Until We Remove the Corrupting Effects of Money from Politics, Things Will Only Continue to Deteriorate for Us-the-People

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For what it's worth, I like Katie Porter. I like her a lot. She is my hero.

Katie Porter's exchange with JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon should shape the 2020 campaigns (12 Apr 2019)

The biggest problem that America is facing is » corruption. This issue gets more citizen support than any other.

Except for the wealthiest of the wealthy, everybody agrees that the corrupting effects of money-in-politics is a problem that continues to grow worse.

Until you fix the problem of the corrupting effects of money-in-politics (for good) .. things are only going to continue to deteriorate for us-the-people .. as they have been for the last 40 years now. It is no big secret.

Mick Mulvaney knows what I am talking about.

Mick Mulvaney does not respond to people who do not give him money


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» The Idea of Paying Employees a Livable Wage Never Even Occurred to Him

The questions that Katie Porter put to Jamie Dimon ..

Katie Porter asks billionaire bank CEO Jamie Dimon why he can't find the money to pay his employees a livable wage. NowThis (16 Apr 2019)

.. reveal that the idea of paying employees a livable wage does not even enter the mind of the rich and powerful.

It never even occurred to him.

This is why I like her. One of the reasons. I like her a lot. I bet that Brian does, too.

Our government should respond to the needs of the citizenry as it was designed to do by the framers. But the corruption (aka money in politics) has become so bad that now it doesnt matter AT ALL what the people think and want.

Politicians care only about the money and nothing but the money. All money should come out of politics immediately. Legalized bribery is what it is. This is why the slime is attracted to Washington.

I have no problem with special interests petitioning our representatives. But I have a problem when that petition is attached to a large sum of money.

You can all go fuck yourselves far as I am concerned. Have a nice election. See you in 2024. Maybe then you will treat young (30), female, non-white progressives better than you treat old (68), white, male, union-busting Republicans. (I doubt it.)

The reason why you decision-makers at the DNC have more in common with John-the-Union-Buster than with AOC .. is because you are both about serving the wishes, and catering to the desires, of your wealthy donors.

Birds of feather are you. It is totally understandable .. once you identify the sources of motivation.

But Bernie and AOC dont play that game. That's why you hate their guts and want nothing more than to end them politically forever.

Now, there is a radical thought .. if you ask me.

I hope all those Kasich republicans show up for you guys. Say hi to John for me the next time you see him. Tell him I said that he can kiss my progressive ass, too.

Heck, I would gladly give him head-of-the-line privileges.

» You Can Never Go Back

It is tempting, I admit, to think that we can simply return to the days of yore .. after this here current psychic tragedy is behind us.

But my experience has been that » you can never go back.

Rather you need to reevaluate the new world that you find yourself in .. and adapt intelligently to your new world.

» Joe Biden has No Vision for the Future that Doesnt Spell Disaster for the Youth

The idea that Joe Biden is going to take us back to the glory days of Obama .. this concerns me. It suggests an ignorance of our new reality.

Joe Biden doesnt even know what state he's in half the time. How is he going chart a course for the future?

(Clue: he isnt. He doesnt have it in him. And he never will. This doesnt mean he is a bad person. It simply means that he is not the right person for the job at this juncture in our nation's history.)

He has no vision for the future that does not spell disaster for the youth. For the younger generation.

He thinks Millennials are lazy whiners who dont know how good they got it. He clearly doesnt get it.

The older generation seems intent on destroying everything before they die out for good. If they can't be in control of the country, then nobody can. They will just burn it all down. Scorched earth.

I have given this phenomena some thought. Some psychological thought. I am talking about this strange phenomena where the older generation seems hell-bent on executing a scorched-earth strategy on the future of the younger generation.

It strikes me as childish. It strikes me as immature. Juvenile. It strikes me as the brainchild of someone who is stuck at the emotional maturity of a third-grader.

A poorly-adjusted third-grader. Someone whose interactions with the world are limited to the social skill-set of third-grader.

Their emotional growth stunted .. whatever the reason might be.

