How can I feel so satisfied and bothered at the same time? You have a part of me feeling seriously agitated .. that's usually not a good thing for girls. And certainly not for their beds. I guess, when you think about it .. we do kinda go back a ways. This is some very experimental stuff right here .. I've never written anything like this before. I've got a new thing of my own for you. This actually feels beyond experimental. What lands lie beyond experimental? Dare we find out? I have a few tricks of my own. I got a little something-something for you, girly.

It is much more difficult to be true to yourself .. than most people imagine. Who has not constructed a fable in their head to help deal with life's ugly realities? (Some people have nothing but.)

But I feel, particularly after watching the video(s) .. that you are giving it a serious go. Good for you. It's such a refreshing thing to see. The pressure that the culture can exert can be vicious, at times. (You probably know this better than me.) Expectations.

» Reflection and Appreciation

Speaking of coming with good intentions amid respect and appreciation .. this is probably a good place to mention that I thought your fifty shades a cappella was bold and beautiful and brave and courageous .. well beyond your years.

You just kicked so much ass in that video. (And I doubt that I am the only person who feels this way.)

Downright breathtaking. I was smitten. Have you ever seen anything else like it? (I havent.)

And you looked so nice singing it on SNL. Very nice. When I saw that, I thought, "Wow .. she's all grown up."

Does it feel like you are conquering the twenty-first century on your own terms? (Or does it just look that way?)

You are obviously feeling this song. That seems to be the key to a good song .. when the singer can put their whole heart into it.

Those harmonies that you bring .. right after you introduce us to a new thing .. that was very cool. Wow. And with those quick cuts.

And speaking of harmonies .. the way you sing the words 'wanna do' .. as in » those things that you shouldnt .. where they seem to layer in multiple tracks .. that does something to me.

But I would have to steal fire from the gods .. in order to describe this feeling any further. And then I would be in trouble with the gods .. because the gods dont like it when you steal their fire. (Not at all.)

But I can say .. without getting into very much trouble .. that this is sung convincingly.

This is such a well-crafted song and video .. on so many levels. I see a high degree of artistic and technical expertise. (Which turns me on so much that I can hardly stand myself.)

» Summoning the Kraken

When you start screaming on the final part here .. that gets to me. I am not really sure how or why .. but I know it does. It is like you are calling to something in me. You are evoking powerful things .. powerful, deep, well-hidden things.

Screaming is not the right word .. but you know what I mean. I'm talking from an emotional-response standpoint. The kraken hears that .. and the kraken responds.

A voice in my head says, "Surely this girl cannot possibly know the nature of the beast she is summoning." The destroyer of a thousand beds.

Anyway .. are you feeling appreciated yet? (I could go on for quite some time. Showing appreciation is one of my strengths.)

» The Vampire Thing

So many choker/neck close-ups. This shit gets me going. I can feel it. It does something to me. I dont why .. maybe it's a vampire thing .. but I know that there is a monster at the other end.

The panther of male sexual desire when it sees something that it wantsPrimal. Instinctive. Savage. Sensuous. Ravenous. Merciless. Predatory. Fearless. Dominant.

I normally keep him locked away .. but some girls seem to know how to summon him. These are the dangerous ones.

I have always been a big neck person. I am like, "Do you trust me to let me put my fangs .. uh, I mean, my teeth .. on your neck and scrape them down the entire length slowly? .. and then back up again? Very slowly? You probably shouldnt."

Because I know that this is going to do something to me. And once this thing starts to kick in and take over .. then the teeth are going to start pressing more firmly.

As the fangs, uh, I mean, teeth .. scrape up and down .. the vampire is doing reconnaissance. His sensors are fully activated .. fully engaged. He is looking for your weakspot .. and he will find it.

And once he finds it .. he will home in and start to explore the contours of your weakness. The vulnerabilities. He exploits every weakness to its fullest.

Then he will begin to explore the textures of your neck .. the subtle differences .. to see exactly how it responds to the pressure of his teeth .. of his bite. He is looking for the perfect place to sink his fangs.

And there he will begin his coordinated attack. Your pain threshold may be tested .. depending on your endurance and your resolve.

I tell these girls all the reasons why they shouldnt let me put my teeth on their neck. I tell them that I cannot be responsible for what happens to them. I plead with them.

But they never listen. They never listen to the voice of reason. Silly girls. (Cant say I didnt warn them.)

