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I Cant Quit You Either

Girly, I was really trying not to write this entry today. I was distracting myself in a million different ways. But I cant seem to quit you either.

(It looks like we're stuck with each other.)

» Why Am I Writing This and Not That?

From a certain perspective, I watch myself work with you. And I can see that one of the key determinants in whether or not I write about a certain thing is » the range of themes that come into play.

And how distinctive these themes are that are brought into play. And also whether I have firsthand experience regarding these themes. And how much firsthand experience I might happen to have.

And this song opens up such things for me. (Write what only you can write.)

Sometimes I catch myself wondering, "Is she doing that on purpose (.. to fuck with me)? Or are we simply resonating naturally?"

These things start talking to me. And if these things being said are very unique .. then such things demand more forcefully to be written. Because we might never get back here again.

If I continued down this tangent much further, I would start to sound like a nutcase.

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Blow's Backhanded Compliment

[ Note that this entry originated » here. ]

Nicki, did you notice that Blow posted a column today .. where he said some things about Americans in "this digital age".. along with a photo of students protesting in New York?

Students protesting in New York

He does not come right out and say that he is referring to the youth, but this is definitely the impression that I came away with. You?

» Thus Spake Blow

I am referring specifically to where he wrote:

I must say that the issue of resilience was one that I worried and wondered about from the beginning: For far too many Americans in this digital age, stamina is rare, attention spans are short and the urge for instant gratification, or at least for expedient resolution, is enormous.

I worried that modern shortsightedness would prevent resisters from seeing the long game, that the exhaustion of constant outrage would numb them to unrelenting assault.

I know what Blow is saying here .. but his statements struck me as .. well, they struck me in the same way that some of his other statements have struck me.

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Feeling Less Fucked-Up - Page Two

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» Establishing a Rudimentary Basecamp at a Remote Outpost

My point in citing these two writers (Hemingway & Sophy) is that .. when I find myself in a place that I have never been before .. or when I find myself with thoughts that I have never thought before ..

.. this is the #1 thing that drives me to write. Even if I am tired, or dont feel like it .. this is the #1 thing that gets me writing.

Because this means I am at the place that Sophy referred to. And because, once I write this thing, then that establishes a sort of basecamp from which I can explore even further.

You also get points for originality and authenticity when you generate such ideas organically. But this is not the primary reason why I exert such effort to capture these thoughts and ideas.

The primary reason is to establish an idea-basecamp of sorts .. from which I can explore further .. even if this basecamp is not constructed very well.

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Feeling Less Fucked-Up - Page One

[ Note that this entry originated here » What's it Like to Lie with Hollywood's Hottest Starlet? (Feb 23, 2017). ]

Along the lines of artistic creativity .. what do you think of this? How about this?

I think that I might write an entry about that first one, where I simply respond to some of the comments made in that video.

I would title this entry something like » Feeling Less Fucked-Up. That would make a cool title .. you must admit.

» Creative Freedom

Many interesting statements were made in that video, but I would probably start with the one made by David Byrne [ at t=1:35 ] where he says:

Although some of them maybe have the ambition to be the next [ big thing ], the number of those artists are very, very small. And often, the artists who are very successful in that way .. they dont have much flexibility.

In achieving success, they lose a lot of their creative freedom. They have to keep making the same thing, more or less, over and over and over again.

And if the musician or artist values their freedom and the ability to be creative, then they maybe have to realize that they won't be making hundreds of millions of dollars. They might be making less money .. but they might have more artistic satisfaction.

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Bad for America - Page Three

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» Explaining a Perplexing Psychological State

Of all the things that I have read to explain the psychological state of the perplexing diehard Trump supporter ..

Trump supporters overwhelmingly view the media as a greater threat than white supremacists

.. even when the man supports taking away their health care .. this piece by Edsall spoke to me most.

Something about that feels right .. in a deeper sort of way. Can you not see how these people might have a fear of falling? I can totally see this.

Motivated by a fear of cultural displacement

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Bad for America - Page Two

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» The Mother-of-All Understatements

Bret says that » Hannity in No William F. Buckley.

Made For Little HandsNow there's an understatement .. if ever I heard one.

» Difficult to Respect

A part of me finds it difficult to respect people who are not able to possess their souls.

I had a boss once who told me, "He who angers you, controls you."

He was talking about himself .. because, once he got upset, he would lose it.

He could see how out-of-control he was.

And he could see how this tendency put him at a disadvantage.

He would still lose his shit from time to time, but he tried hard not to.

He once told me, "I have to bite my tongue so much that it has callouses on it."

At t=4:50 in this video, Mika said, "I knew the president would be tweaked by that. It's alarming how easily this president is played."

Mika mocks Trump for his fake Time magazine cover

I know exactly what she means.

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Bad for America - Page One

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» Ted Koppel tells Hannity that He's Bad for America

Ted Koppel said to Hannity (on his own show) » "You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts."

Sean reacts to Ted Koppel telling him that he's bad for America

His statement has been speaking to me. Ted fucking Koppel. I wonder what Cenk thinks (at t=1:45).

I do not really want to get into right now what his statement has been saying to me .. but I can assure you that it's not pretty. Not hardly. Au contraire.

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