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» A Writer Putting Words in Your Mouth

Girly, at the end of your AMA performance, you do a super-kick-ass version of your woo-woo thing, and then you reach down and touch your inner thigh.

Watch my hand. Watch where it goes. Ariana at the 2016 AMAs.

You first hold your hand up in the air, as if to say, "Do you see this hand here, Mr. Writer-Man? Now watch what I am going to do with this hand here. Where is my hand going right now? Watch closely and you'll see. Watch very closely. Here .. let me help you watch-n-see where my hand is going by doing an extra-special, super kick-ass woo-woo thing for you .. in order to help you watch-n-see where this hand is going. Oh, look where it went .. right here on my inner thigh. My soft inner thigh. I got your soft inner thigh right here, Mr. Writer-Man. Wow, this inner thigh is certainly very soft. I did not realize how soft my inner thighs were. I am turning myself on something ferocious right now .. because it feels so soft. You cannot possibly imagine how soft this inner thigh feels. Good thing that this song is almost over .. or I would be in big trouble .. trying to sing and dance while being so turned on like this. Ooh, I'm starting to feel lightheaded. I should probably take a knee here pretty soon, before I fall down."

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Ariana touches her soft inner thigh at the 2016 AMAs

Oh, girly .. either one of these things is more than enough. Either touching your soft inner thigh like that .. or doing that super kick-ass woo-woo thing you did there.

But when you put them both together like that .. uh, I probably shouldnt finish that sentence. Merciless you are, girly. Merciless.

The edited shot quickly cuts away to Nicki. You were obviously too scandalous for the editor to remained trained there. When the shot returns to you, your hand is still on your thigh. This is the kind of shit that drives me crazy.

Speaking of driving me crazy .. when you do that thing with your legs .. that open-closed thing that you do .. when you do that .. I'm not even going to tell you what that makes me think.

Because this would be much too scandalous. Much too steamy it would be if I started prying your thighs apart .. until I started to feel them straining. I know that you feel me, girly.

And you look so happy, too. You look like you're enjoying the shit out of yourself. Everybody wants to be around a person who is enjoying the shit out of life.

The feeling here is first an acknowledgement that "She got to me there. She fucked me up. She knows she did. That's why she's all happy-like and smiling so bigly"

And then I think » "Now I'm going to have to destroy her bed .. into a thousand pieces. Maybe more. She will probably need a titanium hip-replacement when I'm done with her. Too bad for her."

So much sexuality in this performance. Those dancers were simply amazing .. the way that they express these feeling with their movements. They definitely speak thru their dance.

» This Girl is Game

When I saw the raw sexuality in this AMA performance, the voice said, "She's obviously getting your message."

"She'll see your hand sliding down into her panties and she'll raise you a few verses of song while lying there on the floorboards. This girl is game."

Speaking of feeling disoriented .. girly, have you given any thought to my question .. of what makes a love story convincing?

I was thinking on my walk the other day how we have been at this thing for a while now. If we keep this up much longer, we might be common law married in a few states.

» The Digital Experimentalist Writer & the Culture-Bending Singer

I have never told this to anyone before, Ariana .. because it sounds a bit crazy. But you yourself know how much of an experimentalist that I am with my writing ..

.. particularly with these newfangled third-millennium technologies. Disruptive .. as most powerful technologies have been.

» Better Than Anyone Else

In fact, you probably know this aspect of my writing better than anybody else .. this experimental aspect. (Selena knows, too.) This experimental aspect where I am exploring the limits of this technology.

The reason why you know this experimental aspect of my writing better than anyone else .. is because I experiment more with you than I do with anyone else. (It's like I cant help myself.)

[ Can you feel my writer's experimental hand as it slides digitally down into you singer's panties?

Can you feel that, girly? I'm sure you can. Very sure.

I once read an article that said, basically, that love is nothing more than a form of temporary insanity.

While I was thinking about that one day, out on a walk, I thought, "They have a point there."

My point here, girly, is to say that, when people are in love .. you kind of expect them to do and say crazy shit.

