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» Male Pursuit

I noticed that Charlie Rose has been shit-canned from his positions at CBS and PBS for sexually harassing at least eight women. (Which is still less than the dozen women who have accused the President of sexually harassing them.)

Something that Charlie said in his statement struck me.

Charlie Rose says that he felt that he was pursuing shared feelings

Notice in particular how he says that he always felt that he was » "pursuing shared feelings." There is so much that I could say on this subject that I dont even know where to begin.

There is a similar story regarding Pennsylvania congressman Patrick Meehan, who says that his accuser "invited" his advances.

You could run a hundred miles with such a statement and what it says in context.

» Gretchen Says that Sexual Harassment Isnt Really About Sex

Gretchen knows what I am talking about here (at t=2:10).

Gretchen Calson was struck by what Charlie Rose said (t=2:10)

And how can you have a conversation about sexual harassment without the woman who drove a stake into the heart of Roger Ailes?

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I want to ask Gretchen .. whether she thinks that Charlie Rose really feels that way .. that these encounters with these women were indeed 'consensual.'

Charlie didnt actually use that term .. although his response does indeed mean 'consensual' (shared feelings).

Or is he simply saying that because non-consensual pursuit by a man who wields power over the careers of these women would be such an ugly thing. It would paint such a repugnant picture. Morally repugnant. Downright disgusting.

Revolting and grotesque.

I could be wrong, but I think that Charlie knew full-well the effects of the power that he wielded over the careers of these women, and that he was intentionally manipulating that power.

The "shared" aspect that he refers to there .. was merely a figment of his imagination .. it has become clear. Painfully clear.

» The Woman Who Drove a Stake into the Heart of Roger Ailes

You really get into extraordinary territory when you start pulling down seemingly invincible authority figures. That is some hair-raising shit. I bet that Ronan Farrow knows exactly what I am talking about here.

Gretchen knows about such things. Almost single-handedly she took down Roger fucking Ailes.

I can tell that Gretchen likes me .. because I told Roger Ailes to go fuck himself. What a hypocritical piece-of-shit he was.

I flushed his sorry ass right down the toilet. And even that may have been too good for him.

» It's Really About Power

At t=2:20 Gretchen says, "Sexual harassment is really about power. It can be about sex .. but it's most often about making another person feel less powerful."

Now there's a statement .. if ever I heard one. Something tells me that Amber Tamblyn would agree.

Amber Tamblyn Build interview for Any Man (26 June 2018)

I knew that I would be speaking to this statement when I heard her say that. But I was not ready when I first heard it.

I have been searching for the right approach into this thing .. for quite some time now.

To a certain extent, your approach into a thing certainly affects, and maybe even defines, where you can go in this thing, and what you can do once you are there.

I have actually been keeping out an eye for a different place where I might approach this idea .. that sexual abuse is really about (the exercise of) power. But I can see that this here is indeed where this conversation needs to go.

» The Mature, Attractive, Stylish, Intelligent, Educated, Professional, Fearless, Seductive and Sexually-Aggressive Woman

So .. why was I looking for a different place to have this conversation (with myself .. with all the voices in my head and sharing my experiences along these lines)?

Gretchen reminds me of somebody. And yes, she carried an air of power and authority about her.

It wasnt like she was trying to be a person of power. But rather, she was simply being herself .. an impressive person. She was smart and educated and a number of other adjectives that I probably shouldnt say.

Perhaps later I will return to fill in the blanks on this person .. but for now I want to note that, as a contractor, I have been in many situations and positions that have given me insight into the many varied aspects of power and authority ..

.. from more perspectives and angles than I care to recall right now.

This is why I feel qualified to speak to this thing.

There are so many things that I could say in speaking to this thing .. some obvious things, while other things that are not so obvious.

Speaking of the things that might not be so obvious .. I wonder what Gretchen thinks about my page titled » Playing Psycho-Erotic Games with Kick-Ass Boss-Chicks Who Desire to Dominate (3 Sept 2018).

A Deeper Letting Go with Mistress Mia (March, 2018)

Because such things can certainly involve sex .. but they are not really about sex.

These things are also about power .. and power dynamics .. and the exercise of such power dynamics.

Think about it and we'll chat more later.

» Nothing Stirs Up a Hornets' Nest Like Taking Aim at Established Authority Figures

Suffice to say that, in my experience, nothing stirs up a hornets' nest like taking aim at dysfunctional established authority figures and structures.

