When Justice Comes Out Perverted for a Very Long Time

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Most surprising is how one man was able to continue to do such bad things to so many young, vulnerable girls for so long.

Some of the women to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein

For so, so long. For a shockingly long length of time. An embarrassingly long time.

This 8-min video from the Washington Post, titled » Hollywood's Greatest Betrayal: How sexual predators operate in plain sight .. is simply outstanding.

This is the best single piece that I have seen yet .. that shines a light on the inner-workings of an otherwise unbelievable phenomenon.

Does not this news introduce an element of shame into the entire industry? Seems like everywhere you look, justice is coming out perverted.

The sheer scope of it suggests a systemic contamination on a level that is truly unfortunate. Sad for sure. And for many reasons.

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I bet that Uma knows exactly what I am talking about here.

Uma Thurman is not happy with Harvey Weinstein

She is clearly not happy with Harvey.

» Uma Says She was Raped

Feb 3, 2018 - Here is her response, titled » This Is Why Uma Thurman Is Angry.

This is why Uma is angry

This is a great shot. Kudos to Damon Winter.

I normally crop my images .. in order to focus more closely on the meat of the image. You lose a little in the way of stylish sensibility when you do this .. but this is a hit I am willing to take.

This is why Uma is angry

And I resize them down by hand .. in order to make efficient use of bandwidth. The image of Uma that you see posted on this page here is but a fraction of the original.

Anyway, when I was working with the image in the cropping tool .. I could feel myself being impressed with it.

This is why Uma is angry

To be honest, I am not entirely sure why I like it .. but I know I do. I went ahead and cropped it just a little at first .. just to say I did.

Maureen, I have noticed .. she always has killer photos with her articles. I have been struck by her accompanying images on many occasions.

She definitely has a well-developed artistic sense. I wonder if she picks the images herself .. or if she has a graphic artist type of person do this.

And her title » This is Why Uma is Angry .. I am very much into cool titles.

The words of this title do something to your tongue when you think about saying them aloud.

And at the same time, the is completely understated .. like Uma sitting on the edge of her bed.

Everything about this column is speaking to me. I can feel myself wondering what it might mean.

I want to ask Uma if she really used to live at this house in Santa Monica .. or was my Brazillian friend pulling my leg?

I am not really a jealous writer. I applaud the achievements of all. But this column .. I mean, Maureen talks about hanging out at Uma's place 'til 3AM, sitting by the fireplace.

This had to such an experience. Maureen gets these killer assignments.

And her underlying attitude is, "I do this kind of thing all the time. No big deal. Pass the pinot, Uma. How's Ethan doing? Please give him my best. Is it 2AM already? Holy cow .. where does the time go?"

If I wasnt actually feeling jealous .. then jealousy wasnt far.

I will return to include more thoughts later. But I will say that I found myself looking forward to her response .. to what she had to say of the matter. The nasty matter.

I must say, tho, that Maureen begins the second paragraph by saying that Uma has been » raped.

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» Exposing this Chronic Nastiness Reveals the Values & Priorities out of which they Grow

One of these reasons why these revelations are so sad and so disappointing is because the scope and persistence of these problems speaks to the values and priorities so prevalent in our nation.

Speaking from a purely intuitive basis here .. as the scope and details of the situation becomes increasingly clear .. that such revolting and grotesque things have been going on for so long .. for so absurdly long .. you sort of get the impression that a normal type of reaction is inadequate. Woefully inadequate.

Rather a response that is more commensurate with the scope and scale of the crime is what the moment requires. This is simply my gut feeling here.

Angelina Jolie, Gweneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd

Because you know that somewhere there is a young, aspiring actress sitting home somewhere, thinking, "If nasty shit like this happens to women like these .. then really, what chance do I have to escape such things?"

Speaking of people being treated like shit .. what do you think about what Joe Rogan said here? He is speaking from firsthand experience.

» Uma with a Bloody Sword

I noticed that an image of Uma somehow showed up in this section here .. where I talk about justice coming out perverted for such a long time.

