The Heart of the White Evangelical has Become Calloused and Hardened and Morally Unfeeling

It is written, doncha know, in the book of Isaiah, that Yahweh, the living God Himself, sent the prophet to tell the people that their hearts had become calloused. 

See for yourself.

Better yet, let me go grab those verses for you. Here you go.

Isaiah 6:9-10 (NIV, NAS) Yahweh tells Isaiah that the heart of this people has become calloused and insensitive

That is the New International Version (NIV, rev. 2011) on the left, and the New American Standard (NAS, rev. 2020) on the right.

» What Does It Mean when the Heart becomes Calloused?

The term calloused is defined as » 

  1. Emotionally hardened; unfeeling
  2. Hardened in mind or feelings
  3. Deadened feelings or morals
  4. Toughened
  5. Unfeeling or indifferent to the sufferings of others

Callouses, I am sure you know, are patches of skin that have become tough and thick and leathery and hard and deadened to feelings over time, usually due to much heavy use.

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» How Can They Not See the Obvious Thing on Display Right Before Their Very Eyes?

Notice in verse 9 how Yahweh says that the people are "always hearing, but never understanding." And how they are "always seeing, but never perceiving."

It is not like they can't see, or don't see .. because they do indeed see. But they obviously don't get what they see. It somehow does not register on their consciousness. 

Because if they got it, then they would understand what they heard. Then they would perceive clearly what it is that they saw.

They will grasp the meaning of what it is that they are looking at, and that which their ears are hearing.

I am talking about things that are on display right before their very eyes .. yet things that somehow elude them.

Small sliver of visible light set within the much larger total spectrum of light that we cannot see our human eyes

I use this image here as a graphic representation of what it is that I am trying to say .. and for the message that I am trying to convey.

I am referring to this colorful graphic of the visible-light spectrum .. as it is represented within the much larger spectrum that includes light that we humans cannot see.

I guess we could call it the 'Invisible spectrum' .. these electromagnetic waves of 'light' that are not visible to the human eye.

Certain animals, you know, can see and hear beyond that which humans are capable. But I digress.

My point here is simply to illustrate that, just because you can't see it, or you can't hear it .. this doesnt mean that it isnt there. For real.

It is obvious from a certain perspective. But from a practical use sort-of-way, it is obviously far from obvious. Very far.

I have some firsthand experience along these lines .. where folks are indeed hearing and seeing. Yet they somehow fail to grasp a deeper, working understanding of what it is that they are hearing and seeing.

They somehow cannot understand or discern the true nature of the obvious things that are on full display for them .. right before their very eyes.

In this experience of which I am thinking right now, there is an audio file being played on a laptop computer, sitting on a marble countertop of an island in the middle of a kitchen.

The folks who actually got it .. they would be familiar with the contents of this audio file .. which repeats periodically on a bi-annual basis.

And you know me .. I am a pattern-recognizing and pattern-matching motherfucker.

Sometimes I feel like this is some sort of gift. Some supernatural thing.

Because I will sometimes see patterns match .. even when I am not looking for such things. Some of these matches are for patterns that I would probably not care to see .. or recognize .. if I were given the choice.

This audio file of which I speak, it plays most every morning. Sometimes I am even the one who launches the file in the player. So I get to take in the contents of this file. More or less.

One of those external speakers is hooked up to the laptop, so the audio really sounds good, full of all the bass and volume you might happen to want.

I could go into much detail here regarding exactly what it is that I am talking about. But I am not going to do that.

Perhaps my point here is to say that I have given this confounding phenomena much thought. Much thought regarding the question, "How can such a thing be?"

From a different perspective, though, I can indeed see how such a thing might be. From a less-enlightened perspective.

» I Feel Well-Qualified to Speak on the Subject of Today's Title

I should probably note here, dear reader, that I do indeed feel qualified to speak on the subject of moral decline of the white evangelical in America today.

There are a number of reasons I could cite as to why I feel this way .. as to why I feel well-qualified to speak to the subject of the moral decline of the white evangelical in America today.

I may very well touch on some of these reasons later in this theme. But for now, I simply want to say that I feel amply qualified to speak to this topic.

