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This page continues from here » The 1619 Project » Marking the 400-Year Anniversary of Enslavement and Oppression Arriving in America - Page One (14 August 2019).

» The United States Does Not Torture

Speaking of stepping away from groups of people who are known to embrace racist sentiments .. check out this Vice News interview with Joe Walsh (57).

Former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh tells Vice News that the Republican party is not a racist bigoted cruel party (30 Aug 2019).

This is one of the most fascinating political interviews I have ever seen .. for a number of reasons.

Which is why I am mentioning it here .. in this theme where I have already referenced Joe Walsh and some of the things he has said.

He attended the University of Chicago .. so he is no dummy. He is no hick.

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This page continues from here » The Unfolding of a National Moral Crisis » Witnessing the Rise of Naked Racism as a Defining Political Strategy - Page Three (31 July 2019).

» The 400-Year Anniversary of Slavery in America

I bet that Nikole Hannah-Jones knows what I am talking about.

Nikole Hannah-Jones leads the 1619 Project (18 August 2019)

She leads The 1619 Project (published 14 August 2019), which marks the 400-year anniversary of slavery in America.

The 1619 Project by Nikole Hannah-Jones (14 August 2019)

I wonder what Kanye thinks of Nikole's project.

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Another Blessing in Disguise

This page originated here from an entry titled » When the System Worships Mammon the Children End Up Paying the Price (19 July 2019).

» Speaking of Shrinking Back and Cowering ...

Speaking of shrinking back and cowering .. girly, I saw you surprise the TNT Boys here (19 Feb 2019).

Ariana surprises the TNT Boys (19 Feb 2019)

The term cower is defined as:

    1. To sink by bending the knees; to crouch: to squat or sink downward, especially in fear.
    2. To show submission or fear.

You totally blew their minds. You could see from the looks on their faces that their minds were completely blown.

Ariana surprises the TNT Boys and blows their minds (19 Feb 2019)

They were looking overwhelmed. (I know the feeling.)

You can be such a sneaky little shit sometimes. I like that about you. I like everything about you. (Probably more than I should.)

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This entry continues from here » Peddling an Adulterated Version of God's Message for Profit - Page One, Part B (6 June 2019).

» Why Did Jerry Falwell Jr Really Endorse Donald Trump?

Speaking of white evangelicals who are Trump's most devoted supporters .. somebody please ask this prosperity preacher what he thinks about this article about Jerry Falwell Jr's support and surprising endorsement of Trump.

Trump meets Giancarlo Granda at Liberty University with Jerry Falwell Jr (2012)

It says that the Falwells declined to comment for this article. I bet.

I wonder what David French thinks of this.

David French says evangelicals are supporting Trump out of fear, not faith (27 June 2019)

Somebody also please ask this prosperity preacher what he thinks about what this Trump supporter (Mark Lee) publicly declared with his own mouth.

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This page continues from here » Peddling an Adulterated Version of God's Message for Profit - Page One, Part A (6 June 2019).

» How Does the Love of God Live in Him?

Somebody ask him what he thinks about what John wrote here.

But whoever has the world's goods (adequate resources), and sees his brother in need, but has no compassion for him, how does the love of God live in him? Little children, let us not love [merely in theory] with word or with tongue [giving lip service to compassion], but in action and in truth [in practice and in sincerity, because practical acts of love are more than words].

Someone who is worth $760 million, and who lives in a mansion, complete with its own airport, stocked with a number of high-end jet airplanes ..

.. I feel comfortable saying that such a person » "has the world's goods (adequate resources)". And I am sure that most Americans would agree with me here.

Does he not see his brother in need? Everywhere you look there is plenty of need.

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This entry originated here, on a page titled » The Generation that Worships Money and Serves Mammon as it Steals from its Kids - Page Three (13 April 2019).

» A Bizarre and Disturbing Interview with Prosperity Preacher by Inside Edition

Speaking of the generation that worships money .. check out this bizarre and disturbing interview of so-called Prosperity preacher and televangelist Ken Copeland (82) by Lisa Guerrero for Inside Edition (3 May 2019).

Prosperity televangelist Ken Copeland being interviewed by Lisa Guerrero for Inside Edition (3 May 2019)

Wow .. check out the look in his eyes here. I wonder what Kyle thinks of this interview. I wonder what Ana thinks.

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