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When Justice Comes Out Perverted

At t=3:50 in this video, Joy asks, "How can it be .. that someone can spend three years in Rikers without being convicted of anything?"

She asks a valid question, no?

A long time ago, a dude named Habakkuk posed a similar question. It seems that some things never change. (You know.)

Julia Willoughby Nason, pictured here below, responds to Joy's question by saying,

"Working on this project I learned that Kalief's story is not unusual. The mass incarceration system in this country is a form of social and economic control .. and it's doing exactly what it's designed to do."

You might want to read that again .. or better yet, listen to her say it herself (at t=4:00).

Notice that she didnt say incarceration was about justice, or that it was about preventing crime .. or even about law and order.

Rather she said that the mass incarceration system in America is about » social and economic control.

If jails and prisons and incarceration were really about justice and law-n-order and preventing crime ..

.. then a bunch of those Wall street fraudsters would be sitting in jail right now .. having wrecked the American economy in order to enrich themselves, and who did so much damage to so many hard-working American families.

But they aint. Why do you think this is? This is why justice in America comes out perverted.

Compare her statement with the one that I made here:

"Now you might be tempted to think this an anomaly, but it is not. This is the System in all its glory .. caught on videotape. With a live-audio feed. (Oops.)"

I made that statement under a heading titled » Grinding Your Ass into the Pavement, after years of first-hand experience in dealing with the system. This is why her statement resonates with my own experiences.

Julia Willoughby Nason | Creator of TIME, The Kalief Browder Story

Look at the focus and intensity in her eyes. This is a smart girl here. I can actually feel my respect for her. This is not an easy thing to do that she did.

[ I do not know that I could do that .. because you will need to be pretty fucking strong .. in order to tackle stuff like this. Depressing, soul-crushing shit. And it's going to take a while, too. ]

She is the creator of the 6-part documentary titled » TIME | The Kalief Browder Story

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The Smart-Ass Karamazov Brother

[ This entry originated » here. ]

» A Smart Motherfucker

I am a smart motherfucker myself .. without even trying to be. My dad told me at least a million times while I was growing up, "Dont be smart."

What he really meant was, "Dont be a smart-ass."

I could definitely be a smart ass. (Because I am so smart.) No doubt about it. Being a smart-ass is part of what got me into trouble with the captain.

Because I am not afraid to toe-up with authority figures when they are fucking up. Particularly when their fucking up is affecting me or mine.

Or did he really not want me to be smart?

My dad was smart, but not educated. My mom told me, "I married your father because he was smart and because he had good teeth."

» Dad vs Fyodor Karamazov

I can confirm that he was smart, but only in a Fyodor Karamazov sort-of-way.

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[ This page continues from » Are We Really Doing This? It's a long, crazy story. Dont try to figure it out, folks. ]

» When Justice Comes Out Perverted

But notice how the context of where God told the prophet Habakkuk to "Write the vision, and make it plain." is that Habakkuk had first cried out and complained to God that » "The law is being ignored. Justice is never upheld. The wicked surround the righteous, and justice » comes out perverted."

I do not know exactly what kind of society Habakkuk found himself in there, but I bet that the wealthy and the powerful of his day could do whatever the fuck they liked ..

.. no matter how much harm and pain and suffering they caused for so many people, and the "Justice" of his day did nothing to punish them, nothing to hold them accountable for their actions.

Au contraire .. you gave them billions and billions of dollars. You actually rewarded them. You rewarded their bad behavior. You made up excuses for them and you used these excuses to reward their bad behavior.

Now, are you really somehow not expecting them to do it again? After you have classically conditioned them to do exactly that?

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Are We Really Doing This?

[ This entry continues from » here. I simply could not resist breaking out this page with such a cool title. I am very much into cool titles. ]

See, I am just writing this thing .. this dangerous thing .. this crazy thing, this dangerously crazy thing .. as it comes.