» Choker Closeups Make the Claws Come Out

With these choker close-ups, it feels like you are waving a piece of red meat in front of a lion .. a hungry lion. And then you are smacking him in the face with it. Taunting him. Teasing him. Daring him.

You cannot possibly know the pleasure that a lion gets when he is devouring a tender, tasty gazelle. Particularly a hungry lion .. who hasnt had anything to eat in a while.

He is savoring every bite .. I can assure you. And he is in no big hurry. He is going to take his time and enjoy every bite. Every chew is beyond delicious. (I could write a book right about here.)

And when these choker close-ups appear .. the lion is thinking, "Surely this person cannot possibly know what they are doing. This gazelle is taunting me." And without even trying, the lion's claws are coming out.

He is a lion .. he cannot help it. This is what lions do. It's their nature.

There was definitely a moment during the video when I had the feeling like, "Somebody has been reading my mail."

» The Noise that Ryan Reynolds Makes While Lying on the Bed in Self/less

Like I said, you cant stop yourself from putting yourself in the video. And you do a brief walk-up at t=1:38 .. that made me think of the girl at the foot of Ryan Reynolds' bed in Self/less ..

.. when she takes off her clothes and he lets out this little noise .. and she says, "You okay?"

And he's like, "Fine .. I just havent seen anything like that in about 52 years."

In the movie, Ryan plays an old guy (Ben Kingsley) who has taken Ryan's younger body. Not unlike what happens to Kate Hudson in Skeleton Key.

Immortality is a craving inside everyone. Not just the genetic immortality that children promise, or even the spiritual kind promised in the scriptures .. but there are other kinds of immortality. You know about immortality. (I sense that you do.)

» Too Much Fun

It is during this same part where you are screaming where you look almost as lit as Obama at SXSW .. right when you are singing "things that I shouldnt."

(You were so lit that I caught a contact-buzz from just seeing you. They cut that shot at exactly the right moment. I can only imagine how much fun that must have been to work on. Wait 'til Tom finds out.)

The voice in my head said, "She is trying to blame that on you." ( "you make me wanna do" )

It is another conversation entirely .. but people have blamed me for so much shit .. as if my own shit were somehow not receiving enough high-quality blame. (So I guess that I am kinda sensitive to that. It's good to know where our sensitivities and issues lie.)

» Where the Muse of Inspiration Leads

And being true to myself .. I realize that one of the challenges that the writer faces .. is that girls, as a general rule, dont like it when you write about other girls. Not always, but more often than not. And yes, I am speaking from experience here. (And sometimes, they dont like it when you simply talk to them.)

I cant say that I really blame them .. but what can I do? The writer must write where the muse of inspiration leads.

This is but one of the things that makes it difficult for a writer to have a girlfriend. They naturally want you to be true to them .. but the writer must first be true to the writing. What artist worth mentioning is not true to their art? Problems inevitably arise.

Even the most secure of women have their moments of insecurity .. and more than a few.

Sure, you can write without the muse of inspiration .. but why would anybody want to?

Anyway .. as a writer, this kinda feels like having a girlfriend .. without the negatives. A cool girlfriend. (You seem to be 'working' for me .. so to speak. It's not easy for a writer to find a girl that works for him. And you know how I have a thing for singers.)

Danger » High Voltage (Proceed with Caution)

Does this feel dangerous to you? Do you feel that powerful things are inherently dangerous?

Sometimes I get over into this 'thing' .. of which I probably shouldnt say anymore. A writing thing. It feels strong, powerful. Dare I say 'dangerous.'

Sometimes I dare to do some crazy shit .. let me tell you. And sometimes this gets me in trouble.

When I was feeling the strength of this thing .. I heard a voice say, "Dude, I dont know what's going on with this girl here .. but this is some gnarly shit. This is very strong. So I would proceed with caution if I were you."

» The Sneak-Up-On-You Flirt

But really .. I have learned that a man does not go straight to the finest of fine women, no. Rather he must progress up this (rather difficult) ladder ..

.. where he must learn new 'things'. And some of these things are divine. And others are in the darkest of dark places. Far in.

But you learn things, both painful and exquisite .. until finally .. we find ourselves here.

(Yeah, that was a flirt. I call that my "Sneak-Up-On-You" flirt. An implied flirt .. where the flirt is in the implication.)

