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» Dangerous and Provocative is Good

At the risk of getting carried away with the subject, let me mention, ever so briefly .. that the very next paragraph, which comes right after the one that contains the passage about "long existentialist hair" ..

.. where the author describes the scene in these subterranean Parisian jazz cafes following the war .. the very next paragraph begins like so »

"In this rebellious world, just as with the Parisian bohemians and Dadaists in earlier generations, everything that was dangerous and provocative was good, and everything that was nice or bourgeois was bad."

The sentence jumped out at me and demanded closer examination. Vetting. I mean, these are my people saying these things .. so it feels more personal than it would be coming from an annoying schmuck.

The author goes on to share examples of what she means by this.

Later this same evening, I was thinking about this, about how dangerous and provocative things seemed good to the existentialist (and others who might be artistically inclined) .. very much minding my own business ..

Ariana performs Dangerous Woman live on SNL March 12, 2016.. when I saw the video on YouTube,

where Ariana sang (live) on SNL

a song titled » Dangerous Woman,

where she is telling me how I make her feel like doing naughty things.

(Can you blame her?)

» A Cappella is for Lovers

Have you seen the a cappella version?

It totally reminded me of the singer-girl, singing to me ..

.. as we walked down the super-wide sidewalks of New Haven on a Saturday night,

looking for a place to go dancing.

Room to dance before the dance floor fills up with sweaty bodiesWe liked to go early.

Before the dance floors filled up.

To do some real dancing.

After they fill up with sweaty bodies, you can hardly move.

So we would go someplace else.

Or grab a bite to eat somewhere.

She sang to me all the time .. at her place, in the car ..

.. but it was on those sidewalks, where she was dressed up all pretty, and looking so sexy ..

.. that it really hit me. "Why arent my feet touching the ground?"

She was very comfortable in her sexuality. And of course, everybody sitting at the restaurant tables outside there on the sidewalk is watching and listening. "Come back!" they call, waiving their arms.

Groups of people pass going the other way .. but she pays them no mind. Their looks say, "Dude, this is some very cool shit." I give them a return look that says, "I know."

There is nothing like a singer singing to you as you walk leisurely down super-wide sidewalks .. as the sun sets on a steamy Saturday eve. I dont think my feet ever touched the ground.

It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I mean, she was diggin' me and you could tell. And she knew how to show it. She is obviously feeling good.

<ignore this intentional body-text marker>

••• today's entry continues here below •••

Ariana can really sing. She's not just another pretty face. You can hear better if a girl can really sing or not when she sings a cappella.

Ariana sings Dangerous Woman a cappellaI am sucker for a cappella.

It sounds so .. naked, so intimate.

So vulnerable.

So brave.

All musical accompaniment is stripped away.

Only the voice remains.

No audible distractions. And I doubt I am alone in my feelings here.

I wonder if it requires courage .. to sing a cappella.

How often do you hear it sung? (Not very often.)

» What Makes a Woman Dangerous?

A dangerous woman .. now there's a subject that I can hold forth on. What makes a woman dangerous?

I probably dont have to tell you .. but it's when something about them does it for you. It may not make sense to you. You may even wish they didnt do it for you .. but they clearly do.

And this is what causes you to lose control, so to speak, of your rational, logical faculties. You can feel yourself getting carried away with them .. and there doesnt seem to be much that you can do about it, either.

It's like you lose your mind. They kinda make you crazy. It's definitely an exhilarating thing .. that feeling of being out of control.

Jenni Fagan waiting around the cornerAnd dangerous women always seem to climb inside your head .. do they not?

They are there, waiting for you, around every new corner.

"How did they get there?" you wonder.

Like they anticipate your very thoughts.

Describe Phenomena » As Presented to Your Experience

After I saw the a cappella video .. the voices in my head started talking. They were certainly very excited .. let me tell you.

The cross-chatter was downright ferocious, at times. Many interesting things were said.

This is a tangent from which we might never return. So let us not go there.

But let me simply mention that, regarding these existentialists, who I have been referring to today .. is that, one of the big-big things of this philosophy is » "What are things saying to my experience? After stripping away everything else."

