Going Stupid-Dumb

I know a little something about going stupid-dumb. More than a little, actually. I confess that I do indeed feel qualified to address the subject. Well qualified .. with plenty of firsthand experience.

He Like That | Fifth Harmony official video

I might even be something of an expert on the subject.

The term stupid implies that you are not thinking clearly. While dumb implies that your ability to form words has somehow been compromised.

Why might you be thinking unclearly? And why might you be having trouble forming words, or putting things into words?

Going stupid-dumb with Lauren

These are good questions.

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» He Trip when He On It

At the very end of this page I wrote » "But, with some girls, the sex is so good .. that it messes with your head."

Tho I dont elaborate on exactly what it is about sex with these girls that messes with your head.

But before we get into that .. I first want to congratulate the girls of Fifth Harmony for releasing such a fine song.

This is one of those songs that your hear playing at the club, and everybody stops talking when they hear it starting to play and they all say, "Let's go dance."

And the whole group heads off to the dance floor en masse .. because it is such a fun song to dance to.

Oh .. I heard that you girls are going to perform this song tomorrow night at the 2017 MTV VMA's. I am stoked. I am very much looking forward to that.

But the MTV page says that you will be performing with Gucci Mane .. so maybe you will be performing a different song.

» VMA's and GMA

Okay, I saw your performance at the VMAs. I guess that you need to perform the song(s) that you are nominated for.

I also your live performance on GMA. Yes, this album is indeed a big deal .. coming on the heels of Camila's departure.

It is not the same thing, but Camila's departure shares enough similarities with the dynamics of an intimate lover who rejects you .. because they have found something better .. that everybody realizes that this is going to be a critical time for Fifth Harmony.

You need to respond with a confident assertion of who you are and what you can do. And you did.

Good for you girls. I'm proud of you. And I'm not the only one, either.

» Fabricating Drama Unnecessarily

I saw some online celeb news sites saying that you girls were throwing shade at Camila. I did not see it this way.

They made it sound like you punched and kicked the fifth person off the platform. But the truth is that she jumped off of her own free will.

I dont like it when news sites try to create controversy that doesnt exist. Perhaps to generate clicks. Dont we have enough controversy already?

Perhaps I am simply sensitive to the unnecessary fabrication of drama that is not really there. I'm sure that I am. 

Now sometimes there may indeed be a valid reason for a no-shit feud. But I dont see it here.

» Changes at 5H Post C

I confess that I am indeed curious about the changes in dynamics at 5H following Camila's departure.

I have long observed the interpersonal dynamics at play between small, intimate groups .. and how those dynamics are affected when a new person arrives or when a current member departs.

I am sure that you know exactly what I am talking about. It is not so different from the way you get different chemical reactions when certain chemicals are added or removed.

It may still be too soon to ponder such things .. but as time passes these observations would become easier to reflect on.

For example, I see the biggest changes with Ally in your new 4-person version.

There is nothing wrong with 4-girls groups .. just look at Little Mix.

To be continued. ■

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