The Madness of Fergie's Beautiful Life

This page originated » here. [ It's a long story. ] Happy New Year, Fergie.

Fergie reminding you that life is beautiful even in the midst of the madness Fergie would probably chime in here.

And tell you to remember that life is beautiful.

Even in the midst of the madness.

But it's not, Fergie.

It's not beautiful .. for millions Americans.

Not even close.

It's still a good song, sure. And this may indeed be your experience of life.

And, in your experience, life may indeed be beautiful .. even in the midst of the madness. I dont doubt that one bit.

But your madness is different from the madness of most other Americans. Very different.

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"How different?" you ask? Where to start?

It is so unbeautiful that, every day, 20 veterans see death as an upgrade. Did I say 'every day'?

Well, there are more than twenty .. that see death as an improvement. As a form of relief. Probably a lot more.

But twenty of them actually decide to go ahead opt for the upgrade. The Reaper's upgrade .. as a way to put an end the madness wrecking havoc daily in their unbeautiful lives.

This week alone, 140 more veterans will off themselves, seeking relief from the madness of their unbeautiful lives.

This month will see another 600 veterans taking their own lives .. killing themselves.

It will probably be even more in the coming months because of the holidays, which are tough to negotiate from the madness of their unbeautiful lives.

I used some images here, by the way, from your MIFL video. Hope you dont mind.

» "We're Coming Over"

This girl I dated would bring MILFs over to my place. I mean, what am I going to say when she calls and says, "We're coming over." ?

Girls getting nasty in High for This

They were all hot-n-bothered and looking super-fine after spending a steamy summer Saturday night out on the town, and looking for a place where they could get after each other.

A scene from the trailer for Below Her Mouth (2017)

Well, you know what I mean. These were not slutty girls, but they were definitely getting nasty. Girls can get so nasty, sometimes. You know.

Atomic Blonde on the bed

I'm not going to say that I was shocked .. but I'm sure that my eyebrows were raised a time or two. (Or three.)

» Nice Touch

Here is another image of you that I am going to use .. because it says something about your touch. And you must admit .. it does look beautiful.

Fergie's fingers on the mic

I heard you break into a little reggae thing there near the end. It seemed to give your song wings. One love.

I heard you singing Gimme Shelter with Jagger and U2. No pressure, I'm sure. (Some world-class wailers have wailed that part on that song.)

Wasnt that at the Garden? That had to be very fucking cool.

I was looking for some shelter myself the first time I got out of jail in the wee hours of the morning. But there was no shelter to be found, Fergie. So I was very much feeling the Stones at that point.

Dylan wrote a song about shelter. Shelter from the Storm. I have been thru more than my fair share of storms.

Did you hear that Dylan blew off the Nobel people? "I couldnt make it," he said. "Sorry."

That's Dylan being Dylan. "I couldnt make it to pick up my Nobel Prize for Literature. Say hi to Hemingway for me."

» A Student of What You Do

Do you think that the Stones are the greatest rock-n-roll band ever? Have you read Keith Richards' book? Surely you are a student of what you do.

I had to check myself in to detox just from listening to his audio book.

He does indeed get into his creative process. That is the #1 thing that I was interested in. But he gets into a lot of other things, too.

I would think, "I feel like I'm getting fucked up from listening to these stories about Keith Richards doing all these drugs." Maybe it was a sympathy thing.

Did you know that Hitler and the Nazis were big fans of meth? Can you blame them?

I read a thing that suggested you might have an addictive personality.

I normally resonate easily and naturally with people who have an addictive personality. I feel comfortable with them. Often more comfortable than I do with family.

I am not sure why this is, but I can feel a part of myself sympathizing with them. I can feel that sympathizing thing at play with you.

Speaking of sympathizing .. say hi to Spaceman for me .. sprinkling pot on his pancakes and whatnot. (For anxiety, of course.)

Did you hear him call those guys 'pussies'? I did a little pitching myself .. so I can appreciate that.

He seems like such a good dude. I think you did good, Fergie. In my opinion.

» The Fergie Vibe

Oh, this is very good, Fergie. I am totally feeling you. You definitely have a Fergie vibe.

That's what you want .. your own signature vibe. An inner steady confident place from which you work.

I was just telling Ariana about this very thing.

(Lots of sex in the Fergie vibe .. I have noticed.)

Fergie's heart-shaped ass

And the extent to which you are able to venture out from that signature core and explore the creative horizons .. determines the size of your huevos rancheros.

Your artistic, creative huevos rancheros. So to speak. No?

I grew up in Connecticut [ Go UConn Huskies Girls Basketball! They're downright invincible. ] but have since moved to SoCal and attended many bonfires at the beach. I love bonfires at the beach. I enjoy them very much.

One job I had, everybody went to the beach after work every Thursday and played volleyball and cooked hotdogs until it got dark and then we made a big-ass bonfire.

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station | Southern California

Tho not as big as yours. You are obviously in violation of a number of municipal codes there. You must have come home smelling very smokey.

Old lady, young girl .. nice touch.

That was very bold starting with the super close-up eye shot. It has a rattling effect. Normally the viewer is slowly warmed into these things.

It definitely speaks confidence. Fergie is getting right down to business.

You emphasize the less-is-more point, and you do this nicely. But you do not strike me as a less-is-more type of girl.

Perhaps this is why you only know this in your heart. .. because, in your life, and parked in your garage, more is more.

» Fergie in the Rearview

I have already grabbed an image of you from this video.

I grabbed the shot of you in the rearview mirror .. and I inserted it right below where I talk about my son's mom and I write, "Without him, she wouldve been in my rearview mirror long ago."

Fergie in the Rearview

I did not want anything bad to happen to her, because she is still my son's mom, and anything that affects her and going to affect him .. one way or another. But I did not want to be anywhere near her.

Unfortunately for me, she did not feel the same way about me as I did about her. She wanted all manner of bad things to happen to me .. which is why she called the police and child protective services so many times.

"How many times?" you ask? You wouldnt believe me if I told you.

I thought of what I wrote there when I saw that shot of you. "Fergie-in-the-rearview," I thought, "I am definitely grabbing that fucker. And I know right where it's going. Thank-you, Fergie."

I hope you dont mind.

That was clever how you did the half-empty thing there. Kudos to whoever thought of that.

» There is a Reason Why

With my son's mom .. it was not even half-empty. There was only venom in that glass.

(There is a reason why I am cautious with women. There is a reason why I am sometimes a big pussy.)

If this section gets any bigger, I will have to lift it out and move it to its own page.

Such an operation is always fraught with danger .. especially when singers are involved.

[ This is now done .. as of January 1, 2017. ]

I see that you are a California girl. A singer from California. I have had nothing but outstanding experiences with singers from California.

Existentially speaking.

Oh, here is another singer from the Valley » BANKS. I am totally feeling her. Do you know her? I must really have a thing for singers.

Tell me, Fergie .. is it your experience when you are in creative flows that are super-juicy .. and when you are impressing yourself with your creativity .. is it your experience that you more strongly feel like making babies during these times? (seeing that babies are themselves the product of a creative act.)

Take your time with that one.

The end of the madness of Fergie's beautiful life. ■

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