They look like an adult on the outside, but on the inside they are a third-grader. They are somebody with the world-view of a third-grader. With the patterns-of-thought frequented by third-graders.

Except they are not in the third grade. No. They are in the White house now, running the country. Ruining the country.

» Everyday Another Truckload Overflowing with Vindication and Validation Rolls into the Sanders Camp

Meanwhile, the Global Pandemic Corona Virus Plague of 2019 .. and the morally striking inequalities that have suddenly become unignorable .. of our completely bifurcated economy .. continue to deliver truckload after truckload of vindication to the Sanders Camp ..

.. where the vindication continues to pile up .. to levels that seem determined to continue making his point .. about the need for universal national health care.

The only people who oppose this .. are those who value money higher than human life. Than human welfare. Than human dignity. Than humanity itself.

In the midst of a global pandemic that continues to kill large numbers of Americans on a daily basis, Joe Biden proudly declares that not everybody should have health care. (Because that might cut into CEO salaries and bonuses.)

In the midst of huge fires that continue to burn uncontrollably, Joe Biden proudly declares that he sees no reason for the Green New Deal.

If there is one thing that the silent generation has always been good at .. it's » denial. A refusal to acknowledge what has become painfully obvious to everybody else.

The youth should have much more say in things that affect the future .. because that is where they will be living. Not members of the Silent generation.

The Silent generation has long since passed their expiration date.

Graphic of generational timelines for the Western world

Yet they nonetheless seem hellbent on continuing to wield the levers of power that affect the future.

Even though they have no place in the future. Because their life is behind them now.

Please dont fuck up the future anymore than you already have.

» A Political Aberration

Here is a graph of the age distribution of US presidents at the time they took office.

Age distribution of U.S. presidents at time of assuming office follows a standard bell curve distribution

Notice that the peaks comprise a man in his 50's. But now we are getting presidents in their 70's

This is a political aberration. This is an anomaly. In other words, this is not normal. It's an unnatural abnormality that represents part of the reason why America is so fucked-up right now.

The creator of this graph needed to create a new category for Trump. That last little bar that you see there is for Donald Trump and only Donald Trump.

He is the sole reason why the graph contains a bar for presidents who enter office in their 70's.

You see things differently when you know that you will be spending many more years here upon planet earth .. vs when you know that you have only a short time left.

When you know that you have only a short time remaining. When you know that your time is short. When time is definitely not on your side. [ Cue the Stones track. ]

When each tick begins feeling sharp .. like it is cutting.

» Dianne Feinstein Will be 90 in a Few Years

I won't even mention that known-fact that cognitive functioning tends to decrease markedly as humans enter their sunset years associated with old age. I bet that Nicolas Fandos knows what I am talking about.

Dianne Feinstein was born in 1933. She was born during the deepest depths of the Great Depression. She was literally formed in her mommy's belly during the heart of the nation's worst-ever and longest lasting economic crisis.

She will be 90 in a few years.

At what age should aging lawmakers step down to make room for younger, healthier, more vigorous lawmakers, who possess far more physical and mental endurance?

It's a valid question, no? Especially now, when so many of out lawmakers are obviously well beyond their expiration dates.

Operating at levels of performance that has been characterized as markedly diminished by those closest to her.

Democrats, facing critical Supreme Court battle, worry Feinstein not up to the task by Nicholas Fandos NY Times (10 Oct 2020)

So, anyway .. how much is an inhabitable planet worth to you, Dianne Feinstein? How about you, Joseph Biden?

You words and your actions say that you couldnt care less about what kind of planet your generation leaves to the youth. And everybody knows that actions speak louder than words.

» When Money-n-Wealth Become More Important than Life Itself

And here I would very much like to tell Dan Patrick to go fuck himself. But I am going to exercise self-control and refrain from doing so right now.

Not !

Go fuck yourself, Dan Patrick.

Dan Patrick (70) encourages the elderly to (gladly) embrace the risk of death by CoVid-19 in order to help protect the economy from collapse (24 Mar 2020)

That was well beyond your typical standard slimy political fare. That was a downright despicable thing to say ..

