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» You Know That's What Crazy People Think, Right?

I can feel something going on with her .. with industrial-strength Elena.

I know, folks, that this is exactly the kind of thing that crazy people think. I know .. but I can nevertheless still feel it. Should I indulge this insanity?

And truth be told, dear reader, I like the way it feels. I like it a lot. I mean, who wouldnt?

I can assure you that there is a part of me right now that is very happy to be flirting with Elena Fraules.

It seems too good to be true, but I'm not going to let that stop me.

» The Importance of Developing a Sense-of-Self as it Applies to the Intimate Relationship

Along these lines, I am seeing the importance of a fully-formed sense-of-self that you can feel comfortable operating in and from.

I am convinced that much of the problem you happen to find in intimate relationships springs from a self-image that does not feel up to the task before him.

Which leads him to compensate for his sense of deficiency by constructing artifices in the relationship that leverage his sense of self in dysfunctional ways.

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I am struggling to fit this concept into a single sentence, but I don't want to get too far away from flirting with Elena Fraules.

I can see the importance of developing a fully-formed sense-of self that you can feel comfortable operating from .. in a wide range of circumstances and situations .. that you might happen to find there along the moral spectrum of life.

Perhaps my point here is to say that I would normally not even consider the idea of flirting with anyone the likes of Elena Fraules .. back before I had taken meaningful steps to grow and develop my sense-of-self.

Which can be some soul-wrenching shit at times, for sure.

» She is a Choreographing Bad-Ass .. and She Knows It

Elena Fraules is a choreographing bad-ass .. and she knows it. She is international. She has probably been loved in seven different languages. She put Novosibirsk on the map.

I am obviously impressed. I am all kinds of impressed. For a number of reasons. I am not trying to hide my sense of admiration. Not at all. Au contraire.

She is a business woman, too. She wears of number of different hats .. and she wears them well. She kicks all kinds of ass.

And I haven't even begun to delve into her choreography, or her dance .. or anything related to what she does best.

And everybody knows that dancers make the best lovers. It's common knowledge.

» Does She Not have the Coolest Energy?

There is something about her energy .. is there not? Does not she have the coolest energy?

Anyway, I might have to flirt with her right-proper. I would definitely have to up my game for that.

I might have to dial it up another notch or two .. in order to truly do it justice. (I am very much into doing justice, you know.)

» Different Girls Take You to Different Places

Different girls, it has been my experience, take you to different places.

I don't know exactly where it is that Elena would take me .. but I know that I will need plenty of game whenever I get there and wherever that might be. (Yikes!)

Fraules Team performs dance choreo to Yikes by Nicki Minaj (1 Feb 2022)

You are such a boss-chick. Look at you here .. throwing that arm up there like that.

I saw you lick your finger right before you do this. You are so sexy that I can hardly stand it sometimes.

I love the vibe you bring here. You have tons of experience. The way you walk up after getting out of the car, says, "This is not my first rodeo, folks."

Very swaggy and savage. Take no prisoners.

Elena is a lot of fun to play with, too. Some girls are better at playing the game than others. This has been my experience.

» Can't Say I Really Understand the Responses My Writing Can Sometimes Generate from Women

Now I admit, dear reader, that I sometimes use my writing skills as a way to flirt with industrial-strength super-hotties .. that have somehow captured my attention and my fancy.

I cannot say exactly why it is that my writing skills have this kind of effect on them, but I can see that it does. I know that I have the thing they want .. the thing that they sometimes crave.

Naturally this encourages me to continue exploring in this direction .. because of the myriad different types of positive-reinforcement that is found down this road.

We are talking about the myriad different types of positive reinforcement that you find along the road to some of life's finer and more pleasurable experiences.

More than once, I have had girls say to me things like, "Dude, your ass is moving in with me next week. So start packing. I'm going to bring over some stackable plastic milk crates. They make moving a lot easier. I am the queen of moving."

They always said these right after I had shared with them some of the things that I had been working on. Some writing things.

(You can't make up stuff like this folks .. so why even try?)