If I were to display some academic finesse here, I might mention that this big-big thing of which I speak .. actually comes from the phenomenologist, who are precursors to the existentialists.

On page 40, the author boils down Phenomenology into its essence by saying that it is » "a method, rather than a set of ideas." And that method is to » DESCRIBE PHENOMENA .. about which she goes into considerable detail.

But my point here is that, this particular way of thinking (yes, there are others) .. this particular ability to listen in a certain way .. this has been with me for a long time.

And after I heard Ariana's a cappella version .. I caught my existentialist sensors listening .. and the message that came thru was » "I can play fifty shades with you, daddy. I'm not scared."

Ariana shows you her pretty hair while she stares you down» Payback Time

Oh look .. she just dropped the video.


She is obviously paying me back.

For putting her on my hottie page.

I should've known .. it would have this effect.

I can actually feel her .. paying me back.

But, is this not exactly what I was talking about with these girls?

They are dangerous. And they know they are.

Does Ariana not look very comfortable in the role of a dangerous woman? She does not look like she is having to stretch very far, to me.

This is a very intimate video .. those close-ups .. I remember the film school girl telling me the name of these particular shots .. the one from eyebrows to lips. That is the closest shot. You can actually see individual strands of hair. She is putting you very close.

I normally stream my YouTube videos at 480, but for this one, I cranked it up to 720 HD .. even if it meant waiting for the bigger download.

Ariana | Dangerous WomanAnd Ariana is making eye contact. Intimate eye contact.

Bold, long, lingering. Confident.

That is very sexy shit. With those amazing night-time color palettes.

It is so easy to put yourself there. You kinda can't stop it. Your imagination runs with it.

I can hear her saying, "Do I look scared, daddy? I dont think so."

I am actually a little disoriented. She musta got to me. I can feel my existential world rocked. I was not at all expecting that. You might have to give me a moment to recover. I am thinking of a million things right now.

I will tell you, my friend .. those visuals around t=0:45 .. that definitely surprised me. I dare not go there .. and describe what I saw and felt in this place. But I could definitely feel it.

She brings it right to your doorstep. I dont think I ever recovered from that. Like it somehow fucked me up. She does not even blink. Wow. (I can feel myself trying to figure out how you did this to me.)

» Sexually Aggressive and Provocatively Confrontational (Not Easily Dismissed)

Ariana shows you her pretty hair while thinking, 'Come light me up, daddy'Is this not exactly what I was trying to tell you about these girls?

They are very confrontational. Sexually and suggestively confrontational.

They have no problem rattling your cage .. when they feel like it.

They know they have the goods. (And they know that you want them.)

Is this video not sexually confrontational? She is bringing it straight to your doorstep and you will have to deal with it, my friend.

I dont want to say that "I told you" .. but I told you.

I think my subtext in that entry was that girls can sometimes make you offers and requests that can be more difficult to dismiss than you might otherwise imagine. Much more.

» They Are Young and They Know How to Get Your Attention

Wasnt this exactly what I was saying? » they are young and they know how to get your attention (.. and leave you twitching and breathless and disoriented after they rub their sweaty bodies up against you).

She obviously wants me to write about her. (That's what they all want.) I can feel her provoking me. Taunting me. Daring me. Enticing me.

Writing about a thing often helps me to understand it better. And few subjects perplex males more than women. I might have to start up the reactor for her. The writing reactor. (I wonder if she could handle it.)

The Writing Locomotive » Destination Unknown

Sometimes, as a writer, you feel the writing locomotive pull up. (There are several versions. Several different models.) And it is so strong, that, even if you dont want to, you still must go for a ride.

Steam locomotive from Cloud AtlasAnd the thing that makes you not want to go for a ride .. is that you dont know where this train is going. (I bet that Abraham knows exactly what I am talking about here.)

» Oh, How Convenient that My Train Runs Right Outside Your Door

Now, if this here locomotive happened to be stopping at Gina Carla's place .. at her chalet there in the mountains ..

Gina Carla invites me to play a gentle game of cards at her chalet in the mountains (3 Aug 2019)

.. where she is no doubt riding her bicycle home, probably at this very minute if I know Gina.

