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George Bush at Trump's inauguration Jan 20, 2017George, what are you doing with your face here?

I have tried to do this in the mirror, but I am not able.

I am not able to make my mouth do this thing that you are doing here.

How do you do that?

And I am not even going to mention your madly furrowed brow or your wildly flared nostrils.

Why would I ever do something like that?

Why would I call attention to your facial features here at Trump's inauguration?

What did Hillary say to you that made the corners of your mouth turn down so sharply here?

You are clearly not happy about what she said to you.

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The Art of Giving Shit - Page Two

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» A Fatherly Profession of Unconditional Support

It may be worth mentioning here .. how I was working at a nuclear plant in sunny southern California. As a regular ol' knuckle-dragging tech. And loving every minute of it.

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station | Southern California

When the big boss called. And asked me to stop by his office after I got off work. Where he presented me with a position.

I was trying to get him to articulate the scope and the parameters of my duties and responsibilities in this new position.

Because I had held similar positions at other nuclear plants (.. being the Certified Fresh Rad Whore that I was).

And because this was a new position that had never before existed. So there was no preexisting pattern for me to work from.

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The Art of Giving Shit - Page One

Speaking of stories .. girly, the Dog called recently to say hi. He is very good about staying in touch. And I remembered the story I told you and Nicki about whispered secrets.

Ariana whispering secrets to Nicki in Side to Side

After the niceties were over, I said, "Dog, do you remember that time we went to the Lollipop?"

Girly, the Dog didnt even say anything. There was a delicious empty silence on the other end of the phone.

You could almost hear his long-dormant neurons being activated .. as they lit up neural circuitry all the way back to our days in Waikiki.

A few seconds later he just started laughing. And it was the type of laughter that told me I have him right where I want him.

» Timing is Everything

It's not easy to catch the Dog off balance like this. So I was proud of myself. (Timing is everything, you know.)

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Connecting with the Soul Behind the Dazzle - Page Two

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» Being Okay with a Lack of Definiteness and of Certainty in the World

In returning to speak to the uncertainty that I sense with determining the location of the blurry line between the real and the imaginary in this thing that we have .. this erotic, dangerous thing ..

.. I should say that this is the essence of the problem with quantum mechanics. You lose that sense of definiteness and certainty that classical physics provides and cherishes.

This sense of certainty in the physical world feels comforting .. does it not? But you learn that classical Newtonian physics is something of a kludge. Things dont work the way they should under certain circumstances.

This is why quantum mechanics represents a more accurate description of our physical world. (I like getting accurate with you girly. Most girls cannot handle my accuracy.)

This is what really fucked with Einstein. He could not deal with the "dice" problems associated with probability. (Uncertainty.)

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Connecting with the Soul Behind the Dazzle - Page One

[ Note: this page is continued from here » What Makes a Love-Story Convincing? (It's a long story.) ]

This was, in a way, the whole driving force behind that page I wrote for Mary-Louise. Tho I am not going to explain exactly what I mean by that.

» Finding Non-Traditional Companionship that Works for the Dedicated Artist

Oh, look at this (Jan 6, 2017). She is trending. How does it feel to be trending, girly?

(Every time I have been trending, it was never a good thing. This is one of the reasons why I want to keep our thing secret.)

This actually speaks to what I was trying to say with Mary-Louise.

These things are hard to say. Because I've never heard anyone say them before.

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The Madness of Fergie's Beautiful Life

This page originated » here. [ It's a long story. ] Happy New Year, Fergie.

Fergie reminding you that life is beautiful even in the midst of the madness Fergie would probably chime in here.

And tell you to remember that life is beautiful.

Even in the midst of the madness.

But it's not, Fergie.

It's not beautiful .. for millions Americans.

Not even close.

It's still a good song, sure. And this may indeed be your experience of life.

And, in your experience, life may indeed be beautiful .. even in the midst of the madness. I dont doubt that one bit.

But your madness is different from the madness of most other Americans. Very different.

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