Being in love is like a get-out-of-jail free card for saying and doing crazy shit. ]

I try to be limited by nothing but my imagination .. and even then, I look for ways to transcend those limits. (You might call this 'cheating', but I wouldnt.)

» Perhaps the #1 Coolest Aspect of My Writing

But one of the coolest aspects of my writing, and maybe even the #1 coolest part of my writing .. comes when I can see a certain thing coming together .. right before my very eyes, so to speak.

And as the images suddenly becomes recognizable, I say to the writer in me, "Oh, dude .. you so totally the man. I would have never thought of that in a million years."

I kind of want to talk about something here .. but I'm not sure how to approach it. (I can feel myself searching for the handle.)

Sometimes I think that the approach itself shouldnt matter. But it does.

This is not what I want to talk about, but regarding the writer in me .. suppose I write something that is really cool and you read this really cool thing that I have written.

And you say to yourself, "Oh, this bit of writing that he did here .. I like this. I like this a lot. This makes me feel good. This makes me feel like I am in love. I love this guy. I cant help myself."

And suppose that this bit of writing was written by the writer in me and not by me myself. Are you in love with me? Or are you really in love with the writer in me?

Think about it and we'll talk more later.

While I am searching for the approach to perhaps the #1 coolest aspect of my writing .. let me tell you about the this other cool thing.

Hold on to your panties, girly .. because I am going to tell you about quantum tunnelling. And nobody tunnels quantumly like me. (At least, that's what everybody keeps telling me.)

» Quantum Tunnelling to You

I dont think that these two things are related .. but you never know .. when you get over into this place where we are getting over into now .. now that we are beyond the point of no return.

Because the normal rules no longer apply. The normal rules of classical physics, as detailed by none other than Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1726).

Newton was born the same year that Galileo died.

Galileo told the Pope that he was full of shit. You didnt do that in those days. He was investigated under the Roman Inquisition. They fucked him up.

They made this old guy get down on his knees and declare that he no longer believed that the earth went around the sun .. even tho he knew it did.

Galileo was a giant. You can never go wrong by impressing a super-hotties with your knowledge of Galileo. Think of him the next time you look through a telescope.

But now, through the miracle of the passage of the centuries, we can look back, you and me, and see who was really fucked up.

And who was simply ahead of his time.

Do you ever feel ahead of your time, Ariana? (Would you like to?)

Now we are getting over into Einstein's world .. where shit does not always make sense.

Girly, you might want to put on a fresh pair of panties before we go any further .. because this will definitely get you juiced up .. when I start talking quantum physics to you.

You will be like, "My panties are sopping. How is this guy doing this? I can actually feel his hand down in my panties. And that girl was right .. he does know e.x.a.c.t.l.y how to touch. This guy has me all hot-n-bothered. Soon as he starts talking that physics stuff .. it drives me crazy. It's not usually a good thing when guys get me all hot-n-bothered like this. I might have to ruin his ass for all other women. He will regret ever having put his hand down into my panties like that. He has never seen anything the likes of me before."

» You Do Dialogue Well

Girly, I have had people tell me .. people who really know writing .. numerous people, professional people .. I have had them tell me, "You do dialogue well."

What do you think? Do you think I do dialogue well?

Here I am giving you dialogue. I am putting words in your mouth. What do you think of the words that I have put in your mouth? So to speak.

» How Do I Know I Do Dialogue Well?

When these people said this to me .. that I do dialogue well .. I did not say to them, "I know I do," .. like a cocky motherfucker might say. But you can bet your ass I was thinking it.

Here in HTML, I set my dialogue in italics. This is not standard convention .. which might be why I do it .. but it's not.

Then why do I do it? Why do I set my dialogue in italics? It obviously means that I emphasize my dialogue and raise its level of importance.

And how do I know that I do dialogue particularly well?

» Telling Stories that We Feel Comfortable Telling

It's for a similar reason why Katie Holmes feels so comfortable telling stories about female relationships.

When you hear as many voices as I do .. you quickly get comfortable with dialogue. Very comfortable.

