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Normally I would begin today's entry ..

Timestamp Worldclock Saturday 1 January 2022 at 1:01 am San Diego time

.. with the standard greeting used to wish you-n-yours a happy New Year. After a while, you do it without really thinking.

But this year, this New Year's greeting does not feel right. The thought of saying, "Happy New Year," rings false to me.

And let's be honest, folks. Let's all make like good existentialists for a moment, and not hide our heads in the sand from the ugliness that life can sometimes be.

Because this happens to be one of those times.

Because there are many reasons that would lead any sane, rational person to feel less-than-thrilled about the prospects for the future.

Who does not know exactly what I am talking about?

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This is the first year that I can remember feeling this way .. feeling like the standard New Year's greeting rings false.

Should I delve into some of these developments? I don't think I should do this. At least, not right now.

I mean, there are just so many things going on right now that paint a dark cloud over the horizon .. a dark cloud that appears headed this way, and coming toward us at a surprisingly quick clip.

And the people who are in position to respond to this rapidly approaching threat .. they do not seem at all concerned. Not in the least.

They seem content to let the next generation deal with the crisis .. when it will be too late.

They seem more interested in helping fossil fuel companies remain in business .. and in ensuring that the airlines are made whole.

This is probably because this is all they know. All their lives have consisted of such things.

They are incapable of new thinking. They do not have what it takes to think outside the box.

I am talking about the box that they have put us all in. Their dangerous, existentially-threatening, Dunning-Kruger box, where incompetent folks feel confident that they know more than they actually do.

» Their Warped, Dysfunctional Value-Structure is Completely Understandable

It is completely understandable how they have come to trap us in this box that they have made.

It is completely understandable how their value-structure became so distorted and dysfunctional and deformed.

It is completely understandable how the older generation came to worship money and serve Mammon so thoroughly and completely that nothing else in their lives matters anywhere near as much.

When the day of reckoning arrives in full for the consequences of their folly, and for their foolish decisions, these fuckers won't even be here. They will all be dead-n-gone.

Our children's generation will be left to deal with the fallout from their folly. From their Dunning-Kruger folly.

The Peak-of-Ignorance on the Dunning-Kruger curve of Confidence vs Knowledge, illustrating how ignorant people feel confident that they know more than they really do.

This is why I feel the vote should be weighted more heavily toward the youth. Because they will be the ones who end up suffering the consequences of such poor, nearsighted decisions.

I am talking about decisions being made without any meaningful regard for their future consequences.

The only meaningful criteria that is employed by these decision-makers seems to be » "What's in it for me, right now?"

I am talking about the consequences of self-serving decisions made by people from the out-going generation .. who won't even be here their IOU comes due, and the reaper comes to collect on the folly they have wrought.

» Part of Me Feels Like I Died and Went to Heaven (Especially Compared to this Time Last Year)

But I don't want to be a total bummer, either. Actually, myself, I am feeling happier this New Year than I have in some time now.

Like a lot happier. It sucks living someplace where you are not wanted and not appreciated. And not even understood.

It sucks pretty badly. Which is why I am feeling so sparkly this New Years. I am talking about for me, personally .. giving my own life circumstances and situations and environment.

In some ways, it feels like I have died and gone to heaven.

I might delve more into the bizarre psycho-dynamics that were at play there .. because they are fascinating. But not in a good sort-of-way.

I once heard another fellow say, "This is a living hell," This other fellow was closer to the action than me. To the bad action. To the living nightmare.

There are indeed a number of things that I feel would be instructive .. and that would benefit those who might seek to understand the insanity that can sometimes consume people.

I am talking about all-consuming things that consume their entire lives. More-or-less. But usually more.

» What Does it Mean to Go Full Evil?

One thing, however, does indeed stand out. You can jog my memory with the phrase "We might as well go full evil."

Now you might be wondering here, dear reader, what it means for somebody to "go full evil." And here I would say that I myself had that exact same question. What does it mean to 'go full evil'?

It is not a pretty story by any stretch, but it would help fill in much of the picture of my life last year there as a captive at QAnon Central, where crazy shit was a regular occurrence.

And where the inmates were running the asylum. Mental health was in short supply.

» How can They Not See this Obvious Thing on Full Display Right Before Their Very Eyes?

Countless times the question came to me » "How can they not see this obvious thing on display right before their very eyes?"

Small sliver of visible light set within the much larger total spectrum of light that we cannot see our human eyes

I tried to help. I tried to do what I could for them. But they did not want my help.

It actually pissed them off when I tried to shed some light on the obvious error in their thinking, and in their ideas.

If Hillary were really drinking all this babies' blood that Q says she was .. then, how come you never saw any drops of blood on her blouse?

Surely if Hillary was really drinking all this babies' blood, then you would've seen little spots of blood on her blouse.

Sometimes the only way to fight silly-crazy .. is with even sillier crazy.

In the end, they were glad to see me go. Clearly my presence was causing them much consternation.

» The Easy Answer

The easy answer, of course, as to why the white evangelical is so easily deluded and so easily persuaded to go along with things that are obviously bad and wrong and even evil ..

.. is because » if they can be persuaded to believe impossible-sounding things in one area, then they are much more likely to be persuaded in other areas.

In others areas where folks believe some of the most bizarro shit you have ever heard.

This is the easy answer as to why the white evangelical is so easily deluded and so easily persuaded to believe things that are clearly bogus, or even downright unscriptural.

» Religious Folk Who Unwittingly Find Themselves Fighting Against the Living God

Others might cite how it is not unusual for religious folk to unwittingly find themselves fighting against God .. the living God.

It is never a good thing, you know, when somebody finds themself fighting against the living God.

It is never a good thing when folks allows themselves to be trick-fucked into defending immoral things that are clearly wrong, and which have already been judged and condemned at the higherst levels.

» What Kind of Sinister Shit Did You See Going Down at the Crossroads that Night, Rev?

We all know what Rob Schenck would say. He would say that the reason is because the white evangelical has made a Faustian deal with Donald Trump.

Rev. Rob Schenck describes the nature of the Faustian deal that evangelicals have made with Donald Trump (16 June 2020)

I bet that Rev. Schenck could spell out for you the details of that faustian deal.

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