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» Writers and Singers and Words (Oh, My)

What do you think of the notion that writers and singers tend to make great natural allies? (Not to put ideas into your head or anything like that.)

Dove Cameron instagram June 11, 2017

A writer is basically somebody who puts things into words .. while a singer is basically somebody who puts words into song.

So it seems to make sense .. that they would get along so well. It seems like a natural fit.

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» The Provocative Allure of the Lolita-like Hottie

Speaking of intimacy with intelligent women .. I have been using, you know, the provocative concepts found in Lolita .. in my flirting with Ariana.

Lolita (1955) by Vladimir NabokovAriana is 23 .. but you're only 21.

And just barely, too.

And sometimes you barely look sixteen.

See .. I do not have a kinky thing for young girls.

That is not the thing that does it for me.

If a girl doesnt have something beside sheer youth, then I am not interested.

Some people have a kinky streak for that kind of thing. I dont really see the appeal there.

At least, not until you can add to it something else besides mere youth.

» Crisp Catholic Schoolgirl Uniforms

I recall that Maria sent her daughter, Mikaela, to Catholic high school, where she wore one of those Catholic schoolgirl uniforms.

Sometimes Mikaela would bring home a group of friends with her from school .. and she would bring them by my room to introduce them to me.

I admit that it was a little strange, having a group of girls in my room, wearing those crisp Catholic school uniforms. But I handled it.

Dove Cameron in crisp schoolgirl fashion

I always stopped completely whatever it was that I was doing at the time, and I focused all my attention on them. And I tried to ask genuinely thoughtful questions, too.

I was doing my best to make like Socrates and corrupt the minds of the youth.

» Some Young Girls Seem to have a Thing for Me

Whatever the reason, young girls seem to have a thing for me. Cant say that I really understand it. And dont think I havent tried, either.

Samantha J | Rockets

For example, Samantha is flirting with me all the time. I see you, Sam.

And I am not even going to tell you what this girl here is saying with this look.

Trailer for Generation Wealth from Amazon Studios (April 2018)

How old do you reckon this girl is?

» Pigtails and a Pool Cue

Or, how about this one below .. with pigtails and a pool cue? From Becky G's video Sin Pijama .. which might very well mean in English » Naughty Pijama Party.

Dangerously young-looking hottie with pigtails and a pool cue | Sin Pijama (April 2018)

Very dangerous. I bet she plays a mean game of pool .. being so comfortable with a cue. Probably a prodigy. Definitely a hustler.

I am actually pretty good at pool myself. My grandfather had a regulation-size slate-bed pool table in his cellar.

All the neighborhood kids played countless games down there .. but never with a hottie who looked like this. I would have remembered that. I am sure of it.

I once saw Nicki Minaj perform at a awards show where she stroked a long rod similar to the vibe behind what this girl is doing here.

It may be subtle, but this kind of thing gets a guy's attention. (As you can see.)

This otherwise static 2-sec clip where we watch this lolita-like hottie slowly and deliberately stroke a pool cue a single length .. while she stares you dead in the eye ..

.. this is very fucking provocative. I bet that the director and the editor had some interesting conversations regarding this clip.

At the coffee shop, sometimes I would see one these industrial-strength hotties doing something provocative. And I would wonder, "Is she doing that on purpose?"

But with this girl here in this video, even I can tell that she is indeed doing that on purpose. No doubt about it.

These kinds of discussions .. these are right up to the edge. How much further can we go down this road until we reach the land of naughty things?

The image from this clip speaks to my experience .. that latina women tend to be the most boldly sexually aggressive creatures .. particularly the young hotties.

Because this clip comes from a video by a young (21) latina hottie. You can see and feel and experience the effects of another culture.

Young latina hotties leave you no wiggle room.

» I have Hurt Girls Who Did Things Like This

But, when a girl is smoking-hot, and she knows that she is .. this is no easy thing to dismiss, my friend.

