The Games Begin

Hi Taylor.

I was thinking earlier today how something in me was craving a new song. I remember scanning the page of titles there at YouTube, looking for a new song from somebody. If not a new song, then anything new. Maybe a new trailer is out?

But being Sunday, and seeing that nobody ever releases a song on Sunday .. I seemed relegated to sit with this shitty sense of dissatisfaction.

» A Sense of Dissatisfaction Spurs the Artist to Greater Heights of Creativity

Surely you are familiar with the vague sense of dissatisfaction that comes from time to time .. when you feel like you are wanting something, or needing something .. yet you are not really sure what it is that you want or you need.

I dont think that this uncomfortable sense of dissatisfaction is limited to the artist. Perhaps the artist just feels it more accutely. More sharply. More exquisitely.

I read this thing that said it was this sense of dissatisfaction that was the thing that spurred the artist to ever greater heights of creativity. So we should therefore embrace it, and welcome it, and rejoice at its arrival.

Easier said than done. Much easier.

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» Artists Tend to be Progressive

This is why artists tend to be progressives rather than conservatives. Because progressive-types are always looking for ways to improve themselves .. to improve their craft, their art. While conservatives tend to focus on maintaining the status quo.

They like things just the way they are. Probably because the status quo is good to them. Because it provides them wonderful advantages that others do not have.

My theory makes sense, does it not? The artist is always saying, "Surely we can do better."

» Nadir Writing

I remember thinking earlier today how weak I was feeling .. and how, when I feel this weak, this usually means that writing is coming. Writing is on the way.

This is why I was there at YouTube looking for something new .. because my intuition told me that something new was coming down the pike.

When I am feeling such weakness .. this usually takes 'me' out of the equation. The writing, whatever it is, is therefore able to come more purely. More cleanly. And less affected by the parts of me that might feel the desire to weigh in if they were feeling strong(er).

Orwell says that good prose comes from a struggle to efface one's own personality

I realize that this sounds kind of crazy .. but you are an accomplished artist .. so I am sure that you feel me here.

If you hone any craft, any art, for long enough .. you start to notice recurring patterns. You may not know what dynamics lie behind these patterns, but you can't deny their presence.

Reputation is your sixth album, so I am sure that you know exactly what I'm talking about here.

I do not really like this feeling of weakness that I am talking about .. except being able to come back later and read what I have previously written, viewed from a fresh perspective, and say, "Wow, this is pretty fucking cool."

» Who are You Really?

Sometimes I even say, "Who are you, dude? Who writes like this? Who says things like that? Who are you really?"

Other times I can't help but glance over both shoulders .. to make sure that nobody is back there, whispering in my ear .. while wondering, "Where is this stuff coming from?"

Player One Wade Watts looking over his shoulder to see if there is anybody behind him

Sometimes I think, "Dude, you are a funny fucker. You are cracking me up here."

» Wanting vs Needing

I was originally planning to write to the Fifth Harmony girls later today .. but, when the weakness comes .. then you have to write what you need to write .. and not what you want to write.

Dostoevsky talks about wanting.

» A Wonderfully Unexpected Sense of Satisfaction

Anyway .. perhaps this vague sense of dissatisfaction is the reason why I had such a wonderful sense of satisfaction from hearing your new song today.

Later in the day I scrolled down the page and saw your song listed there in the 'Trending' column .. sitting at the #1 position.

» Nobody was Ready

Being a Sunday .. this means that nobody was ready for your new song. You caught everybody off guard .. me included.

[ I have noticed this characteristic in good lovers .. how they are always surprising you in unexpected ways. (In good ways, not bad ways.) And yes, sometimes they surprise you when you first wake on a lazy holiday weekend morning. ]

I watched a handful of reactions. Everybody was impressed. Most said that they like this song better than LWYMMD.

When you sang, "Are you ready for it?" .. this guy said, "That's real low. If you find a girl like that, dont let her go. You'll regret it. I promise you." He seems to be speaking from experience.

[ The question "Are you ready for it" signals confidence. It suggests that she is bringing so much that you will struggle to deal with it. ]

Have you seen these dance choreos? Very impressive. So expressive.

Some said that this is your best song ever. Shalyn started crying.

Shalyn Marie reacting to Ready For It

She was clearly losing her shit. You made her cry.

She has a tattoo on her right bicep that says DEATH BEFORE DECAF.

Death before decaf

After they stuck a scope down in my stomach and looked around down there .. because I was throwing up blood after the election .. my doctor told me not to drink coffee any more.

I said, "What's the point of living if I can't drink coffee?" [ I bet that Lauren knows what I am talking about. She is a coffee lover. ]

So perhaps you can see why I relate to this girl .. in more ways than one. (I put a little ice cream into my coffee in the morning .. to cut the acidity.)

» Breaking Records

Plus, you just released the video for LWYMMD only a week ago. People are still dealing with that. Have you seen the numbers lately? 200 million views the first week. Record-breaking numbers.

