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» World-Class Huggers

Oh, this is very cool. Look at the look on this girl's face. Priceless.

Ariana with 8-year-old Lily Harrison at Manchester Children's hospital June 3, 2017

You are obviously a good hugger, girly. World-class.

» Lily Looks So Happy

Here's another. This is precious. This makes my heart sing. I can hear it singing.

Ariana with 8-year-old Lily Harrison at Manchester Children's hospital June 3, 2017

This girl looks so happy. You can see it all over her face. Who can blame her? They didnt even look this happy when Queen Elizabeth herself stopped by.

Kids are so honest. Whether they are happy or not .. is always plainly evident. They have not yet learned how to be deceptive.

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» Talking in Hushed Girly Tones

Okay .. one more. Here is one of you with Jaden Farrell Mann. I'm a sucker for these photos of you with kids at the hospital.

Ariana chatting with Jaden Farrell Mann at the Manchester Children's hospital June 3, 2017

No doubt, you two are talking in hushed girly tones here. I gotta get me some of these socks. They look warm.

» One Love Manchester Tribute Mashup

Have you seen this tribute? I admire people who can put together things like this .. assembling sources from a wide variety of material to create a unified whole.

One Love Manchester tribute mashup

They use some of the lines from Tony's poem .. along with a mashup of parts of songs from the various performers.

I would love to sit behind the people who are able to craft such a thing and see how they do it. It obviously didnt take them very long either.

» One Love Manchester

Kudos to whoever it was that came up with the name of your benefit concert. One Love Manchester .. that says it all. Short is power. I am sure that the Rastafarian would concur.

One Love Manchester | June 4, 2017

Have you seen the lyrics to the song by Bob Marley? » "Let's get together and feel alright"

I noticed that it says about this song, under the heading labeled "About" »

"There is a deeper meaning behind the song than a simple call for unity. Some of the lyrics are about oppression and how sinners will pay for their evil deeds in the end. For many listeners, the deeper message is lost in the overwhelming chorus."

And I noticed that the Photek remix seems to play to this very thing.

I'm sure you have seen the line » "Hear the children crying."

Anyway  .. I am very much looking forward to seeing your benefit concert. I heard that 50,000 tickets sold out in something like 6 minutes .. and that you couldve sold out three such stadiums. Wow. (But not as bad as Sidney.)

Oh, here it is. Trending at the #1 position. What a show. What an evening. You must be walking on air.

Nicole Kidman says in her Actors-on-Actors interview of June 6 with Ewan McGregor, this thing "that we all created together and it bonds you in a very particular way."

I think that, if I were there performing at One Love Manchester .. that I would feel this way. Do you?

» The Danger that Follows Great Successes

This might be a good place to mention that we have an opportunity for our greatest fuck-ups following our greatest successes.

It's easy to feel like the normal laws of gravity do not apply to us .. following such successes.

Memento moriYou see some of this principle in action with Roman generals.

Riding through the streets of Rome in their chariots.

Celebrating a great conquest.

With crowds of adoring citizens pressing in on every side .. cheering loudly their victories.

And shouting to them how wonderful they are.

And how they are going to name their next son after the general.

» Memento Mori

But the whole time, there would be a slave standing behind him.

Saying in his ear (my paraphrase), "Dont get too full of yourself, dude. In the end, you're just food for worms .. like everybody else."

On the heels of such successes, it is prudent to adopt a conservative, humble mindset.

It usually doesnt take life very long to kick you in the teeth again, and you won't have to be concerned with getting too full of yourself and making stupid decisions, thinking that you are invincible.

I mentioned this principle back when you won Artist of the Year. But it bears repeating here. Because this is an impressive thing that you did in Manchester .. especially coming on the heels of such a savage attack.

» This is What I Do

Speaking of impressive things .. perhaps most of all, I was surprised by Katy Perry .. her striking look, her dramatic white feathery outfit, and her performance.

Katy Perry One Love Manchester June 4, 2017

Is it just me, or was she not feeling her oats? She definitely seemed to be operating in her element .. and I'm not even a big Katy Perry fan.

And she was so gracious, too .. saying how honored and humbled she felt to be invited to participate. Even the things that she was saying to the crowd seemed to come from a special place.

It's difficult to say these kinds of things that single out one performer without diminishing the others .. and there was no diminishing any other performer. I could easily go into what each and every one brought.

