Extreme Levels of Inequality Exert Unsustainable Levels of Stress Upon the Very Fabric of Society

It probably means nothing to anybody but me .. but the time right now is » 8:37 pm PDT here on the Left coast .. and this page is » live.

Timestamp taken when current page posted live: 8:37 pm Thursday (19 March 2020)

I have not yet written anything here .. but the HTML is ready to receive whatever words and bits I might happen to feel like sending its way.

I do not know exactly what kinds of things I will be addressing here today .. but I have a pretty good idea. (Many things. Some gnarly, some not. This could go anywhere.)

I am actually curious myself .. to see what kinds of things are coming .. after all this time has passed without the posting of any published writing. Very unlike me.

» Have Not Written Anything Since November

These words you are reading here now .. these are pretty much the only words I have written since November, in an entry titled » You are the Funnest Thing to Play With (5 Nov 2019).

Ariana's Vogue Cover Video Performance (9 July 2019)

I can feel that the writing gears are a little rusty. I should go get my oil can and apply some nuclear-grade lubricant to the writing machinery.

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••• today's entry continues here below •••

I posted a page back on 21 Dec 2019, titled » The Stab-of-Regret Visits the Capricorn on the Solstice .. because I figured that the solstice, the darkest day of the year .. was an fitting time to post something with a topic like that.

But that page was really written well before December. I merely lifted out that section-of-text because the source page had grown so large » The Art of Giving Shit (11 Jan 2017).

» Demonstrating Unprecedented Restraint and Self-Possesion

I dont think I have ever done that before. I dont think I have ever gone so long without committing some words and ideas to public HTML (.. and sneaking in secret, encoded messages to my secret lover, who happens to be a good kisser. Ask me how I know.).

I am sure that I have never gone this long before.

It certainly feels like it. It feels like I have much pent-up artistic expression .. eager to be released. Very eager.

The trick is to release it in a such a way that it conveys an effect upon the object of my expression .. in a unigue, one-of-a-kind sort-of-way.

This conveyed-effect might be something she has never seen before .. or something she has never felt before .. or something she has never experienced before.

It might be something that she didnt even know existed .. or that was even humanly possible.

Whatever it might to be be .. I always want it to be something that that she will appreciate in a deeper and more personal sort-of-way.

I want my inevitable artistic release, when it is finally done, to say something like,

"I see you there, Beautiful Artistic Soul. I see you and I am impressed with you. I am impressed with both you and your craft. Something about your sense of artistry, and your particular form of expression .. something about this speaks to me in a way that affects me in a way that I cannot quite explain. But I know I like it. Let me tell you why I am so impressed with both you and your craft. Because there are a number of reasons. Let me tell you what I see while I am watching you dance. Let me tell you what I hear while I am listen to you sing. Let me tell you about all the trily exquisite things I feel when I let myself become immersed in your art and in your artistry. Totally immersed. Because it feels very erotic. I can feel my breathing becoming labored already."

This is me teasing my skill-set here. This is me teasing my proven-and-well-oiled skill-set as a writer. Because these are all things that a writer does. Because a writer is somebody who puts things into words.

» Abstaining in Order to Heighten and Emphasize the Eventual Artistic Release

I am familiar with the concept of withholding release (artistic and otherwise) .. no matter how badly you might want to ..

And I wanted very badly to release my words. Many times between now and then I very much wanted to commit some words to public HTML.

But something in me wouldnt let me. Something blocked me .. until now, that is. Right now.

The concept of abstaining from anything pleasant .. is often done as a form of exercising self-control, self-possession, self-discipline .. in order to heighten or emphasize the eventual release.

And persevering through the uncomfortable times does indeed infuse you and your life with a comforting sense of self-possesion.

» Winding Up in a Very Different Place than the One You had Originally Planned to Explore

Many times I have launched out onto a particular direction .. only to end up writing about something entirely different. (Those ventures often come out good.)

This text today might be a little different than what I normally write. Tho you can never be sure until you actually go ahead and commit yourself to the new challenge . and explore new areas of language and communication and such things.

I am going by feel here ..because it doesnt feel like anything I am familiar with.

I have been racing the sun, so to speak .. as it hurries on its way to cross the equator, heading back north .. at exactly 8:49 PM .. which is only 12 mins away.

Whew .. that was close. Much opposition. So much.