» Taking the Intimate Relationship to the Finer and More Rewarding Realms of Human Experience

It is difficult to take these things to the finer places, you know .. because each 'player' must first identify and then deal with their own areas of personal dysfunction.

They each must first identify -- honestly identify -- their own areas of self-delusion. And then they much each take steps to effectively remedy their areas of dysfunction and self-delusion.

It's terribly difficult, my friend. It is not far from impossible. And it sometimes seems impossible. It sometimes feels like your soul is being ripped apart, or like a part of you is dying. It sometimes feels like more than you can bear.

I am talking about the finer aspects of the human experience that you happen to find there along the stretch of road that lies between pleasure and pain. I am talking about the things you happen to find on the road to ecstasy and bliss.

» What Kind of Relationship Can You have Without Trust?

Because everybody knows that intimate relationships are built on trust. The further you take the relationship, the more trust you will need.

Even less-than-intimate relationships require trust. It takes a long time to build real trust, and it can be surprisingly easy to lose.

» The Rewarding Sense of Growth that Comes from Growing an Intimate Relationship

The things that you find here are far from common, my friend. At least, this has been my experience.

So when I do find one that does indeed seem to be working (functioning) properly .. for me and with me .. then I cannot help but seek to cultivate such a relationship.

So I will experiment with things here-n-there, doing this-n-that from time-to-time.

But the bigger narrative at play is the growth of the sense-of-self that often comes from a genuine challenge.

And no, it is not easy .. because all real challenges are challenges we face with ourselves.

» A Muse Inspires and Challenges the Artist to Growth

This is sort of what a muse does, no? A muse inspires the artist in some way .. in some meaningful way. And probably even in a number of meaningful ways.

She somehow inspires him, in a way that lights a spark in him. And then she will cause that spark to grow and glow hot .. by challenging him in the area of personal growth.

Because all real artistic growth is preceded by personal growth. Or, at least, this has been my experience.

» Breaking Out the Heavy Artillery

Now I know from personal experience, and from many years of flirting with industrial-strength super-hotties .. I know that, when I start talking about the biggest and the greatest and the best and the finest ..

.. particularly when it comes to writing, then this means that I really like this person. I really like this girl. I am somehow taken by her. There is something about her that really does it for me.

This means I am trying to impress this girl. I can feel myself trying to impress her. I can feel my peacock feathers fanning out behind me.

It seems to happen on its own .. like it is a natural, organic response .. that comes with little or no effort.

Something about her sparkle has captured my attention and caused me to want to look deeper. And the deeper I look, the more impressive she becomes.

» I Wonder if Elena is Feeling this Thing the Way I Am

To me .. from this end, from my side, it feels strong. It feels like aggressive flirting. I can feel myself bringing out the big guns. The heavy artillery.

This is exactly what challenges me. This is exactly what challenges me to up my game.

I can feel it. I can feel it inspiring me. I can feel it challenging me. I can feel it motivating me. I can feel it right now. It feels pretty strong, if you ask me.

I wonder if Elena can feel it, too. Of course, my ego is convinced 100% that she can indeed feel it .. certainly in ways that she has never felt it before.

But how can I know? How can I know for sure? How can I be absolutely certain .. like my ego is?

» The Muse and the Soul-Wrenching Process of Artistic Purification

The process of artistic purification .. whereby the artist continually up's his game .. by ridding himself of old and irrelevant things so that he can make room for new and improved things ..

.. this process of personal and artistic growth is by no means an easy thing. It can get painful at times. And even ugly. It can be a soul-wrenching process.

But this is exactly what the artist needs, no? Certainly from time to time.

Not always. You will need to give him a break now-n-again, so that he can recuperate and lick his wounds and rest and relax and whatnot.

But then the day will come .. when he begins to feel ready for his next challenge. His next mission. His next lesson. His next tool that he can add to his already well-stocked toolkit.

She is preparing him for ever larger and more complex challenges .. because she knows that his biggest challenges in life will come when he is least prepared.

(How you like me now, Elena? I see you. And a special shout-out kudos to your camera person and editor. Beautifully done. I could go on-n-on.)

Update 7 Feb 2022 » I just got done re-reading this page .. after I had let it sit-n-gel a little.

