Do Dancers Make the Best Lovers?

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Have you seen any reactions to your new song (19 April 2018)?

» Dancer as both Artist and Lover

How about this choreo by Jojo? Count the girls .. one, two, three. Why does this image here make me want to make like a bowling ball?

Choreo by Jojo | No Tears Left to Cry

This is a full-strength woman here. Guys do not move on such a woman without first checking themselves .. to ensure that they are indeed up to the task. And what a task it is.

She throws some savage looks at the camera. Very confident looks. Downright vicious, at times.

She is like, "This is what I do .. watch me." ( I can hear my ego back there, saying, "She obviously knew you'd be watching." )

This choreo-video has more than a million views .. in less than a week.

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» Never the Same Universe Twice

My intuition assures me that dancers are outstanding in bed .. passionate, engaging, expressive, intuitive, experimental, fiery, strong, athletic, flexible, creative lovers .. who take you to a different universe every time.

Dancer in Kygo's Remind Me to Forget (06 May 2018)

Never the same universe twice.

Dancers are creatures who enjoy moving in sync with music, or with some other unseen rhythms perhaps. With life, for sure.

What has been your experience, girly, along these lines?

Mick Jagger can have any girl he wants .. and he is with a young ballet dancer. Who can blame him?

» Elevating Kinetic Energy to an Artform

From a physics standpoint .. which happens to be one of the main standpoints that I have been trained to view things from .. from a physics standpoint, dancers are all about something we call » kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy is the energy associated with » movement. If nothing is moving, no kinetic energy is being used or expended or consumed.

» Kinetic Energy is Very Much Involved with Love-Making

Kinetic energy is very much involved in the act of making loving .. I somehow feel you would agree.

Rad outdoor bedroom on a bluff above the ocean with 4 candles under an infinite sky at sunset

And if we are to excel at any artistic endeavor .. then we will certainly need to drawn upon whatever resources and skills and knowledge that we might possess.

Skills and knowledge and limitless resources .. these are the types of things that tend to impress super-hotties .. I have found.

Kinetic energy is not the only energy involved in love-making. Heck, it is not even the main energy involved.

» That Cool Point Where Lovemaking Transcends the Physical

There is a point in lovemaking .. where you and your lover shift over from this primarily-kinetic thing .. to an otherwordly sort-of-thing.

You have to practice a lot before you can really get over into this thing .. every night at sunset. Practice makes perfect .. or so they say.

Oh, look at this .. Wikipedia uses a picture of a roller coaster as an illustration for kinetic energy. Wait 'til Selena hears about this.

Dance, I think you would agree, is very much about using and displaying kinetic energy, in the form of movement, as an artform.

Dancer who has elevated her kinetic energy to the level of an artform

I am not a dancer, so I hesitate to speak on this subject. But I know that, in order to elevate anything to the level of an artform .. is no small feat. No ma'am. Not hardly.

This is why I feel that dancers would make for super-outstanding lovers.

Misty Copeland in Drake's Nice for What (April, 2018)

» Marco was a Professional-Level Ballet Dancer

Marenko's son, Marco .. he had been a professional-grade ballet dancer. Marco was close to the same age as Marenko's new wife, Maria.

I'm talking about my friend, Maria .. who was in my life for many years. You end up seeing a lot of things when you are close to families.

Things that you probably shouldnt really see.

Marco was fascinating to talk to. He just knew a lot of stuff about a lot of interesting things. You almost can't stop talking to him.

He had lots of interesting stories to share. I remember thinking, a number of times, "I have never heard of shit like this before."

And I had heard of lots of shit. So anytime that I hear of totally new stuff .. this gets my attention.

I did not see him very often, because he lived pretty far away. But he would come down for various things. Often legal-type of things.

He was feuding there with Maria over just such legal things .. for a while. But they worked it out.

But he had grown up in Laguna .. so the return trips may have triggered nostalgia. Or maybe we just clicked.

He was saying impressive shit .. but he wasnt trying to be impressive. Know what I mean?

One of the more impressive things came when he walked me through his process of deciding to go into dance.

He made the impossible sound like your only real option.

» More Choreo

You know .. once you watch a few choreo videos, then YouTube starts to recommend and suggest other choreo videos for you to watch.

[ More than once I have thought, "These YouTube fuckers got me figured out." ]

Some of these choreo videos are not very good .. but, some of them are.

» Impressive Balance and Flexibility and Muscle Control

This Fraules girl here .. she walks right down the middle and then does this impressively slow-n-deliberate high-kick.

Fraules team choreo to Yonce (Dec 2017)

Wow. That got my attention right away. (This girl here is Wow girl territory. Can you see why it took me a long time to get over her?)

The sense of balance and flexibility and muscle control that this girl displays so seemingly effortlessly .. uh, I should probably not finish this sentence.

How is that even possible? (.. outside of Cirque du Soleil.)

Ya know .. I watched this video again, and I think that they slowed down the video. I dont think that she really did that high-kick so slowly and deliberately.

See what you think .. but the slowness there is what makes her high-kick look so cool. So impressive.

There are a few other choreo videos that I might mention .. now that I have a page specifically dedicated to dancers.

» Love It When I Talk that Talk

For example, here is a new choreo (21 July 2018) by these two girls of a resurrected 2011 song by Rihanna and Jay-Z, titled » Talk That Talk.

New choreo (21 July 2018) by Samantha Long for Talk That Talk by Rihanna and Jay-Z (2011)

.. where the lyrics say » "Love it when you talk that talk to me, yeah."

I find this song an interesting choice to develop a new choreo to/for .. for a number of reasons .. which I probably should not elaborate upon. For a number of reasons.

I got both of these dancers in this shot here. They certainly seemed inspired to me.

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