» Waiting with Elena for the Exact Moment When the Sun Crosses the Equator

I noticed that Elena Fraules set her new choreography to premiere at 9pm, which is only 11 minutes from the exact moment that winter ends and spring begins.

Elena Fraules set this choreography to premiere with the arrival of spring at 9pm PDT (19 Mar 2020)

So it feels like we were both planning our posts in relation to the moment of the equinox.

I would imagine that folks who live in Siberia tends to anticipate and appreciate the arrival of spring more than most.

Elena has done a number of choreos that spoke to me. I like her. I very much enjoy watching all of her many choreographs.

We have us a little thing going on .. on the side. Who knows why certain things speak to us in a way that works for us?

She is not shy. Nobody is ever going to accuse Elena Fraules of being shy. No, sir.

» I Am Going to be Flirting Big-Time with Some of these Super-Sexy Dancer-Chicks

Speaking of sexy dancers who are not shy .. I will definitely be flirting today with some super-sexy, ferociously confident dancer-chicks.

You know who you are. I have been feeling you very much.

With dancers, I have noticed that the closer you look, the better they look. Which only makes you want to look even closer. This has been my experience.

I have been doing push-ups every morning .. to get in shape in order to respond to these dancers who are speaking to me through their dance.

These dancers are ferociously confident. I have noticed that I am drawn to (attracted to) confident women in general. Women who know their shit and know what they fuck is going on.

» Sexual Attraction is a Subconscious Biological Function Designed by Mother Nature Herself to Maximize Your Genetic Expression into the Future

Joe Rogan has a theory that everything that is involved with human sexuality is somehow linked back to maximizing your genetic expression.

We are talking about those things that would best serve the forwarding of our genes into the future .. you will be (naturally) attracted to such things, such traits, such characteristics.

When I first heard the idea, I dismissed it as overly simplistic. But later, I was thinking more about it, and his idea does indeed have some validity.

» Why Do We Find Certain People Attractive or Sexy?

Obviously the notion of human attraction and human sexuality and breeding your best life forward into the future .. this is an enormous subject.

Too enormous to encapsulate into a single axiom. But you can draw a path back to the drive to optimize genetic opportunity from pretty much any form of sexual attraction.

The theory here is that you will most be attracted to a person who complements you in the best way possible. Her strengths are your weaknesses, and vice versa.

Watching these dancer-chicks and thinking about what they are saying to me .. this has me thinking about things I dont often think about.

» There's No Telling Where Today's Entry Might Wind Up

This kind of thing make me feel aggressive. It feels like something in me is rising to the occasion of speaking to their art and their craft and the things I am hearing from them .. the messages that I am receiving from their artistry.

It is definitely a very cool thing. This topic here of speaking to the artistry of the dancer .. this direction opens up many new areas of exploration.

I am talking here about areas that are tangential to the art-of-the-dance .. danced that is performed by super-sexy, super-confident, physically-fit women of artisty.

I dont know how you can explore such avenues without encountering all kinds of erotic alleys. Can't be done.

» Something of a Tradition

I have developed, you know, something of a tradition with these entries that I post every year on March 19th.

It all began in 2016 when I found myself » Flirting with Danger, which I could not resist.

The following year, 2017, I marked the 1-year anniversary with an entry titled »

  1. A Lot Can Happen in a Year,

  2. along with a companion piece titled » When Justice Comes Out Perverted.

The next year, 2018, I posted a number of entries dated 19 March, such as »

  1. Cooking with Plutonium (where JLaw nicely breaks down how your government doesnt work for you. Your opinion means squat.)

  2. A Departing Sting with the Venom Meant to Do Lasting Harm (Sessions firing of Andrew McCabe just a few days before his retirement date .. triggered memories for me of when the Captain kicked me off the boat a few months before the end of my enlistment. That's when I had to go talk to the Commodore.)

  3. A Generation Comes and a Generation Goes (What happens when the values of one generation differ greatly from those of another?) Somebody should ask Chris Matthews what he thinks about this particular entry.

  4. Nothing But Respect (writers who elicit my respect, such as grads of the legendary Iowa Writers' Workshop, and some ex-military dudes .. and then there's the man himself, who everybody respects » Mr. Stanley Tucci .. aka the "Tooch.")