I even bet that she is wearing some beautiful flowers in her hair .. as she peddles along.

I would certainly be more inclined to step aboard this locomotive with no reservations .. if I knew that we'd be stopping at Gina's place.

I mean, who could resist such an inviting invitation? Not me.

Is this the same train? .. going the opposite direction? Are these the same tracks? (That would mess with head.)

I see you Gina Carla. I see you more than you know. And I have been seeing you for a while now.

You are very pretty. And those eyes.

Gina Carla invites me to play a gentle game of cards at her chalet in the mountains (3 Aug 2019)

This is some look here that you are throwing. The last time a girl threw me a look like that .. I had to help pick her up off the ground.

But that's a story .. for another day. Right now I gotta do this thing with this singer-chick .. this dangerous thing.

No telling when I might be back. I'll send you a post-card.

But the fact that you are here on Page One .. this says things to me.

One of the things it says is that I like you. I wouldnt slip you quietly into Page One here if I didnt like you.

» But First I Gotta Do this Other Thing with this Singer-Chick

Anyway, girly .. you look behind the locomotive and there are three carloads full of coal. Filled to overflowing. Inspired coal. Enough inspired coal to take you a looong way.

And miles to go before I sleep.

There is no telling where the writing locomotive will take you. And this one in particular. You can feel the specialness about this one.

And there is a part of you that is certain your cojones are not nearly grande enough .. for such a grand, shiny locomotive. And you think, "Wow .. that thing is certainly very sparkly."

And you turn to the engineer and say, "That's a lot of coal, no?"

And the engineer says, "There's a lot more where that came from."

And the voice in my head says, "Dude, why do you ask these stupid questions? .. just climb aboard and do your thing. You'll know when we arrive .. trust me."

And I say, "Because I'm a cancer survivor and I should probably be resting and watching Netflix, while sipping herb tea .. instead of driving this monster to God knows where."

And he says, "What's that got to do with anything?"

» Let's Do this Thing

The whistle blows loudly. I dont how how I know, but I know that if I am to do this thing, then I must go now.

If I dont go now .. because I am too big of a pussy, or because my ass is dragging, or because of any one of a million other excuses that I could come up with very easily .. then, this thing is lost forever.

I can see this. (But I cannot tell you how.) 

I remember thinking (quite innocently), "I will write about this later .. when I am feeling stronger."

And the thought came immediately, "No. That is not how this one works. This train leaves right now. And then it is gone."

It was very much a right-now type of thing. "You do not even have time to go to the bathroom first."

» If You are Going to Do this Thing, then You Need to Do It Right Now

I am reminded here of the story of the children of Israel .. how they balked at the prospect of taking the Promised Land .. because they were too scared.

And where God said to Moses (paraphrasing) » "This whole generation is the biggest bunch of pussies that I have ever seen. They cannot stop complaining no matter what I do for them. The least little discomfort and they are ready to hightail it back to into bondage and slavery. You tell them that I am done with their sorry, complaining asses."

But Moses goes to bat for the people.

God yields to Moses, but adds (paraphrasing) » "You tell them that their pussy-ass, complaining carcasses will fall in this wilderness and I'll start anew with the younger generation. I am going to do this thing .. one way or another."

So Moses is basically supposed to tell them that they are toast .. which is not the easiest thing to do, I'm sure.

» They Failed to Take Advantage of a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

The next part I find very interesting. Because here is where the people rise up early the next morning and say (paraphrasing, of course), "Okay .. let's do this thing. Let's take the land. Fuck it .. let's go kick some giant ass."

But now it is too late. They missed their chance. They missed their window of opportunity. They missed their divine portal to the promised land.

In short, they are fucked. Because they pussied out when their alignment with destiny presented itself to them.

When the gears of God's divine timepiece clicked around into place for them .. they did not have what it takes to step up and respond as they needed to. (Marshall knows exactly what I am talking about here.)

» Is There a Lesson to be Learned for Us Today?

I somehow have the sense that there is a lesson hidden in this story for us today.

