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Sing Me a Song and I'll Tell You a Story - Page Two

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» Took Much Longer than Expected to Completely Disentangle from Previous Residence

Feels like I am more settled in here now. More home. It feels good to cut all ties with that previous part of my life.

Up until last month (Feb) I still had the same doctor in Fallbrook, which is 50 miles away.

It's a long story that I'd rather not revisit. But I am finally, after two years now, completely disentangled from my old life there in north county.

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Sing Me a Song and I'll Tell You a Story - Page One

Girly, do you remember when I wrote, "Sing me a song and I'll tell you a story." ?

I dare not go back to fetch the link to the section where I wrote that. Or I might get lost and never return.

To do this thing I am doing today. Where I am putting things into words.

But that was a long time ago. That was back when things were brand new for us. I was flirting with you big time.

It felt very natural, I must say. Like the writing had a mind of its own.

I sometimes felt like a spectator in my own writing .. as if a step removed .. watching where this thing was going.

Sometimes, not often, I can hear a voice back there saying things like, "Dude, I can't believe you are saying this shit to this girl. The heuvos you must have."

Back then I was saying things like » I have no idea where my story will go. But I'm sure it will be banned in many countries.

I was sliding my nice writer's hand down into your warm singer's panties on a regular basis .. because I wanted to touch you in a special way.

In a personal way. In an intimate way. And definitely in an erotic way.

This means I like you, you know, when I write stuff like this. I don't write stuff like this to anyone else.

One time I even said, "Put that into your panties and keep it nice-n-warm for me." (Sometimes I crack myself up.)

But when you are feeling yourself in the moment, and you know you did a good job .. then the writer is allowed to have some fun.

He is allowed to play with industrial-strength super-hotties such as yourself. He is able to flirt with them .. however he might happen to feel inspired.

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