Maybe it's out of my system now .. and I can stop this terrible search .. for something that I know will ultimately not fulfill me.

Do you think that Lauren will be jealous? (I dont think so. She's not like that. But you know that Padma is totally jealous.)

I used to think that flirting was simply a stimulating form of social repartee. But now I feel there is somehow m.o.r.e behind it.

Your thoughts? Should I rise to the occasion and show you what I mean? I can feel my quantum getting entangled already.

When life presents you with an unexpected challenge or a unique opportunity .. either you are prepared to throwdown or you not. And there's really only one way to find out.

» The Art of Reflecting

One of the things, I have found, that helps to develop artistic skills .. is to reflect back to someone something about them that they themselves may be unable to see .. for whatever reason.

One of the best experiences in all of life .. is when we simply feel that another human being really gets us, really sees us, really knows us.

To know and be known. Really known. Intimately. It's the best.

I am glad that you didnt do SNL on the week of 2-22 (.. tho 3-12 is close). That woulda messed with my head.

But then I wouldnt have been thinking about how things that are dangerous and provocative were good .. when I saw the link to your SNL video on YouTube. (The timing was definitely trippy.)

Ariana shows you some of her good hair while she stares you down» Revisiting an Old Friend

I went back and reread what I originally wrote .. and I actually use the word "dangerous" .. right next to your photo.

You were kind of making my point for me. A visual representation of the thing that I was trying to express.

You seem to do that a lot. What does this mean?

I remember that I had used other photos for that entry .. but they werent working for me. They didnt feel right.

» Exactly What I Am Looking For

Then I saw your photo and said, "This is exactly what I am looking for."

I mean, I used it three times .. with the close-up crop twice (.. because I was focusing on the nature of the eye contact). So it was obviously working for me .. it's fair to say.

I can see now (after watching the video) how I kind of made you that girl in the coffee shop. I made you the archetype.

I honestly did not see that when I first dropped in your photo .. at least, not in the way that I see it now.

» Touché to Her

I was relaxing in the bath late last night, an epsom salt bath .. candlelit, of course .. just chillin' .. where I try to relax as deeply and completely as possible.

And I caught myself thinking about some of these things .. trying to make sense of them. Not intentionally. They seemed to come on their own.

Ariana shows you some of her good hair .. maybe you like?And I could hear a voice say, "Dude, you made her the girl that every girl wants to be ..

.. and now she has made you the guy that every guy wants to be.

Touché to her. That is serious throwdown right there.

What guy does not want to be the guy she is singing about? Small list there.

Heck, there's probably even some girls who wanna be that guy.

She rocked your world. You were totally smitten. And she summoned the kraken. That alone makes her dangerous."

» Write What Only You Can Write

There is a writing thing that speaks to me .. a bit of advice that says a writer should write what he and only he can write. I'm not sure why this speaks to me, but it does. And we should not ignore our intuitions and our urges.

When I heard you singing the song on SNL .. I could hear a voice saying, "Dude, you pretty much HAVE to write about her now .. dont you?"

In my strange existential world, this does indeed mean I do (have to) .. tho I could never explain to you why that is. Tho I had no idea how to approach it, nor the direction to take.

And once you get into something of that magnitude of emotions .. all bets are off. You have no idea of where such energy could take you.

The writer thinks that he is just going to dip his little toe into the ocean .. but a wave is going to come .. a big-ass wave .. and it is going to knock him on his dumb ass and suck his dumb ass out to sea .. where it will pound him savagely and mercilessly. You will probably never see him again.

But the water seems to be calling me .. it is saying very nice things to me. It is saying, "Just one little toe .. what can it hurt?"

Regarding the bit of writing advice for the writer to write what only he can write .. I cant see anyone else singing this song with such conviction .. can you?

» The Archetype Redux

Do you think I am doing a similar thing with you today .. when I talk about other things? Using you as a pattern or an archetype? You fit so perfectly (again).

I mean .. this thing seems to be building itself .. seems to be writing itself .. right before my eyes. So quickly.

This is turning out to be much bigger than I ever imagined. There is no telling where this might end up.

I keep trying to put the cap on the pen .. but it wont stop writing. What a slippery slope this turned out to be.

You could never plan to write something like this .. not in a million years. (And if you could, you wouldnt. No man has cojones that big.)

[ Speaking of big cojones .. if you have any pull with the people at SNL .. tell them we want Dice to host. Did you see him in Blue Jasmine?