There were many other moments that spoke to me, and perhaps later I will elaborate. But she just seemed to bring it in a big way and make it look easy and natural and authentically authentic.

Kudos to her. Her performance seemed to say, "This is what I do."

Katy Perry | One Love Manchester June 4, 2017

She seems to bring that easy, effortless confidence that cowboys bring to the rodeo after many years on the circuit (.. along with the scars to prove it).

» Fission vs Fusion

In nuclear physics, there is indeed a release of energy by breaking up large atoms .. which is called » fission.

It is much more difficult, and it requires much more energy, to put together small atoms .. which is called » fusion. But much more energy is released by fusion, compared to fission.

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant on the Hudson River in New YorkYour friendly neighborhood nuclear plant uses fission.

And I have helped to turn a respectable amount of matter into energy.

But the sun itself uses fusion. It fuses together small nuclei.

You must understand this concept on an intuitive basis.

Because you joined hands with your dancers when you first came out for Be Alright.

You've never done that before.

I bet that the girls of Big Little Lies know exactly what I am talking about here.

The girls of 'Big Little Lies' walk out on stage holding hands at 2017 Emmys Sept 17

[ Notice how racism is analogous to fission, or to breaking up things (into multiple, smaller, different things). And it is apparently not very difficult to do. I am sure that Lt Gen Silveria would concur. ]

» Very Difficult to Put Together Many Small Things on Such Short Notice

I dont know how difficult it was for you and Scooter to put together this show .. especially on such short notice. But you could not have had a better response to what happened two weeks ago.

[ Oh, here is your friend, Scooter. It looks like he is going to put together a similar benefit for Charlottesville.

I am impressed. When you have firsthand experience with these kinds of things, this gives people confidence in your skill-set. It gives you proven credibility.

You can almost hear him saying, "You heard of One Love Manchester? I did that."

I did not notice a single glitch during your benefit. Not even one. ]

And, yes .. it is important that the response be as close to the incident as possible. This show would not have had the same effect if it were held a month or two later.

The short turn-around is indeed impressive. Assembling and coordinating such a thing .. with so many moving parts .. well, you know more about this than I do.

And everything seemed to go off without a glitch.

I am so proud of you, girly. And I'm obviously not the only one either.

Did you feel "up in the air already" ?

» The Real-Time Immediacy of Web-Based HTML

One of the reasons why I write in HTML, and not in the published-novel form, is because of the immediacy .. that web-based HTML offers.

But there are other reasons, too.

A long time ago, communications took much longer than they do today.

You had the stagecoach delivering the mail. Then came the telegraph and the landline phone.

Your generation has these super-cool internet-based communications that are virtually real-time.

It brings things closer .. by making things more immediate.

Nobody knows the entire scope, but it's definitely a big fucking deal .. in terms of the evolution of the species. No doubt about it.

You wouldnt be reading this right now if it werent a big fucking deal.

I bet that Tolstoy wouldve loved to have had web-based HTML to work with. But not as much as Proust. 

» Deadpool and the Ability to Execute in a Timely Fashion

Notice how the old man dies in the trailer for Deadpool 2 .. because Deadpool can't change into his costume fast enough.

Deadpool walks down the sidewalk and says, 'Not on my watch.'

His intentions were certainly honorable. "Not on my watch, motherfucker," he said.

The subtext here is that honorable intentions and fierce determination arent always enough.

Rather, you need to be able to execute in a timely fashion .. if you really want to do some good in the world. (I know that you feel me here, lovergirl.)

Being in the right place at exactly the right time .. remind me later to talk about this.

» Being On Standby with Jason Bourne

In the Bourne series, Jason Bourne is a highly-trained assassin of sorts. His ilk basically sit around on standby, waiting for a call that may or may not come. Or maybe it will come tomorrow.

This being-on-standby .. this speaks to me, because much of my professional life consisted of a job that involved being on standby.

Sometimes I would go to work and sit around for 12 hours and then go home without having ever been called one time. For anything. Not even for a two-minute job.

But you get paid the same regardless .. because you are paid by the hour.

This was back when I was just a regular knuckle-dragging meter-swinger .. back when folks told me what they really thought .. and not what they thought I wanted to hear.

This period contrasts dramatically with the days when I became a boss .. and literally did not have the time to do everything that needed to be done.

But both movies speak to this aspect of being able to execute a complex skill-set on the shortest of notice. I bet that Scooter knows exactly what I am talking about here.

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