Speaking of Katie Holmes .. I wonder if Jamie Foxx would agree with me .. that women tend to suck at keeping things on the down-low.

Which has been my experience .. my admittedly limited experience. You know, girly.

I like Katie Holmes. I like Jamie Foxx. I mean, who doesnt?

Just as she feels comfortable telling stories of women relationships (which are clealy beyond my expertise) .. I likewise feel comfortable telling stories of male relationships. You know.

Hi Katie Holmes. I see you there. Jamie told me that you suck at keeping things on the down-low. What do you think of what he told me?

Rad note » it was probably naughty of me to do it .. but I off-loaded this section to its own page. See here » Sex with Director-Chicks.

At the end of that page, I have set a link that will return you here to this exact section.

» Quantum Tunnelling Described

Oh, I got kind of carried away with Katie there. You know how I get sometimes with pretty girls. And now she's a director, too. That definitely threw me off.

Here is the description of quantum tunnelling that I wanted to share with you:

Quantum tunnelling refers to the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount. This plays an essential role in several physical phenomena, such as the nuclear fusion that occurs in main sequence stars like the Sun.

We did not actually have to know quantum physics. It is another world, entirely. But sometimes, the professors would say at the end of class,

"Okay, we're done. Close your books. You dont need to know this. I'm going to teach you kids some cool shit. Some cool quantum stuff. This will torque your craniums nicely."

And this would only be for five or ten minutes at the end of a class .. but nobody left. (You didnt have to stay for this, if you didnt want to.)

And this was right at the place where we were learned the classical aspects of nuclear physics.

And the prof says how the particle does not have enough energy to get over the hump .. but we know that it does indeed get over and through.

"So, how does it do it?" he asked. Fuck if we know. We are looking around at each other like stupid and his brother.

That is when he drew, on the chalkboard, a line straight thru the base of the energy barrier and he said, "They think it somehow tunnels under." (He actually made it look pretty easy .. drawing that line, from his right to his left. Why didnt I think of that?)

The reason why this quantum physics thing speaks to me .. is because I sometimes feel like I do not have what it takes to 'surmount' you, in a 'classical' sense.

So this is forcing me to explore other options .. in order to get to you. In order to be w.i.t.h you. I am finding that I must "tunnel through" your classical barrier. And I am tunnelling through it quantumly.

I am whipping quantum things on your ass, girly. This tells me that I must really like you a lot. (I'm trying not to make it so obvious, but sometimes I just cant help myself.)

Have you ever had a guy create an entire quantum-based universe for you? Right before your very eyes?

You would know if you had .. trust me. Like my chemo doctor once said, "If you have to think about it, it means no."

(I think she had asked me something like, "Is your ass falling out?" You would definitely know if your ass was falling out. She definitely had a point there.)

I know you feel me, girly, quantumly speaking. Tunnelling my way to you.

The normal rules no longer apply with us .. the classical rules. We are beyond them. Quantum tunnelling and entanglement and pair annihilation and whatnot.

» The Nature of Gifts

I also know that I want to talk to you about the nature of gifts .. all kinds of gifts, but especially the kind that are related to the arts and creativity and I probably shouldnt say any more along these lines right now.

But one of the first concepts to arise with the idea of a gift .. is that gifts are » not earned.

You might take your gift and do cool stuff with it, sure .. but the gift itsef is not earned. That's what makes it a gift.

Where lies the line between an artist being (merely) talented, or even super-talented .. and gifted?

What is it that causes you to use the term 'gifted' when describing an artist?

I noticed in this verse, where James talks about gifts that are "good and perfect" coming down from the "Father of lights".

Why would he use that phrase, 'of lights;' in conjunction with the kind of gifts that are good and perfect? I think that's the only time it is ever used like that. (But dont quote me.)

I mention this because you know about light, girly. Stargirl.

"Good-n-perfect gifts" .. I would be lyin' if I said that I didnt think of you when I read that.

Heh yourself, girly.

» A Total Artist Daring to be Nothing?