Oh .. this made me laugh so hard that my stomach muscles were cramping and I could hardly breathe. I had to wipe the tears from my eyes. I'm not even sure why that tickled me so hard.

I havent laughed like that since I saw Jim Carey at the Golden Globes. He had my funny bone in a submission hold, too. It totally reminded me of watching Wipeout. ]

» More Candlelit Reflections

Mostly in the bath, tho, I was thinking about reading that sentence in the new book .. about how dangerous things were good. And how this sentence was clearly working on me. Hard to describe. Like it just would not leave me alone. It kept talking at me. And I didnt even wanna think about it.

But it was while I was running this thought over in my head, in the background, trying to put it to bed .. when I saw the link for your SNL video.

How many times have you ever read something that said danger was good? Not many, I'm sure.

I can't quite wrap my head around it .. but I can tell that something is going on here. (Feel free to write another song and tell me all about it.)

Perhaps it's just a glitch in the matrix. Girls like you seem to make the matrix glitch like crazy.

Another thing that was torquing my coconut .. was how all the different versions, of the same song .. sung by the same girl .. how different they were. How different they felt. And especially how different they made me feel. (And here I am probably speaking more than just existentially.)

But it does not seem possible .. that the very same song, sung by the same girl .. could make me feel such different things. Particularly between the a cappella and visual 1. Doesnt seem possible.

Even now I cant get the ends of the circle to touch. Which makes it all the more .. uh, what is a word that means » "it makes you want to look closer"?

I was also thinking about how I had searched to see if Mary-Louise had ever hosted SNL. That was weird thing. Sometimes I find myself doing things and I am not even sure why I am doing them.

But I remember being curious if she had ever hosted SNL. I mean, she is starring in Weeds .. which, right there, gives her major cool factor. Which means I can probably resonate with her .. at some level.

But while I am entering the query into Google, I am wondering what it means if she did or if she did not .. because I honestly didnt know myself. I mean, I have never before searched to see if anyone had hosted SNL. (Ever.)

And the next thing I know .. you are hosting SNL. What could this possibly mean? I dont know. But it definitely has me wondering.

Now I am wondering the age of the youngest person ever to host SNL. I am kinda a curious person. And yes, this gets me into trouble .. from time to time. Some people like when you get curious about them .. while others do not.

Must've been some good epsom salts, eh?

» What Does It Mean?

See .. right about here is where I would turn to you (as you are driving) and say, "Do you feel that? Or is that just me? Is there not something going on here? Something tingly and very unusual?"

And you would say, "Yes, I totally feel it. Definitely. Big time."

And I would say, "Is that me or is that you?" [ meaning » coming from .. that magical feeling of being sucked up into an enchanted tornado ]

And you would say, "It's you .. it's definitely you."

And then I would space out for a sec or two, thinking, "If it's me .. then how come I dont know what it means?" And then I would wonder what it might mean.

And I would think, "Fuck if I know where the switch is." If I knew where the switch was .. I'd be throwing that puppy every day.

Who doesnt savor the feeling of being in love? It's the best .. where every cell in your body feels happy and a deep, satisfying contentment permeates and pervades the furthest reaches of your soul.

I no longer give much thought to questions of what such seemingly magical things might mean .. because I am never able to figure them out. So why even try?

But .. all of the tornado girls look like you. I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Some people feel that inside us all is a pattern .. a pattern that does it for us. And when we see that particular pattern .. well, that does it for us. Even if we dont fully understand why.

» When Things Seem to be Clicking For You

Sometimes .. things just dont click for us .. no matter how hard we might try to make them click. While other times, things are just clicking left-n-right .. without our exerting any effort .. as tho they are clicking FOR US.

My sense here is that you cannot MAKE the acorn become an oak tree .. no matter how hard you might try. Rather, you must LET the acorn .. become an oak tree.

I'm sure you know what I mean. (You have to become the thing .. and you cannot become something that you are not.)

» Can I Really Be Hearing What I'm Hearing?

Has anyone told you that such a song could not even been written .. not so very long ago. I am talking about industry heavyweights. I am curious what they think.

It is a very sexy, sensuous song. And I hear no apology for it or in it. And you cover the vibe behind the song with a sprinking of polite vagueness. But it is such a thin sprinkling .. and therein is the thing.