Dove teases

[ Look at this look that you are throwing here .. oh, my. You know, Miss Cameron, I have hurt girls who did things like this. I did not intend to hurt them .. no, ma'am. I did not mean to crack the wall with them. But sometimes shit happens .. in the heat and the intensity of the moment. This is some very sexy shit right here. This is some very convincing shit that you are doing here .. let me tell you. This is the kind of shit that makes grown men growl. Being a grown man myself, I can tell that I shouldnt write any more along these lines. You could not handle it. Or maybe you could .. who knows? There's only one way to find out, I guess. What do you think of the notion that you can get to know a person through their writing? What do you think about the way that people have told me that I grasped an uncannily accurate sense of a girl's soul .. from a mere three-minute chat? Should I continue writing along these lines? ]

Can you feel yourself experimenting with your sexuality? This would be a completely normal thing to do for someone your age. You obviously got my attention right away.

» Stoking the Sexual Tension Without Giving in to It

One of the biggest things that a guy has to deal with when they find themselves with a such a ferociously sexy girl such as yourself ..

.. [ pause for effect ] ..

Dove Cameron .. ooh la la

.. [ My what luscious looking lips you have.
No doubt a source of many vitamins and nutrients ] ..

.. is the over-eagerness that naturally arises from his hormones that want to tear into this thing .. this beautiful, sexy thing .. and they want to tear into it right now.

Hormones do not understand the concept of delayed gratification. So it becomes necessary to exercise some self-restraint. This requires a great deal of self-control.

» The Formidable Challenge Associated with the Control of Sexual Energy and Sexual Tension

Certainly there is a time to snatch and grab and throwdown .. but it's always better if you possess the inner strength to let the tension build slowly and naturally and organically to truly electric levels. The sexual-erotic tension.

Dove playing with her hair

This is very difficult .. even for me. This playing with the sexual tension, but not succumbing to it .. until it simply proves too strong to resist.

I mean, you are feeling this thing, and you can feel the strength of it, and you can feel it taking you to places you have never been to before ..

.. but you exercise your self-control in order to lengthen and expand and explore the contours of this particular passion.

It is not such a feat for a man to throwdown a beautiful, sexy girl. But it requires a considerable degree of self-possesion to ride the sexual energy without being overcome by it. (Aurelia knows what I am talking about. She knows this even better than me.)

Dove Cameron cowgirl in the tall grass

And if I really like a girl, I will display for her some of my inner strength to her .. by refusing to give into the sexual attraction .. no matter how tense things might happen to get.

Rather I will focus on ever so slowing dialing up the sexual tension ..

.. choosing rather to let it build to a frenzied pitch. (This can involve teasing, sure .. but it is more than just teasing.)

And I will say things like (with all my clothes on), "Let me just see how it feels to lift my shirt and press the skin of my stomach up against the skin of your belly. Just for a sec. That's all I can probably handle right now .. at this point. And I'm not even sure that I can handle that."

I just keep ratcheting up the sexual tension with a series of slow, baby steps .. to see how far I can go without giving into it.

The more they turn me on .. the tighter I draw the tension.

This is why girls are usually ready to have sex before I am.

» Marilyn in Manhattan

Marilyn in ManhattanHave you seen this book on Marilyn?

Ideally, you would want to read this book in Manhattan.

I was trying to get Ariana up in the mountains for Christmas.

Where we could read some poetry and whatnot.

And some books, too.

While we stimulate our artistic sensibilities (.. among other things).

Maybe even sip a little brandy.

But she's always so busy .. kicking ninja ass and the like.

I guess, if you want to be an Illuminati Ninja Princess, then you need to be out there kicking ass.

To be continued, I'm sure.

I am actually surprised at myself .. and the stuff here that I am writing to you.

Who are you really? And what did Ariana tell you about me .. sitting there in that dimly-lit corner .. while she was talking in those hushed girly tones?

Did she tell you about my super-powers? (She's gonna get us in trouble yet.)

» Creativity Seems to Come Easier when the Critic is Tired

Speaking of my super-powers .. I have found, Miss Cameron, that I very much enjoy intimate late-night conversations with a singer.

The reason why I enjoy these conversations late at night .. is because I think that my creativity max'es out late at night.

It's difficult to be sure, but my sense here is that .. the inner critic is simply plum wore out late at night.

