Sex with Director-Chicks

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» Telling Stories that We Feel Comfortable Telling

It's for a similar reason why Katie Holmes feels so comfortable telling stories about female relationships.

When you hear as many voices as I do .. you quickly get comfortable with dialogue. Very comfortable.

Speaking of Katie Holmes .. I wonder if Jamie Foxx would agree with me .. that women tend to suck at keeping things on the down-low.

Which has been my experience .. my admittedly limited experience. You know, girly.

I like Katie Holmes. I like Jamie Foxx. I mean, who doesnt?

Just as she feels comfortable telling stories of women relationships (which are clealy beyond my expertise) .. I likewise feel comfortable telling stories of male relationships.

Hi Katie Holmes. I see you there. Jamie told me that you suck at keeping things on the down-low. What do you think of what he told me?

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I am giving you shit about sucking at keeping things on the down-low .. and I give Ariana shit, too.

Heck, I even give Selena shit .. the Queen of Instagram herself .. probably because this has been my experience with girls on the down-low, and because it fits so nicely with my narrative.

But you must actually be pretty good at keeping things on the down-low .. because I had never even heard that you two were an item until very recently.

Tho, admittedly, I am not much into celebrity things. I was actually searching for some other information when I stumbled across links to articles about you two.

I read this thing that said the reason Jamie didnt want to go public with the relationship was out of respect for Tom, who introduced him to the industry.

And that you were saying, "Screw Tom Cruise," so to speak. But Jamie couldnt bring himself do that (.. even for somebody like you).

This is honorable behavior .. from my perspective. Such a subject would definitely be a rabbit hole, so we wont go there.

» Please Dont Fuck My Girlfriend Next

I broke up with a girl once, who had a friend. A girlfriend. My ex made it clear to me that my dating her friend would definitely not be a cool thing to do.

I remember thinking about that. I never did hook up with her girlfriend, but I ran into her a lot, and I even stopped by her place once.

It's not the same thing as Jamie and Tom, but I see similarities .. in what is perceived as acceptable and respectable behavior .. when ex's and hotties are involved.

» At What Point Will It Become Okay for Me to Fuck Your Girlfriend?

[ See .. I do not really understand things like this .. where a girl has problems with another girl dating a guy she used to date.

I mean, it did not work out for you, yet you had your time in the sun .. in the glow of the love-sun.

I can see there being a problem immediately following a break-up, as strong feelings may still linger.

But after a few months, you dont want to stand in the way of good things happening for people who might be able to help and be good for each other.

I have many stories along these lines. Such different stories all along the same thread. But I should not share these stories.

At the end of a relationship, after it becomes clear that it is not working for you .. I normally part way wishing good things on my ex-lover .. hoping that whatever time we spent together may prove a lasting blessing to them.

I mean, it should be a blessing .. if you genuinely tried to love them. And if not, then why were you even with them in the first place?

I never had a problem with any old girlfriends dating anyone. In fact, many of them married the very next guy that they dated. I was glad for them.

But note that Selena was at that restaurant to be seen. So she obviously wanted to be seen. That is the exact opposite of keeping things on the down-low. (I told you that girls suck at the down-low, didnt I?)

The Weeknd was with his old girlfriend for 18 months. That's a long time in the rockstar world.

So yeah, seeing another girl kissing your guy .. that's gotta hurt. I would imagine.

But do you feel thatit makes a difference if Abel's ex was the one who broke up with him? I do .. because this is the same as saying, "I no longer want you. I no longer want to be with you."

Such as thing is akin to releasing a player as a free agent .. because a team has rejected him and his skills.

If he ex has declared that she no longer wants him, and that she no longer wants to be with him .. then why would she care if another woman finds him attractive and wants to speand time with him.

It shouldnt matter. She should be wishing him the best with the rest of his life.

But, what about dating etiquette? What social norms should inform such things?

What if a girl really wants to be with a guy, but she pushes him away in order to see how much he really wants her?

Girls who do such things are insecure in their own value and sense of worth (.. as a child of God).

If a girl says that she doesnt want to be with me, then I dont want to be with her either .. because this means that she cannot see my value. ]

Tom Cruise is an outstanding actor. He can carry a whole fucking movie by himself .. if he has to. Say hi for me.