You have done this, so I feel comfortable that you know exactly what I am talking about here.

If you try to wade into these things by yourself and based on nothing but righteous indignation .. you will get your ass kicked.

You therefore need help. You need a secret weapon. You need more than just determination and anger and all the things that accompany such things.

I am intentionally being vague here, so that I dont sound like a complete nut-case. But you have obviously had success where others have failed for decades .. so you obviously know something.

» A Bigger, Stronger Thing Surrounding and Protecting Dysfunctional Authority Figures

There is usually a bigger, stronger thing surrounding and protecting the heart of the dysfunctional thing .. which supports and nutures the thing surrounding and protecting it.

The mindset that is required here goes something like this » "I will take the hit from this thing that is surrounding and protecting this fucker .. but I am going to drive this stake right into the heart of this nasty thing .. so help me God."

And then you prepare for your appointed time .. which will surely come. It might take a while to align all the stars that will be necessary .. but it will come.

Notice how Maureen writes near the end of this column:

When societies try to protect a malevolent status quo, they become warped. The most chilling sign of this is when people look the other way as the most vulnerable members of society are preyed on.

It happened with the Catholic Church, where priests caught preying on children were protected and recirculated to new parishes, where they could continue their crimes. The community shrugged. The children were collateral damage.

It happened with Hollywood, when everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein's predations yet let lovely young women, at that moment of gardenia-fragility when they thought the macher could make their dreams come true, walk into his sulfurous quarters. The community shrugged. The young women were collateral damage.

I like Maureen.

» Why is the Taxpayer Paying Millions for Secret Male Congressional Sexual Harassment Settlements?

Speaking of pulling down seemingly invincible authority figures with the woman who single-handedly drove a stake into the heart of Roger fucking Ailes ..

.. I want to ask Gretchen what she thinks about what Mark Shields said at t=3:00 in this PBS video.

He said that the taxpayer is being billed to the tune of $17,000,000.00 for settlement payments .. to members of the staff on Capitol Hill who have been sexually abused and harassed.

Is it just me, or does that not seem incredibly fucked up? If their bad behavior doesnt cost them anything, then what incentive do they have to stop? (That's a rhetorical question.)

Here is a photo of representative Blake Farenthold, who used $84,000.00 of taxpayer money to settle a 2014 sexual harassment case brought by his former communications director, Lauren Greene.

Representative Blake Farenthold used $84,000.00 of taxpayer money to settle a 2014 sexual harassment case with his communications director, Lauren Greene

[ This guy here, who will probably be hired as a lobbiest after he resigns in disgrace .. how do you think he would fare with the ladies .. absent the sexual abuse?  It's a valid question .. no? ]

Why does congress make it so easy and painless for themselves to sexually abuse young women?

I have already asked both George Bush and Ben Sasse about this. I am still waiting to hear back from them. I'll be sure to let you know if I hear anything.

» Fox Stayed with Bill O'Reilly Until It Started to Affect them Financially

It is very much a similar thing as the case with Fox continuing to employ Bill O'Reilly .. even after multiple settlements for sexual harassment totaling many millions of dollars.

It wasnt until advertisers started walking away that Fox said, "Sorry, Bill .. we gotta let you go."

Until it affected them financially, it didnt really matter to them what was happening to these women.

Did Fox care about what happened to women with Bill? It doesnt appear that way.

It's sad to think that the bottom line is all that they really care about at Fox .. but it does appear that way. Actions speak loudest.

Do morals really play no role whatsoever at Fox? What about at the other networks and at other corporations? Are they only about the money?

Complaints to executives about Lauer's behavior fell on deaf ears

The deeper you dig .. the uglier it gets.

» More Cosmetic than the Sea Change Women Are Hoping For

My sense with the #MeToo movement is that you will need to continue to hold their abusive feet to the fire .. because human nature does not change overnight like that.

I hear people like Oprah and Megyn Kelly talking about a "watershed moment" and a "sea change," and I can't help but think that this is merely wishful thinking.

There will indeed be changes. And yes, this is obviously a movement .. but I suspect that these changes will be more cosmetic than the sea change you are hoping for.

» What Chance Do They Have?

Because really, what chance does a 75 year old man like Charlie Rose have of putting the make on a young hottie without some form of leverage? Strong leverage.

What young, attractive woman is going to find Harvey Weinstein (65) a sexually desirable man .. absent the manipulative things that he has been using to coerce them? (Go ahead and ask these ladies yourself.)