What does that feel like? I think that I would be totally freaked out .. hiding in the back of my closet. With the light dimmed. Particularly if I saw something like this.

But this is what you do.

I was struck by the production value in your video last week. Truly remarkable production value. You must feel very good about that. I certainly would.

The sheer amount of artistic value and skill and talent that shines from your new work .. is most impressive. The numbers seem justified.

Such rich imagery. I could so go off on your imagery there .. but I'm not sure that you could handle it.

You are riding this amazing wave .. and making it look easy. I think that people look back to the girl who Kanye took the mic away from .. and then they see this new Taylor emerging from this album, and they say, "You probably shouldnt have done that, Kanye."

Nobody is going to take the microphone away from you any more. Trust me.

» Why the Notion of Celebrity Seems So Distasteful

Regarding your enormous popularity, I was wondering why the idea of celebrity seems so distasteful to me.

[ I like the way that you threw in the line where you rap » "Younger than my exes..." to throw everybody off our trail. Nice work, Tay. Very clever.

I thought for sure that everybody would figure out our little secret when you used the sound of a click pen so prominently in Blank Space.

You have given me much to work with here. ]

And I think that it is because the writer is basically listening to his inner writing voice. And the degree to which you must pay attention to external things .. this distracts from listening to that inner voice.

Does that make sense? I have actually been wondering about that for a long time. The writer does not want to spend his time cultivating and managing an external image at the expense of listening to his internal writing voice.

Some girls help you to see things that were right there in front of you all the time. That's a good trick.

Note that this section has been off-loaded to its own page » Fame, Celebrity and Reputation (Sept 3, 2017).

» I Used to be One of those Boys

Notice in the very last paragraph there, where it says » Most artists try too hard. And consciously or unconsciously, I think people have a special appreciation for someone who isn't out there waving their résumé at you every five minutes.

Speaking of trying too hard .. one of the lines in your lyrics says » Some boys are tryin' too hard, he don't try at all though.

This is one of those cool verses that brings something into your consciousness that had long been lingering there just below the surface.

So when the idea appears to you, it has this agreeable 'ah-ha' type of thing attached to it.

» Speaking to Things that Lie Hidden Just Below the Conscious Level

For a writer, I feel that this is one of the coolest things that you can do. This speaking to things that somehow remain hidden in the unconscious.

Dylan does stuff like this. Poets do things like this. They speak to things in your subconscious that you werent even aware were there.

Being a singer-songwriter, what do you think about what Lou Reed said here (at t=1:00) .. that "The only lyrics that I really think are fantastic .. is Dylan."

I mention here the idea of » stealing fire from the gods. The mythical idea behind the idea of stealing fire from the gods is that » you get a very cool thing, but you pay a considerable price for it.

You go into the thing (stealing fire from the gods) knowing that the gods are going to extract a heavy a price from your hide for daring to do such a brazen thing.

But you dont care. "Fuck it," you say .. and do it anyway. You speak the unspeakable. You give voice to the voiceless .. even tho you know that there is a reason why the thing has long remained unspeakable.

I bet that Ashley Judd knows exactly what I am talking about here.

» Been There, Done That

The reason why, perhaps, your verse about "Some boys are trying to hard..." speaks to me .. is because I have been down that path.

I have been down the path where you come to a place where you dont try .. and you certainly dont try too hard.

Notice at t=0:25 in this video of your song with visuals from the Victoria's Secret Angels.

...Ready For It (Victoria's Secret Angels)

Whoever made this video intentionally used this clip of this girl who you see here .. when you sing the part » "He dont try at all though."

This thing speaks to me. Sometimes I will just be there, minding my own business .. and these girls will throw me a savage look.

This girl is throwing a serious look. Some girls know how to throw you a look .. that is hard to forget.

I was telling Ariana about the #1 Best Insight that I ever got from a super-hottie, and I reference this section here.

I have done considerable science experiments with girls in this area over the years .. and because I have been in many relationships.

I have spent considerable time just trying to figure out women. Sometimes they work so wonderfully well and sometimes they are fucking nightmares. Why the difference?

What does it mean to try too hard? It means that you have abandoned your dreams, my friend .. in order to pursue this girl. If you are willing to abandon your dreams .. then you are trying too hard.

You will lose respect for yourself .. and she will smell that loss of respect .. and it will not smell good. Trust me.

A true lover will never ask you to abandon your dreams in order to follow her .. in the pursuit of her dreams.

The best relationships are where each lover mutually supports the other in the pursuit of their dreams .. no?

» Anna Kay's Grandma

Anna Kay says that the best dating advice she ever got came from her grandma, who told her to just be herself. I gave similar advice to my son.

Dating advice from Anna Kay's grandma

See .. if you are being someone or something that you're not .. and some guy likes you, then he does not really like the real you.

What I am saying is sort of obvious in a way, but the practice of simply being yourself in an intimate relationship is far from common.

