I Bet You are a Good Kisser

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» What Does It Feel Like to be a Natural Woman?

You are amazing. No wonder your foot is so sore.

Ariana sings Natural Woman with the Roots (16 Aug 2018)

Look at your upper lip here. This is why I captured this image of you and cropped it down so close .. to focus on your upper lip.

You have a super-hottie version of the Billy Idol sneer going on here. (I like your lip-gloss'ed version better.)

» I Bet that You are a Good Kisser

You have nice lips, by the way. I bet that you are a good kisser.

Good kissers in The River by Delta Goodrem

I am pretty sure of it. I feel confident about my intuition. But there is really only one way to know for certain.

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» A Kiss with Your Name On It

Girly, I got a kiss with your name on it, too. I am going to leave it right here for you .. in this section.

Feel free to stop by anytime and pick it up.

Good kissers in Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max

At your leisure, of course. Please bring with you plenty of leisure. More than enough leisure you should bring. I'll tell you why later.

» Kissing is Very Intimate .. and Feels Sacred at Times

Because leisure makes for good things. "What kinds of things?" you ask?

I think that I am flirting with you here, lover. Kissing is very intimate.

I bet that Camila knows what I am talking about.

Camila says kissing is everything because words arent the only way to tell someone how you feel (31 Aug 2019)

From the look on her face here, I feel confident that she does. (Good for her.)

And once the kissing thing takes over .. and your glands start pumping those nitro-fueled hormones straight into your bloodstream .. which naturally affect your body and your mind .. in powerful ways.

In natural ways. With the body's own preconfigured dosing mechanisms .. well, you get the point.

» Demonstrating an Impressive Degree of Restraint (Self Possession) When the Erotic Dial is Cranked Up

But it can be both fun and informative to test yourself and display your sense of restraint .. from time to time .. when the moon is full and the ocean breezes carry the scent of night-blooming jasmine.

And when you find that perfect groove .. the one that feels so right .. the one that feels like it was made just for you and your lover ..and nobody else ..

.. the one that you want to explore every square inch of .. in order to fully explore the depths and the contours and the nature of this seemingly perfect groove.

Because here in this place .. here in this most wonderful of vibes .. this is where you will find that sweet respite that you've been looking for.

Pause with me here for a moment, lover, to better explore the depth and range and contour of this groove where I find the sweetest of sweet respite (.. from chronicling the end of the world).

» Lingering Long in the Land of Anticipation at the Place Where Your Inner Lover Begins to Take Over and Assert Himself .. However He Might Happen to See Fit

I bet that Barbie and Lola know of this intimacy that I am talking about.

BarbieASMR Angels kissing intimately with open mouths when Barbie meets Lola (ASMRotica Jan 2017)

I mean, how can they not?

I grabbed this screenshot at the exact moment when she opens her mouth to the perfect size and allows her tongue to begin to slide out ..

.. in search of something. "What kind of thing?" you ask?

That's a good question. I am glad you asked.

» What Kinds of Things is this Girl Feeling as She Opens her Mouth to Probe with Her Tongue?

But who can really know for sure exactly what this girl here is thinking and feeling and looking for .. really searching for.

Barbie ASMR kissing Lola intimately with an open mouth at t=0:32 (ASMRotica Jan 2017)

Since I never had any sisters, beyond cousin Tunie, who lived upstairs, I have had to work harder, and more diligently than most, I think ..

.. in trying to figure women out. Because I was liking what I was seeing.

» I Did Not Know that Girls Like this Even Existed

It wasnt long after I started digging a little deeper into women .. that I began to uncover some very cool things.

It is really a fascinating journey .. to understand a woman. A natural women, of course.

I particularly made progress more rapidly while I was with women who knew how to access their deeper parts and describe the womanly depths with clarity and insight.

I remember thinking a number of times, "I did not know that girls like this even existed."

But back at kissing Barbie, and the erotic things that she is feeling here in these screenshots.

Is it even possible to really understand what things one might be feeling .. where one girl kisses another .. like she means it.

If it is possible, then I want to know how. I would definitely like to know more about that place.

The place is where this girl goes in her mind at this exact moment. Her and other girls like her.

» Continuing to Probe While Getting to Know an Interesting Creature at a Deep Level

Because then I would be able to use it against her. If I really-really knew her, and what she was feeling here .. I could use these insights to write such things that might touch her in a deeply satisfying sort of way.

Addictively satisfying, if you really must know. I dont consciously try to be addictively satisfying. But, for some reason, it just seems to work out that way. Particularly when I am feeling the spirirt .. and in the mood.

» When am I Ever Not in the Mood with You?

But I have consciously made it a point to understand the girlie-girl .. to continue digging deeper and deeper into her psyche and into her mind and into her soul and especially into her heart.