» You have to Cut Tom Cruise some Slack (Because of the Fame)

[ I am very much with Alec Baldwin here .. who says that anybody would need something to help them negotiate such powerful forces in their life.

I think about things like this with Ariana and with Selena .. the pitfalls of celebrity, which have claimed more than a few talented artists.

My point is that we need to cut such celebrities some slack. How much slack? That depends. ]

At work, we would often quote lines from Top Gun, as ways to express things that we were feeling and experiencing on the job.

"I just want to be the best fighter pilot in the Navy, Sir." [ These are sort of like private jokes. You would probably have had to be there. And be a guy. Because the joke is based in the experience. The shared experience. ]

A girl once drove me to the house in Oceanside, just south of the pier there, where she said they filmed part of Top Gun. "That's it right there" she said, pointing.

(I'm not going to tell you where we went after that drive-by. But I felt certain I was the best fighter-pilot ever.)

» Sex with Director-Chicks

Being a director now .. this makes you something new .. that you werent before.

Katie Holmes to make a cameo in Ocean's Eight

[ I grabbed this image of you here because of the happy sparkle in your eyes. I hope you dont mind. What do you think of my choice? I also like that you are going to appear in this cool film that has all my favorite girls. Did you see Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine? You could actually see her personality fracturing right before your very eyes. I was very impressed. "How does she do that?" I wondered. No wonder she won the Oscar that year. And I noticed that they flashed some footage of you standing in front of the Gravity poster .. footage from which I grabbed a shot of you and posted here. That was a very cool entry. If you are in that entry, then you must be a very cool girl. Notice my irresistible logic. You cannot resist my irresistible logic. (So dont even try.) Now that I know you are a Columbia girl, I can feel myself playing with you in the way that I play with smart girls. Now that I know you are a smart girl .. uh, I probably shouldnt finish that sentence. I knew that I had grabbed an image of you before .. in that pink dress. I hope you dont mind. My ego is certain that you've seen that page before. Why did this ET segment contain footage of you in front of that Gravity poster .. from so long ago? Why not footage from one of your more recent films? (No wonder Sandra Bullock hates you.) ]

A director? Director-chicks generally like me .. tho I am not sure why this is.

I like chicks who are directors. Would you like to know why? There are a number of reasons.

One of which is » they kick ass. Directors tend to be bona fide ass kickers.

» The Director-Chick and the Super-Fine Stripper

I probably shouldnt tell you this story .. but I once took a director-chick to a strip-club for her birthday. A classy strip-club.

And after the girls dance up on stage, you can pay extra to have a private dance where they rub their bodies on you.

There was one stripper in particular, who was a bona fide super-hottie. She was in a league of her own.

She danced for my friend .. for my director-friend. She rubbed her body on my director-friend. Her very fine body.

My director-friend was clearly enthralled. I mean, who wouldnt be? If you saw this girl, this stripper, then you would know what I mean.

This is all I should probably say right now .. but, when I set the heading title » Sex with Director-Chicks .. that made me think of this. (One thing leads to another .. you know.)

I am pretty secure in my sexuality .. and these types of things genuinely interest me .. for reasons that I am not even sure about. (Tho Amy Jo told me that it is normal to be curious about sexuality.)

Myself, I have never had one of these dances where they rub their bodies against you. I mean, the rules are that you cannot touch them with your hands.

And I would not be able to do that. Mother Nature kicks in and she kicks in hard sometimes. I would get in trouble. Seems like I'm always gettting in trouble.

» Crumpled like a Rag Doll at My Feet

Speaking of taking the director-chick a strip-club for her birthday .. when I got done with that girl that night .. with that director-chick ..

Porsche 911 Targa parked in Santa Monica

.. when I got done bending her over the Porsche's passenger-side door (.. with the targa-top off, of course, being a hot-n-steamy mid-summer night, and the window down) ..

.. parked in some now-abandoned, burned-out lot where she used to live .. up in the hills above Laguna .. when I got done lighting her ass up ..

.. she literally crumpled at my feet. Like a rag doll she crumpled. Just like a rag doll. I saw it myself. (I actually wasnt that surprised.)

Do you recall that song by Queen » Another One Bites the Dust? She may not literally have been biting the dust .. but, then again, it was difficult to be sure.