One lesson that I see is that .. there are some things that you cannot do in your own (human) strength. Your own human ability.

No matter how hard you might try. No matter how badly you might want it. Some things require divine assistance .. particularly divine things.

Divine cooperation. Divine support. Divine strength. Divine guidance. I could continue, but I know that you feel me here. Divine help.

Moses says to the people, to the children of Israel, to the heirs of the promise, "What are you clowns doing? The Living God Himself has already told you how it is going to be for you. If you try to do this foolish thing without Him, you will get your asses kicked very badly."

Which is exactly what happened.

» Back from the Future

Girly, I am returning from the future .. in order to insert this section of text about the children of Israel balking at entering into their divine portal that would have taken them into their Promised Land.

(More on this time-travel stuff later.)

I am returning here from Dec 12, 2017. This just so happens to be the day of the election in Alabama, where Roy Moore is running for Senator.

I have no idea whatsoever of how this race is going today in the future .. because I am too busy, writing this section here.

But everybody is talking about this race, because it will tell us a lot about the current state of America.

And about its people. At least, its people in Alabama. Whatever happens, today will be very telling for America.

» Write this Thing Here and Write it Now

I dont know how .. but I know that I have to write this section on this day. No matter what .. whatever it takes.

I wish I knew what it meant. (I can definitely feel the thing .. in a big way.)

When I am done writing this section, I will go see what is happening in Alabama politics.

To be honest, I am not really sure what the election in Alabama has to do with the children of Israel failing to execute as required to enter into their promised land .. but I know that it does.

» This Can't be a Good Sign for the Older Generation

In the back of my head, I can hear a voice saying, "This can't be a good sign .. for the older generation."

Results of 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses among voters under 30 (at t=4:30)

I anticipate the arrival of a teachable moment .. about why it is so important to continue doing the work .. beyond that which you are humanly able. (Selena knows what I am talking about here.)

» Gleaning Insights by Analyzing the Dynamics of the Thing

See .. when these things come .. and here I can feel myself analyzing the dynamics of it .. because it is not a very common thing .. so when they come, I try to glean as much as I can .. how this thing works.

But there is no mistaking the thing .. because the thing has a distinctive, one-of-a-kind signature. (More on that later.)

But when the thing comes .. it is not attached to anything .. to anything else. It is just the thing .. all by itself.

(I can feel myself here being intentionally vague. I normally avoid ambiguity.)

» It Suddenly Feels Like You are Very Much in This New Place

Take this with a grain of salt, because I do not feel like I am able to adequately describe this thing. I can only describe the effect that it has on me.

But the effect is that it feels like something picks me up and takes me to this place .. that I was not even thinking about. Or that I did not even know existed.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this thing (for me, from my experience) is that I am "there" (here, actually) » so completely.

I can see things that pertain to this place so completely. I can see more detail than I need to see. It is like I have super-powers of insight. But the salient points are strikingly obvious.

» Stars Come into Alignment and Patterns Suddenly Match

I know that I have used this metaphor before .. but it seems as if many stars that were already there .. suddenly come into alignment.

And the reason that they come into alignment is because of my new perspective. In other words, they were already aligned. It just depends on your perspective whether you can see their alignment.

And there are patterns to these alignments. I have already addressed the concept of matching patterns. You can boil down much of life into matching patterns.

You want your life to resonate with the values that you embrace .. such as love, not hate .. such as kindness and not cruelty.

You want to show compassion to the weak and the poor and the helpless. If you dont know why, then you are in more trouble than you know.

» Why is This Thing Coming Now?

But you know me .. Mr. Curious himself .. I say to myself, "I can see this thing has come with a very cool authenticating signature. But I could easily have done this thing long ago. I knew this story before. Why am I getting this now? Why am I getting this today?"

Because I can feel the immediacy of the thing. So naturally, I ask myself, "What is going on today?"

Then it hits me » today is Roy Moore election. (That's when I had the thought » "This can't be a good sign for the older generation." )

But my thing is not necessarily attached to Roy Moore. My thing is just the thing .. at this particular time. Right the fuck now.

There is definitely a single-minded focus and a sense of immediacy that comes over you.

