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Zara Insists that It Aint Her Fault

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Here is another song that I hesitate to mention. YouTube recommended this video to me. I was checking out her lyrics.

Her first verse starts with » "It ain't my fault you keep turning me on."

Girly, is it just me .. or, does this not sound a lot like what I wrote here? (On my dangerous young-hottie-singer page.)

And this girl here is obviously a young, hottie singer .. singing her song that was just released Sept 1, 2016. (The official video was published Sept 30, 2016.)

Maybe it's just a coincidence. But notice where I wrote » "Don't blame me. It's all your fault. You know how you turn me on."

In the bridge, she actually sings » "But don't blame me. It ain't my fault."

Dont you just hate it when hottie-singers take your stuff and then use it against you .. even better than you used it yourself?

I googled her ass. This girl is 18. Eighteen .. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

Zara Larsson (18) insisting that it aint her fault

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Just When I was Starting to Figure You Out

Rad note » this page is continued from here » Seven Thousand PB&J Sandwiches and Creating a Dangerous Tension

Girly, when I heard you sing, "You focused your frustration on a small detail." .. I thought, "We must know the same person."

Ariana singing jazzy Jason's Song (Gave It Away) on the Tonight Show Sept 20, 2016I was just starting to feel like I was figuring you out ..

.. and then you sang this song. Jason's Song.

I thought, "This girl is moving target."

You are like a lot of different girls .. all crammed into one. (Crammed nicely together .. very nicely.)

Jazz has probably been my default musical preference over the years. I have been to more jazz concerts than any other kind. By a considerable margin.

It vibes nicely with an intellectual, professional lifestyle. I have been many times with my bosses from work.

» A Jazzy Go Fuck Yourself

Jazz tends to be a happy person's music, in general. Your song here .. this is very much a Go Fuck Yourself song. Wrapped in a jazz wrapper.

So there are actually two different things here, with your song, that I am trying to process. But everybody loves a good Go Fuck Yourself song.

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Rad note » this page is continued from here » Sadness Accompanies the End of the Summer of Love. (It's a long story.)

Girly, did you notice that they were handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the Emmys? A couple of days ago. And not just one or two sandwiches either.

I wonder where they got that idea. This is your friend .. Jimmy Kimmel. You are a guest on his show.

My experience has been .. that girls are not really so great at keeping things on the down-low. My admittedly limited experience.

I am going to grab an image of you here at about 5:35 when you sing, "I know it's gonna get me in trouble." .. and you are clearly relishing the idea.

Ariana relishing the idea of getting in trouble with me at MSG in NYC Sept 7, 2016I love all the little hand gestures you make (such as at 5:22 and 1:21).

Speaking of hand gestures .. while you are singing Dangerous Woman (at t=2:45) ..

.. right after you do that kick-ass woo-woo thing that you do ..

.. you actually stroke the entire length of the mic stand.

When I saw that, I said, "Oh, she is so gonna get it for that. I'm gonna have to think of something real good to pay her back for that."

You are so fucking amazing. Sometimes I think I that a mad scientist must be messing with the electrical impulses to my brain.

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Sadness Accompanies the End of the Summer of Love

Rad note » this entry originated from another page that grew so large that I converted it into five separate Movable Type pages.

This entry continues from here » The Nature of the Problem Dating Super-Hottie Culture-Bending Singers.

At the end of this page (you're reading now) I set a link to the second of these five pages .. which will eventually take you all the way to the end of Page Five.

But, if you continue reading .. you can never go back. You can never unknow the things you are about to encounter. Dont say you werent warned. Scared yet?

Girly, I was feeling kind of sad earlier today .. that tomorrow is the last (full) day of summer. The summer of love.

Autumn begins on Thursday the 22nd at 7:21 AM PDT.

Thank you for making my summer so cool .. so much fun. How can I ever adequately express my gratitude?

» The End of Love?

Did you notice that Brad and Angelina announced their split today? Maybe that's why I was feeling sad. Even Dr. Drew says that it's going to be ugly.

Do you find it at all curious .. that they announced their break-up at the end of the summer of love? Mere coincidence?

