Christmas Joy and Her Sexy Guns

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When I am on top, I sometimes like to roll my lover to her side .. so I can slip a hand under her ass.

So I can actually feel her ass muscles working .. you know, her gluteus maximus .. while I am working her. While I am all up in her business. Because this turns me on something ferocious.

Christmas Joy and her sexy guns

When you can literally feel her gluteus maximus working .. in the palm of your hand .. and when you can feel her ass muscles working with you .. and when you can feel every muscle in her body working with you ...

I probably should not finish that sentence. You feel me. Look at this photo of Christmas Joy here, lying on her back .. on these blocks of wood.

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Christmas Joy shredded. You look amazing here .. downright androgynous.Hi Christmas Joy. I see you.

I see your tattoos, too .. your sexy tattoos.

And I see that you like peanut butter, too.

For a nice hormonal response, of course.

Who can blame you?

I mean, who does not enjoy a nice, hormonal response?

I have already used another image of you. (I hope you dont mind.)

Because you reminded me of the girl with the guns.

Perhaps you can see why you remind me of the girl with 'the guns'.

The girl with the pythons .. the baby pythons.

She told me, "I do work out, sure. But it's really mostly genetics."

I like this body-type. I like it a lot.

I probably shouldnt tell you how much I like it.

Because I know this body-type. (Tho I am not going to tell you how I know.)

I am familiar with this body-type. I feel comfortable with this body-type.

Very familiar. Very comfortable.

Because I have plenty of experience with this body-type .. working with this body-type.

I am into athletic girls .. because they hold up better.

In this standing photo of your here, where you are totally shredded, and where you look amazing .. you look downright androgynous here.

The wow girl was very girly-girl, but she could also do that androgynous thing.

That took me some getting used to. I am struggling with how to describe it.

For example, sometimes the wow girl would wear her hair in such a way as to highlight and emphasize her already bold, dark eyebrows .. which gave her a striking, more masculine look.

It's not like you are sexually attracted to a guy .. to a dude .. but you are definitely attracted to some male aspects of this girl.

I mean, we all have various ratios of masculine-to-feminine, and vice-versa. And I have nothing against gays, but that does nothing for me.

Anyway, these androgynous aspects of some girly-girls .. and how they are able to morph along the feminine-to-masculine spectrum ..

.. this is curious thing for me .. particularly when I find myself sexually attracted to them.

Notice, for example, the second post in this thread from the body building forums, where the original poster posted some photos of Christmas Joy ..

.. and a commenter from Louisiana named moviebrah writes » "If I wanted to fuk my 13 year old boy cousin I'll let you know."

I do not see it at all that way .. this is nobody's 13-year old boy-cousin here. But he makes my point.

But the wow girl is not the girl who I was talking about when I said that you remind me of this girl.

Nor is it the girl with the baby pythons .. altho you do remind me of her.

Rather I talking about this girl who I have never written about.

» I Will Grab that Arm and Bend It Around Her Head

I captured this horizontal image of Christmas Joy for many reasons .. but the thing that really did it for me .. is the way that her right arm is extended upward over her head.

Christmas Joy and her sexy, naked guns

Because I will grab that arm with my opposite-facing arm, and bend her arm at the elbow .. so that her right arm wraps around her head.

I will grab her forearm and lock my forearm firmly against hers .. very firmly .. in order to maximize skin-to-skin contact. Every square centimeter counts with these girls. (I want it all.)

And I grab firm hold of her .. to make sure that she doesnt try to get away. That she doesnt try to squirm away.

I can feel something in me leveraging myself against her .. in order to gain maximum control over her body. Jiu-jitsu all over her ass .. until she is completely mine.

I like the way her hand feels grabbing onto my own forearm .. as tho she knows what is coming and she is holding on for dear life.

And I will stretch her arm at the shoulder so that her skin is pulled taut across her right breast .. like it is shown here, flattening her breast.

I want that skin pulled very tightly. I want her to be able to feel how tightly I am stretching that skin .. tighter than she has ever felt it stretched before. (Because I like my lovers pulled and stretched to their breaking point .. when I am having at them.)

Sometimes I will grab her elbow and pull it all the way to my right .. until it wont go any further.

» Time to Get this Party Started

Then I will roll her to her side and slip my left hand under her ass. Once I get that hand set under her ass .. now we're ready to get this party started.

Hey Ma ft Camila

Now we're ready to get down to business. Now I'm ready to go to work .. like I got a job to do. Like it aint a choice for me.

And I will use a part of my right arm, the back of my tricep, wedged against her right shoulder .. to prevent her ass from sliding up the mattress .. while I am visiting such vicious and monumental forces upon her ass.

I call this the 'cradle hold'. My own terminology. I like the cradle hold. The cradle hold works well with these little girls .. because they are so easy to throw around.

I normally try to start slow .. and just feel my way around .. getting the lay of the land, so to speak .. while I am warming up the main engines. Nuclear-grade engines.

Once I find a nice transition point, I will gradually cede control of the love-making to the lover in me. The creative lover in me.

Sometimes he snatches her up by the ass and takes her for a spin around the galaxy. But he can get nasty, too. Particularly if he has lots of frustrations built up.