In a nutshell, it has been my experience that such people, instead of trying to live their lives in a way that is consistent with what the scriptures teach ..

.. these folks rather adjust their interpretation of the scriptures so that they better conform to the way that they happen to be living. In other words, they make the scriptures conform to their lifestyle, and not the other way around. They have it backwards.

I am not as qualified to speak on this subject as somebody like, say, Rev. Rob Schenck. I wonder if he has any insights into the moral decay that is currently afflicting so many white evangelicals today.

» Rev. Rob Schenck Talks About the Moral Collapse He has Personally Witnessed in and Among His Own Religious Community of White Evangelicals

Oh, look. Here he is talking about the moral collapse he has witnessed in and among the members of his own religious community of white evangelicals.

Evangelical reverend Rob Schenck talks about the moral collapse in his own religious community (16 June 2020)

If anybody knows what is going on behind closed doors in the evangelical community, then Rev. Schenck certainly would.

This guy here, Rob Schenck, he the president and founder of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute.

» Bonhoeffer was One of the Few Clergy in Germany Who Managed to Summon the Moral Courage to Speak Out Against Nazi Atrocities He Witnessed (The Gestapo Hung Him)

Remind me to talk about Bonhoeffer. He is an interesting fellow .. if you have any interest at all in the realm of morals and ethics and doing what is right, and not doing what is wrong.

Now, myself .. I cannot see how a person would not be interested in such things. I cannot see how a living, sentient being would not find such things fascinating.

But folks prove me wrong all the time .. particularly when it comes to things like morals and ethics and doing the right thing, and choosing not to do the wrong thing.

Bonhoeffer, you know, is the guy who famously said of his fellows, and those in his own religious community .. that they were not evil, just stupid.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer concluded the root of the problem of moral decay in Nazi Germany was not malice (evil), but rather » stupidity (Sprouts, 15 Oct 2021)

But really, folks .. what's the difference? At the end of the day, what is the difference between an evil Nazi and a stupid Nazi? At the end of the moral day.

I find it most curious that this particular writing happens to be coming on this particular day.

This says things to me. This speaks to me .. in an existential sort-of-way.

"What kind of things?" you ask? I don't know if you could handle it. I am pretty sure that you could not handle this.

» Today's Winter Solstice Brings the First Day of Winter

Because today is the first day of winter. Winter arrived with the solstice at 7:59 this morning.

Could you feel it? Could you feel as the sun reached its furthermost limit-of-travel .. in the southward direction?

This happens, you know, when the sun is aligned right over the fabled land of Capricorns. This alignment represents an extreme for us humans currently alive here on planet earth.

And extremes usually need to balance themselves with other extremes in the opposite direction.

Right now, the time here is 10 PM and this HTML page is live.

Timestamp Worldclock Tuesday 21 December 2021 at 10:00 pm San Diego time

One of the reasons why the timing of this writing speaks to me in such an eyebrow-raising way .. is because (pause for effect) ..

» Rev Rob Schenck States Publicly that He Possesses Abundant Firsthand Knowledge that the White Evangelical has Made a Faustian Deal with Donald Trump

.. is because this is the guy who said that the white evangelical has » made a faustian deal with Donald Trump.

Rev. Rob Schenck describes the nature of the Faustian deal that evangelicals have made with Donald Trump (16 June 2020)

Reverend Rob Schenck says that he possesses firsthand knowledge that the white evangelical has made a faustian deal with Donald Trump.

Now I have long known that the white evangelical made a Faustian deal with Trump. But this guy was on the inside.

When somebody from the inside, from your inner circle, says such things, then it matters more. Because it means more.

When a percipient witness with firsthand knowledge, which he has acquired by way of much firsthand experience .. when such a person speaks to a thing, then their testimony means more. It counts more.

I feel like I am simply stating the obvious here. Who does not agree that the testimony of somebody with abundant firsthand experience counts more?

It is a universal given that the testimony of a percipient witness is weighted more heavily. Certainly more heavily than hearsay.

This is the end of this page. ■

This theme continues here » Why is the Exorcism of Racism from the Soul of America Resisted So Vigorously by the White Evangelical? (1 Jan 2022)

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