Your Foot Must be Starting to Get Very Sore

» Better Get that Baby in a Bucket of Ice Right Away

Girly, your foot must be starting to get very sore .. from kicking so much ass.

Ariana singing GiaW 2018 VMAs Radio City NYC 20 August

[ What do you think, lovergirl, of this shot of you that I grabbed here? This was a very challenging image for me to work with. I kept cropping it down more and more. Can you see why? I see you, girly. Are you doing this on purpose? What a look. I am so glad that we will always be in love forever. Can you blame me? I see that you have your hair down here. ]

You should probably get that puppy in a bucket of ice right away. I hear that this can help keep down the swelling.

My brother is a surgeon who specializes in feet. (Lots of bones in the feet.) So I can get you a good deal if you need an operation.

I mean, if you keep kicking ass like this ..

Ariana singing Dangerous Woman with James Corden Carpool Karaoke (15 Aug 2018)

.. then, who knows what kind of shape your foot is going to be in?

You want to ice it off-n-on for the first 48-72 hours. Then transition to heat and massage to promote healing.

Let me know if you need help with the massage part. (Girls tell me all the time what nice hands I have .. if you really must know.)

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» Welcome to the Next Level

What does it feel like to kick so much ass? .. beyond the sore foot, I mean. And so seemingly effortlessly, too. You make it look so easy. But I dont think it is.

Ariana singing GiaW 2018 VMAs Radio City NYC | Let's pray (20 August)

This is definitely the next level. Your voice was doing all kinds of next-level things here.

You voice sounded more alive here. More vibrant. More expressive. More confident. It came through more clearly and robustly.

Perhaps they had your mic turned up more than usual. Whatever it was, it was definitely working.

» Feels Like Nirvana

I think that's Nirvana up ahead. Sure looks like it. And sounds like it.

Ariana singing Dangerous Woman with James Corden Carpool Karaoke (15 Aug 2018)

You have nice hands, by the way. Even bandaged, you still have nice hands.

You have the kind of hands that know how to touch. I like hands like that. If you really must know. I like them a lot.

I was very much impressed by your performance here driving around with James. I think that the expectations are not very high during a carpool karaoke .. due to the acoustic limitations of being in a car on the road in traffic .. and wearing a seatbelt.

When people lower their expectations .. this is a perfect time to slay them mercilessly .. when their guard is lowered or down completely.

I am not even going to tell you the things that I was thinking and feeling while you and James were singing this song .. but I liked everything about it.

I must really have a thing for singers.

» There's Nothing Like a Natural Woman

Speaking of kicking copious quantities of ass on our way to Nirvana .. I saw you sing that tribute to Aretha. I saw you sing Natural Woman with the Roots. (Lyrics.)

Ariana singing Natural Woman with the Roots (16 Aug 2018)

Just when I thought that I couldnt be any more impressed.

Ariana singing Natural Woman with the Roots (16 Aug 2018)

You are amazing. No wonder your foot is so sore.

Ariana sings Natural Woman with the Roots (16 Aug 2018)

Look at your upper lip here. This is why I captured this image of you and cropped it down so close .. to focus on your upper lip.

» I Bet that You are a Good Kisser

You have nice lips, by the way. I bet that you are a good kisser.

Good kissers in The River by Delta Goodrem

I am pretty sure of it. I feel confident about my intuition. But there is really only one way to know for certain.

» A Kiss with Your Name On It

Girly, I got a kiss with your name on it, too. I am going to leave it right here for you .. in this section.

Feel free to stop by anytime and pick it up.

Good kissers in Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max

I think that I am flirting with you here, lover. Kissing is very intimate.

Sometimes we find somebody who just seems to have the most perfect mouth that matches ours perfectly .. almost like they were designed to work that way together from the very beginning of time.

» We Make a Good Team

These kissing images here .. these make me think about how we make such a good team.

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a strange thing that you normally never wouldve thought of .. yet, it seems to be working so remarkably well.

Everything just seems to fall into place so effortlessly .. almost like you couldnt stop it from happening even if you tried.

There are other types of relationships where you put in super-human amounts of effort .. and the thing just sucks. So why even try?

This is why I like the kinds of relationships where the two principles are well-matched. Like peanut butter and jelly.

Writers and singers make a great match .. I have been trying to tell you. A great team. A natural fit.

» Not Enough Huevos to Work with Your Lips

There are some very nice shots of your lips in Let Me Love You that I was thinking of using.

But I did not have the balls for that. I did not have the huevos rancheros. I bet that Wendy knows exactly what I am talking about.

It's too easy to get sucked up in the thing .. the lip thing .. the kissing thing .. and lose your mind.

» I Know a Lot of Good Kissing Tricks

I know a lot of kissing tricks. All of these kissing tricks are things that I learned from super-hotties such as yourself.

This is exactly how I learned to suck the soul out of super-hotties .. after girls had sucked out my soul.

I remember thinking, "Wow .. that's a good trick. It feels like she sucked the soul right out of me."

Every time that a super-hottie used a new, cool trick on me, I took note of it and added it to my tool-kit.

Other times I simply let the creative part of me take over and do whatever it wanted. This is how I came to invent my own cool tricks.

Other times I let the aggressive, primal part of me have it way. Girls usually have trouble walking after I let that primal thing go to town.

» Transcendent Kissing

On a metaphysical level .. the mouth is where we humans suck in our air. It is the thing through which we get oxygen and our very breath .. without which none of us can live for more than a handful of minutes.