With a low car door, you know, such as the one that comes with on a 911 .. you can position your feet in such a way as to pin her legs against the door.

She had bruises on her thighs, and I was surprised that the car door wasnt dented. Sometimes I feel like such a nasty boy. I was all up in her business .. in a big way.

» Too Much Spicy Pepperoni for the Director-Chick

This was my way of saying, "Happy birthday, director-chick." I gave her a little of my own, "Lights! Camera! Action!" (Mostly just the action part.)

As a starving writer, you need to learn to get creative with your gift-giving .. since you cannot afford to take her out to a fancy restaurant.

You naturally want this to be a birthday that she won't soon forget. So, what is a starving writer to do?

She was laying there on the ground, motionless. I might've killed her .. for all I knew. Because she was laying there (lying there?) for quite a while.

But she eventually started to move. So I knew she wasnt dead. It took a long time for her to get up. And no, she wasnt complaining.

To be honest, she couldnt even talk very well. She had a dazed and confused look on her face. I put plenty of spicy pepperoni on her pizza. (Obviously too much for her to handle.)

I dont know what came over me .. but I was definitely feeling predatory that night. It's not usually a good thing for girls when I am feeling predatory. She should not have provoked me like that.

» I Helped Her Clean the Pebbles Out of Her Hair

She was bending over the car door, reaching inside for her purse on the floor, saying, "I cant quite reach my purse. It's way down there."

She was a nature girl. So she liked being outdoors, close to nature. (This is the girl who said, "I never owned a pair of high heels before I met you." )

I ripped her panties right off. I like ripping panties off.

» Panties are Not Cheap

Some panties are made more strongly than others .. I have found.

Some girls I have lifted up off the bed .. ripping their panties off of them.

"What are these these panties made of? Titanium?"

The wow girl gave me shit one time, because I was ripping off so many of her panties.

"Dude, these panties are not cheap, you know," she complained. (Only, she didnt say "Dude." )

I gave her some money.

I might very well hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of panties ripped off.

I was grabbing hold of the top edge of the windshield with one hand and the inside edge of the targa top mounting arch with the other .. for leverage. To use against her. Aggressively.

I am kind of a jiu jitsu lover. I take advantage of them by working them while they are in certain holds.

I am thinking of one such hold right now .. but I am not going to tell you all my secrets.

» There were Some Twigs Too

I helped her clean the pebbles out of her hair. There were some twigs, too. I was thinking, "How you like me now, director-chick?"

I think that I might've pulled out some of her hair, too .. tho I didnt mean to do that. Not very much .. just a small clump. You could hardly tell. "It'll grow back," I thought.

» Athletic Types Hold Up Better

Ariana upsidedown on the pommel horse at the 2016 MTV VMAs at MSG in NYC August 28[ Girly, do you remember when I told you that I tend to go after the athletic types?

Because "they tend to hold up better." ?

This is sort of what I meant.

There is an element of truth behind my absurdist humor.

I went back and found the place where I wrote that.

Sometimes I crack myself up.

I put that statement under a sub-heading titled » The Manifold Hazards Associated with Dating a Writer.

See, girly .. I was trying to warn you .. but, without scaring you off.

Have you ever needed to clean pebbles out of your hair before?

This girl came thru, tho. I started taking her ass to the gym with me. She had a nice set of baby pythons going on after several months of working with iron weights.

She used to come over and watch me do the leg extensions and say, "That turns me on something ferocious."

» Why Do These Girls Provoke Me?

When she was lying there motionless on the ground at my feet .. I didnt say to her, "If you're going to hang with me, then you're going to need to up your game and get in much better shape."

But I could have.

You cannot image how many times I have had the thought, "Why do these girls provoke me like this?"

This is what I was thinking while I was helping her clean the pebbles out of her hair.

I dont get it. Do you get it, girly? How 'bout you, Katie? I wonder if Zara knows. I admit that women perplex me, at times. ]

I should not have told you that story, Katie. I'm not proud of it. But it's all true. She'd never met anything the likes of me before. (Ariana knows the feeling.)

I would normally never write such naughty things. But Ariana has been working her Illuminati mojo on me .. and it's obviously having an effect.

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