» Whatever it Takes

And there is a spectrum of these things .. the most severe are of the type I would call » Whatever it Takes.

The feeling behind these whatever-it-takes things .. is that, if you dont wrap this thing with a nice bow .. then you will surely die.

"How do I know these things?" you ask? I wish I could tell you.

Little by little I am figuring out things. (Sometimes, for example, I can't write some things .. until I write other things.)

See .. your thing was a different thing. Your thing was a 'the-train-is-leaving-the-station' type of thing. Which comes with a sense of immediacy .. but no bow-tie wrapping.

When these whatever-it-takes things come .. then you can expect some opposition. The opposition seems like such a good place for an excuse .. on why you can't wrap the bow on this thing.

So the writer has to ask himself, "Am I going to wrap the bow on this thing .. or am I going to pussy-out?"

» The Ability to Execute a Complex Skill-Set in a Timely Fashion

In the future I discuss this concept of being able to execute a complex skill-set in a timely fashion .. by using a close-up image of Ryan Reynold's butt wearing a pair of snugly-fitting jeans.

Not just any writer can do something like this. A writer needs to hone his skill-set to a fine edge .. before he can even think of doing something like this.

I would gladly share with you here this image of Ryan Reynold's butt working those jeans .. but it has not yet been created. Patience. The future cometh. You cannot stop the future from coming.

» Back to the Future

Girly, while I am visiting here from the future .. I want to ask you » "Are we really in love .. or does it just feel that way?"

Not to put ideas into your head or anything like that .. but think about it and we'll talk more in the future.

» Ben Sasse Finds Fault with America's Youth

Speaking of the future, Ben Sasse writes a book criticizing the youth of America.

I am not going to tell you what I think of this book right now .. because I need to get back to the future.

Alabama senatorial race exit poll results of Judge Roy Moore vs Doug Jones Dec 12, 2017 (t=14:30)

But it will soon become clear why I am mentioning this here.

» There is Definitely Something Trippy Going on Here

Girly .. there is definitely something going on with me-n-you .. beyond the time-travel thing, I mean.

I have been trying very hard to keep this thing on the down-low .. as you know only too well.

» God's Views on Racism and the Treatment of the Weak and the Poor and the Foreigner

But it is obvious that Roy Moore is a racist. He holds racist views and espouses racist sentiments .. just like Steve King.

Why are Republicans suddenly outraged over Steve King's racism? asks Eugene Robinson (15 Jan 2019)

I can feel my Boss working this racist angle. I feel confident that this has something to do with it. (I bet that Stacey Abrams knows what I am talking about. Blow, too. And Morgan. And Elizabeth Warren. And Eugene Robinson.)

I was a stranger and you did not welcome me.

Many horrible things have been done, and are done, by people who cling to racist sentiments.

» White Evangelical Republicans Proudly Support a Known Racist Child-Molester

The racist pattern comes with pre-existing values that have already been judged and condemned.

Those who adopt and who embrace and support such values do so at their own peril.

I bet that Coffee Joe knows what I am talking about.

Coffee Joe asks 'Whose side are you on?' to conclude a profile in courage on Elijah Cummings (29 July 2019)

"Whose side are you on?" he asks at the very end. The side of Trump the racist president? Or the side of those who are being attacked and oppressed by Trump and his racist supporters?

Trump the racist president signals that he intends to run a blatantly racist reelection campaign (29 July 2019)

You should probably give his question some serious, thoughtful consideration.

This might be the best thing I have ever seen Coffee Joe do .. which is why I am including an image-link of it here.

» Evangelicals Who Vigorously Fight Against the Living God Himself

I know that it seems obvious to even the most casual of observers .. but perhaps worth mentioning nonetheless  ..

.. that, if you somehow find yourself working for the cause of racism, or for the cause supporting people who have been credibly accused, by a number of credible firsthand witnesses, of molesting them when they were children ..

.. then please be aware that you are fighting against God. (I feel confident that Gamaliel knows what I am talking about.)

Dont say that Coffee Joe didnt try to warn you.

They certainly can't say that they havent been warned. Many times. You can lead a horse to water...

