Your Foot Must be Starting to Get Very Sore

» Better Get that Baby in a Bucket of Ice Right Away

Girly, your foot must be starting to get very sore .. from kicking so much ass.

Ariana singing GiaW 2018 VMAs Radio City NYC 20 August

[ What do you think, lovergirl, of this shot of you that I grabbed here? This was a very challenging image for me to work with. I kept cropping it down more and more. Can you see why? I see you, girly. Are you doing this on purpose? What a look. I am so glad that we will always be in love forever. Can you blame me? I see that you have your hair down here. ]

You should probably get that puppy in a bucket of ice right away. I hear that this can help keep down the swelling.

My brother is a surgeon who specializes in feet. (Lots of bones in the feet.) So I can get you a good deal if you need an operation.

I mean, if you keep kicking ass like this ..

Ariana singing Dangerous Woman with James Corden Carpool Karaoke (15 Aug 2018)

.. then, who knows what kind of shape your foot is going to be in?

You want to ice it off-n-on for the first 48-72 hours. Then transition to heat and massage to promote healing.

Let me know if you need help with the massage part. (Girls tell me all the time what nice hands I have .. if you really must know.)

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» Welcome to the Next Level

What does it feel like to kick so much ass? .. beyond the sore foot, I mean. And so seemingly effortlessly, too. You make it look so easy. But I dont think it is.

Ariana singing GiaW 2018 VMAs Radio City NYC | Let's pray (20 August)

This is definitely the next level. Your voice was doing all kinds of next-level things here.

You voice sounded more alive here. More vibrant. More expressive. More confident. It came through more clearly and robustly.

Perhaps they had your mic turned up more than usual. Whatever it was, it was definitely working.

» Feels Like Nirvana

I think that's Nirvana up ahead. Sure looks like it. And sounds like it.

Ariana singing Dangerous Woman with James Corden Carpool Karaoke (15 Aug 2018)

You have nice hands, by the way. Even bandaged, you still have nice hands.

You have the kind of hands that know how to touch. I like hands like that. If you really must know. I like them a lot.

» The Ability to Establish a Seemingly Real-Time Psychological Connection

Amy knows what I am talking about (16 July 2019).

Amy asks if her ASMR contains too much feminine sexuality for me to handle (16 July 2019)

I was struck by her ability to establish a connection.

I am talking here about the ability to establish a seemingly real-time conscious connection which is not only emotionally-engaging, but also psychologically compelling.

It is not an easy thing to describe that she does here .. this psychological connection thing.

I dont really understand it myself (.. but I know that I like it).

Notice her playful taunt "Is this too much feminine sexuality for you?"

She is among the best at being able to climb into your head.

» When the Sense of Presence Feels Strikingly Real

There are a number of other ASMRtists who are able to climb in your head through other approaches .. through other avenues.

Of these, MissASMR (« 19 Sept 2019) might be the best.

MissASMR brings a strikingly real sense of presence with her close ear whispering and her captivating green eyes (19 Sept 2019)

When they do that close-whispering thing in your ear, and make sustained intimate eye contact ..

.. I can feel it getting to me. I can feel it affecting me. It makes me feel kind of stoned. (I bet that Lani knows what I am talking about. I bet that Hannah Banana knows what I am talking about.)

The look in her eyes here, her enchantingly green eyes, suggests that she knows she is getting to you .. in a very personal way. It is definitely a trippy thing that she does.

I definitely feel a strong sense of connection with her in this video. A very nice connection. Very pleasant.

I have never seen, by the way, a girl with yellow nails like that before. She has great energy. (I bet that Jessie knows what I am talking about.)

Check out the image that she uses for the thumbnail to this video. She has this knowing look on her face. It was definitely calling to me. I could not resist.

» When It Feels Like They are Talking Directly to Me

The first thing she says is, "I've been waiting for you to come." That kind of freaked me out a little .. because it felt like she was talking directly to me.

That is a good trick .. I must admit. I am not saying that she actually was .. only that it felt like it. And very much so.

She is very good at communicating with her eyes. She has eyes that are very expressive.

Sometimes I can feel my respiration cranking up .. like I am starting to pant. Even though there is nothing sexual about her video .. I can sometimes feel myself starting to get aroused.