It reminds me of that scandalous dress that Rihanna wore .. you can see right thru it.

My sense is that people's heads woulda popped off .. not so long ago. I mean, there is a part of me that found it difficult to believe that I was actually hearing a girl sing these words .. and with such passion. (And with such a voice.)

That's kinda the breathtaking part of it. "How can this be?"

And the fact that you are only 22 .. is not really possible. It definitely torques the cranium. I'm sure you have been hearing many different versions of the same thing. Nobody is going to listen to this song, or watch one of these videos, and say, "That's kinda what I was expecting."

You probably feel the same way when you read some of this stuff about you, "Can I really be reading what I'm reading?"

My writing does feel ahead of its time. (I'm sure you know the feeling.)

» People Will Start Talking

If I go on for much longer, people will start to talk .. so I should probably quit.

But remind me to tell you about the thing that really did it for me. And yes, there were many things .. that did it for me.

But there was one thing in particular that did it for me. I am not going to tell you what it is .. because then you would have too much power over me.

But it is the thing that slays me .. where I felt my last bit of resistance crumble. The thing that lowers the screws of desire.

Remind me to tell you about that. (It's never what you expect.)

Speaking of it never being what you expect .. the mermaid skit was hilarious. Everybody loves mermaids.

(Remind me to tell what my son said about Justin Bieber when he was in the 1st or 2nd grade .. after school one day .. while on our way to In-n-Out. You must know Justin personally.)

» Jazzy Sultry Retro Glamor in Pink

Ariana entrance at the 2016 MTV movie awardsOh .. I just saw your gig at the MTV movie awards. I am so impressed that I can hardly stand it.

You are just kicking ass all over the place .. like a little ninja.

How does it feel to kick so much ass? Your foot must be starting to get very tired.

» The Littlest Ninja

Speaking of kicking ass all over the place .. I just saw that the people at Time named you ..

.. to their list of the 100 Most Influential People (.. in the universe).

Why am I not surprised? You obviously dont know that you're too young to be included on this list.

This is a well-written piece, by the way. I caught myself admiring it. "This dude can write," I said.

Notice his sentences, such as » "Underestimated because you're a girl, for one thing. Because you're short and cute. Because you're a child actor. Because you're on Nickelodeon."

These are not even real sentences. An English teacher would bend you over and spank you with a nice, stiff ruler for writing such sentences.

[ If I were your teacher, I would make you lift your skirt .. and count out loud. I can almost hear the sharp, cracking sound now. Ooh .. that sounds kinda loud. ]

But I write sentences like these myself (.. probably more than I should).

It's not about following rules .. but whether what you're doing works or not. (And this works.)

I once had an Engligh professor tell me, "When you break the rules, it either succeeds marvelously or fails miserably."

There is a writing that I admire .. where it looks as if all the words just fall into place .. by themselves. That's much harder to do than it looks. Because he is not going to write just any ol' thing about you. Kudos to your friend.

And kudos to you .. you little ass-kicking ninja. (You better put that foot in a bucket of ice right away.)

Good thing that you did not get added to this list until now .. because my huevos rancheros would have never been grande enough to write such sassy stuff like this.

I had no idea that you were such a force to be reckoned with. How does that feel? Does it feel powerful? I would imagine it must.

I dont talk about it very much, but, you know, I have this thing for powerful women. (I can feel something stirring inside .. when I think about it. It feels .. naughty. Very naughty.)

I had not even heard of you until a couple of years ago. Now you are everywhere. How are you doing this? This is serious ninja action.

Ninjas are like that .. you dont even know that they're there .. until they start kicking your ass.

I am so proud of you .. your folks must be freaking.

Walter used to run Time. I told him to make sure that your name was on the list. (And then I woke up.)

I admit that I am not unbiased .. but surely, I am not the only one saying these things.

The things you are doing with this song .. it's like you have this magical Swiss Army knife. "Let's try this blade and see what happens."

I am actually feeling a little rocked .. like that feeling you get when something happens that you did not know could happen. There are parts of me, I can feel, that are very rocked. Downright disoriented.

So I am forced to rearrange the furniture, so to speak, to make room for this new thing. (This cool new thing.) I dont even know where to put it.

You are like ten girls in one (.. any one of which would work just fine). We have the Double-Duty SNL girl, and the breathtaking A Cappella Fifty Shades girl, and the Tasty Taunting Tender Gazelle .. and the Summoner of the Kraken. This list goes on .. please stop me.