Uma with a bloody sword .. that would make a good graphic representation of this thing I am feeling. Uma is clearly not happy with Harvey.

» ...And Then Tomorrow Will Come

I am reminded of that story where God stopped the sun for a day .. so that the children of Israel could continue to whup ass on the armies of the five kings assembled against them.

It was like God said to them, "I am going to stop the universe and put it on hold until you finish kicking their asses .. so these fuckers dont slip away into the darkness of nightfall. Let me know when you are done and I will start the universe back up again. Take your time. No hurry. Take all the time you need."

I dont know why I am thinking about this story right now.

It is like God was saying to them, "Take your time and do a thorough job. Dont let a single one of those fuckers get away. Slay them all .. every last one of them. Bloody your swords. And then tomorrow will come."

» Smart, Focused, Pissed & Determined

Speaking of slaying them all .. check out Rachael Denhollander.

Rachael Dennhollander and Kyle Stephens on CBS this Morning Jan 25, 2018

Oh, she is a woman on a mission. She is going after them all. You do not want to be on her shit-list. You do not want to be in her crosshairs.

She is smart and she is focused and she is pissed .. and she is coming for them. It's only a matter of time now.

Note that this section has been lifted and moved to its own page .. my little salute to these girls .. for being so brave. This is some soul-wrenching shit that they are encountering here.

See here » Values & Priorities that are Rotting from the Inside Out (26 Jan 2018).

» Resonating with Parallel Experiences

It may be awkward for me to say this, but I have had trouble pretty much all my life with people coming on to me sexually .. both women and men.

It tends to make you wary and skittish.

It is not a major portion of the time, but when these things do happen .. they can be .. well, they can be many things. Many different things. Some good things, and some things that are not so good.

You can tell by their actions, and by the things that they say, that they are of the mind that, if they themselves are feeling this thing, then I must be feeling it, too. (When I am clearly not.)

I normally just try to play stupid and hope for the best .. and hope that I dont need to resort to any diversionary tactics.

I have already written about and documented a number of these stories .. because, to me, they are truly curious occurrences.

Because I think that we strive to understand such things .. the factors that affect such behavior. I know that I do.

Now, I am big enough, and able to handle myself well enough, that nobody is going to be able to force themselves on me .. physically speaking.

Plus, I am old enough now that I am not as hot as I was when I was younger .. and when I was in training to become the greatest writer who ever lived.

But the thing that I want to say here is that .. I can relate to these girls. I can relate to their plight. I have insights. I am referring to the suprising insights that come with an abundance of firsthand experience.

And that's all that I should probably say on this topic right now.

» Which World do Girls Run?

When I first heard the news about Harvey, and all the horrible things that he had done to young, vulnerable women for so many years (three fucking decades) ..

Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey on CBS this Morning talking about breaking the Harvey Weinstein story

.. I thought about his efforts with Jay-Z regarding that documentary that they did together. Because that is the thing about Harvey that initially caught my attention.

TIME | The Kalief Browder Story

I wondered what Jay thought and felt when he heard the news about Harvey.

And thinking about Jay naturally made me wonder what Beyonce thought and felt .. when she heard the news about Harvey.

Because she sang that song » Run the World (Girls).

Beyonce | Run the World (2011)

Especially because everybody is saying that these problems do not exist only in the Film industry, or just in media circles, or are confined to the Entertainment industry.

Tom Hanks talking about Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment on PBS

Rather they are saying that these problems exist everywhere. How is it that her song seems so at odds with the reality of most women in America?

Steven Spielberg himself has said (at t=0:45 here) that "You can't just think of this as a Hollywood problem. This is a national problem, and probably a global problem."

» Sometimes We Believe What We Want to Believe

Sometimes we believe what we want to believe .. because the alternative is so unpleasant. So distasteful. So ugly. So hurtful. So saddening.

Women in Hollywood directed only 4% of top films

Who has not done this? Who has not believed an untruth? Because it was easier to believe?

Show me the man.

I bet that Sam knows exactly what I am talking about here.

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