And then I will go to work on her .. in a slow, muscular, grinding sort of way. I want her to be feeling me. And I never want her to forget it. I love the way the tightly stretched skin of her right breast feels pressed against my chest. I love the way that she feels stretched to the breaking point.

Christmas Joy teasing you with her impressive guns

When I feel the way that the tightly-stretched skin of her breast feels under the weight of my chest, which is trying its best to crush her deep into the mattress .. uh, I probably shouldnt tell you how this makes me feel.

But I think that she likes it, too .. because of the way I can feel her legs wrapped behind mine .. and the way that I can feel them locked down hard .. pulling me down onto her. Working with me in ways that I could never have imagined.

Sometimes I will go after that tightly-stretched breast .. while I have her arm pinned back above her head .. seeing that it is so defenseless .. sitting there out in the open with no protection at all. How can I not take advantage of this?

And no, I will show her no mercy. Not even a little. You can be sure of that. That breast is mine. It might as well surrender now.

Then I will use my legs to begin to spread apart the soft skin of her inner thighs. I want every part of this girl stretched to its limit.

Something in me wants to tear her limb from limb. I know that this might sound like an exaggeration, but I can assure you that it is not as much as you might imagine.

I like to slide my skin up against my lover. Because I like the way her skin feels sliding across mine.

Particularly the skin of her chest, and especially the way it feel sliding up between her super-soft inner thighs.

You have to take your weight off of your lover in order to do this slide-across thing. Because you need to become more mobile. And I normally want her to be feeling my full weight and force.

[ I can tell that this image is fucking me up. I wonder if she did that on purpose.

I mean, the look on her face seems to be saying, "I know what you want to do with this arm .. go ahead and tell me all about it. And take your time. Why hurry?"

Christmas Joy teasing me with that sexy baby python of hers

I can tell now that I miss this body type.

This body-type works well for me. Tho I probably shouldnt say any more along these lines.

I notice that you have a compass tattoo'ed on your rib cage.

If we were backpacking in Yosemite and we ever got lost .. we could lift your shirt and find our way again.

I hope we get lost a lot .. a few times every day.

(Am I flirting with you here already?)

I have a story that I want to share with you. You are the only girl who reminds me of this girl .. that I am thinking about.

I would be curious about your thoughts on it.

But I am not yet ready to tell that story. (I want you teased and bothered first.)

It was at the same coffee shop .. you know, the one where Ariana stared me down.

But I was sitting outside on this day. And what a fine day it was .. when I saw her.

Sometimes the noise level in the coffee shop approaches a low-roar. One the volume starts to climb, then everybody starts talking louder .. just to be heard. (Social animals that we are.)

Because I see many similarities .. between you and her. I see so many similarities that I heard the thought blow thru my mind » "I wonder if that was her." You ever been to Newport Beach?

I am actually stomping on the writing brakes pretty hard right now .. but the sentences seem to keep slipping out.

But I am the strongest man you've ever met .. so watch me stop right here. (It's a different kind of strength than the one that you're used to.)

But let me just ask you this one thing .. what do you think of the way I used increasingly closer zooms on that photo of you?

I mean, all of the images that I used were virtually the same size. Only the zoom was closer. (And closer.)

Four versions of the same photo.

[ This means that I like you .. when I do shit like that.

Ariana wearing black Ugg boots at the Garden Dec 9, 2016Just ask Ariana (.. who is going to win Artist of the Year later this year).

Speaking of Ariana ..

.. what do you think of this image here?

From her Into You performance at the Garden on Dec 9, 2016.

(I am into her, too .. I mean, how can I not be?)

Watch the way she does her arm there at the end.

Kind of interesting how she does that, no?

How she raises that arm and swings it back like that .. in an exaggerated, sweeping motion.

That speaks to me. Tho I should not write what it is saying.

She has never done that before. These young girls are so bold.

I can almost hear her saying, "I got your arm right here, dawg."

(She knows that I'm going to be watching.)

This image is not the greatest quality .. because of the lighting right at that moment.

But that was definitely the moment.

Ariana is a sexy girl, no? Have you ever been with a sexy girl, Christmas Joy?

See, some girls I am good for. Rihanna likes it, too. Am I good for you Christmas Joy?

Is my energy good for you? My attention? My focus? My appreciation? My admiration?

I could certainly continue along these lines .. but I can already see where this is heading. ]

I thought this clever of myself .. as it became something of a visual representation of the increasingly intimate nature of the story.

I might have to lift out this steamy section .. and move it to its own page.

I dont want to do this .. but I might have to. The subject and theme are quickly becoming their own thing. Such own things usually require their own page.

When I saw you lift all those heavy plates, the voice in my head said, "Dude, this girl could totally kick your ass."

I know how heavy those plates are. "This is not possible," I thought. Yet there it is .. on display, right before your very eyes.

» The Low-Entropy Girl with One Arm Completely Tattoo'ed

You remind of this girl who had one arm completely tattoo'ed and the other had zero tattoos.

She was definitely a super-hottie, but it was something about her all-or-nothing tattoo'ed arms .. that captured my attention.

