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» Must Drop the Initial HTML Set-Up for this Page by Midnight Tonight

For some reason that I am not entirely sure about .. I feel compelled to post this particular page on this very day .. with this title.

[ Right now the time is 11:44 PM, and this page is live. That is cutting it a little close.]

Such mandatory things frequently (not always) seem to come when you are least prepared .. and you simply have to suck it up and throw it down.

» The Sneaky Way that Life Seems to Bring Its Bigger Challenges When You Feel Least Prepared to Respond

I have noticed that what I call 'nadir writing,' where you are giving external voice to internal voice .. when you really dont feel like it, physically speaking ..

This type of writing forces you to dig deeper .. to someplace beyond you own human abilities and talents and skills and strengths. Or, at least this is the way it feels.

I guess my point here is to say that, although the timing of such things might seem to suck .. if you can find a way to suck-it-up and throw-it-down .. you can get some really cool stuff .. that you can get no other way.

Plus it feeds your sense of artistic self-confidence when you are able to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, and capture lightning in a bottle.

When you can execute a complex skill-set on demand in short order .. and even when you might not feel like it .. but you are able to do it anyway .. this is a powerful thing.

This is a powerful person. This is someone who can kick ass and take names. This a powerful person kicking ass and taking names and making it look easy .. even though it is far from easy. Very far. (Katy Perry and Cardi B know what I am taking about.)

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Filling it Up and Sending it Back to Ariya

» Sender was a Woman

Hi Ariya.

I saw your performance in St. Petersburg on 31 March 2019. (Video posted two days ago on 17 April.)

Ariya holding an empty box in St Petersburg that she is sending to me (31 March 2019)

It very much spoke to me .. in a personal and intimate sort-of-way .. which is why I feel compelled to respond.

I found your performance both enchanting and irresistibly seductive .. for a number of reasons. A large number.

» Currently in the Process of Filling Your Box

I just want you to know that I have received your empty box, and that I am currently in the process of filling it up .. as you instructed.

When I finish filling it, I will send it back to you.

Would you like to know what kinds of treats I will be putting in your box? (I bet you would.)

Many delightful and wonderful things .. I can assure you. Maybe even some things that you have never seen before.

» I Feel Like a New Woman .. How Do You Do That?

A number of women have told me things like, "I have never felt anything like that before. How do you do that? I feel like a new woman." 

See if you dont feel a few of these things by the time I am done filling your box .. and when you have had an opportunity to examine the little treats that I made just for you.

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This page originated on another page titled » The Games Begin (3 Sept 2017).

» When the Games Turn Psycho-Erotic

Speaking of the playful confidence that comes with being ready to accept and tackle a daunting challenge from a strong, confident, powerful woman ..

Taylor Swift ...Ready For It savage look (26 Oct 2017)

.. who purposefully paints erotic images in your mind with her hypnotic words and her seductive voice ..

In the middle of the night, in my dreams
You should see the things we do, baby

.. check out what Mistress Mia says here (25 Jan 2018) ..

.. in something she calls » Play My Games. (I like her speaking voice.)

'Play My Games' bids Mistress Mia if you dare (25 Jan 2018)

This is an interesting concept .. for a number of reasons .. such as the role imagination plays in her audio file.

Anytime you find yourself coming into contact with the levers of power and authority and dominance and submission .. this hearkens back to ancient, primal things.

Abraham the patriarch leaving his home of Ur with his family as directed by the Living God Himself in pursuit of the promise.

In other words, you can go deep fast.

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The Surrender Girl

Rad note » this entry originated from another page. It was moved here because the subject drifted far enough to warrant its own, separate entry. (Hard to imagine, I know.)

At the end of this entry (that you're reading now) I have included a link that will return you to the exact spot from where this entry originated. Here ya go ...

Oh .. now this is making me think of another thing. (I should have known this would happen.) Not a thing about one of these young, industrial-strength hotties .. but certainly a scandalous story.

Normally, I would never share this story. Perhaps this, again, this is because it involves the element of surrender .. which can be embarrassing for the well-ego'ed male. This is the thing that links these two stories for me. I can see this now.

» Joyce Carol Oates on the Heart of a Champion

Joyce Carol Oates, in talking about Muhammed Ali, says » The heart of the champion is this: One never repudiates one's deepest values, one never gives in.

She makes my point for me. Because surrender is the opposite of never-giving-in.

[ I like her because of what she said about the Great Gatsby. Tho I find it surprising that she is showing up here in this section on the Surrender girl.

This must mean that she's a very kinky girl .. the kind you dont take home to mother.

Mother: "Wasnt that Joyce Carol Oates that I saw you out with last night?"

Son: "We're just friends, mom .. relax." ]

See, a part of me feels like I surrendered to this industrial-strength hottie at the coffee shop. I mean, I could have simply went over there and chatted very nicely, like I usually do, and it would have been no big deal.

But, because she was so smoking hot (and so young) I was intimidated by her. And I am rarely intimated by anything. (I look for shit like that.)

Perhaps intimidated is not the right word. I mean, I've never given this subject much thought.

And I am not even sure that I am actually going to share this story .. but I can certainly lead up to it and stop when shit starts to get steamy. Because it gets pretty steamy in a hurry.

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My Racy Homage to Anne Rice (Naughty Rad Erotica)

Rad note » this entry originated from another page .. where I was talking to Blow. It was moved here because the subject drifted far enough to warrant its own, separate entry.

At the end of this entry (that you're reading now) I have included a link that will return you to the exact spot from where this entry originated. Here ya go ...

» Homage to Anne Rice

Blow, certainly you are familiar with the notion of how one thing can lead to another.

Anne RiceAnd this looks like the perfect place .. to craft a nice, little homage to Anne Rice.

Of course, my homage would be based on purely fictional characters.

Any resemblance to persons real and living or deceased would be purely coincidental.

<standard disclaimer applies>

But surely you know how writers draw on their real-life experiences to craft their fiction. It's inevitable.

For my homage, I am not referring to her vampire books, no. Tho the current rage .. that all came from Anne Rice.

Rather I am referring to her Sleeping Beauty Series. You know.

Because this is the place where it would go. As you will see. Right here.

I will no doubt have to lift out this section and transfer it to its own separate page .. but this is not a problem. [ Update: this is now done. ]

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