It is as if he is saying, "I worked my ass off all day long trying to keep your ass out of trouble and now I am exhausted. So if you really want to go ahead and write that crazy shit that you write, then go right ahead and have at it. See you in the morning."

I seem to be able to write things late at night .. that I can't write when I am more fresh and rested.

When do you find yourself in areas of maximum artistic creativity? And under what circumstances?

» Julia Cameron's Approach to Silencing your Inner Critic

Julia Cameron, in her classic on creativity » The Artist's Way, instructs the aspiring creative to write three pages every morning.

It does not matter what you write .. only that you write. The theory behind her advice is that this writing, over time, silences the inner critic.

Your inner critic will eventually stop criticizing what you write because it doesnt matter what you write. I can confirm that there is an element of truth to her approach.

I have found that this technique, this practice, also helps to develop your own voice .. by giving voice to your voice.

» Get to Work on What?

A similar theme is set forth in this article by Carl Richards, where he quotes Chuck Close as saying to » "just show up and get to work."

Self-portrait of Chuck Close who is an artist who has been accused of misconductWe should probably add some context here.

And mention that Chuck Close is 76 years old.

He has been a marketable artist for many years.

So when he "shows up to get to work" .. he is already well-known

With a well-established market for his art.

You can ask him yourself, but I would be willing to wager that Chuck Close is not concerned about putting food on his table.

Or how he is going to make ends meet.

» A World of Difference

Here on this page I am writing to Dove Cameron, who just turned 21 last month.

I know that I am stating the obvious when I say that there is a world of difference between Dove Cameron and Chuck Close.

A key question for the young aspiring artists is » "Get to work on what?"

At 76, this is no longer such a key question for Chuck Close. At his age, obviously just "showing up" is half the battle. (And "getting to work" is the other half.)

As an accomplished artist, Chuck Close no doubt has a fine, well-stocked studio that he can "show up" at. He is not worried how he is going to pay the heating bills on his studio.

While the starving artist is constantly trying to figure out how to stretch his meager finances so that he can continue to create his art without going hungry.

I can guarantee you that Chuck Close is not the least bit concerned about where his next meal is coming from. Heck, his doctor has probably told him that he needs to lose 20 pounds.

So it is understandable how such a statement could come from the lips of Chuck Close. But his statement dovetails in nicely with what Julia Cameron suggests. ( "Just do it .. your inner critic be damned." )

But the creative process for Chuck Close is not going to be applicable for the starving artist .. for the obvious reasons that I have touched on here.

» Go Fuck Yourself, Carl

See .. it makes me lose respect for people who demean the creative process of others .. as tho their way is the only way.

This is nonsense. This is being silly. A part of me feels sad that I even have to write such a thing.

For example, Carl begins his piece on the right way and the correct formula by which you should do creativity by writing:

I don't know when it happened, but it seems like being a creative person has become a function of how you look, who you hang out with, or what kinds of books you read while drinking something warm in a coffee shop.

All of that instead of, you know, creating actual things that people actually end up using.

I have no problem with the #Creativity Cult. But I do take issue with its notion that creativity is like a bolt of lightning that strikes unexpectedly -- that, as a creative, your job is mostly to position yourself in the right cornfield or cafe and just wait.

» Neil Young Stops Whatever He is Doing and Instantly Tends to His Inspiration

I wonder what Neil Young thinks of that.

Neil Young with Charlie Rose (17 July 2008)

I bet that Neil Young spent little, if any, time sitting out in the middle of a cornfield .. waiting for inspiration to strike .. with pen and Moleskine in hand. Guitar within reach.

In this same series of interviews with Charlie Rose, I also heard Neil Young say that .. when inspiration strikes .. he stops whatever it is that he might be doing .. even if this is in the middle of dinner.

He will get up from the table and go fetch his guitar and proceed to honor the inspiration by writing and capturing the song right when it arrives.

Or at least he will sketch out an outline and craft the general structure and import and message of this song.

My experience has been that these lightning bolts of creativity come when you are least prepared. Least ready. Sometimes they come at the most inopportune times.

If it were up to me, I would dictate when the creative inspiration strikes and works its creative thing. But this is not how it works. At least not for me.

How 'bout you, Carl? What has been your experience along these lines?

