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Flirting with Danger - Addendum Part Two

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» Sent Home Because Her Dress Was Too Short

I am going to tell you how this performance reminded me of my first girlfriend, in sixth grade .. who had just transferred here from Italy. Her english was decent.

And this was the first year of middle school .. so now we have kids from all over the whole town .. and not just from my little end of the town.

I wasnt going to tell this, but it keeps returning .. as tho it wants to be told. Persistent.

But my punch line is that she was sent home from school .. for wearing a scandalously short dress one Friday.

A beautiful little dress .. sort of a body-hugging thing that seemed to grab her butt. She was downright stunning and more womanly than girly.

» How Can You Possibly Compete When You Can't Even Breathe?

She took my breath away wearing that little thing. And I most certainly did not feel up to the challenge. Not hardly. I mean, how can you possibly compete .. if you cant even breathe?

Such a thing had never happened before, far as I recall .. a girl being sent home because her dress was too short. I certainly had never heard of such a thing.

Later she said, "I just wanted to look pretty for you." (with her cute, little Italian accent).

» Write Me a Love Letter

She always wanted me to write love letters to her and tell her how I felt about her. I must've written her 100 love letters.

I know what you're thinking » "Obviously time well spent."

Even the eighth graders were jealous.

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Flirting with Danger - Addendum Part One

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Ariana sings live on Good Morning America in New York on May 20, 2016I saw you on GMA release day.

I see that you are feeling me. You are feeling my energy.

(I look good on you. You wear me well.)

And the things you are doing with it .. with my energy. You touch my soul.

You are obviously feeling good.

You actually look like you are in love.

You look so amazingly happy .. like every cell in your body is happy.

That makes me feel so good .. you cannot imagine. (Or maybe you can.)

See .. some girls I am good for. I am trying to learn the difference .. which ones I am good for, and which ones I am not.

I loved the GMA choker.

» Working Well for Me

I dont mind telling you .. that this is working for me. Working well. This thing we have .. this secret thing.

Already we are a good team. (Same-same, two-of-a-kind. You know.)

Didnt I tell you that writers and singers go well together? .. like peanut butter and jelly? (I'm pretty sure I did.)

On a walk earlier today, a voice said, "Dude, you got it bad for this girl."

I said, "Are you trying to tell me something that I dont already know?"

Another voice said, "She's got a whole pack of ninjas .. helping her to kick your ass. So you shouldnt feel too bad."

Lauren is GMA. (Sometimes, at least.) Did you see Lauren? Speaking of having it bad. (Guys always hate it when their girlfriends get together and compare notes.)

She has some of the best socials skills I've seen. I bet she is very easy to be with. I'm sure she is.

I've been with her myself a few times .. you know. Maybe even more than a few. (Totally scandalous, I know.)

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