You do however, need the confidence that you yourself are a valuable human being, with something to contribute to the relationship.

Such confidence comes from living a life that is congruent with your innermost values. I will be the first to admit however, that living such a life is no easy thing.

And it can take a while until you get to a place where you really like yourself and can respect yourself .. as a sentient being with a noble moral code.

Most people dont even know what their values are. So the simple act of determining exactly what your values are .. this itself puts you ahead of most people.

Nietzsche is very much about values.

» Irresistible Lyrics

I like the lyrics to this song. Much to explore there. Lyrics lie at the heart of any song.

First thing I did, even before I finished listening to the song .. was to go over to genius and see who is listed there as songwriters.

I like the construction, too. I like the beat. I like everything about this song. I could go on for pages about all the things that speak to me .. which is why I am trying not to get started in that direction.

There are themes included in this song that are familiar to me. Themes with which I have valuable firsthand experience.

I may address some of these themes. I am sure that I will.

» I Do Indeed Feel Ready Now

I remember telling Ariana how, when I first heard Dangerous Woman, I thought » "And, no .. I did not feel ready. Not hardly. How can somebody ever feel ready for something like this?"

But now, with this song, I do indeed feel ready to respond. Hence today's title. The confident title. Playful, even.

» When the Games Turn Psycho-Erotic

Speaking of the playful confidence that comes with being ready to accept and tackle a daunting challenge from a strong, confident, powerful woman ..

Taylor Swift ...Ready For It savage look (26 Oct 2017)

.. who purposefully paints erotic images in your mind with her hypnotic words and her seductive voice ..

In the middle of the night, in my dreams
You should see the things we do, baby

.. check out what Mistress Mia says here (25 Jan 2018) ..

.. in something she calls » Play My Games. (I like her speaking voice.)

'Play My Games' bids Mistress Mia if you dare (25 Jan 2018)

This is an interesting concept .. for a number of reasons .. such as the role imagination plays in her audio file.

Anytime you find yourself coming into contact with the erotic levers of power and authority and dominance and submission .. this hearkens back to ancient, primal things.

In other words, you can go deep fast. (Both Nietzsche and Dostoevsky, by the way, go deep fast.)

This topic is so interesting, in fact, that I have off-loaded this section to its own page .. where I can give these girls the attention that they deserve and demand. See here » Playing Psycho-Erotic Games with Strong, Confident Boss-Chicks Who Desire to Dominate (3 Sept 2018).

» The Ability to Bring Game

You use many words and phrases, Tay, that I am a fan of. Such things speak to me .. tho I dare not say what things they speak.

After I heard your song, the voice in my head said, "You told her that you liked the game .. so what did you expect? She's bringing the game right to your doorstep."

After hearing the first two songs from your new album, I caught myself thinking that you were tackling artistic things that you and only you could tackle.

» No One has to Know

Speaking of irresistible lyrics .. in the pre-chorus you sing:

I see how this is gonna go
Touch me, and you'll never be alone
Island breeze and lights down low
No one has to know

In the middle verse you add another (spoken) "No one has to know."

I find this very fucking seductive. I can actually feel myself being seduced. It is a disorienting feeling of dizziness.

You actually whisper this part. I can hear you whispering in my left ear .. positioned a little behind me. Wow .. that is very fucking sexy.

The idea of never being alone .. along with the lights being turned down low .. amid island breezes .. with no one having to know. I am not able to resist such a thing. Not even close.

I am not sure why the idea of privacy so appeals to me here .. but I can actually feel the effect that it has on me.

Near the end (at t=2:35) you sing these same verses with different effects on your voice. Is that partially from a Vocoder? I love Vocoders.

Whatever it is, that is a very cool way that those verses are presented there. You are able to pack a lot of personality into your vocals. Nuance, inflection, timing, stresses .. you seem to master these aspects.

Right after you whisper in my ear, following the second verse, you do this little 'eh' thing after you sing, "In the middle of the night, in my dreams."

That is definitely one of my favorite parts of the song. Tho I am not sure that I could tell you why.

» Favorite Parts

Perhaps my favorite lyrics in the song come at the end of verse 2:

I forget their names now
I'm so very tame now
Never be the same now

I could so get off on a tangent right here. But I'm too smart for that.

The way you sing that line with the verse, ".. running off and never saying sorry." .. that was very cool. Very convincing. Well done.

Perhaps the verses that speak most to me are:

I know I'm gonna be with you
So I take my time

Tho it would take a while for me to explain why.

And of course everybody is going to love the high wailing that you do at the end .. that goes without saying.

» The Pregnant Pause

There is a slightly pronounced silence .. right before your final wail. I really like that pause. Tho I would need to get naughty in order to explain why.

I must really have a thing for singers.

This is the end of this page. ■

This theme continues here » Girls Who Inspire You to Up Your Game (Dec 10, 2017).

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