What smart, young hottie is going to be genuinely turned on by 68-year-old Bill O'Reilly? Absent the manipulative ploys? Let me know if you find any.

» Attempts to Reclaim Youth

Old men putting the make on young hotties .. this is an attempt to reclaim their youth. Their glory days. When they pole-vaulted out of bed every morning.

Men like Charlie Rose (75) and Bill O'Reilly (68) and Harvey Weinstein (65) .. they know that their lives are in their rearview mirrors and fading fast.

They can hear the grave calling their name .. and they know that worms will soon be feasting on their rotting carcasses .. much sooner than they care to acknowledge.

Because youth can't be reclaimed. Time marches on. Seasons keep passing and the years keep ticking off with each new calendar.

» Nothing Makes an Old Man Feel Young Again Like Attention from a Super-Hottie

And I can confirm that nothing makes an old man feel young again .. like the attention of a young super-hottie.

Elton and Miley singing Tiny Dancer at 60th Grammys in MSG 28 Jan 2018

So such things as you find occurring between powerful old men and vulnerable, sexually-attractive women .. this is not really so surprising.

When Harvey Weinstein is recorded demanding that 22-year-old model Ambra Gutierrez watch him take a shower, people scratched their heads .. wondering what gratification he might derive from having a pretty young thing watch him shower.

If you were a physically unattractive, out-of-shape 65-year-old man, you would understand how good it feels to have a pretty, young girl paying attention to you .. girls who wouldnt give you a second look back in the days of your youth.

» I Hope that I am Wrong

I hope that I am wrong regarding the prospects for real and lasting change .. but I bet that the women who work at Ford will back me here.

The women who work at Ford Motor company have found it difficult to change a culture of harassment

That's why putting the kibosh on taxpayers paying for congressional sexual abuse is a good place to start.

The consequences of their abuse needs to be at least as painful for them as it is for their victims. And right now, it aint. Because the taxpayer is footing the bill. (What slimy fuckers they are .. hypocritical, slimy fuckers.)

In the nuclear industry, we had a saying » "You get what you inspect, not what you expect."

I know you feel me here. You can certainly make this a sea change. But it isnt going to fall in your lap like a ripe avocado.

» Rose McGowan is a Force to be Reckoned With

I bet that Rose McGowan agrees with me here.

You cannot really have a discussion about aggressive and predatory approaches toward young, sexually-attractive womwn .. without at least mentioning Rose McGowan.

Rose McGowan says that Harvey Weinstein raped her

She has obviously found her voice. She has shaved her head. She means business. Janelle knows what I am talking about.

» Rose Tells a Story of Rape

She has come forth and said that Harvey did more than just sexually harass her .. rather she said that he raped her.

The word rape is defined as:

  1. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
  2. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.

I imagine that it must feel very violating. At a deep level.

» Murdering the Soul

Speaking of being violated at a deep level .. at t=2:45 here Rose says on the View:

"What people dont understand is that a big part of you dies. Who you were dies. And you have a choice .. you can either slowly be taken down. But in a way you have to get that dead body out of you. And it's really sucky that you got stolen and dont get to be who you were."

Joy agrees with Rose there by chiming in and saying » "This murders the soul."

Think about that .. what it means to murder a soul.

This is why Joy is my favorite Viewster. More than the others, she says what needs to be said, and she is not afraid to mix it up. I like the way she adds her two cents here and there.

I see you Rose McGowan. I applaud you. You are indeed a brave soul.

» Silence is the Thing that has Allowed this Abuse to Continue for So Long

She was feuding there with Meryl Streep.

Rose McGowan calls out Meryl Streep over the idea of a silent protest

She came off as crude, but you can feel her sense of urgency .. that it's going to take more than just wearing a bunch of black dresses .. if you want to move beyond this thing.

The Handmaid's Tale (1985) by the prophetic Margaret AtwoodThis thing is a systemic, cultural problem.

That will probably take a generation to fix.

If you think that you are going to fix this problem by wearing black to a few award shows,

then you are mistaken. Sadly mistaken.

Here is a piece by Susan Faludi (Dec 28, 2017)

that warns you not to confuse the elimination of decades-long offenders ..

.. with the ecosystem out of which so many bad apples grew.

Katie Baker asks here about what to do with these men, and seeks to stimulate such dialogue.

