We Wake to President Trump with Republican Majorities in Congress - Page Two - Part B

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» Matching Familiar Patterns

Pattern Stenciled on WallSee, I am a pattern-matcher. I do not know if others are also pattern-matchers.

I dont see how people cannot match patterns in their lives.

It should be obvious, but worth noting nonetheless .. that you cannot match patterns that you dont recognize.

[ Speaking of recognizing familiar patterns ..

Christianity could be described as studying the scriptures in order to identify (recognize) the patterns found there ..

.. and then crafting our lives, over the course of an entire lifetime, so that we match the patterns found outlined there.

As best we are able .. in our own, unique way.

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For example, we see that God is full of mercy and compassion and that He looks on the heart and not at outward appearances.

(Skin color, for example, is an outward appearance.)

And the scriptures instruct the believer to imitate God.

There are many interesting patterns found there. And it is more difficult to live your life in such a way as to match these patterns than I had ever imagined. Much more.

Do you know why this is, Blow? Do you know why it is much more difficult to live one's life in such a way as to match as many as possible the patterns found there?

Think about it and we'll talk more later. Because the answer is interesting.

» I Want You to See This Ugly Shit

I would lying, Blow, if I said that I didnt sometimes feel like God was saying, "I'm going to want you to see this. I know that you dont want to .. but I want you to."

More than just sometimes, actually.

» White Evangelical Protestants Elected Donald Trump President

I find this interesting. Because Robert Jones says that, more than any other group out there, it was white evangelicals who elected Donald Trump president, longing for a return to the idyllic days of the 1950's.

» So Called Christians Who Intentionally Spread Lies as Truth in Order to Profit Financially

Here is a photo of Cameron Harris from Maryland, a 23-year-old so called Christian who intentionally writes lies masqueraded as the truth from his so called "Christian Times Newspaper".

Cameron Harris is a polite so-called Christian who profits financially by promoting lies as truth

He does this in order to profit financially from these lies that he intentionally spreads.

I can't help but wonder what the Original Christian would say about intentionally spreading lies as truth in order to profit financially.

Is he sorry? Does he regret his actions? What do you think?

Do you think that Cameron here is about the truth or about the money? (Actions always speak louder than words.)

It's people like this who give Christianity a bad name. I feel confident that the Living God is disappointed with your sorry ass.

Because it's people like you (and other liars who claim to be a christian for purely financial reasons) who cause people to reject Christianity.

Do you feel no shame? You are obviously focused on the wrong things.

I thought of Mr. Christian Times here when I read this passage earlier today. I bet that Mustafa knows exactly what I am talking about here.

» I Am Not So Surprised

I am not really surprised that so many people who profess to be a christian present a righteous facade .. while living a total lie behind the scenes.

Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama outside the Capitol in Montgomery April 7, 2017

I'm sure that Ken Starr would concur. Bobby Bentley, too. When you pull back the curtain, it is not a pretty thing that you see.

I totally get this. (Trust me.) It is very difficult to live a righteous life congruent with what the scriptures teach.

If anybody were to actually try, then they would know right away exactly what I'm talking about.

It's not far from impossible .. in my opinion.

» The Obvious Problem with Such a Backward-Looking Mind Set

The problem with such wishful thinking .. and I know that this seems so obvious .. is that we do not live in the 1950's. Time marches on. We are way the fuck beyond the 1950's.

Idyllic 1950's from Suburbicon

Much has changed since the Fifties, which made no room for anybody who did not look and think like bourgeois America. Some of these changes were for the better and some not so much.

If the rest of the world marches forward into the future .. while we march backwards .. well, I'll let you finish that sentence yourself.

Tho, a person who is using these new technologies, these new admittedly disruptive technologies .. they will finish that sentence before you.

And if you dont hurry, then they will come and finish your sentence for you. (This is an example of me trying to be subtle.)

But you can never go back. Those days are gone forever. So we better figure out today. And we should probably get right down to business. In a hurry.

Because we have much in the way of injustice to fix. Hopefully not too much.

For me, this happens automatically .. this pattern-matching thing .. without me trying to. More or less.

When I see things that may be confusing, I naturally wonder, "Are there any other patterns that may be similar with the one I am seeing now?"

» Matching Historical Patterns

Historical patterns .. something that might be able to shed a little light on this otherwise confusing thing that I am seeing here, right before my very eyes.

For me, a part of my writing consists of holding up and contrasting such patterns. "What do you think of the patterns behind these two things?" I will say, so to speak.