And sometimes, I will say to the writer in me, "Are we really doing this? I see where you are going with this. How far are you planning to take this? You really fixin' to wrap this rodeo? You're right .. I never wouldve believed this. This is indeed a fearful thing .. you werent joking."

Maybe it means nothing. Maybe this is not really the end of all things. Let's hope. Let's hope he's bluffing. Let's hope I'm wrong.

North Korea warns that thermonuclear war could break out at any minute

Because my experience has been that he doesnt bluff. He's not a bluffer.

[ Mika is clearly losing hope. Hayden is not far behind her. And Andrew Sullivan is totally freaked out. Michael Moore is convinced that it's going to be worse than you could ever possibly imagine. I wonder what Nicholas Kristof thinks. Bill McKibben says that the planet might never recover. Is it really going to be a crisis without equal on earth? Where is Nietzsche when you really need him? I wonder what Trump thinks. I wonder what Pankaj thinks. Calling all artists. ]

Because even John Yoo is worried. John Fucking Yoo .. Mr Torture-is-Perfectly-Legal himself. Mr I'll-Sign-Whatever-You-Want-Me-to-Sign.

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[ Note » this entry originated from another page. ]

I have actually been working on this other entry the last few days .. chronicling the end of the world. It's already at four full pages. And Page Two could easily be broken into two full pages. (Now done.)

Mad Max Fury Road

It's not as easy to chronicle the end of the world as I had imagined it would be. It is proving to be far more difficult.

It will require more than just a page or two. A lot more.

I cannot work for very long on stuff like that .. chronicling the end of all things. That's why I like to take a break from that and come over here and flirt with you.

In this way, girly .. you are like my respite from the ugliness of the world.

» The Prophets were Seeking to Know

I was reading this thing recently that Peter wrote .. where he talks about how (in v10 & 11) the prophets were » "seeking to know what person or time...".

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» Resonating with Like-Minded Souls

One of the things that pundits talk about today in our extremely and increasingly polarized society .. as a cause of this fracturing and polarization .. is how everybody lives in their own echo chamber, where they only listen to ideas coming from people with whom they resonate.

This is such an obvious point, and so widely accepted, that I neednt cite the evidence for it .. the overwhelmingly obvious evidence.

Some of our elected officials claim that both sides need to listen to the other side's points-of-view .. as a way to try to bridge the vast gap between the two sides.

I would argue here .. I would contend here .. that while Americans may indeed opt to live in an echo chamber of their choosing, where they listen to people with whom they resonate .. they have indeed listened to arguments presented by the other side.

They simply do not agree with those arguments.

A friend recently told me, while referring to the Donald Trump the presidential candidate, "I heard him speak with my own ears. I was not listening to something that somebody else told me about him that he said. With my own ears I heard this guy talking with his own mouth. I heard the things that he himself was saying."

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» Maureen with a Bloody Sword

Speaking of mistakes .. Maureen says that » Hillary should have spent less time collecting money on Wall Street and more time collecting votes in Wisconsin.

Hillary's overpaid consultants getting on Hillary's well-funded campaign airplane to go home in defeat

Amen to that, sister. Well said. I could not agree more.

She is so fucking good .. doncha think, Blow? I kinda wanted to have sex with her while I was reading that. (Just being honest. I admit that I am attracted to powerful women.)

She actually reminded me of Uma with a sword in Kill Bill. You do not want be on her shit-list.

» Welcome to the Apocalypse of 2016

On behalf of Maureen and myself, I want to say "Thanks for everything, Hil. I'm sure that you'll be well taken care of wherever it is that you are going .. with all your hundreds of thousands of dollars .. from giving those pretty speeches to all your friends there on Wall street. You obviously deserve this money .. because you worked so very hard for it. But the rest of us left behind here in America .. eh, not so fortunate like you. We're stuck here in Trumpland with Herr Donald. And who knows what that means? No palm trees and endless private beaches for us. The term you used, if I recall correctly, was » apocalypse. Welcome to apocalypse, Hil. We have you to thank for helping to bring us this apocalypse. You made this possible for us-the-people. The little people, who do not get 'paid' hundreds of thousands of dollars for talking to people and telling them all the pretty things that they want to hear. You and Debbie and the whole DNC helped to bring us this apocalypse. We couldnt have gotten here without all your help. When faced with a decision between you and the apocalypse, half the nation said, 'I'll try my luck with the apocalypse'. You know the half I'm talking about. They sound desperate for change, dont they? This is why I say to you, 'Take your hundreds of thousands of dollars and go fuck yourself'."