When I was done, the voice in my head said, "Dude, you are flexing like a motherfucker here. You must really like this girl."

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Speaking of girls that I really like .. no page with a title that includes the term 'industrial-strength' would be complete without at least mentioning Ms. Dove Cameron.

The first time that I ever used the term 'industrial-strength' and connected it to an image .. it was an image of Dove.

And you know how it was Dove who kept me company while Ari was away.

I can still remember the way she lightly patted the mattress beside her .. and said, "Why don't you come lie down here .. and tell me all about your experiences with lovers who retain child-like features."

She just released a new single, titled Boyfriend. She sings down in that register that works me.

Marissa has already busted out a choreography for it. Have mercy.

I feel like this scenario was something that happened to Dove. I could see that happening.

I have been thinking about her lately. I am hesitant to begin writing about her .. because it can be hard to stop.

It becomes impossible to quit. I mean, I can feel it already. I can feel it taking me and I have only written a few lines. A few lines to tease her with the goods that I have for her.

But I can see that I will need to sit down here at the keyboard sometime soon and flirt with her right-proper.

I am not sure exactly what I will be writing to her, because I am just going to let the moment go where it will and take the path that feels most right.

I am curious myself as to where this path might take me. It is never where we think, or where you expect to go. But it is always a cooler place.

There is a bit of writing advice out there that recommends the writer write what he and only he can write. My intuition is telling me that Ms. Cameron is a vehicle for me to write such unique things.

I don't know if she would be able to handle such uniqueness .. but I am sure that she is game.

When I saw her in the Taste of You music video, the voice in my head said, "Dude, this girl is all-in. I don't know how you do it."

I mean, she clearly represents my idea of an industrial-strength talent who happens to do it for me in a way that is so strong that I can find it difficult to disengage from. It happens on its own.

Plus, I have some other things that I want to share with her, too. I have some non-flirty things for her.

I saw some clips of her many acting gigs, and I was always impressed. She is comfortable playing the darker roles. The question that everybody is asking is 'How comfortable?'

She is an industrial-strength talent and she knows it.

I can tell you all the reasons why I selected her image as an example of the kind of industrial-strength hotness that I was talking about. 

A part of me would like to do nothing else. But I am too smart for that.

Another part of me knows that I have the goods right here .. so I want to tease her with the goods that I kniow she can appreciate.

She makes me feel aggressive. Not always, no. But maybe more than any other industrial-strength hottie.

When I wander over into thoughts that involve her, I can feel myself growing aggressive.

I am not going to say that I was growling at her .. but growling was not far away, my friend. Not far at all.

I am not exactly sure why this is, but I know that it is not usually a good thing for girls .. when they make me feel this way .. when they make me feel aggressive.

I usually have to help pick them up off the ground .. on a regular basis.

I am not saying here that they do this intentionally, or on purpose. No. But this does not matter when this aggressive things takes you.

I try to warn these girls, you know. I tell them up front and ahead of time, that they are making me feel some kind of way.

I try to warn them that pursuing this path with me has proved hazardous to many who have come before them. Hazardous in a number of different ways. A rather large number.

This only makes them want a go at it even more. (Does this make any kind of sense to you, dear reader?)

Before I get too distracted here, I want to remind myself to tell Dove the story of when I was rock-climbing at Joshua Tree with my buddy Tom and his rock-climbing wife (Steph).

I am not really sure why I am associating this particular story with Dove, but I am. Maybe she has answers that I need.

She can jog my memory by saying, "I know this thing that you have to do here looks impossible. But every second that you continue to evaluate your predicament, you are burning energy. So the sooner the better. Give it one last look and then go for it."

I was just noticing how talented of an actress you are .. when you go and release this single.

I was also noticing how well Ariana sings, when she shows up in a movie, in an Oscar-nominated film.

You girls are blowing my mind. I look over here for you, and you show up over there .. kicking ass in ways that I hadnt expected.

Do you remember that time she kissed your cheek? I mean, how could you forget? It was clear to me that you found the experience a pleasurable thing.

How pleasurable?

This is the end of this page. ■

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