Moved the Site Today to a New CentOS7-Based VPS

I just completed moving the site to a new CentOS.7-based server.If you can read this, then that means you are resolving to the new server (with a new IP address).

Actually the Migration Team at Liquid Web actually did everything.

My old server was running CentOS 6, which expires in November. (No more updates provided.)

It feels good to get that server-move out of the way.

Every time I logged into WHM there was a big note waiting for me at the top of the page that said » "This version of CentOS expires November 30, 2020. You should move to an upgraded server before then."

This reminder had been there, at the top of the page, staring at me, for months.

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Sometimes, when you move the site to a new server, which will naturally contain newer versions of software, you find that things dont work the way they did back at the old server.

But everything worked surprisingly well this time. This was definitely my best server-move. Certainly my easiest.

Liquid Web has a team of techs dedicated to site migration. They are literally experts at moving your site. I love experts, and especially their expertise.

I bet that Tom Nichols knows what I am talking about.

The Death of Expertise: The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters (March 2017)

I feel confident that he does.

Of note, perhaps, is that I am now using MariaDB at the new server, and not MySQL. I dont even have MySQL installed on the new server.

Maria is designed to replace MySQL after it was acquired by Oracle, another database company.

The end. ■

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