» How the Mind Plays Tricks on You

I would suggest to these people the book by Daniel Kahneman titled » Thinking, Fast and Slow ..

.. because this is a book about how the mind plays tricks on you. So you need to be aware of its limitations .. so that you dont make judgments based on limited or imperfect equipment.

» Very Different

I bet that you are wondering here, girly, "Where will I be a year from now?"

You wouldnt believe it if I told you.

Wise men say that you'll be the same person in five years .. except for the books you read and the people you meet. And who wants to be the same person five years from now?

You are going to be very different in a year, girly. (Nobody who enters my gravitational field emerges unchanged .. I have noticed.)

This is all I can tell you right now .. but I will come to you in your dreams tonight .. and whisper more secrets into your ear while you sleep.

» A Completely Unexpected Loop Back to the Beginning

Writers on their writing journeys are always on the look-out for the beginning of their story.

Because such an encounter can signal the arrival of the end-of-the-line. Of completion. (We actually talk about this very thing in the future.)

I can see that I am looping back here to Page One .. from nearly two years in the future.

I could feel myself wondering if this was the end. Then I thought, "If this is the end, this is definitely not the end that I had expected."

I will have many such wonderings about many such possible endings along the way.

But this thing just seems to keep on going and going. (I totally blame this on you.)

< done with this section of inserted text on the children of Israel balking at their appointed time of divine destiny because they were big pussies .. too scared to step up and take their promised land. "We are not strong enough," they said. >

And I turn to the engineer and say, "Fuck it, let's do this thing .. this dangerous thing."

"Brave man you are," he says, as I step up. "I wouldnt have been able to resist, either. Are you going to give her the whole three carloads' worth?"

» Dangerous Women Learn Your Weaknesses and Exploit Them

But this is one of the things that makes certain women dangerous .. they learn your weaknesses .. and then they use them against you.

And Ariana knows that I have this thing for singers. This 'thing' is a weakness for. And she is definitely using it against me.

But the way that they released this song .. beginning with a double-duty gig on SNL .. then the fifty shades a cappella .. and then the official video.

It is not just a single boom .. but rather a sustained, multi-faceted thing. Which is often how we experience real life .. start with this and finish with that.

And these three things coming all together, with only a week between one another .. forces you to reevaluate her. No?

Does that not seem like a muscular thing? My whole idea of her has changed. Dramatically. It's like she opens up your head and rearranges the furniture. So fast.

She starts you easy on SNL and then brings out the big guns. (She softens you up, first.)

» Hypnotically Pounding Sexuality

It is impossible to miss the hard, driving sexually in the repeated "something 'bout, something 'bout." She is obviously not shy or coy about expressing her sexuality. You can feel it. It comes thru loud-n-clear.

Candace Cane knows what I am talking about.

Candace Cane cocks her arms back and brushes off her hands before attacking the hard, driving sexuality of the somethin' 'bouts during her winning performance art to Dangerous Woman at t=0:49 (Sept 2017)

This is why I am including an image-link here. Much respect. Beyond kudos.

» Recognition + Respect + Gratitude all Wrapped into One .. with a High Degree of Artistic Control

This is one of the ways that I show respect .. a way in which I feel comfortable expressing my gratitude .. and in a way that will be difficult to misconstrue.

Stendhal said "I see but one rule: to be clear."

Notice how I take a large degree of control over my message.

I am free from corrupt influences .. about as much is possible these days

What value is assigned to such freedom? It depends who you ask, no?

What is the most value thing in life?

» This Girl is Feeling Me

And while it is clearly driving thru the middle .. it ends with a beat that is downright pounding. (A mattress-destroying beat.)

And the voice in my head said, "Dude, this girl is totally feeling you. She knows where you live."

(Tho, I find it curious that this actually sounded more like the voice-of-reason .. than the voice-of-ego.)

Many studies have shown repression to be "playing a major role in many mental illnesses."

Do you see any signs of repression in her video? She looks and sounds pretty healthy to me. Very healthy, indeed.