» Satan Did Not Allow His Prisoners to Return Home

For example, I was reading a passage in Isaiah recently. Where Isaiah is talking about Satan's fall from heaven, where he was known as the Star of the Morning, the Shining One.

Prisoner Abuse ScandalAnd I noticed that v17 says » ".. who did not allow his prisoners to return home."

I am not making this up; read it for yourself.

Does this remind you of any patterns that we are seeing today?

With our own nation?

This verse suggests that Satan did not allow his prisoners to return home.

This is what I mean when I say that calling attention to similar patterns is a part of my writing.

These are not pretty patterns. No, sir. These are ugly patterns.

This is why I would much rather be flirting with that hottie-singer,

who sings beautiful songs to me. (You know the one that I'm talking about.)

» You Won't be Able to Say I Didnt Tell You

You can ignore these patterns if you choose, or claim that the patterns do not match. But you will not be able to say that I didnt tell you so.

[ Oh, look at this .. better late than never. ]

» Who Made the World Like a Wilderness

Did you notice in that verse there in Isaiah, where he talks about not letting the prisoners return home .. that he also says "Who made the world like a wilderness." ?

That's an interesting statement, no? How would he make the world like a wilderness? (I guess we'll find out.)

Nazi Flag with SwastikaAnd I am seeing patterns match with this election.

But these are not the kind of patterns that you want to be matched with.

It's not a good sign .. if you ask me.

Not a good sign for America.

These types of patterns, in the past, I probably neednt remind you, have embraced and cultivated hate, which led to much death.

I cant think of an example where hate and death are ever good things.

» From Now on You Will Surely have Wars

Scripture refers to endless wars as a curse .. not a blessing. They are the result of "acting foolishly". Is it just a coincidence that America is entering the umpteenth year of its longest war ever?

Or has America acted foolishly?

Speaking of matching historical patterns .. I just saw this. It is dated May 14, 2016. Jeremy Scahill .. he is a no-shit bad motherfucker. He is out there on the bleeding edge.

He walks around with the swagger of major huevos rancheros. He is co-founder of the Intercept. Everybody who writes for the Intercept is a bad motherfucker.

They are full fucking strength journalism. They are like Democracy Now on steroids. I sleep a little better at night just knowing that there are websites like these out there doing this level of work. Kudos to them.

He says some interesting things there, which seem to agree with my own observations.

» The Place Where White Supremacists Resonate with White Evangelical Christians

The reason why white supremacists are so sweet on Donald Trump is because they recognize and embrace the patterns that he represents.

A Fox News poll says that Trump supporters overwhelmingly view the news media as a greater threat than white supremacists

"He is one of us," they say. [ This is interesting. This, too. ]

And to a degree, this is also the reason why so many white, evangelical christians, more than any other group, elected him president ..

.. longing for a return to the days when they were firmly in control of the culture (.. regardless of the consequences that their actions might've had on others).

Here is where white supremacists and evangelical christians resonate in their desires. Please make a note of it. Because the matching of this particular pattern at this particular point will soon come in handy.

Nazi flag and Confederate flag marching together in Charlottesville, VA. August, 2017

What does the standard look like .. the standard that these evangelicals have raised up for our nation? How do their standards match the standards set forth in the scriptures, and how do they differ?

Because this is what those white supremacists claim that they resonate with. You do not not want to be standing before the Judge of the living and the dead trying to explain yourself. That's not going to be pretty. (I will be covering my eyes.)

Cant you just hear the German people saying, "We knew that he was a bit of a nut when we elected him. But he was the only one saying the things that we genuinely felt. And we were just feeling so desperate. And we were afraid that this was our life forever .. because of the bad decisions made by the older generation. We wanted our lives to return to the days from those earlier years. And we had no idea that he would exterminate six million jews."

Oh, here is an interesting piece, titled » The Evangelicalism of Old White Men Is Dead. I have not yet read it, but the title certainly promises an interesting read.

Oh, look at this. .. where Mike Pence is unable, despite multiple passes, to answer the question » "Is the United States morally superior to Russia?"

Is that not a remarkable exchange?

These evangelicals are certain that their shit doesnt stink and that they are the salt of the earth.

They are no such thing. They are famous for believing what they want to believe .. regardless of the facts contradicting their beliefs day-n-night.

That's a bad road to be on. I used to be on that road myself, so I know.

But it is an easy road to navigate .. which is why so many people take it. Can't say that you werent warned.