Perhaps it is the sense of intimacy that does it for me .. though I am not really sure.

» When Girls Make You Feel Wanted and Genuinely Appreciated

When they say things like, "I've been waiting for you to come," and "I'm so glad that you're here tonight," .. and they say it so convincingly, so believably .. well, I am sucker for stuff like that. A total sucker.

I really like it when girls tell me, "I'm so glad that you're here tonight." I mean, who doesnt? I bet that Kate Hudson knows what I am talking about.

When she says, "You're not just welcome here .. but you're loved," .. uh, I should probably not finish this sentence.

When I was first getting acquainted with the Film school girl, I would sometimes stop by her place (in South Laguna) unannounced on my way home (to San Clemente) from college.

She would get a big welcoming smile on her face and made me feel like she was genuinely happy to see me. 

» Feeling Genuinely Appreciated and Wanted and Welcomed and Desired and Valued is Difficult to Resist

Even though I wasnt looking for a romantic relationship at the time, due to a heavy class load (Calculus derivatives, the 7-unit chemistry class + lab, and Statistics) .. I naturally enjoyed being around a person who appreciated me being around. I couldnt help it.

Sometimes MissASMR's craft feels so intimate, and the sense of presence so real .. that I need to pause the video in order to get my shit back together.

When she moves her mouth close to the mic, and when you can only see one of her eyes .. that is when it works me the most .. when I can feel her breath on my ear. That's the thing that makes me feel stoned.

At one point, she says something like, "I can come and be with you virtually if you would like."

And I am thinking, "What?"

I think that's when I paused the video.

» Do I have a Kinky Fetish for Girls Who Whisper Sensuous-Sounding German Nothings into My Ear?

Most of Amy's ASMR videos are done spoken in German .. which sounds only too sexy spoken with her voice.

If only I understood German.

I once dated a girl who spoke fluent German. She had lived there for some years.

When she would talk German in my ears .. I had no idea what she was saying .. but it very much turned me on.

I am not even sure why. Does this mean that I have a kinky foreign language fetish? It kind of feels that way.

» I Told You Not to Underestimate this Girl .. Didnt I?

Anyway .. I was very much impressed by your performance here while driving around town with James.

I think that the expectations are not very high during a carpool karaoke .. due to the acoustic limitations of being in a car on the road in traffic .. and wearing a seatbelt.

When people lower their expectations .. this is a perfect time to slay them mercilessly .. when their guard is lowered or down completely.

I am not even going to tell you the things that I was thinking and feeling while you and James were singing this song .. but I liked everything about it.

I must really have a thing for singers.

» There's Nothing Like a Natural Woman

Speaking of kicking copious quantities of ass on our way to Nirvana .. I saw you sing that tribute to Aretha. I saw you sing Natural Woman with the Roots. (Lyrics.)

Ariana singing Natural Woman with the Roots (16 Aug 2018)

Just when I thought that I couldnt be any more impressed.

Ariana singing Natural Woman with the Roots (16 Aug 2018)

» What Does It Feel Like to be a Natural Woman?

You are amazing. No wonder your foot is so sore.

Ariana sings Natural Woman with the Roots (16 Aug 2018)

Look at your upper lip here. This is why I captured this image of you and cropped it down so close .. to focus on your upper lip.

» I Bet that You are a Good Kisser

You have nice lips, by the way. I bet that you are a good kisser.

Good kissers in The River by Delta Goodrem

I am pretty sure of it. I feel confident about my intuition. But there is really only one way to know for certain.

This section on Ariana being a good kisser has been offloaded and moved to its own page .. see here » I Bet You are a Good Kisser (1 Aug 2019).

» Definitely One of My Favorite Performances Ever

Can you tell that I really enjoyed your performance of Natural Woman? This is one of my favorite Ariana performances ever. You were digging deep.

I have never had a woman tell me that I made her feel like a natural woman .. but I have had a number of girls say things like "Wow .. I feel like a new woman. How do you do that?"

I mean, that's the question .. isnt it?

I so badly want to know where your headspace is here. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of your headspace while you are singing Natural Woman.

» Speaking of Favorite Performances Ever

Here next to this section where I mention what is clearly one of my favorite performances ever ..