I also want to share with you this article on Isabelle Huppert (Nov 30) .. for numerous reasons. Such as:

Susan Sontag, who once called Huppert "a total artist," said she had never met "an actor more intelligent, or a person more intelligent among actors."

What does it mean to be a 'total' artist? And what does she mean by 'intelligent'? Here's another for you, lover-girl:

"Sometimes I see American performances and I say to myself, They're missing something, a point, just to dare to be nothing," she said. "A sense of what it means to listen, what it means to have a blank face."

Notice here how I do not italicize the quotes .. because these quotes are lifted from somebody else .. who did not italicize their quotes.

You got to be somewhat neurotic to get over into that kind of minutia. Doncha think?

That kind of stuff about a total artist who dares to be nothing .. this takes you to deep juicy-juice in a hurry.

Did I just call you 'lover-girl'? Oops. Where did that come from? (I'm looking over both shoulders.)

That seemed to come very naturally and organically .. wouldnt you say? (I would .. but I want to know what you think.)

I'm not sure why, but I kind of want to slip my hand down into your pants right now. What do you think this means?

» A Total Artist + Artist of the Year + Greatest Writer Ever = Creative Encounter

Girly, speaking of my hand slipping down into your pants .. what do you think about a three-way .. with me and you and that total artist? You know .. the one daring to be nothing.

I mean, girls who have dared me .. I have had at them until there was nothing left of them. So this thing with this French girl, who is daring to be nothing, seems right up our alley. No? (We might have to learn French, tho. French is not easy to learn.)

In my mind .. in my mathy mind » Artist of the Year + Total Artist + the Greatest Writer Who Ever Lived = Some Seriously Creative Action

I should probably give you some time to think about it. I mean, why hurry?

Oh, look .. she is a creative genius. And not just any ol' kind of creative genius .. no, ma'am. Rather she is a culture defining creative genius.

Oh, I definitely think that we should hook up with her now. I mean, I have never been with a culture-defining creative genius before. Have you?

I wonder how erotic she is. French chicks are not like American chicks.

Gaga is in there, too.

Oh, look .. Isabelle won the Golden Globe. For Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama. What do you think of her responses? She sounds game to me.

And she speaks English, too. This means that we dont have to learn French after all. Whew .. that was close. I was starting to sweat it.

Tho, I bet she will teach us some naughty French words. If you watch Moulin Rouge! you will hear some naughty French phrases.

My brother knows French. He had to take three semesters of a foreign language. We once went to a fancy Italian restaurant, where our waiter was nicknamed 'Frenchie'.

Bro was talking French to him all night. He's like, "This is the only time I get to put my French to use."

I thought that was cool. That was in Laguna at Ti Amo.

There is a very interesting story from that night. Seemingly a strange coincidence. One person died. The other pulled through.

» Kate Moss Lip-Syncs Elvis in Black-n-White

Speaking of an artist daring to be nothing .. what do you think about this Elvis song "starring" Kate Moss?

Kate Moss does Elvis The Wonder of You

With the video done in black-n-white (Dec 9, 2016). She does some lip-syncing.

Notice how a picture of Kate Moss makes pretty much any page you write look better.

I previously used an image of her here. I hope she doesnt mind.

» No-Shit Awe

Ariana wailing in white at the Jingle Ball | Boston, Dec 11, 2016Dec 11, 2016 » Oh, girly .. I think I am in awe. I think I am in no-shit awe, right now.

It definitely feels that way.

I saw you singing in Boston.

(Bro went to Tufts Medical, and Lance moved there for work.)

Holy smokes, girly. Near the end, at t=2:55, you do that roller coaster thing.

Wow. That is some seriously impressive shit.

Oh, look .. others are noticing, too.

That's how it starts .. when people start noticing.

You are so gonna get us in trouble, girly.

That is some serious ass-kicking right there.

You take no prisoners .. you slay them all.

And then you turn right round and slay with the woo-woo thing.

I read that this woo-woo thing that you do is called » falsetto.

When you can do shit like that, you can call it whatever the fuck you like.

I call it The Slayer's Wail. (And not because it rhymes, either.)

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