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[ This page continues from here » Page 2 - Part A. Page Two grew so large that I needed to break it into two parts, A and B. ]

» Matching Familiar Patterns

Pattern Stenciled on WallSee, I am a pattern-matcher. I do not know if others are also pattern-matchers.

I dont see how people cannot match patterns in their lives.

It should be obvious, but worth noting nonetheless .. that you cannot match patterns that you dont recognize.

[ Speaking of recognizing familiar patterns ..

Christianity could be described as studying the scriptures in order to identify (recognize) the patterns found there ..

.. and then crafting our lives, over the course of an entire lifetime, so that we match the patterns found outlined there.

As best we are able .. in our own, unique way.

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Rad note: this entry is continue from here » We Wake to President Trump with Republican Majorities in Congress - Page One. You are now reading Page Two.

» The Nuclear Keys .. Now in Donald's Oft-Belittled Hands

I am not sure of the date for the scheduled transfer of power. It's normally sometime in mid-January. But this will be the day when Donald Trump gets the nuclear keys.

A nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine launches its missiles

Mark it down, Blow .. mark down that date. Whatever day it happens to be. Because you helped make that date possible.

You put a lot of effort into that, Blow. I couldnt help but notice all the effort that you put into it. Again, this is one of the reasons why your positions confused me.

And now, with majorities in both congress and the senate, he can do whatever he likes. He is unrestrained. Soon he will have a majority in the Supreme court, too. You know. Get ready for the "law and order" that is soon coming to America.

"There will be cracking of skulls until I am satisfied that law and order has been restored."

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Rad note » this entry originated from another page. At the end of this entry (that you're reading now) I have set a link that will return you to the exact spot from where this entry originated. Here ya go ...

Oh, Blow .. we wake to President Trump this morning. With Republican majorities in congress, no less.

I bet that you wish you hadnt been pushing Hillary so vigorously now .. pushing her on your readers .. seeing that all those polls showed Bernie matching up much more favorably against the Donald.

Polls show that Bernie would make a better candidate against Donald than Hillary

(This is one of the reasons why your positions confused me.)

Trump meets with Obama at the White House on Nov 10, 2016

Here is a photo of Obama with the Anti-Obama. I bet that you are downright lamenting that right about now.

I dont know if you know .. but people really hate Hillary. I dont mean that in the figurative sense. I mean that they really hate her guts. With genuine hate. (I know that it might seem hard to believe.)

I know that hate is a strong word, but it is an accurate description of what many republicans feel for Hillary. And hate is a powerful motivator.

Motivation » Why Do People Do the Things They Do?

[ I know a little something about the nature of motivation myself.

I studied the subject because I needed to understand how people are motivated, and I like to be a student of what I do.

For example, I learned that different people are motivated by different things.

It is a common, rookie mistake to project our own motivations onto others. For example, just because Hillary is motivated primarily by money, she assumes that everyone else is, also.

She assumes wrongly. ]

This is why Bernie made such a better candidate .. because, even if Hillary did get elected, they would still stonewall her. Because they literally hate her guts.

She is the devil to them, and must be fought at all costs .. lie (lie), cheat, steal. To the death, if necessary.

Something tells me that that Glenn Greenwald would agree.

Well, perhaps I should clarify myself. Bernie made a better candidate if you were interested in a democrat being elected, and in that elected democrat actually getting shit done that would help us-the-people.

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