In good kissing, just like with good sex .. there is also a point at which you kind of merge together with your lover.

You are very much sharing your very breath with your lover during an extended period of kissing. You can't help it.

This is where kissing becomes more otherworldly than merely physical .. when you are really into this girl and she is into you .. and you know that she is into you .. because she is communicating this to you .. in a million different ways. Such beautiful ways.

Ooh, I am feeling a poetic thing coming on here. But how can you write about kissing without waxing poetic? Simply can't be done.

Anyway, there are ways in which kissing and sex are similar .. and similarly transcendent. But there are also ways in which they are different.

» I Sucked the Soul Right Out of Her

There girl who you remind me of .. it just so happens that she was queen of kissing. I sucked the soul right out of her. I got a little carried away.

She had eager lips.

I remember thinking, "Wow, I have never felt anything like this before. This feels like a whole new universe .. that I did not know even existed. This may be the coolest thing ever. Sure feels like it."

I think the brain releases Oxytocin that makes you feel stoned.

» Definitely One of My Favorite Performances Ever

Can you tell that I really enjoyed your performance of Natural Woman? This is one of my favorite Ariana performances ever. You were digging deep.

I have never had a woman tell me that I made her feel like a Natural Woman (before today, of course) .. but I have had a number of girls say things like "Wow .. I feel like a new woman. How do you do that?"

I mean, that's the question .. isnt it?

I so badly want to know where your headspace is here. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of your headspace while you are singing Natural Woman.

» Desire and Respect

I can feel my sense of desire for you cranking up here. Desire and respect. Just being honest .. you know. I am not trying to feel this way.

I hope that you said hi to the Roots for me.

Did you really sing this song on a 15-minute notice? Is this true? Doesnt seem possible.

Although I guess that it can actually be easier, sometimes, on short notice .. because then you dont have time to think about it and psych yourself out.

Before you know what is happening, you're already doing it. And you are thinking, "This is what I do."

Have you seen this video of when Aretha stepped in for Pavarotti on a moment's notice? What confidence she had in her voice.

"Let's do this thing."

» The Boobie-Groping Bishop

Girly, I saw you sing Natural Woman at Aretha's funeral. [ «This video is currently trending at the #3 position. ] What an honor.

I heard that the family specifically requested you, and that you sing this particular song. They must have seen you singing with the Roots.

I saw the bishop groping your boobie. He could not look happier.

Bishop Charles Ellis groping Ariana's boobie at Aretha's funeral in Detroit (31 Aug 2018)

You looked mortified. You are like, "Uh, why is your hand on my boob, Rev? I need to know somebody before I feel comfortable with their hand on my boob."

I bet that ZaZa knows what I am talking about.

You were trying to lean away from him, but he would not let go of you.

Bishop Charles Ellis groping Ariana's boobie at Aretha's funeral in Detroit (31 Aug 2018)

You were even looking back for help. Look how sublimely happy he appears here. He is in heaven .. super-hottie, international-popstar heaven.

Bishop Charles Ellis groping Ariana's boobie at Aretha's funeral in Detroit (31 Aug 2018)

Do you want me to kick his ass for you?

Bishop Charles Ellis groping Ariana's boobie at Aretha's funeral in Detroit (31 Aug 2018)

Just say the word. Maybe I will call Marshall. He lives in the Detroit area.

» Aretha Would Not have Complained

Notice in this image of you just above .. notice how there is another girl standing directly behind you .. who is wearing a dress that is almost identical to yours.

I bet that nobody gave her any shit about wearing that dress. It was a funeral service .. not a church service. You wore black, not hot-pink.

You looked very nice. You sang beautifully. And let's not forget that this was a service for Aretha. I can guarantee that Aretha wouldnt have complained about your dress.

You could have worn a burlap sack and some prude somewhere wouldve complained that it was too sexy for their puritanical comfort zone.

Fuck them. (Future knows what I am talking about.)

» You are a Dazzling Creature

Girly, guys do stupid shit sometimes .. especially when they are trying to impress a super-hottie. (Ask me how I know.)

I mean, this guy just watched you sing Natural Woman live .. right before his very eyes.

Ariana singing Natural Woman at Aretha's funeral (31 Aug 2018)

[ You know, Ariana .. I have dated girls who sang in church. Soloists, like what you are doing here. Weekly they went to their singing lessons. I must really have a thing for singers. Singers sing from their hearts. I think this is the thing that does it for me. Something obviously does it for me. You so do it for me, girly. You sing so good sometimes that I can hardly stand it. ]

» Who Can Blame Him?

Rev was dazzled and twitterpated and clearly not thinking clearly. And really, who can blame him? It is totally understandable.

And nothing makes an old man feel young again .. like attention from a young super-hottie. (Ask me how I know.)

He was trying to be clever and witty .. even though the situation did not warrant such a thing.

His hand was on your boobie for a reason. It obviously felt good there .. so why would he ever want to move it?

You are a dazzling creature.

Ariana singing GiaW Capital Up Close (6 Sept 2018)

I have been trying to tell you.

I have noticed, and it has been my experience, that, when you are already in love, then the opposite sex tends to get aggressive. Which seems counterintuitive.

» Are You an Icon?

I noticed that Rev called you an icon. It sounds like his 28 year old daughter gave him this data point.

Are you an icon? I have never been with an icon before (.. in case you were wondering).

Madonna is definitely an icon. But I am not sure what exactly defines an icon. MIchael Jackson was an icon.

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