Sweet Respite from Chronicling the End of the World - Part One

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I have actually been working on this other entry the last few days .. chronicling the end of the world. It's already at four full pages. And Page Two could easily be broken into two full pages. (Now done.)

Mad Max Fury Road

It's not as easy to chronicle the end of the world as I had imagined it would be. It is proving to be far more difficult.

It will require more than just a page or two. A lot more.

I cannot work for very long on stuff like that .. chronicling the end of all things. That's why I like to take a break from that and come over here and flirt with you.

In this way, girly .. you are like my respite from the ugliness of the world.

» The Prophets were Seeking to Know

I was reading this thing recently that Peter wrote .. where he talks about how (in v10 & 11) the prophets were » "seeking to know what person or time...".

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See .. these prophets have things coming up out of them. They are writing the things that are coming up out of them. They are putting into words these things that are coming up out of them.

[ In the Old Testament, prophets were people who » spoke to the people on behalf of God .. while priests were people who » spoke to God on behalf of the people.

This is not as easy to do as it might sound. It's never easy to live a righteous life. Give it a try and you'll see what I mean.

Most of them were killed for saying those things. It was not pretty. Not hardly. ]

Now, these prophets do not have perfect version of these things. They do not see the entire picture. They only have a piece of the puzzle .. the redemptive puzzle.

And this is why they are "seeking to know" the rest of the picture .. because they can see that it is a very cool picture .. seeing that eternal salvation is a very cool thing.

What could possibly be cooler than having your nasty heart-of-stone replaced with a brand spanking new heart-of-flesh and then having the Living God Himself come and live inside of you forever? (In order to lead you and guide you into all the truth.)

» Establishing Priorities in Life Based on Your Values

[ You might want to take your time with that one. There are things that you can fuck around with .. many of them. But eternal salvation isnt one of them.

If you toil your entire life and accomplish many wonderful things .. but you fail to address the most important items ..

.. well, I'll let you finish that sentence yourself. Prioritize wisely. And dont expect it to be easy. Because it aint. ]

But sometimes these prophets would get an interesting piece of the puzzle. Now, I have learned (the hard way) that the writer cannot assign his own meaning to the vision.

» Human Nature Tends to Believe What it Wants to Believe

Human nature is such that we tend to believe what we want to believe. We want to believe pretty things, and not ugly things.

We want to believe that things will work out for us .. because we are such beautiful, polite, hard-working people.

There is an element of pragmatism that comes into play here. Because people generally like it when folks "flatter their prejudices."

I think that everybody does this to a degree .. at various times. I think that everybody believes the things that they prefer to believe .. even when existential realities (formerly known as » facts) state otherwise.

If the facts do not support their claims, then they simply create their own alternate version of reality where everything is pretty for them, and they pretend that their alternate universe is the real universe.

You must admit that this is a remarkable thing to behold .. this self-delusion. It fascinates me, at times.

Because it seems like it would be such a tortured existence .. living your life in such a way where you continually need to reject existential realities and create alternate ones. But, I guess it becomes second nature after a while.

» The Wisdom of Crafting a Life Early On that is Scripturally-Defensible

I have found, and it has been my experience, that it is better to learn for yourself, early on, what precepts the scriptures actually teach .. and begin early crafting your life around them.

You want to be able to point back to specific verses of scripture .. in order to justify your actions and your opinions and your perspectives. [ Remembering the poor is always a good place to start. ]

And no, this is not easy to do. Not hardly. Many have died trying .. they died very ugly deaths. Why do you think that is? (Take your time with that one.)

I can see very clearly how trying to bend existential realities grows increasingly precarious. (Because the abyss looms ever closer .. with each passing year.)

I think that this is the reason why we have the concept of a point-of-no-return .. because, after a certain point, if you are dismissing existential realities, and fabricating your own, where you are lying to yourself ..

.. and where you have built your whole world around these lies .. it seems that it becomes increasingly difficult to embrace the truth .. because so much of the life that you have constructed up to that point .. is based on those lies.

[ I have done this myself .. so I am familiar with it. ]

» What's the Alternative?

Again, I readily admit that it is not easy to life your life in accordance with principles that the scriptures teach. Because the world will not like you .. if you dont conform to it.

Go ahead and give it a try and you'll see what I mean. It's not far from impossible .. in my opinion. It feels like your soul is being ripped apart. But what's the alternative?

[ Let no one say that I didnt go to great lengths to try to warn them .. repeatedly .. over and over again.

When I hear the weeping and the gnashing of teeth, I am going to say, "I tried to tell you fuckers .. remember? But you refused to listen. Your blood is not on my hands." ]

The earlier and sooner that you get on the path, the path of the righteous, the better. The longer you go on your own fabricated path, the closer you get to the point-of-no-return.

» The False Sense of Security that Comes from Believing Falsehoods

There is definitely an element of feeling a sense of security .. in believing what you would rather believe .. than believing the ugly things that existential reality is speaking to you.

The movie The Matrix addresses this very aspect .. when Neo is presented with the blue pill and the red pill. One pill lets him return to his pleasant-enough (yet tedious and boring) existence. While the other pill takes you to places where you see just how ugly life really is.

This is why some people work so hard at making the exterior surface appear pretty .. so that nobody will see just how ugly things really are lurking beneath the surface. (I have done this myself, so I am familiar with the concept.)