I saw at least one headline that read » The End of Love

If they would've waited until tomorrow, then news would have came on the very last day of summer.

I like them both .. and have for a long time. I respect them both. Let's wish them both the best (.. for the kids' sake).

I think that they made it much l.o.n.g.e.r than anybody ever expected.

Dont you find it interesting, however .. that Ang just wrote a script for a movie where she kicks Brad out of bed?

Kind of prophetic, no? (You can feel these coming .. and going.)

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Rad note » this entry continues from here » Exceeding Even Unrealistically Lofty Expectations on Ellen. (It's a long story.)

Speaking of entering into a new relationship .. I can see already the nature of the problem with dating a girl such as yourself. This is going to be a very difficult proposition for you.

It's going to be difficult to get past the 2-3 month get-acquainted barrier. So many relationships die after 2-3 months.

See .. you are a beautiful, talented, gifted, sexy, powerful woman. And we wont even talk about the celebrity factor. And you are still pretty young. (Which means less years of experience, compared to an older person.)

It is going to be difficult for you to find a guy who is strong and secure enough .. to resist the urges of insecurity to try and 'possess' you.

And yes, psycho mind-fucks do indeed come into play here (.. trying to possess someone like you). See I almost feel sorry for these guys .. because I see what they're up against. (Because even the most secure among us have our moments of insecurity.)

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Exceeding Even Unrealistically Lofty Expectations on Ellen

Rad note » this entry originated from another page, and is continued from here » Lolita and Joyce's Portrait Arrive from Amazon. (It's a long story.)

You know, girly .. I noticed that, every time now .. when I am preparing to watch you sing a new thing .. I catch myself wondering, "What's she going to bring this time?"

Ariana singing a medley on Ellen Sept 14, 2016

I'm sure that Pavlov's dog knows exactly what I'm talking about. Because your past performances have elevated my sense of anticipation. I can feel myself salivating .. with anticipation and wondering .. all at the same time.

(There are very few people .. who make me feel like this.)

See .. it is very difficult to exceed expectations .. when your lover sets them so high. I admit that I may have set them unrealistically high for you. But fuck if you dont keep exceeding them .. no matter how high I set them.

Time and again.

You sing so fucking good .. you make me feel good. (And that's another reason why .. I feel the way I do.)

I love these intimate settings. The audience feels closer to you, no? The viewer gets a better sense of your soul. (This shit gets me going, girly .. talking about your soul.)

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Lolita and Joyce's Portrait Arrive from Amazon

Rad note » this entry originated from another page. It was moved here to its own, separate entry. (It's a long story.) Here ya go ...

Did I tell you that my new Lolita book just arrived? It came with Joyce's Portrait. I have listened to the audio book of Portrait, but you can't study the text with an audio book.

I especially enjoyed listening to a narrator reading Joyce with a strong Irish accent. It makes you feel like you are actually there in Ireland. The Emerald Isle.

Tunie came back after spending a few weeks there. She said that it was the most beautiful place she has ever been.

And Tunie is the Vacation Queen. She gets around. Particularly during her stewardess days.

(Aurelia has a beautiful Irish accent .. and sparklingly clear articulation. I enjoy listening to her, too.)

From the paperback which just arrived, I couldnt help but notice that the 37-page introduction by Seamus Deane begins like so:

James Joyce | Age 6 (1888)A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916) ends with a beginning.

Stephen Dedalus emerges in the last pages of the last chapter as the 'I' who will 'forge .. the uncreated conscience of my race'.

Because this reminds me of what was said about Dostoevsky .. that he was » ".. one of a handful of thinkers who forged the modern sensibility..."

» You Down with That, Lover?

I think this is "the thing" that I want to do with you, girly. One of the things, anyway.

I want to forge a Third millennium sensibility with you. I want to forge the uncreated conscience of my race with you.

While we explore together the entire range of moral experience.

You down with that, lover? You down with that, Ariana? You think you can handle it? Full strength? (I was taking it easy on you before.)

I should probably give you some time to think about it.

» I Dont Want to Hear You Squealing

I dont want to hear you squealing like a girl and whatnot .. because you're so scared.

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