And there's rarely a time when I'm not in the mood with you, girly. If my life depended on me being able to recall such a time .. when I wasnt in the mood with you .. I would be in trouble. Big trouble. I dont even want to think about it.

» Searching for Something Warm and Receptive

Anyway, my intuition imagines here that Barbie the erotic kisser is probably in search of something moist and wet and warm and inviting and receptive and engaging and playful and expressive.

My intuition tells me that she is searching for a desire, maybe even a need .. in this creature that she finds sexually attractive. Maybe even irresistibly attractive. Something that does it for her in a way she does not even really understand.

She is searching for something she can evoke and elicit .. when it is touched just right, and stroked stroked just right, and handled just right.

» The Moment You Get Swept Away in the Current that is Rapidly Building to Overwhelming

I can feel myself standing on the precipice .. where you are wonder if you will be able to maintain control of your mind .. or if you will again get swept away, and sent plummeting over the falls of a river you were not strong enough to resist.

From here you are simply communicating to your lover the things that you are feeling .. which can change moment to moment. You are simply letting nature express itself .. as honestly and fully and artistically as possible. (Camila knows what I am talking about.)

Always looking for ways to add another degree of expressiveness to your non-verbal communications .. so you can better express to your lover .. how much she turns you on, and how sexy and arousing you find her.

» A Moment of Thoughtful Consideration to Recognize and Salute those Things that Cannot be Put into Words

This here would make for a great place to recognize and pay our respects to those things that cannot be put into words.

"Why cannot some things be put into words?" you ask?

That a good question .. but I dont know if you could handle the answer.

» Practiced at the Art-n-Craft of Putting Things into Words

A writer is basically somebody who puts things into words. Somebody who is practiced and skillful in the art-n-craft of puttng things into words.

When I am making love, and I am feeling it big-time .. the part of me that puts things into words .. does not work. All the workers there left the factory, or are taking a break.

This is something that I would normally not share.

It always impresses me the way some girls have the ability to speak untold things .. without ever saying a word.

This kissing sequence posted by Barbie speaks to me ..

Barbie ASMR slowly sucking on and licking a jeweled letter-B logo like a sparkling lolly (4 Jan 2017)

.. because you can see them taking their sweet ol' time .. in no big hurry. Can you blame them?

» Pausing Along the Erotic Way to Passionland in Order to Let Your Inner Lover Take Over

There's nothing like pausing on the hillside along your way to Mt Passion.

This is where you can feel yourself yielding the controls over to your inner lover .. who is obviously very much into this girl.

The inner lover wants to communicate and express this sense of desire that he is feeling her.

» Dissolving into Your Lover While Exploring the Range and Capabilities of Non-Verbal Full-Contact Communication Skills

So badly does he want to express to her this wonderful, beautiful thing he is feeling. So badly and so consumingly is he engaged in this single-minded focus and desire to communicate these beautiful things to her in a way that she has never felt before.

And as he pursues with all vigor to deliver this urgent message to her in a way that she has never felt before .. this is where he dissolve into his desire, and then into her.

As a writer, it is a good exercise to try to put into words how a certain woman might happen to make you feel. This is a good exercise for a number of reasons.

But even for the writer, there are some things better expressed, better conveyed, better communicated .. in ways other than words.

Wittgenstein spoke much on » the limitations of language.

» What Will We Do When We Reach the Limitations of Language?

Girly, I do not mind telling you .. that, regarding language and its limitations .. whatever limitations dear Ludwig mightve asserted .. I can tell you two things about me.

1. I always desire and seek to expand the utility and the capability of language.

I can feel something inside consciously striving to push back whatever limitations that language might possess.

I know that you can feel this. It is a key aspect of my writing to continue to boldly go .. to push the boundaries back to where they have never been before.

» Out Come the Writer's Peacock Feathers Where I Flirt with the Idea of Doing Something that has Never been Done Before

This is me here strutting around in front of you, displaying peacock feathers in a display that you have never seen before.

This means I like you .. when I do this peacock thing. When I threaten to do the impossible, followed by an array of things the likes of which have never before been done.

I know I have the goods, girly. I do not need somebody to tell me this.

I might not completely understand it .. but I know that I have it. The goods. (Ask me how I know.)

» Sometimes I Simply Cannot Talk at All

When these girls get me all worked up .. provoking me and whatnot .. and I lose my mind and go to that place where lovers go to play and dance and sing and trade ideas, creative ideas, erotic ideas.

And jokes .. plenty of fun.

» The Place Where My Well-Oiled Language Faculties were Completely Inaccessible or Totally Disabled

When inspired kissing leads to other things .. things such as when I go to this place ..

.. this place where I bust a nut so hard .. that my balls ache for days.