I feel compelled to at least mention your performance of Dangerous Woman on your album-release day of 20 May 2016.

Ariana singing Dangerous Women on GMA live in Central Park with mic held high (20 May 2016)

On GMA live in Central Park.

Girly, I dont care how many songs you sing in your career. You are never going to sing another song like this.

» Did You All Hear those Divinely Resonant Vibratos?

That was amazing in anybody's book. You were so at ease, and those killer vibratos that you kept dropping here-n-there.

That does things to me when you hang those inspired vibratos at he end of certain verses.

It almost feels like those magical vibratos come on their own .. without you even trying.

I could spend a long time speaking to this performance .. but I remember being in awe.

At your abilities. At your skills. At your artistry. At your inspiration. At your ability to sing.

When you sing like that .. makes me feel like I am in love. Like I am in love with a beautiful creature.

I like the feeling of being in love with a beautiful creature .. if you didnt know.

» My Way of Recognizing and Acknowledging the Artist Behind a Performance that Speaks to Me of Excellent Things that Inspire Me or Challenge Me or Provoke Me

Speaking of the remarkable performance you did of Dangerous Woman from a few years ago .. I wanted you to see this winning exotic pole dance (Sept 2017).

Winning Pole dance by Candace Cane performed to Dangerous Woman (Sept 2017)

By Candace Cane .. to Dangerous Woman. This is an impressive performance. Most Impressive.

» Exotic Means You have Never Seen Anything Like this Before

Exotic is cool word. The word is defined as » Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange.

But it basically means:

  1. Not from around here, or perhaps
  2. You've never seen anything like this before, or maybe even
  3. Here is something you dont see everyday.

What is it that makes exotic things exotic? Being merely different in no way implies an improvement over what things you are already familiar with.

So you will need more than just being different. A lot more.

» This Artist has Some Impressive Balls

I was thinking how a girl must have some serious huevos rancheros .. to even attempt such a song .. no?

The crowd whoops and hollers when the music starts .. because they know that they are in for a treat. A special treat.

I am not a girl, so I could be wrong. But I somehow feel her actions speaking things like, "Here's something I know you have never seen before."

And things such as, "You might want to take a step back. I wouldnt want anything to happen to you while I am kicking such large amounts of ass here on this stage. And dont forget to say hi to Ariana for me."

» She has My Full-n-Undivided Attention

She begins her performance by doing this V-shaped pose with her legs.

Candace Cane begins her performance art to Dangerous Woman with this impressive V-shaped pose (Sept 2017)

She does this impressively slowly .. in easy control of her muscles the whole time she is raising her legs.

When she finished with this pose, I thought, "This girl has my attention .. my full and undivided attention."

» I am Not Even Breathing Hard Says Candace Cane

Then she slowly lifts her leg to a perfect vertical line with the other ..

Candace Cane lifts her leg to perfect vertical like she is not even breathing hard in her performance art to Dangerous Woman at t=0:34 (Sept 2017)

.. like she is not even breathing hard.

» There's More Where that Came From

And here is the pose that she brings to wrap verse one.

Candace Cane wraps verse 1 with this pose for her winning performance art to Dangerous Woman at t=0:45 (Sept 2017)

Here she is just letting you know that there's more where that came from .. in case you were wondering.

Like I said, she had my full-n-undivided attention from the git-go.

She nails this entire performance. There are no weak spots in her performance. None that I saw. And I was paying close attention.

» Dont Make Me Cock Back My Arms and Brush Off My Palms

And dont think I missed the way she cocked back her arms and brushed off her palms right before she launched into the part where you start singing those somethin 'bouts.

Candace Cane cocks her arms back and brushes off her hands before attacking the hard, driving sexuality of the somethin' 'bouts during her winning performance art to Dangerous Woman at t=0:49 (Sept 2017)

Heck, she even glances over at me before she goes for it. I can almost hear her saying, "Dude, you have never seen anything like this before. Please keep a safe distance."

You must admit that she kicks large quantities of artistic ass. I can feel my respect for her rise to the surface.

Which is probably why I am writing this now, and including these images.

This is my way of paying my respects to an artist. Because I know that such things do not come easy.