» We Tend to Care Less About Abuses that Dont Affect Us Directly

The feud between Rose and Meryl is symbolic in the sense that it illustrates the problem.

Which does not affect Meryl. Well, certainly it does not affect Meryl as directly as it affects Rose.

I am simply stating the obvious when I say that people-in-general tend not to care as much about problems and abuses that dont affect them directly .. compared with those that do.

This phenomenon is society-wide, and not limited to areas of sexual abuse.

Time's Up members include

[ This is a good name that these people came up with » Time's Up. I wonder who it was that came up with that name. ]

And this is also why Rose's voice carries more weight .. because this shit affects her more directly. I have already discussed this topic with Keke .. regarding things that give weight to your voice.

Meryl Streep might very well be the greatest actress of her generation. If she is not, then she is certainly in the running.

So she is a representative of sorts herself.

» Speaking Your Truth is Very Difficult

Dont fool yourselves into taking the easy way out. Silence is the thing that has enabled this sexual abuse to endure for so long.

I bet that Anne Kursinski would agree with me here. I bet that Pope Francis would agree with me here.

Pope Francis statement on child sexual abuse in Pennsylvania (20 Aug 2018)

So anything that smacks of silence is a threat to the movement.

Crissy Metz says (at t=5:20 in the video on this page) that anytime you speak your truth is difficult.

They gave Aly a standing ovation on The View. Because everybody knows how hard it is to do that.

Plus, speaking out is the thing that will make it less likely for these nasty fuckers to do the same in the future.

» Why is it So Difficult for Women to Speak Their Truth?

It should not be so difficult for so many vulnerable women to simply declare their truth, and to announce that they have been wronged in a horribly unjust way.

The mere fact that it is so difficult .. is an indictment upon the society itself .. in a res ipsa loquitur sort-of-way .. which makes access to basic human rights such a torturous endeavor.

It is as if the powerful here are saying to the weak and the vulnerable, "If you want continued access to the elite group that we control access to .. then you must let us have our way with you, and you must not tell anyone about it."

I would be willing to wager that Erica agrees with her there, and that Tanya knows what I am talking about.

» The Moment You Start to Process the Toxic Effects

At t=2:20 in this video Jessica Howard says,

"I really, really struggle. And I dont know if it's ever going to go away. And I think that's an important thing for people to understand .. that this doesnt just dissipate the moment you speak up. It's almost the moment that you speak up that you can actually start to process."

This has been my experience. It isnt until you (somehow) find the courage and resolve to face these things for what they really are .. with honesty and a steady, penetrating gaze .. it isnt until you do this that the psychic healing can begin.

You feel, "Surely there must be some other way .. some easier way. Some less traumatic way. I've already lived through this thing .. this ugly thing. The last thing that I want to do is to relive it all over again. I've spent my whole life trying to get away from this ugliness."

You dont actually relive it all over over again. But because you did not possess the skills to deal with such nastiness at a young age .. it feels like you are.

It feels like you are reliving this thing. And yes, it sucks. It sucks very badly.

My experience along these lines is that you need to be in a safe place before you can begin to process the toxic effects of abuse.

As long as you still perceive a threat, you remain in a sort of defensive alert mode. Now that Larry is locked away for good, they will begin to realize that this threat is no longer there and they will be able to begin the process.

» The Sense of Intimacy that Comes from Resonating Naturally at a Deep Level

Without delving into details .. this is one of the areas that I explored in detail with the Wow girl. You know me .. Mr. Curious, always asking probing questions.

There is an interesting thing that happens in the process of an intimate relationship that grows evermore intimate .. when you realize that you share certain things with your lover.

Certain things such as traits and values and perspectives and goals and dislikes and things like these.

Certainly there will be areas where you do not share such things. But a cool thing happens wherever you do. Wherever you resonate naturally and effortlessly.

» At First the Aftershocks are Severe and they Come Frequently

My experience along these lines has been that .. the initial shocks from honestly confronting nasty shit that happened before you were old enough to deal with such things ..

.. the initial shocks are most severe and they come in waves close to each other. Major suckage for sure.

It is definitely a seismic thing .. in your life. Very confusing and disorienting. I bet that Aly knows exactly what I am talking about here.

Aly Raisman says that the US Olympics system betrayed the athletes

Notice where she says, at t=5:00, that "... the stress and trauma is so exhausting." Emotional things are indeed exhausting.

There are some days where you just feel like you are trying to hang on to what little is left of your life.