» Evangelicals Who Gladly Do the Devil's Work

The final chapter of this article about Pulitzer prize winner Frances FitzGerald's new book titled » The Evangelicals: The Struggle to Shape America .. begins like so:

One should not, however, ignore the irony. Because they work so ceaselessly to shape America, it is fair to say that conservative Christian political activists, at least from the standpoint of the separationists, are doing the Devil's work far more than the American Civil Liberties Union. The overweening pride, lust for power and idolatry of worshiping the state that characterizes so many of today's conservative evangelicals will at some point probably doom them, but only when the criticism comes from within their own ranks.

Now, there's an interesting statement. Food for thought.

President Trump identifies with and defends hate groups in America

» Evangelicals Ignore Moral Hypocrisy Because They are More About Hating

Speaking of food for thought about evangelicals .. the sixth paragraph in this column by Alan Blinder says:

"The idea that moral hypocrisy hurts you among evangelical voters is not true, if you're sound on all of the fundamentals," said Wayne Flynt, an ordained Baptist minister and one of Alabama's pre-eminent historians. "Being sound on the fundamentals depends on what the evangelical community has decided the fundamentals have become. At this time, what is fundamental is hating liberals, hating Obama, hating abortion and hating same-sex marriage."

They are obviously not against moral and social injustice. Nor do they seem to give much of a fuck about the poor.

» Convicted on All Counts

Cooper Harris, 22 months old, cooked aliveSpeaking of evangelicalism and white men ..

Did you hear that Justin Ross Harris was convicted on all eight counts?

Of cooking alive his 22-month old son, Cooper.

Because his dad wanted to be a real player.

His dad wanted to be a child-free player, who sends pictures of his erect penis to underage girls.

And to prostitutes.

Or so the evidence states.

You are no player Justin Ross Harris.

You are a convicted murderer.

It's people like you and Cameron Harris who give Christianity a bad name.

Shame the fuck on you.

Your sorry ass has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Severely and woefully so .. I'm sad to say.

Not sure if you could tell, but that case bothered me. I bet that Mustafa knows exactly what I am talking about here.

» The Question of Moral Responsibility

The obvious question here » In electing Hitler as their leader ..

Hitler's phone.. to what degree are the German people morally responsible

for the atrocities committed by Hitler, the man they elected?

Put more plainly, to what degree are the German people, who elected Hitler as their leader,

morally responsible for the deaths of six million jews? The inhumanely cruel deaths.

[ Compare those inhumanely cruel deaths with these. Notice any similarities? ]

How much blood do they have on their hands? (I do not want anyone's blood on my hands.)

Scripture certainly suggests that people share in the moral responsibility for the wrongs of those who they are instrumental in helping to bring to positions of prominence.

» Rumors Spreading in Nazi Germany

At t=11:10 in this video, Jordan Peterson says that Hitler was elected by a landslide vote.

And that the citizens living in Nazi Germany knew exactly what was going on .. that you dont take several million people out of your population without "rumors spreading."

At t=7:45 in the same video, he says that the Nazis, when faced with difficult decisions about how to allocate scarce resources .. repeatedly opted for the continued extermination of the Jews as being more important than even prosecuting the war itself.

In other words, their actions were saying, "It's more important to exterminate Jews than to try to win the war."

Is that not a mind-blowing thing? I had to pause the video in order to think about that.

[ Likewise, to what degree are the American people morally responsible for the torture committed under the direction and authority of their democratically elected leaders?

None of it? Some of it? Or all of it?

You're going to want to take your time with that one .. with that question. Because, getting it wrong might cost you.

What might it cost you? I'm sure that you dont want to know.

Jordan says at t=11:30 in this video that » "It's hard not to assign culpability for what happened in (Nazi) Germany to the society at every at every strata. You can't just dump it (all) on the leaders." ]

» The Course Our Nation is Embarking On

Thelma & Louise | directed by Ridley ScottIf I were commissioned to chart a course,

for the decline and fall of the once-mighty (and once-united) United States,

I would have to say, "Dude, let's just stay on this course here that we're on right now. I dont think that I could do much better."

"Maybe crank up the hate and the economic inequality a little more. And xenophobia always helps. But otherwise, this course here looks great. Maybe even a little too perfect .. in a Titanic sort-of-way."

"Kudos to whoever it was that set us on this course that we're on now. Perhaps this perfect storm will not wreck apocalyptic amounts of death and destruction upon our nation .. but let's give it a little time to come together and build its destructive energy."