She was there with a guy .. an older dude. He could have been anybody, I guess.

I shouldnt say anymore .. but when I first saw you, I thought of that girl. And interestingly enough, the vibe was similar.

Regarding her all-or-nothing tattoo'ed arms .. the reason why this works me .. has to do with entropy.

Her all-or-nothing arms represent low entropy. And low entropy is high energy.

I should not say any more here .. but I was badly wanting to raise her entropy. (When I got done with her, half of those tattoo's would be on the other arm.)

I dont really understand why the one-arm completely tattoo'ed while the other is totally clean .. I dont understand why this does it for me. But it does.

I mean, she was sexy, sure. Very much so. But I really wanted to get inside her headspace .. to see how she worked inside, such that those arms were tattoo'ed in a such a way. In such an all-or-nothing way. Ultra-low entropy works me.

She presented to me a psychological curiosity, which was wrapped in a very sexy package.

I should definitely stop here.

I wanted to run lots of experiments on her ass. I wanted to probe her in many ways .. to see what she was made of.

And from everything that I could see, she was made of fine stuff. Very fine.

We made and held eye contact .. for a short pause. Now I should definitely stop.

» The Russian Spy Hacker-Chick Striving to Mimimize Entropy

Oh, look at this (Dec 31, 2016) » where this Russian spy hacker-chick, Alisa Shevchenko, says on her website » Currently I am mostly working on vulnerabilities and exploits, while striving to minimize entropy in the process (no luck so far).

See, the universe is constantly moving from a state of order to a state of disorder. If you park a brand new Cadillac in your back yard and return to it in 50 years, it will have gradually become a rusted pile a junk. You will not be driving this Cadillac anywhere.

Entropy is the foundational principle behind the teleological argument for the existence of God, or of a being higher than man .. as opposed to the cosmological argument and the ontological argument.

The teleological argument uses a watch, built with intricate gears and springs and movements of the hour- and minute-hands.

If you visited a deserted isle and found a such a watch on the beach there .. you would be foolish to assume that that the various parts conspired to come together in such a way.

This is sort of how the teleological argument works. (I had to learn this for Philosophy class. It definitely gets you thinking about shit.)

Logical arguments for the existence of God miss the point (.. that God is a spirit who responds primarily to faith, not logic). But you cant fault them for trying.

Governments also experience entropy. (This is why they periodically need to experience creative acts.)

Entropy is also why I set that quote on my splash page .. with a 7-second timer to take you the home page (index.rad).

I admire Russian writers. I mean, who doesnt?

You do not want a Russian spy hacker-chick working to exploit your vulnerabilities. You will be like, "Ooh, what's that tingling sensation I feel down there?"

< end update dec 31, 2016 low-entropy Russian spy hacker-chick > ]

It only seems like these girls are dainty and easily breakable. But the are really tough as shit. They can take a surprising amount of pounding. Downright savage pounding.

Sometimes, afterwards, I will say (almost sheepishly), "I got a little carried away there .. was that okay?"

And they will say things like, "I will let you know if you get too carried away." But they never tell me, "You are getting too carried away here." Never. Not even one time. Ever.

Sometimes (tho rarely) they will say, "That was a.l.m.o.s.t too much." Almost?

And I will say, "Say that again." So they will say it again. And I will say, "I like it when you say that."

But I have never been able to get one of these girls to say, "That was too much." Never. Not even one time.

So I would naturally catch myself wondering, "How many walls do I gotta crack with these girls?" (.. before it's too much for them)

[ Rihanna even sings about getting thrown against the wall. And she does not appear to be saying, "Dont throw me against the wall." Does she? Au contraire. ]

Sometimes they even send me flowers the next day .. after I get carried away with them. When the wall is cracked. I would like to say that I understand this .. but I dont.

So the next time that I am all mounted up Sky Ranger with this girl, I will think in the back of my head, "Dude, she already told you that she will let you know if you are getting too carried away with her."

So I will naturally feel free to let it all hang out .. so to speak. I am not going to tell you exactly what it is that I am letting hang out .. but I can tell you that those wooden blocks that Christmas Joy is lying on there .. they would be reduced to sawdust.

And it wouldnt take me very long, either.

Now I admit that, sometimes, they say things like, "Dude, you cant do that with my leg .. I'm not that flexible." But normally they dont complain. Normally they are troopers .. eager for any kind of adventure.

Normally, afterwards, they will have trouble getting to their feet. And if they are indeed able to right themselves and attain verticality, then they have trouble staying that way.

They are clearly wobbly .. unsteady on their feet. And sometimes they have a confused, bewildered look on their face .. speaking in an existential sort-of-way, of course

I want to say to her, "Dont blame me. It's not my fault. You know how you turn me on. You should not have provoked me .. coming over here looking like that. What did you think would happen?"

Oh, it looks like I got a little carried away with Christmas Joy there. It's all her fault. I'm blaming the whole thing on her. Her and her guns .. her sexy guns.

Girly, I see you here, on your tour, pointing and aiming the way people do with guns. I see you, girly. (And I like what I see.)

Ariana pointing and aiming during Be Alright on tour

The end. ■

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