» The Waves Become Less Severe and Come Less Frequently with the Passage of Time

But as time passes .. these after-shocks become less severe and they come less and less frequently. I bet that Aly knows what I am talking about.

And after some point (usually a few years to several years) .. you do indeed feel like you have faced this ugly thing from your past that came at a time when you were not able to deal with it.

But now you know that you have confronted it and even felt the psychic reverberations and processed them .. sucky as that might've been.

This has been my experience. There is a part of you that feels like your life is coming apart right before your very eyes.

There comes a point .. and I know that this can be hard to believe, at times .. but there comes a point when one of these waves will hit you .. but you will know that you are finally okay with it.

It will have happened long enough ago in your past that you can actually feel yourself moving beyond it.

It still hurts. It still sucks. You will probably never be completely without the effects from this thing .. but they have been dealt with in a courageous and deliberate way.

You will get that thousand-mile stare .. covering key moments in your life that span most of your life.

And you will feel good about yourself for not shrinking in fear from this thing.

» The Saddest Thing with Mattie Larson

Of all the things that I have seen regarding girls telling their stories of violation and of mistreatment and of sexual abuse .. the saddest of them all was hearing Mattie Larson at the end of this 20/20 segment.

Mattie Larson 20/20 interview 26 Jan 2018

That is very fucking sad. She is such a little thing .. with a munchkin voice. I am not surprised that she told Larry that she hates him.

She told Larry right to his face .. so there wouldnt be any confusion about how she feels.

Mattie Larson talking to Larry Nassar at sentencing

I am so proud of these women .. doing one superhuman thing after another. This stuff is not for the faint of heart.

Prisons are infamous as places that do not treat well abusers of young people .. because many of these prisoners know exactly what abuse feels like.

It will not be easy for the prison system to keep Larry alive. Shit always seems to happen.

» People Who Pretend to Not be Carrying Around Psychic Wounds

But by not addressing this stuff, it is like you are saying, "I do not have what it takes to deal with this ugliness from my past .. so I am just going to pretend like it isnt there, or like it doesnt really bother me."

And all the while, the people around you can see the effects of this trauma in your life, and they are the ones who pay the price for you being too big of a pussy to deal with your overwhelming psychic trauma from when you were too young to deal with it.

(You know exactly what I am talking about.)

You can tell when you have moved on from such things .. because you are able to talk about them honestly and openly, and without having them become so emotionally upsetting .. because you have already processed all those emotions.

There is a part of you that knows exactly where all of your unprocessed toxic wounds are hiding. If you'll listen to that part, it will let you know exactly where those hurts came from .. when you were too small to deal with them.

» Tremendous Amounts of Courage

Steven Spielberg himself said that these women displayed "tremendous amounts of courage" in telling their truths.

In declaring their truths publicly and clearly .. in spite of all the forces arrayed against them.

I feel confident that Olivia Cowan would agree with Spielberg there.

Olivia Cowan reads her statement

I like her. She impresses me. She is taking aim here at the network of enablers that allow abusers to continue abusing so many (160) vulnerable, young girls for so long.

Larry Nassar abused 160 girls

Notice a pattern?

» Two Hundred and Fifty Girls? What the Fuck?

At t=0:20 in this video from the Times titled » Inside a 'Culture of Abuse' at U.S.A. Gymnastics (Feb 4, 2018) it says » "More than 250 women have come forward to say that they were sexually abused by former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar."

Two hundred and fifty? Is it just me .. or does that not seem unbelievable?

How can these fuckers live with themselves? What do they see when they look in the mirror?

This is such a colossal failure .. on a scale that boggles comprehension and will affect so many lives in ways that we will never know.

They should all fall on their swords .. which they would do if they had a single shred of dignity left.

» Now is Not the Time to be Polite

I give Rose McGowan points for honesty and bravery and huevos rancheros. I do not give her big points for style .. but style is not really the thing that you need right now. (Which is probably why she shaved her head.)

Now is not the time to be polite. Drake knows what I am talking about here.

I knew that I would be mentioning her here .. in this page where I talk about aggressive and predatory approaches toward young, sexually-attractive women ..

.. because her name kept coming up, and because she speaks convincingly, and because she told a story of rape by a sexual predator.

While I was searching for a representative image of her to use here, I saw many of her that were very sexy. Ferociously sexy.

Rose McGowan on the runway in a red dress

In the back of my head I was wondering, "Why would Harvey rape this particular girl .. and not the others?"