But, hey .. that's just me.

Carlos is wondering whether democracy will survive a Trump presidency. Can you blame him?

Speaking of the course that we're on .. what do you think about what Steve Harvey said? (That cant be easy to do.)

What do you think about what Roxane wrote here? She impresses me.

» I Tried to Tell You that Bernie Made a Much Better Candidate than Hillary

Like she says, you need to fight. But you need to fight smart. And I did not think that the Hillary fight was a smart fight. Not in 2016, when us-citizens have had it with the priorities and the values of the establi$hment status quo.

I would be more than happy to detail for you all the many reasons why Bernie made an infinitely better candidate than Hillary, but the point is now moot and I'm pretty sure that you dont want to hear it anyway.

Michael Moore agrees with me. And I'm sure there are others, such as Stacy Hilliard, and many others.

» The Insights of New York City Boys into Human Nature

Like I said, I know New York city boys. I have lived with New York city boys. They are wicked-smart when it comes to political maneuvering. (Because they know and understand people and human nature at a level beyond most Americans.)

They grow up learning skills that I never had to learn myself. Impressive skills .. in a street-smart sort-of-way.

And sure, sometimes they come off as unintelligent and crude, but a slick intelligence operates behind that sometimes crude facade. A slick street-smart intelligence.

» What Effect Will the Corrupting Effects of Power have on Donald J Trump?

If it is true that power corrupts, then what do you foresee for the future of Donald J Trump?

Instead of resisting the corrupting effect of the ring, like Bilbo does in the Lord of the Rings .. perhaps Donald will totally surrender to it .. and give himself over to it completely .. in order to see where it takes him.

I mean, why not? What else are you expecting him to do?

» Omniscience is a Powerful Divine Property

Donald is going to get access to the vast information gathering apparatus that our government has built up around the NSA. They claim that they are looking for terrorists, but Snowden's revelations have shown that this monitoring has been directed at the American people.

[ Which is why they miss the obvious. ]

There is an element of omniscience at play here. Omniscience is a divine property. A powerful divine property. Will Donald begin to feel like a god when he can suddenly see everything? And know everything?

These kinds of social experiments fascinate me .. because they reveal things about human nature.

» Capable of a Cruelty that Knows No Bounds

Generally speaking, what you find, regarding the nature of the carbon-based life-form known on Earth as homo sapiens (thinking man) is that he is capable of a cruelty that is far beyond anything you could possibly imagine ..

.. particularly when he is subject to corrupting influences.

Or maybe the Donald will simply not be strong enough to resist the ultimate seduction .. to resist grabbing that ultimate pussy. That sweetest of pussies.

Better men than him have failed. What do we have to lose by trying? It's definitely going to be interesting .. in a social-experiment sort of way.

What do I see? What does the future of America look like? You dont want to know.

Egan says that it » ".. will take all the sentiments embodied in marble to contain the dangerous excesses of Donald Trump. Most everything inscribed in stone will be tested."

Is it just me .. or is not Egan a poet masquerading as a columnist?

» Downright Hostile to those Stupid Bernie-Splainers

I recall from reading some of your earlier columns, Blow .. that you seemed downright hostile to anyone who suggested that Bernie made a better candidate than Hillary.

[ "Bernie-splaining" was the way you phrased it .. if I recall correctly. I bet that Bernie doesnt look so bad right about now .. eh, Blow?

Your positions so confused me that I thought, "Hillary must be offering him some kind of sweetheart position in her administration."

But I rejected this idea, saying, "Blow would never sell out his own peeps like that .. to the conjurer of the idea of a black super-predator .. that has resulted in the incarceration of so many of his brothers."

You ever been in jail, Blow? It sucks. It sucks pretty badly. Even if you're not black. Or young. ]

Dae'AnnaI remember feeling sad for you.

When I read those columns.

Because I like you.

And because I felt that Hillary was the only person that Donald could beat.

Because of the decades of hate that have been built up with her.

And because hate is such a strong motivator.

The Republicans could have run the devil himself ..

.. and he would have had an excellent shot at beating Hillary.

I mean, their platforms are not all that different. Many patterns match. Because actions speak.

It's all water under the bridge now.

But maybe you can see a little more clearly what I was trying to say. (I'm sure that Cenk feels similarly. Very sure.)

Everybody makes mistakes; it's part of being human. But this mistake, of choosing Hillary over Bernie .. this was a particularly bad mistake to make. (Because of the consequences.)

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