Last year, in 2019, I wrote some gnarly shit »

  1. Forced to Confront Things that You Dont Feel Ready or Strong Enough to Confront (no fun, this is where my shrink upped my dose of Zoloft from 100 to 200mg .. the max. This is also where they changed my diagnosis from general depression to Major Depressive Disorder. I was in a funk there for a good six weeks.)

  2. Please Dont Make Me Say I Told You So (a love letter of sorts to senator Ben Sasse, begging him not to make me say, 'I told you so.' But they never listen. The Oath of Office that Ben took before God where he promised to support and defend the Constitution .. this obviously meant nothing to him.)

  3. The Immorality of a Socioeconomic Algorithm that Prioritizes Billionaires Over the Basic Needs of Citizens (just stating the obvious)

Wow, last year I was kicking serious ass. When I list all the entries like this .. this seems to raise the bar for what I will eventually do today.

» Shout-Out Fist-Bump to Ashley Judd

Before I get carried away with whatever it is that I am going to write today .. I first want to send out a special shout-out, and a fist-bump to Ashley Judd.

Kudos to you. You must be feeling good about how things turned out.

I saw where you said that it took 90 women to get 2 convictions, and how this was a very telling thing regarding the current state of affairs in our country .. as it pertains to women who dare bring accusations of sexual abuse against powerful, wealthy men.

I would be lying if I said I wasnt curious about the things that were running through your head .. when you saw Harvey exiting the courtroom as a convicted rapist.

Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape, shown exiting court looking old and tired and worn out (25 Feb 2020)

He looks tired and worn out here.

I doubt he is capable of fathoming the sum-total of the lasting pyschic trauma that he has inflicted upon young, vulnerable women.

I doubt it very much. Heck, I doubt that he could really give a fuck.

I can't imagine that Harvey's parent's would be proud of such things. Do you think they would believe their son? .. or the 90+ women who say otherwise?

The fact that it went on for so long .. even though it seemed to be common knowledge within the industry and among its members ..

.. and that so many people who surrounded him and enabled his behavior. That is very depressing, and it says sad things about society. 

We want to believe that good people will come to him in private and tell him that this needs to stop. Now. Period.

He could certainly afford the very finest in world-class hookers .. a different one every night.

Do you think that there is some kind of psychological or emotional deficiency in him? .. which causes him to need to exploit the weak and the vulnerable?

But the Harvey Weinsteins of tomorrow will think twice before trying to take advantage of a young, vulnerable aspiring actress.

I'm sure that the women-of-tomorrow appreciate what you did.

» Harvey Mourns the Loss of Due Process in America with the Likes of Dalton Trumbo

I read the statement Harvey gave in court before his sentencing.

I'm not going to say these aren't great people, I had wonderful times with these people, you know. It is just I'm totally confused and I think men are confused about all of these issues.

You know, I just -- dealing with the thousands of men and women who are losing due process, I'm worried about this country in a sense too. I'm worried there is a repeat of the blacklist there was in the 1950's when lots of men like myself, Dalton Trumbo, one of the great examples, did not work, went to jail because people thought they were communists.

You know, there was a scare, and that is what happened, and I think that is what is happening now all over this country.

It is very telling that he is even able to construct such a thought process in his mind .. as a way to excuse his abusive behavior.

He is comparing his own case to that of McCarhyism. What a dick. He sounds like Kanye. "Oh, woe is me .. when once-vulnerable women accuse us powerful men of abusing our position-of-power .. to extort sexual favors from young, vulnerable women. There goes due process. I am worried about this country and the direction it is taking. Dalton Trumbo knows what I am talking about."

Who was it that said, "A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable citizens." ?

I also noticed how he seems to be saying, "If I do enough nice things for you women, then I should be able to do whatever nasty things I might happen to want to do to you .. or have you do to me. The last girl who refused me is still waiting tables at a crappy restaurant downtown."

He doesnt grasp the fact that there is no amount of nice things you could do for somebody .. to ever compensate for psychic trauma that is inflicted by rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

When he was first accused a few years ago .. he said something like, "I grew up in a different era .. when things were different."

He seemed to be saying that "The culture of the day told me, and other men like me, than this sort of behavior was not only tolerated, but encouraged. This was how a man became a man."

That statement formed part of his excuse .. along with "It was all totally consensual .. all 90 women. They are all cry babies who are full of shit. And that recording of me with that 20-year-old Italian model, Amber .. that was not me. That is a deep-fake audio."

This is the end of this page. To be continued... ■

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