I can see why. She has that thing that makes guys lose their minds .. for a number of reasons. I could go into detail here .. but now is not the time.

» NYPD Police Audio Recording of 22-Year Old Ambra Gutierrez & Harvey Weinstein

Speaking of young, sexually-attractive women .. here is a NYPD recording of a 22-year old girl who went to the police with complaints about Harvey Weinstein groping her.

She agreed to wear a concealed wire, which reveals Harvey admitting to doing such things by saying, "I'm used to that." (I bet he is.)

But the whole recording is disturbing on so many levels.

New York Police audio recording of Ambra Battilana Gutierrez

Once you hear the NYPD police audio of Harvey with the 22-year old Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez (born to Filipino parents) ..

Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez

.. it becomes very easy to believe the women.

Gutierrez told police that Weinstein groped her breasts and tried to put a hand up her skirt

Unless, of course, Harvey's lawyers are giving you thousands of dollars. Then it suddenly becomes very difficult to believe the accusers.

» Cyrus Vance Takes the Money & Says Harvey did Nothing Wrong

Weinstein's lawyers gave thousands to NY District Attorney Cyrus Vance after he let their client off

Go fuck yourself, Cyrus Vance .. and dont forget to take those thousands of dollars with you.

Manhattan DA's office under Cyrus Vance asked a judge to downgrade the Sex Offender status of Jeffrey Epstein says Michelle Goldberg (8 July 2019)

I dont know how you can look at yourself in the mirror. How can you sleep at night?

How many more poor, vulnerable girls suffered the kind of abuse that shocks the conscience at the hands of rich-n-powerful men because you chose to serve Mammon instead of executing justice, which is your job .. and which you are paid to do by the public?

Somebody please calculate that number for me. Take your time. I will wait. I will be waiting here with Cynthia Alksne (at t=4:50).

» This is Exactly Why Justice Continues to Come Out Perverted

Wealthy people putting large sums of money into the palms of our public officials .. who are supposed to protect the people from predators. This is the exact point of corruption in our society today.

I bet that Nikki Klieman knows what I am talking about.

Legal analyst Nikki Klieman talks about Jeffrey Epstein's case involving the sexual assault of minors (7March 2019)

This is why the American government only really works for a small fraction of the population. The way that the system itself has been designed is flawed. It is designed to encourage corruption.

I bet that Julie K Brown knows what I am talking about.

Federal prosecutors broke the law in Jeffrey Epstein case, judge rules | by Julie K Brown (Miami Herald, 21 Feb 2019)

Why didnt you let off Kalief Browder, Cyrus? Here is somebody who really did nothing wrong. You obviously have your values and your priorities backwards.

It was the same for when you hear Trump talking about, "Grabbing them by the pussy .. they let you do it." on the Access Hollywood tape. It suddenly became easy to believe all the other woman's stories.

Oh, check this out » Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (66) has been arrested in New York in connection with sex-trafficking allegations.

66-year old Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein arrested in connection with sex-trafficking allegations (7 July 2019)

This is encouraging and hopeful  .. because love rejoices when right and truth prevail .. and when justice stops coming out perverted.

And there is Julie K Brown .. right in the thick of things. Kudos to her. This is no small thing. I bet that Polly agrees.

» Not Every Young, Vulnerable Actress is Willing to Sleep with Harvey for a Shot at an Oscar

Now there might very well be women out there who would sleep with Harvey Weinstein .. if it meant a leading role in a major motion picture.

But Harvey does not seem to understand that, for many people, sex is something sacred .. that is shared between two intimate souls entwined.

» I Bet that Ambra Knows What I am Talking About

Between two souls who trust each other and who have taken the time to become intimately familiar with their lover .. that is on a level completely different from what you typically feel for somebody who is offering you a job.

22-year old Ambra Gutierrez tells Harvey Weinstein on a NYPD police recording that she needs to know someone to be touched.

Or maybe he does indeed understand this .. but he simply doesnt give a fuck.

Well, Harvey .. do you understand the concept of a sacred thing between a man and a woman? Is there anything sacred to you?

How does it feel to leave so many women with emotional and psychic scars so painful that they felt compelled to tell their stories publicly .. so that other young girls dont have to go through the same thing?

This is the end of this page. ■ This theme continues here » Times are Changing (21.Nov.2017).

And also here » Aggressive and Predatory Approaches Toward Young, Sexually-Attractive Women - Page Two (21 Nov 2017).

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