At the end of such erotic encounters .. with a beautiful creature, of course .. sometimes I cannot talk. (At all.)

I am not able to form and speak words aloud .. no matter how hard I might try.

» When the Machinery I Use to Put Things into Words Does Not Work Even a Little

And sometime I will try hard .. because there might be something verbal that I want to communicate to my lover.

The loss of the ability to form and speak words is only temporary. It always returns .. rather quickly, too.

Maybe 15 secs is how long until I can begin to get a few gasping words out.

I had been doing some experimentation along these lines and in this area.

I was just going to speak words .. and let nothing stop me. I remember thinking, "Wow .. I really can't speak."

I found this to be a curious phenomena .. so I try to understand exactly what was happening to me and why.

» Leisurely Kissing Can be Very Intimate

I bet that these hotties from Cardi's Press (Cardi dont need no Press) know what I am talking about.

Girls kissing erotically in Press by Cardi B (26 June 2019)

These gals are certainly getting at it.

» Finding the Perfect Mouth for Kissing

Sometimes we find somebody who just seems to have the most perfect mouth that matches ours perfectly ..

Ariana's open kissable mouth at the end of breathin (7 Nov 2018)

.. almost like they were designed to work that way together from the very beginning of time.

During good, passionate kissing, the brain releases the powerful hormone Oxytocin which can make you feel downright stoned.

Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus and released by the pituitary gland. .. which are both neuroendocrine glands.

» I Sucked the Soul Right Out of Her

Girly, I know what you are doing here. I know what you are doing with your open, kissable mouth here at the very end of breathin (7 Nov 2018).

The last time a girl did something like this, I sucked the soul right of her. She just fell at my feet like she was dead .. like a crumpled rag doll.

Serves her right for teasing me and taunting me like that. She was fortunate that I was kind enough to breathe her soul back into her, and that I didnt leave her lying there for dead.

I cannot stop my imagination from running with this image. A part of feels like I am losing control when my imagination takes over so dominantly and so automatically and runs with an idea.

It gives me respect for a girl when she is able to get to me like this .. when she knows me well enough to provoke me like this.

» We Make a Good Team

These kissing images here .. these make me think about how we make such a good team.

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a strange thing that you normally never wouldve thought of .. yet, it seems to be working so remarkably well.

Everything just seems to fall into place so effortlessly .. almost like you couldnt stop it from happening even if you tried.

There are other types of relationships where you put in super-human amounts of effort .. and the thing just sucks. So why even try?

This is why I like the kinds of relationships where the two principles are well-matched. Like peanut butter and jelly.

Writers and singers make a great match .. I have been trying to tell you. A great team. A natural fit.

» Not Enough Huevos to Work with Your Lips

There are some very nice shots of your lips in Let Me Love You that I was thinking of using.

But I did not have the balls for that. I did not have the huevos rancheros. I bet that Wendy knows exactly what I am talking about.

It's too easy to get sucked up in the thing .. the lip thing .. the kissing thing .. and lose your mind.

» I Know a Lot of Good Kissing Tricks

I know a lot of kissing tricks. All of these kissing tricks are things that I learned from super-hotties such as yourself.

This is exactly how I learned to suck the soul out of super-hotties .. after girls had sucked out my soul.

I remember thinking, "Wow .. that's a good trick. It feels like she sucked the soul right out of me."

Every time that a super-hottie used a new, cool trick on me, I took note of it and added it to my tool-kit.

Other times I simply let the creative part of me take over and do whatever it wanted. This is how I came to invent my own cool tricks.

Other times I let the aggressive, primal part of me have it way. Girls usually have trouble walking after I let that primal thing go to town.

» Transcendent Kissing

On a metaphysical level .. the mouth is where we humans suck in our air. It is the thing through which we get oxygen and our very breath .. without which none of us can live for more than a handful of minutes.

In good kissing, just like with good sex .. there is also a point at which you kind of merge together with your lover.

You are very much sharing your very breath with your lover during an extended period of kissing. You can't help it.

This is where kissing becomes more otherworldly than merely physical .. when you are really into this girl and she is into you .. and you know that she is into you .. because she is communicating this to you .. in a million different ways. Such beautiful ways.

Ooh, I am feeling a poetic thing coming on here. But how can you write about kissing without waxing poetic? Simply can't be done.

Anyway, there are ways in which kissing and sex are similar .. and similarly transcendent. But there are also ways in which they are different.

I remember thinking, "Wow, I have never felt anything like this before. This feels like a whole new universe .. that I did not know even existed. This may be the coolest thing ever. Sure feels like it."

This is the end of this page. ■

This entry originated here .. in an page titled » Your Foot Must be Starting to Get Very Sore (21 Aug 2018).

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