Dylan has the lyric » "How many times can a man turn his head .. and pretend that he just doesnt see?"

That's a poetic way of saying what I'm saying.

Proverbs says » "There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death."

If your "way" happens to be a way that has already been judged and condemned, then .. uh, I should probably let you finish that sentence yourself.

» Unsound Reasoning Contrary to the Truth

Along a parallel line, very parallel, scripture refers to this preference to believe falsehoods as » "unsound reasoning contrary to the truth." (v22 Amplified).

Some folks do this to a greater degree than others. Particularly when the message is something that lies outside our ability to comprehend because of what it says.

Ted Koppel says that such people see ideology as more important than facts.

Ted Koppel tells Hannity that he is bad for America

Think about that. Think about who said it and what he said. Think about what such a statement says about such people. What it says about their values.

Is it just me .. or is that not a remarkable thing to behold?

The existentialist has a mode where he filters out, as much as possible, the personally advantageous and disadvantageous aspects of the vision .. in order to receive it more purely.

I am talking crazy-sounding stuff here. I should stop. (We can blame it on the chemo.)

This is where the practice of meditation can be helpful. In meditation you practice simply observing the thoughts coming to your mind .. without reacting to them, and without judgment. It's definitely trickier to do than it sounds.

So you let the vision speak to you .. as honestly as possible. You dont assign your own meaning to the vision. You merely stay true to the vision. You remain faithful to the vision .. as best you are able.

So I know not to do this. Yet I can feel myself trying to parallax the vision .. to see as much as much I can. I am trying to see behind it. (Is this cheating?)

And of course, you can't stop your curiosity from thinking, "Well, this could mean this .. or it could mean that."

» Could Donald Trump be the Antichrist?

One of these crazy things I was wondering about was, "Could Donald Trump be the Antichrist?"

Scripture says that the Antichrist is already in the world. I mean, you dont have to look very far in order to see evidence of his handiwork. It's everywhere.

When I was thinking about my understanding of the things that are represented by the Christ (the Anointed One of God) .. and I compared these things to the things represented by Donald Trump ..

» More Along the Lines of Bannon

.. I caught myself thinking, "I was kind of expecting the Antichrist to be a little smoother .. certainly more polished." I feel confident that Louis CK knows exactly what I'm talking about here.

[ Something more along the lines of Bannon, perhaps. ]

Trump and Steve Bannon at the White House Feb 2017

If you were the spirit of the antichrist .. wouldnt you want to inhabit the soul of the most powerful man on the planet? (Tho Fareed says that Putin is the most powerful man in the world.)

» Very Comfortable Operating Behind the Scenes

I have always been a behind-the-scenes man myself. I would talk to my bosses in private about the ways that I think things should be run.

A few days later, things would happen. I never needed the public acclaim. I let them take credit for the thing.

I was more than happy to see things running smoothly. And I know that my bosses appreciated it .. because they kept me around, and they listened when I said things.

So I am well familiar with the Bannon operation posture. That's my preferred approach. I could go into excruciating detail here.

I dont even like these open table meetings. I prefer the one-on-one's, close enough that I dont have to talk very loud. You will probably need to think about what I say for a few days.

"What you do, Donald, do quickly."

» The Father of Lies

You must admit that it is interesting, given Donald's reputation among the fact-checkers .. that Jesus calls the devil » "the father of lies."

Joe Scarborough says everybody knows that Donald was lying about Obama tapping his phones - EVERYBODY

But Donald will very shortly be the most powerful man in the world. It will no doubt be here before you know it.

» What Kinds of Things is the Antichrist For?

Perhaps a better question would be » to what degree do the words and actions of Donald Trump contradict (anti) the Christ?

The Antichrist is against (anti) everything that the Christ is for, right? I mean, that's the thing makes him the Antichrist. (Some people are only really good at being against things.)

So, if you list everything that the Christ for, and take the opposite of all that, then you should have a pretty good idea of what kinds of things the Antichrist will be about.

When things stop becoming about right-n-wrong, and become instead about winning at all costs [ lie (lie), cheat, steal ] .. this is not a good place for a nation to be. And that's where we are right now.

» Treatment of the Weak and the Poor and the Helpless

For example, if you have read through the four gospels, then you know that the Christ was primarily doing three things » preaching, teaching and healing.

So, if someone were to take away health care, that would be the opposite (anti) of providing healing, which the Christ was very much about. (I'm talking in patterns here.)

And then, if you were to oppress the weak and the poor and the helpless, then that's strike two.

Scripture says that the Judge of the Living and the Dead sympathizes with the weak and the poor .. more than he does with the rich and the powerful. (You should probably make a note of it.)

And he is very much about justice and judgment. That's what the book says. It is written .. doncha know.

Here you can do the math yourself. The math of divine justice. You probably should go get your moral calculator.

» Inequality and Inequity

Notice how inequity and inequality sit right next to each other in the dictionary. That's because they are so closely related. As inequality rises to historically extreme levels, so does inequity.

Didnt Donald say that he admired the way that Duterte worked? (.. with the weak and the poor and the helpless)

My point here is to say that I kind of know how these prophets felt .. when they were "seeking to know". Because I can feel myself seeking to know.

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