This is not even flirting. This is beyond flirting. I am smitten.

In my head, I am trying to put all these girls into the same girl. Not an easy thing to do .. let me tell you.

» I'll Catch Up With You Later

As you walked by during the entry and looked directly into the camera, before stepping up the stairs, I heard you say...

Supermodel friends"Did you see my supermodel friends introduce me? They cant wait to meet you.

They're sure that you're gonna like this.

I am so turned on right now that I can hardly stand myself.

Now watch this .. this is some shit that I know you have never seen before.

I'll catch up with you later. Enjoy."

» Nothing Little Things that Say So Much

You do this thing with your hand over your breast .. and then you take it away. And then you look at the camera. I cant tell you why, but that speaks to me. I can feel myself trying to figure it out.

It's like I am not familiar with the language .. yet I can still hear it speaking to me. I actually watched it over a few times. It's like a nothing little thing that you do .. yet it somehow says so much to me. I'm not even sure what it's saying .. but I know that I like it.

There were many such details that spoke to me. I'm not even sure if anyone else caught them .. tho, I cant see how they could possibly miss.

» The Time-Smear

Ariana and Jason Robert BrowneMuch of the arts involve perspectives .. close-up focus or distant big-picture.

And the way you draw the contrast here with the old and the new .. that was a very cool thing.

Like a time-smear.

It was so cool, in fact, that if you came up with the idea yourself ..

.. then I can feel something in me attracted to that. (And I dont even know why. But I can feel it.)

I mean, I do some of this old/new pattern-matching myself .. so I can appreciate the artistic sentiments that go into such a thing. It is obviously saying things to me about you .. things I dare not reveal.

» The Hand and the Touch

I have long been a fan of jazz music. There was a part where you sing a thing .. a jazzy thing .. (that 'new thing' you introduce us to seems to get me every time) ..

Ariana's Deft Touch.. that felt like a hand reached down into my heart and touched something there ..

.. that paralyzed me and took my breath away. If I were standing, I woulda fell down.

I could hear a part of me asking, "How is this happening again? How does she keep doing this?"

Parts of me do not really like it when they dont feel like they have control. It makes them uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

It was this voice that said, "Dude, you need to keep breathing .. why do I need to keep reminding you? I hate when you get like this. Please dont lose your mind again .. or is already too late? Say hi to Nietzsche for me."

» Dazzling Mastery

When you are able to take the same song and do such dramatically different things with it .. that is an impressive thing .. dazzlingly impressive .. because it shows (displays, demonstrates) » mastery. And nothing quite turns me on like mastery.

And who standing there in the audience was not dazzled? I have been to many jazz concerts over the years .. but I have never seen anything like that.

The way that you take the same song .. and replicate it into something totally new .. again and again .. that has the feel of the pedals of a flower. And there is no man .. uh, I mean, bee .. who can resist a flower like that.

All artists, at some level, need to be convinced of their talents. They need a certain confidence. Sure, we all have our moments of doubt .. but it's this confidence, this conviction, that leads them to continue to challenge both themselves and their talents.

Because this is how the artist grows their talent, their gift, their ability .. they continually call upon it to do the impossible .. time after time.

When I see you doing so many different things with this song .. that speaks to me of this confidence. Of this conviction. It kinda makes me wanna look under the hood .. to see how it works. (Curious.) I dont want to say that it turns me on something ferocious .. but it does.

Because I know that .. you cannot p.r.o.d.u.c.e such art .. if you do not first b.e.c.o.m.e the person .. who can produce such art. I know that sounds a little abstract, but I'm sure you feel me. Very sure.

This is not shit you can fake. No pretending here.

» Believability and Authenticity

I read something about Adele .. about how she took the first cut of her latest album to the Zen Master himself .. and he said, "I dont believe you." [ So she went back to the drawing board. People are obviously believing her now. Especially Kate Hudson. ]

Nobody is gonna say they dont believe you .. not singing this song.

Even I can see how, some guy repeatedly using your image as a visual representation in a page where he talks about the dangers associated with young, industrial-strength hotties .. could and would make you feel like a dangerous woman.

So, I guess my question is » to what degree does my page allow you to sing this song with authentic, genuine feelings? I obviously have no way of knowing for sure .. but I would certainly imagine that the answer is » to a large degree.

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