I once had a guy tell me "Dude, these girls who you date .. they are all pretty to look at, sure. But, if the wind blows very hard, they will all blow away. These girls are not going to be able to give you many children. You need a hearty, substantial woman for that. Someone with some meat on her bones."

I came away from this discussion with the impression that he saw women in terms of cattle.

I cant help but wonder if she felt repressed in her earlier roles .. and if so, then how much.

I'm so glad that I was able to have such a liberating effect on her. She appears to be expressing her appreciation quite freely.

» Something 'Bout that Beat

My ego wants me to tell little Miss Ari .. how my dad once said to my younger brother and myself (on a Friday) » "Just once, it would be nice if I could spend a weekend without having to fix stuff that you kids break."

You know how boys play rough, sometimes. Before this, we had broken the glass door to the stall shower while wrestling in the bathroom. "You did it!" .. "No, you pushed me into it." Dad was exaggerating, but we did kinda break a lot of shit. Normal teenage wear-n-tear, if you ask me.

"This is why we can't have nice things .. because of you kids."

He said this to us right after we the broke the bed. Bro would jump up and down on the bed .. and I would swing a pillow and try to knock his legs out from under him.

It is really a lot of fun and we played for hours on end. (I even played it with my son, too. He never wanted to stop.)

But, one time, with bro, the frame of the bed broke at one of the corners .. and the whole bed was pitched forward, at a horrible downward slant. It looked like Shrek had been jumping on it.

Anyway .. my point here is to tell you that [ male ego talking, in response to feeling the hypnotically pounding beat in your repeated "something 'bout, something 'bout" ] » "I have been destroying beds pretty much my whole life."

(I crack myself up, sometimes.)

My real point is that .. there is much about this video I can't even write about .. at least not here.

Candace obviously knows what I am talking about.

Candace Cane wraps verse 1 with this pose for her winning performance art to Dangerous Woman at t=0:45 (Sept 2017)

And there isnt much I won't write about.

» The Birds and the Bees and the Dangerous Women

My hormones, biologically speaking, I have noticed over the years, just naturally tend to get cranked up in the spring. And I doubt that I am much different from any other red-blooded American male. And hormones are very powerful things. You know.

The Bug was born in January. Nine months from January is April. April is spring .. early spring. I was born in January myself. So there appears to be some ancestral legacy to it.

And your genes during this time, whether you even realize or not, they are looking to transcend the limitations associated with mortality. That is their job, my friend.

That is part of their coding, part of their ancient algorithm .. and to send themselves off into the future .. the bright, shiny future .. where they can have even more fun and keep the party going. They do this whether or not you even want them to.

And they are looking for the best 'vehicle' to carry them forward .. into the future. In a sense, you (via your genes) are craving something like immortality .. with this other person.

I heard of a book once, I forget the title .. but it was written long ago in either Japan or China (I think) .. and the gist of this book, which is written from the perspective of an old man who had lived a hard life.

And the takeaway is that .. no matter how old or how dire straights a man might be in .. his heart still skips a beat when a pretty young thing walks by.

It makes him feel young again .. and he is certain that he could throw her down and she would thank him for it. I'm exaggerating a little .. but that's not far from the truth.

When I first heard of this book .. this premise sounded outlandish. Now, it sounds like the voice of a genius. It's all in your perspective.

I dont want to get all birds-n-bees on you, but basically, you are looking for a fit vehicle .. one which seems intelligent and able to adapt to any environment. And one which can create their own environment. One which has the best chance for survival in the future.

» Timing is Everything

And it is during this season of genetic searching that Ariana releases this song. They say that timing is everything.

A part of me thinks that she is thinking, "Rihanna's got her own page, so I should have my own page, too." (Tho, she kinda already does.)

Another voice said, "Dude, this girl has skills. Real skills. And she is obviously not afraid to use them."

(I have some skills of my own. And I invent new ones all the time.)

The beginning of the video says 'Visual 1' .. as if to suggest a Visual 2. I dont think I could handle another Dangerous Woman video.

End of page 1. You should probably not continue on to the next page, because both the danger and the flirting really take off there. But, if you simply cant help yourself .. page 2 is here » Flirting with Danger - Page Two.

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