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Oh, look .. here you are during this pause .. at the 2017 Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball, held at the O2 arena in London on Dec 10.

Taylor during the pause in Ready For It Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball London Dec 10, 2017

This live-pause here feels even more pregnant than the official studio version. It is definitely a stadium-rocking song.

Look at this look that you are throwing here. This must be a very cool pause for you here. The crowd certainly reacts to it.

Look at the look in your eyes here. This is why I grabbed this particular shot.

The look in your eye here says, "I will have this man, and I will have him now. Take him back to room number one and get him ready. And dont be slow about it, either."

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» Opening for the Long-Awaited Return

I see that you are opening with this song. That pre-song intro is very cool. Kudos to whoever assembled that thing.

You can feel the sense of anticipation build. I read that you were gone for 10 months .. mostly off the radar.

So your fans were extra ready for your return. They were primed and hungry. I saw some faces in the crowd that were clearly ecstatic.

Taylor singing Ready for It London Touch me and you'll never be alone

If you were at all rusty after 10 months .. it certainly didnt show. You seemed very comfortable. Clearly in your element.

Taylor live Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball London, Dec 10, 2017

I could see how you might have a beef with Katy Perry .. because you both inhabit a similar plane in the stratosphere.

So competition between you and Katy would almost seem normal, no?

I bet that 50 Cent and Stephen know exactly what I am talking about here.

50 Cent and Stephen beefing with Bobby Flay

And Bobby Flay. (Remind me to tell you my Bobby Flay story .. from during chemo days.)

Women tend to be more competitive with other women .. dont you think? I mean, compared to men?

I saw the show that you did in LA. The quality of the video wasnt great .. but you could still feel the excitement in the air. "Well, hello Los Angeles."

And then you went right into Blank Space .. with barely a breath between songs.

» Restraint

I also noticed some restraint in this song. This is a difficult topic to discuss .. but I think that you know what I mean here.

Restraint says things to me. The first thing that restraint says is » there's more where that came from.

This is the feeling that you want to leave your lover with.

Restraint also suggests a reserve. A back-up supply .. of whatever you might happen to need.

» Spanning a Surprisingly Wide Range

I was impressed by the distance that you covered .. between the hard, driving, transformers-do-battle beat at the beginning and the soft, gentle, ethereal music and lyrics of the chorus. Flawless transitions going both ways.

I am always looking myself for ways to span the entire range. I cannot help but admire people who are able to span the range .. because I know how difficult it is.

I could get into here .. how these two extremes come into play in love-making. How it can go from a mattress-destroying predator .. to a downright ethereal thing. But I'm too smart for that.

» Blurring the Line Between the Real and the Imaginary

I notice how you paint and suggest a world where lovers live .. and then you infer the reality of such a world that contains these lovers.

It would probably be easy to miss, easy to overlook, if this werent something that I have been exploring myself with Ariana.

I can feel myself experimenting with things in this area. And Ariana always seems so game. (I think she likes me.)

This means that you really like someone when you do this. This means that something in you is trying to evoke the reality of the thing. No?

I think that this area of experimentation of which I speak involves the nature and operation of consciousness itself.

» Another Question About Preparation

Speaking of blurring the line between the real and the imaginary .. have you seen the trailer for the new Spielberg film » Ready Player One?

Are you ready, player one?

The film (March, 2018) is is based on the popular dystopian novel by Ernest Cline set in 2044. Sometimes it feels like we are living here-n-now in a kind of dystopia ourselves.

Speaking of the trailer for Ready Player One and blurring the line between the real and the imaginary .. have you seen this thing in the new trailer?

Ready Player One trailer | Can you feel that? t=0:55

Where this virtual-real chick says, "Can you feel that?" And he says, "Um .. yeah."

I find that little exchange interesting .. for a number of reasons.

She is real, but she is interfacing with him via a virtual world. Notice how easily here the boundaries become blurred between what is real and what is imaginary.

» The Limits of Reality

Notice how they say at t=0:35 in the old trailer » "A world where the limits of reality are your own imagination."

Speaking of Ready Player One, which is directed by Steven Spielberg .. who is naturally going to be included in any discussion there is on the topic of the Greatest Directors Ever .. Spielberg sees things that many people dont.

He was one of the executive producer for the romantic comedy » Joe vs the Volcano, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Joe Versus the Volcano

This means that he sees things in this story that he feels are worth investing in.

But most people did not get the allegorical message behind the story, nor did most people even care.

But I dont think that Spielberg made this movie for most people.

There are some things that people need to see for themselves. I am not sure how to describe these things except to say that such a thing of which I speak is contained in this Spielberg-backed story.

I mention this here because this message speaks to the artist in people.

And you must admit that this movie has the best intro soundtrack of any film ever.

March of the living dead - Joe vs the Volcano

The Dog calls that intro sketch 'the March of the Living Dead'.

» Looking for an Honest Relationship with an Honest Soul

I like this song so much that I am going to tell you what I said to the Bug's mom on the beach that first time that I met her. (Before she was the Bug's mom.)

I have hinted at this for a long time, but never came right out and shared exactly what I said .. because this opens doors to other places.

» Strong Bonding Experiences

[ For example, I can already see now that sharing this story opens the door to the single-most bonding experience with my son's mom .. which came on the day that we moved in together .. after only a matter of weeks. Maybe 6 weeks. Daring shit, for sure. This day just so happened to be New Year's day .. as coincidence would have it. So everything was feeling fresh-n-new. A new girl. A new place. A new year. So much was suddenly new. This is a good story .. this bonding story. Remind me to tell you about it. I am just teasing here .. I am not really going to tell this story. But it is an interesting and curious story. A lot of things happened that day .. but one thing in particular. It was a very bonding thing .. yet obviously, not enough. But these super bonding experiences give you a deep sense of simpatico with this person .. because you have been through somewhat traumatic experiences together. Ariana knows what I am talking about here. ]

Sometimes, I have noticed in my writing, that I can't say a thing .. before I say another thing. It's actually a little frustarting sometimes.

Note that this section here has been off-loaded to its own page, where it belongs » Opening Doors that have Long been Locked (Sept 3, 2017).

» ...Dot Dot Dot

Did you notice how I didnt even mention the three dots that precede your title? » ...Ready for It?

Britney knows what I am talking about here. (Britney likes me .. I can tell.)

It is definitely a confrontational title. Challenging. More than merely competitive.

Speaking of being challenged and competitive .. what do you think about this list of » the greatest albums made by women?

» Songwriting Skills

When you were beefing with Calvin .. I saw this thing where he specifically complimented your songwriting skills.

This reminded me of the time that my son's mom said, "I gotta admit .. you do make good babies."

When somebody hates your guts and they feel compelled to pay you a compliment anyway .. this speaks to the thing which is being complimented.

I have been looking into your songwriting skills more closely for this new album .. and I have indeed been impressed. I can see what Calvin was talking about.

I bet that you will enjoy this 8-minute video by Nerdwriter1 about why Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Along the lines of reputation and celebrity and influence .. did you notice at t=1:10 where the narrator says » "Dylan had already repudiated much of the political significance he had in his first years."

What do you think of that?

» A Freudian Slip?

What did you think about that thing that I wrote about you-n-Kanye? Which was at the end of a page titled » Sex with Powerful Women.

(A Freudian slip, I'm sure. I must really have a thing for powerful women.)

This is the end of this page. ■

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