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I Did Not Know that Girls Like This Even Existed

Done establishing HMTL footprint for this page on this date with this title.

Today is first day of summer. Summer arrived at 7:57 this morning. That's early.

Today is the summer solstice. At least, for those of us living here north of the equator.

I wonder what time it is right now. I'ma go check real quick. Be right back.

Timestamp Worldclock Wednesday 21 June 2023 at 1:00 pm in San Diego

Looks like it's 1 pm. On the solstice. Longest day of the year. Shortest night. Minimum darkness. Maximum light.

(Did I just wax poetic?)

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Sing Me a Song and I'll Tell You a Story - Page Two

This page continues from » Page One (19 March 2023).

» Took Much Longer than Expected to Completely Disentangle from Previous Residence

Feels like I am more settled in here now. More home. It feels good to cut all ties with that previous part of my life.

Up until last month (Feb) I still had the same doctor in Fallbrook, which is 50 miles away.

It's a long story that I'd rather not revisit. But I am finally, after two years now, completely disentangled from my old life there in north county.

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Sing Me a Song and I'll Tell You a Story - Page One

Girly, do you remember when I wrote, "Sing me a song and I'll tell you a story." ?

I dare not go back to fetch the link to the section where I wrote that. Or I might get lost and never return.

To do this thing I am doing today. Where I am putting things into words.

But that was a long time ago. That was back when things were brand new for us. I was flirting with you big time.

It felt very natural, I must say. Like the writing had a mind of its own.

I sometimes felt like a spectator in my own writing .. as if a step removed .. watching where this thing was going.

Sometimes, not often, I can hear a voice back there saying things like, "Dude, I can't believe you are saying this shit to this girl. The heuvos you must have."

Back then I was saying things like » I have no idea where my story will go. But I'm sure it will be banned in many countries.

I was sliding my nice writer's hand down into your warm singer's panties on a regular basis .. because I wanted to touch you in a special way.

In a personal way. In an intimate way. And definitely in an erotic way.

This means I like you, you know, when I write stuff like this. I don't write stuff like this to anyone else.

One time I even said, "Put that into your panties and keep it nice-n-warm for me." (Sometimes I crack myself up.)

But when you are feeling yourself in the moment, and you know you did a good job .. then the writer is allowed to have some fun.

He is allowed to play with industrial-strength super-hotties such as yourself. He is able to flirt with them .. however he might happen to feel inspired.

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I posted this entry to coincide with the winter solstice .. which falls on December 21st this year, at 1:48 pm Pacific std.

But I am posting this page a day ahead of time. See here.

Timestamp Worldclock Tuesday 20 December 2022 at 12:20 am San Diego time

Time right now is 12:20 am here on the 20th of December .. and this page (with this title) is live.

Some things I like to get out ahead of.

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» Girls Who Speak My Language

One of the first times I ever heard of you was in a brief interview clip. I don't recall the details, but I remember thinking, "This girl is speaking my language."

You were talking about things that mattered to me. You were talking about things that were speaking to me.

So I caught myself wondering, "Who is she? Where is she getting this? Who is she talking to?"

It's not like I was trying to think this stuff. But I was.

I think we are all looking for people who get us. We are all looking for people who speak our language, and with whom we can connect on a deeper level.

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This page continues from an entry titled » Girls Who Take Me Out of My Comfort Zone (10 Oct 2022).

Today's date is October 22nd, 2022. This is a cool date, you must admit. So I wanted to do something special.

I wonder what time it is right now. Hold on a sec. I'm gonna go check real quick. Be right back. Don't go anywhere.

Timestamp Worldclock Saturday 22 October 2022 at 10:22 pm local San Diego time

Okay, it's 10:22. It's getting late. Good thing I didn't dawdle. I need to get busy right away.

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Girls Who Take Me Out of My Comfort Zone

This page continues from an entry titled » The Satisfying Sense of Intimacy that Accompanies the Erotic Connection with a Beautiful Creature (1 Oct 2022).

Time right now, in case you were wondering, is 10:10 pm on Monday, the tenth day of October.

Timestamp Worldclock Monday 10 October 2022 at 10:10 pm San Diego time

.. and this page is live. This HTML file is serviceable by my web server located somewhere in the so called cloud.

» Introducing an Element of Precision

This introduces an element of precision to my writing, no? An exactness. Certainly to my publishing, it does.

When Ariana begins her concerts by introducing eclipse imagery .. she is introducing an element of precision. Is she not?

Sure she is. An eclipse is a ultra-precise alignment .. between multiple celestial bodies. Things bigger than us, and over which we have no control.

Speaking of Ariana and heavenly bodies .. remind me to tell you the story about when I was moving the site to a new server, which I needed to do because the operating system was being deprecated.

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This page continues from » Page One (1 Oct 2022).

» I Do Some of My Best Work When I am Trying to Impress Industrial-Strength Talent such as Yourself

Sometimes I will go back and read something I havent seen for a long time.

Here is where I am looking at something that I previously wrote. Now I am looking at it from the outside looking in, as a reader .. instead of from the inside looking out, like I do while I am writing.

Reading and writing are very different things for me.

Here is where I will sometimes see something that strikes me in such a way that I will say to the writer in me (while I am reading, not writing).

Here is where I will say to the writer in me, "Who are you, dude? Who writes like this? Who says things like that? Who are you really?"

Not always, but many times this will happen while I am writing something to an industrial-strength talent such as yourself.

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Hi Lisa.

I was planning to post this entry on the equinox, which arrived last week on the 22nd of September at 6:03 PM.

Timestamp Worldclock Thursday 22 September 2022 at 9:22 pm local San Diego time

That's a cool date » 22 Sep 2022. And the autumn equinox is when the seasons change from summer to fall.

But October is the month when I posted those two entries titled »

So October is like your month. But I didn't want to wait until the 22nd.

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I Feel Your Pain

The time right now is 11:43 pm here on the left coast and this page is live .. today being the 22nd of August, 2022.

Timestamp Worldclock Monday 22 August 2022 at 11:31 pm San Diego time

You know what they say about the journey of a thousand miles » it begins with a single step.

I would not use such a cool, once-a-century date such as this on just any kind of writing.

Windows log-in screen Sycamore Canyon, Arizona at 8:22 on Monday 22 Aug 2022

No. Not hardly. Au contraire.

I would have to do something special on a date like today. Something extra special.

I would have to bring the kind of smoke that nobody has ever seen before. I might even have to do the impossible. (I've done it before.)

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