I can almost hear Neil Young saying, "Go fuck yourself, Carl. I got your cornfield right here."

» What Cult are You Talking About, Carl?

What creativity cult, Carl? What creativity cult are you talking about? I am not familiar with any such thing. I wish you would have included some links for reference.

A cult? Really? Or are you simply mocking the creative aspirations of others?

There's more to the creative process than sharpening pencils.

I am not invalidating your creative process. I applaud that you have figured out what works for you. But you seem to be invalidating the creative process of others.

You actually take a mocking tone toward those who are different from you. Embrace diversity, Carl. You might learn something from those you mock.

There is some valid advice contained in your piece. But you say it wrapped in such a shitty fuckhead wrapper that it contaminates the valuable thing contained within.

Plus, different people are at different stages along their creative path .. with different degrees of dedication. There are so many variables at play that you cannot dispense with one-size-fits-all advice. You can only say what works for you and what doesnt work for you.

I have some experience with folks who are of the ilk that you remind me of. When someone demeans others who do not conform to the One True Creative Formula .. this speaks an insecurity to me .. that this person doubts something about their creative process.

Doubts are certainly part of the creative process .. but I am not talking about those kinds of doubts. What about you, Carl? What is it that compels you to belittle the creative process of others as silly? Do tell.

I am not going to tell you to go fuck yourself, Carl .. but it is pretty fucking hard not to.

I am kind of mad at myself for even writing this. But the idea that "My-way-to-creativity-is-the-right-way-and-all-other-ways-are-silly-and-laughable" .. this is such an obviously flawed perspective .. on so many levels .. that I feel compelled to call it out. (Again.)

I know that you are not stating such a thing explicitly .. but you are getting close enough that I obviously feel a need to send a fastball to brush you back.

You know, Carl, a man can read every book that there is on the subject of how to fly an airplane .. without ever having actually flown one. One of the greatest swim coaches ever couldnt swim a lick. I know you feel me, Carl.

Perhaps you and I could wander out into a cornfield sometime. There's something there that I want to show you. I want to show you some creativity.

See .. if you have the thing, the creative thing, then you k.n.o.w that you have the thing. Because every time you use the thing, people want to kick your ass. Perhaps this is because they are jealous or envious of your thing. (I honestly do not know.)

But I know that you do not need people telling you that you have the thing. In fact, it makes you uncomfortable when people start talking about your thing. Because other people might hear them talking and then they might want to kick your ass .. or at least belittle you .. to see if you are the type of person whose ass they can kick. To see if you are the type of person who won't fight back.

And you definitely do not need somebody telling you their formula for working your thing. Because this sounds like nails on a chalkboard to you.

I could so get off here on a wild-ass tangent. I could so fall into a rabbit hole of immense proportions. Perhaps someday I will do just that. But today is not that day, Carl. Lucky for you. I would rather flirt with Hollywood's hottest startlet. I mean, who wouldnt?

» Feeling Less Fucked-Up

Along the lines of artistic creativity .. what do you think of this, Miss Dove? How about this?

I think that I might write an entry about that first one, where I simply respond to some of the comments made in that video.

I would title this entry something like » Feeling Less Fucked-Up. That would make a cool title .. you must admit.

Many interesting statements were made in that video, but I would probably start with the one made by David Byrne [ at t=1:35 ] where he says:

Although some of them maybe have the ambition to be the next [ big thing ], the number of those artists are very, very small. And often, the artists who are very successful in that way .. they dont have much flexibility.

In achieving success, they lose a lot of their creative freedom. They have to keep making the same thing, more or less, over and over and over again.

And if the musician or artist values their freedom and the ability to be creative, then they maybe have to realize that they won't be making hundreds of millions of dollars. They might be making less money .. but they might have more artistic satisfaction.

Note that this section exploring advice to the young creative artist has been moved to its own page » Feeling Less Fucked-Up.

» Who Can Blame Her?

Oh, I see that Bella wants to "wife you up." Can't say that I really blame her.

Dove Cameron catches the eye of Bella Thorne

What a look you are throwing here. You seem to be saying, "Dont make me have a wardrobe malfunction."