.. trying to convince the elderly to embrace (gladly, no less) the risk of death by CoVid-19 .. for reasons of a purely financial nature.

Dan Patrick says the whole country is having an economic collapse due to the CoVid-19 virus pandemic

As if money were more important than life itself .. a life bestowed upon us by the Creator himself.

Somebody please explain to Mr. Patrick why you should never utter such things aloud .. even if you do indeed possess such a warped value-structure. (Which you shouldnt.)

You can't believe what you are hearing with your own two ears and seeing with your own too eyes.

But this is indeed the mindset and the value structure of many politicians today. Its just isnt usually put on display in such a plainly decadent way.

» Here We Are Already

Okay, now it is actually the 20th. Sunday the 20th of September.

Timestamp Sunday, 20 Sept 2020 at 12:50 PM San Diego PDT

That was quick. The autumn equinox is only two days away, on the 22nd. (6:30 AM PDT)

I wonder what super-hotties I might run into .. as the sun quietly crosses the equator, heading south to the land of capricorns.

» I See You Flirting with Me Ms. Fraules

Oh, look. There's Elena now .. waiting for me.

The sexy and talented Elena Fraules flirting with me on the autumn equinox (22 Sept 2020)

Right on time. Smack dab on the equinox. I had a sneaking suspicion that I might run into her.

This is like a game we play. Every time the sun crosses the equator, on the equinox, she performs a new choreography where she flirts with me.

Just look at the size of the smile on her face here. What I wouldnt give to be a fly on the wall of her headspace.

It is like she is thinking, "When this guy sees this, he won't know which way is up. He has never seen anything the likes of me before."

Nobody planned it this way. This arrangement. It just sort of happened. All by itself. Spontaneously. Naturally. Organically.

She knows that I appreciate her. Her work. Her craft. Her creativity. Her energy. Her art. It obviously speaks to me in a big way.

» Choreo & Idea by Fraules

She is letting me know here in this image where she takes full-n-complete responsibility for the idea behind this choreography.

I can hear her saying to me, "That's right. This was my idea. I did this on purpose. I knew you would like it. Say hi to Ariana for me."

Dance is a form of expression .. I am learning. But it can take some time and study in order to really get the full impact of exactly what is being said.

I tell Ari all the time that she is the funnest thing to play with. But Elena is also lots of fun, too.

» I Can't Help but Wonder What James Comey Thinks these Days About the Course of the Nation and the Effect of His Calculated Pre-Election Statement on Hillary

I was thinking earlier today what James Comey must be thinking these days. Remember when he made that public statement about the Hillary investigation right before the election?

My impression of that calculated decision .. was that he never expected Trump to win. Everybody thought that Hillary couldnt lose.

I could be wrong here, but I am familiar with the dynamics associated with political manuvering within the professional sphere. And my sense here was that Comey was just throwing a fastball high-n-tight .. intending only to "brush her back" so to speak.

He was planning to let her know that he did not want her meddling in his business there at the FBI. He wanted to do his job without political interference or pressure.

Except that his pitch beaned her. It clocked her on the coconut and knocked her ass out.

Nobody can know with certainty, but the Comey-effect is a non-zero factor. To some degree, Comey is responsible for the direction the country has taken.

When he lies down at night in his jammies .. does he feel at all responsible for the direction of the country? I am pretty sure that the polls right before the election showed a non-zero effect from his official public statement as Mr. FBI.

My own intuition says he shouldve only spoke up if he found something truly damning. Why come out and say he found no evidence of a crime?

I wonder if he regrets it? I mean, when he is sitting quietly alone with his own thoughts. His own private thoughts.

Who wants to walk around the corridors of American history with the possibility, or even the likelihood, that the entire course of a nation's history might've been sent spiraling off into a tragic direction .. because of some boneheaded thing you did?

Not me.

It was like he was saying, "I just want to remind everybody right before the election how much of a clueless security risk Hillary really is. But alas, I was not able to pin an actual crime on her. Maybe in the future things will change. Who knows?"

This is the end of this page and the end of this theme. ■

But I got more people who I want to tell to kiss my progressive ass. I am just getting warmed up. ■

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