» Desire and Respect

Anyway, girly .. I can feel my sense of desire for you cranking up here where you sing Natural Woman.

Desire and respect. Just being honest .. you know. I am not trying to feel this way.

I hope you said hi to the Roots for me.

Did you really sing this song on a 15-minute notice? Is this true? Doesnt seem possible.

Although I guess that it can actually be easier, sometimes, on short notice .. because then you dont have time to think about it and psych yourself out.

Before you know what is happening, you're already doing it. And you are thinking, "This is what I do."

Have you seen this video of when Aretha stepped in for Pavarotti on a moment's notice? What confidence she had in her voice.

"Let's do this thing."

» The Boobie-Groping Bishop

Girly, I saw you sing Natural Woman at Aretha's funeral. [ «This video is currently trending at the #3 position. ] What an honor.

I heard that the family specifically requested you, and that you sing this particular song. They must have seen you singing with the Roots.

I saw the bishop groping your boobie. He could not look happier.

Bishop Charles Ellis groping Ariana's boobie at Aretha's funeral in Detroit (31 Aug 2018)

You looked mortified. You are like, "Uh, why is your hand on my boob, Rev? I need to know somebody before I feel comfortable with their hand on my boob."

I bet that ZaZa knows what I am talking about.

You were trying to lean away from him, but he would not let go of you.

Bishop Charles Ellis groping Ariana's boobie at Aretha's funeral in Detroit (31 Aug 2018)

You were even looking back for help. Look how sublimely happy he appears here. He is in heaven .. super-hottie, international-popstar heaven.

Bishop Charles Ellis groping Ariana's boobie at Aretha's funeral in Detroit (31 Aug 2018)

Do you want me to kick his ass for you?

Bishop Charles Ellis groping Ariana's boobie at Aretha's funeral in Detroit (31 Aug 2018)

Just say the word. Maybe I will call Marshall. He lives in the Detroit area.

» Aretha Would Not have Complained

Notice in this image of you just above .. notice how there is another girl standing directly behind you .. who is wearing a dress that is almost identical to yours.

I bet that nobody gave her any shit about wearing that dress. It was a funeral service .. not a church service. You wore black, not hot-pink.

You looked very nice. You sang beautifully. And let's not forget that this was a service for Aretha. I can guarantee that Aretha wouldnt have complained about your dress.

You could have worn a burlap sack and some prude somewhere wouldve complained that it was too sexy for their puritanical comfort zone.

Fuck them. (Future knows what I am talking about.)

» You are a Dazzling Creature

Girly, guys do stupid shit sometimes .. especially when they are trying to impress a super-hottie. (Ask me how I know.)

I mean, this guy just watched you sing Natural Woman live .. right before his very eyes.

Ariana singing Natural Woman at Aretha's funeral (31 Aug 2018)

[ You know, Ariana .. I have dated girls who sang in church. Soloists, like what you are doing here. Weekly they went to their singing lessons. I must really have a thing for singers. Singers sing from their hearts. I think this is the thing that does it for me. Something obviously does it for me. You so do it for me, girly. You sing so good sometimes that I can hardly stand it. This is obviously one of those times. ]

» Who Can Blame Him?

Rev was dazzled and twitterpated and clearly not thinking clearly. And really, who can blame him? It is totally understandable.

And nothing makes an old man feel young again .. like attention from a young super-hottie. (Ask me how I know.)

He was trying to be clever and witty .. even though the situation did not warrant such a thing.

His hand was on your boobie for a reason. It obviously felt good there .. so why would he ever want to move it?

You are a dazzling creature.

Ariana singing GiaW Capital Up Close (6 Sept 2018)

I have been trying to tell you.

I have noticed, and it has been my experience, that when you are already in love, then the opposite sex tends to get aggressive. Which seems counterintuitive.

» Are You an Icon?

I noticed that Rev called you an icon. It sounds like his 28 year old daughter gave him this data point.

Are you an icon?

Ariana's Vogue Cover Video Performance (9 July 2019)

I have never been with an icon before (.. in case you were wondering).

You are looking very iconic here, I must say, in the image above.

Madonna is definitely an icon. But I am not sure what exactly defines an icon. MIchael Jackson was an icon.

This is the end of this page. ■

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