When I talk about industrial-strength hotties .. this is the kind of thing that I am talking about. If a girl at the coffee shop threw me this kind of look .. there is no way that I am going over there. Not a chance.

I can see why Bella was so twitterpated with you in this image here. Have you ever kissed a girl? Whisper the answer to me in my ear.

Make sure that you get real close .. so no one will hear. Your secret is safe with me. I want to know all your secrets. No hurry.

When I read your response to Bella, I thought, "I dont think that's the kind of 'wifing' that she had in mind."

Bella Thorne (19) seated naked on chair GQ Mexico October 2017

Look at this shot of Bella here. I can see that the Pilates is obviously working for her. Working well.

[ I see you, Bella. And I'm not the only one. Nice bracelet. ]

I told Bella that, when you see these photos of her .. that you were going to want to "get some of that."

Well? Do you? Nobody would blame you if you did.

I have already gone back and added her other insta-photo to the place where I write about living with lolitas. (I only do that with girls I really like.)

» Is Bella Doing that On Purpose?

Do you think that she did that on purpose? At the coffee shop, when these young industrial-strength hotties would do things to me, I would sometimes wonder, "Is she doing that on purpose?"

Of course, my ego is convinced that she is indeed doing that on purpose. He says, "Dude, she is totally fucking with you here. She knows that this shit is going to get your attention. She's 19 .. so young. So she obviously relates to what you wrote about living with teenage lolita hotties. She's probably licking a joint right now .. while reading that page with her image included there."

You must admit that those two photos do indeed look very similar. I am a pattern-matcher. It sort of happens on its own. I dont necessarily try to see patterns .. but sometimes you just can't miss them. Know what I mean?

» Working with Images

One of the 'problems' associated with choosing and working with images (cropping, re-sizing, inserting into text) .. is that some of them sort of get burned into your consciousness.

A vision in white

I am not merely looking at, or observing an image .. but rather, I am making conscious decisions about it and helping to further shape it.

There is a thing involved with working with images in this way. But it would be much too dangerous for me to discuss this danger in any detail.

» In the Mood?

I am curious, I admit, about this photo of you, Miss Dove .. where you are throwing this look. Do you have to be "in the mood" so to speak .. in order to deliver such a look? Or can you do this on command?

From a male perspective .. and even from a female perspective .. as I am sure Bella would concur .. this is a bad-ass thing you are doing here. Which is probably why I am so curious about how you did it.

[ Bella reminds me of this guy-savvy girl that I knew who got married. Some stories even I dont feel ready to tell. ]

Do you have to summon any images or emotions or thoughts .. in order to throw this look?

This is the kind of shit that makes girls dangerous. Guys lose their minds over things like this. I'm sure that you've seen such things at play in your own life.

Dove giving me the secret look

I visited your instagram. That was probably a mistake. You posted many photos since I was there last. I think that I might have to grab a few of my favorites and include them here.

You are obviously a very pretty girl. And sexy. This is why nobody can blame Bella. She is merely being honest about what many others are thinking privately.

And notice how (at t=5:15) your voice is one of the things that does it for her .. because I also find that voices are often one of the things that does it for me.

Speaking of girls with girls .. I saw you with Sinead, where she asked you questions about descendants. That was a little trippy at first .. seeing you two together like that.

You two are both like the third persons in the threesomes that we are having with Ariana.

Were you girls discreet? Or were you talking in hushed girly tones in some dimly-lit corner somewhere? Inquiring minds want to know.

» How Convenient

Guys always hate it when girls get together and compare notes on them.

Dove and Ariana and a dimly-lit corner

I couldnt help but notice that there appears to be a dimly-lit corner in the back there behind you girls in this image here. How convenient.

» Growing Too Large for a Single Page?

Have you noticed, Dove .. that this page is getting rather large? I so badly dont want to have to break this page into two. Because then, anything could happen.

It's important that I keep this page to a single page. Because once I break that first page into two .. uh, I should probably not finish this sentence. I should quit right here.

Update Sept 15, 2017 » I broke this entry into two pages today. This is definitely a dangerous thing. Even these split-up pages are big.

The end (for now?). ■

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